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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 3.00: Shiika Part 4

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Shiika Part 4

In a space shrouded by silence, Shiika could be seen standing all alone.

The scenery that entered her vision had absolutely no mercy at all, everything was deformed and had lost their original shapes.

The battle that broke out abruptly quickly became unilateral massacre in a blink of eyes --- before ending unilaterally.



The Shiika, who took a deep breath, was gazing absently at the view ahead of her.

In front of her, was a vast wasteland enveloped in silence. The river basin that was here not so long ago, had already been flattened out, leaving nothing but dirt and rock behind. Even the bridge mounted near the river was also completely destroyed without leaving a trace. The whole process of destruction, Shiika didn’t avert her eyes, and witnessed until the very last second.

The instant when hundreds of (Mushi) came in contact with the white firefly’s raining snow, they all gave off dying screams before being slaughtered almost instantly. And every time when a (Mushi) got killed, someone behind them would suddenly collapse. However, before their bodies hit the ground, they would stare straight at Shiika with their lusterless pupils,

--- Stop it already…

Just how many times has she said this line over and over already?

Towards the Mushitsuki that were leaping at her, and the white firefly that was infested in her…

She had shouted this line many times from the bottom of her heart.

But even so, the goggles-wearing Mushitsuki continued to challenge the white firefly like moths being drawn by the flame, before falling one after another.

The white firefly’s aura became brighter and brighter. Every time when it snowed, she would feel something precious within her being forcefully taken away. Amidst the massacre, the image of her family and classmates had flashed through countless times, before disappearing without a trace.

Even her most beloved sister’s smile, she couldn’t even remember it anymore.

The snow raining down by the firefly slowly formed a blizzard with Shiika in its center. However, only in the range of her reach would the pure white snowflakes deliberately avoid, and fall elsewhere.

“Just… what in the world… are you…? How did … we?!...”

Just then --- the sound of rubble being pushed away suddenly rang.

Tears had already run dry; her voice had also become hoarse. Lifting her face that had traces of tears left behind, Shiika turned to the direction of where the voice was heard coming from.

In the middle of the silent destruction that was still ongoing, a teenage girl wrapped in a black long coat stood up. The goggles covering her face were already broken, barely hanging by her neck. Her strong-willed look, which also giving off a sense of fragility mixture within, could be seen.

The teenage girl made her fragile steps, walking towards Shiika.

“…What’s…wrong with me…?!---”

Above the teenage girl that seemed close to tears, a white-winged butterfly appeared flapping its wings. Emitting a dim glow from its body, the butterfly’s contour suddenly began to distort.

Perhaps it was damaged from the snowflake from before? One side of its wings was almost destroyed. However, in the next instant, the butterfly became abnormally huge as if it had swollen up; its pairs of wings instantly turned into pure white flames.

Shiika’s hair fluttered slightly as a burning heat wave blew against her cold cheeks. The Namie butterfly enveloped in ultra-high temperature flame beat its wings, and instantly evaporated the surrounding rubble and ground.

But then, before it could go any further, the firefly floating in front Shiika’s chest emitted a white brilliance. The pure white snowflakes falling from the sky came in contact with the Namie butterfly that was surrounded by white flames.


As if an explosion had exploded, Shiika vision was immediately screened by a large amount of steam. The flames enveloping the Namie butterfly were extinguished into pieces, before eventually being blown away and disappearing.


The Namie butterfly that had lost its flame, and both wings, fell onto the ground. Even though it barely escaped the fate of it being completely killed, it would no longer be able to fly anymore. It was struggling on the ground like a worm.


The teenage girl fell to the ground on one knee as she stared at Shiika.

“…No matter what… I… have to protect this country…! I won’t… lose… like this--!”

The Namie butterfly that was desperately struggling on the ground lifted its head once again. As if it was squeezing out the last ounce of its strength, flame enveloped its entire body, before slowly forming two pairs of wings.

“I --- will protect this country!”

As if it was replying back to the teenage girl’s roar, the flame enveloping the Namie butterfly exploded. Fierce heat waves stormed her surrounding, causing rubbles to dissolve almost instantly. The giant butterfly burning in white flames, once again took flight into the air.

Shiika could only gaze blankly at the teenage girl in front of her. The fists that were clenched up unknowingly, had already became numb.

Just then, through the goggles of the teenage girl showing obvious hostility, some noise came. The cracked up voice coming from the goggles seemed to be a man’s voice.

The teenage girl’s movement suddenly stopped, her expression was changed as she looked down at the goggles hanging by her neck.

“Huh… Haji…Keigo…?”

Although the content of the dialogue couldn’t be heard, it seemed like that man was telling the teenage girl something.

“Stop joking around…! How can we retreat right now…?...Huh, (Kakkou)? There’s no way a guy like him that was never heard of could win against such a monster ---!”

On hearing the word “monster”, Shiika’s shoulder suddenly trembled slightly.


--- Pa

All of sudden, the flame wrapping around the Namie butterfly began to waver. The wings, which were spewing out heat waves, were starting to flicker as if it was running out of fuel.

“--- What… did you just… say?”

The teenage girl that was hysterically shouting not so long ago suddenly widened her eyes.

“There’s no way… my father… would do such a thing... Letting other countries ---“

Soon, it seemed like she could no longer suppress her emotions anymore, and started shouting:

“Stop lying! Father has always been protecting this country! The Takakuwa Family has always been protecting this country! What we are doing… is justice!”

But soon, she became speechless as she turned to Shiika’s direction.

“N-No… that girl… is this country’s enemy… That’s why… No, no, no! I-I…! Father he…! Stop! Stop talking--!”

The teenage girl that was constantly shaking her head while covering her ears, suddenly froze stiff still upon hearing the man’s next line.

Pa ---

Pa ---

The flame enveloping the Namie Butterfly gradually died down, before eventually --- completely disappeared.

Only that man’s last line, reached Shiika’s ears.

--- “You’re nothing but a decoy.”

The man uttered that line with a very frivolous tone.

And then, as if she had used up all her energy, both of her knees dropped weakly to the ground.


Her pupils that were staring at the void slowly began to lose their lusters, just like all other people that were turned into Fallen by Shiika.

Shiika walked closer to the teenage girl, and reached her hand onto her cheeks that were covered with tears.


Teenage girl’s emptiness eyes, stared up to Shiika.

“I’m sorry… I tried to stop it… again and again, telling it to stop… but it just won’t listen to me… I didn’t know what to do…”

Her voice didn’t seem to have become completely hoarse yet, tears also seemed to not have run dry. The Shiika, who was whispering with a soft and weak voice that was barely audible, was also crying along with the teenage girl. The tears that gushed out from somewhere blurred her vision.

Why things had to turn out like this, she didn’t know. What she needs to do in order for it to stop, she didn’t know that as well. Because there was nothing that she could do, that’s why she could only cry. The injured teenage girl gazed straight at Shiika with a surprised look.

Facing the Shiika who was caressing her cheeks, she gently overlapped her hand onto hers while showing a weak smile.

“The one saying sorry… should be me… To think that ---“

Gradually, the teenage girl’s warmth flowed from her hands onto Shiika’s.

“To think that… it was this easy to touch you…”

As if she couldn’t endure a certain emotion, the teenage girl lowered her head.

“…I’m really sorry… I originally… was hoping to help you…”

Squeezing out a weak voice that felt as if compressed by a mixture of emotions, the girl raised her head once again.

“Could you tell me your dream? What is it that you’re hoping for?”

Upon being asked, Shiika suddenly recalled.

Even though there were a lot of things that she couldn’t remember anymore, only this, she could still clearly remember.

Even if she were to get always reprimanded by her family, it was fine.

Even if she were to have no friends at school, it was fine.

But, there must be somewhere… somewhere out there that ---

“I hope… I can find a place where I can belong, a place that allows me to stay…”

Shiika replied clearly.

The teenage girl narrowed her eyes as if she seeing something bright, before changing her serious expression into that of a normal teenage girl that could be seen anywhere.

“…It’s a nice dream.”

“What’s your dream, Onee-san?”

Upon being asked by Shiika, the teenage girl laughed self-deprecatingly:

“I wanted to protect this country… but, that---“

“It’s a splendid dream.”

On hearing Shiika’s words, the teenage raised her head as if she was startled.


“I think, that’s a very splendid dream.”

The teenage girl listened to Shiika’s word with a dazed expression. But soon, her expression slowly distorted. She pressed her hand against her head, and began to tremble her shoulders from laughter as if she recalled something.



“Yeah… it is just as you said, that was exactly what I thought when I was young too. Every time when I saw my amazing father, I couldn’t stop hoping that I can grow up to just be like him, hoping that I can overcome the great task of protecting this country. Unknowingly… it has also become my dream… Ahaha…”

She originally thought the teenage girl was laughing, but she was in fact crying. Teardrops which were even bigger than before rolled down her cheeks.

“Aha…Just when did I go wrong…I should’ve known long ago… True justice, is not defeating the enemies… or making comrades submit under me… but rather protecting those that were seeking for help… like you.”

The teenage girl reached forward her hand, and stroked Shiika’s head gently. Although it felt really weak as if she didn’t use any strength at all, it was filled with warmth. Even though Shiika couldn’t remember her expression anymore, the teenage girl’s hands felt exactly the same as her sister’s warm hands.

“Could you… tell me your name?”


Putting the hand that was stroking her head onto her shoulder, the teenage girl lightly pushed Shiika forward.

“Go on, Shiika.”

Gazing straight at her eyes, the teenage girl continued:

“No matter who is it that comes your way, or wants to stop you, you should never give up your dream. Your dream, is something that should not get obstructed by anyone… A dream, that no one should be able to stop you from realizing; a dream that belongs only to you.”

The teenage girl’s voice became weaker and weaker.


It felt really strange.

Even though the opposite party was injured because of her, it seemed like she had forgiven her already.

After the encounter of the sunglasses-wearing woman, and becoming a Mushitsuki, she thought that it was only natural for everyone to be afraid of her.

No, it was also the same before that happened. Aside from her sister, there was no one else willing to acknowledge her existence.

Even though it was supposed to be that way --- the teenage girl in front had also acknowledged Shiika. She allowed Shiika’s existence, and even told her to protect her dream.


She didn’t know what would happen to her down the road.

The only thing she knew was the fact that she had become a Mushitsuki, and she barely had any dream left within her.

But Shiika, finally made a decision.

No matter what happens, she would never give up her dream ---

“Thank you, Onee-san.”

The teenage girl replied with a smile.

“I should be the one thanking you… If we can meet again… then next time… I will definitely uphold the justice… of protecting you…..”

The teenage girl’s body suddenly tilted, and fell to her side. Accompanying the teenage girl, the injured Namie butterfly fell onto the ground, landing next to her. It seemed like she only lost her consciousness, rather than becoming a Fallen.


After gazing at the teenage girl, who she didn’t know the name of, for quite a while, Shiika turned around and left.

With the white firefly floating next to her, Shiika made her step forward onto the barren basin.

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