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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 3.01: Kakkou Part 4

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Kakkou Part 4


In the nick of time, (Kakkou) narrowly dodged the sharp claw that came from the ground below, piercing through his long coat.

In front of him who immediately pulled back, a teenage boy who had his blue hair tied into braids appeared.

“Why are you getting in our way? The branch director is actually helping us, you know?”

It was (Hozumi). The teenage boy was standing on top of the carapace floating on the concrete ground was surrounded by long legs several meters in size; those crustacean-like legs all had sharp claws on their ends.

“…Haa? How is he helping us?”

(Kakkou) scoffed as he leapt to the side and made an over-head jump using the wire pole, attempting to bypass the enemy in front to catch up to the Mercedes-Benz.

However, (Hozumi) did not let him go. He immediately caught up to (Kakkou) by using his (Mushi) like a surfboard --- It seemed like (Hozumi)’s (Mushi) was capable of moving freely amidst the ground.

“Even for someone like us who are being used as tools until we’re eventually broken and thrown away, there is still something that we can do! In order to change this country, there should be something that only we Mushitsuki can do!”

Accompanied by the teenage boy’s shout, many long legs appeared right next to (Kakkou)’s legs. Due to him not being able to predict where these surprise attacks would come from, his shoulder and back were immediately marked with several scratches and scars.


Despite losing his balance, (Kakkou) still raised his pistol and took aim.

However, just before he could fire, (Hozumi) sank into the ground along with his (Mushi). Behind (Kakkou), who had lost his target and was surveying his surroundings, unseen claws continued to descend onto his body, grazing by his abdomen.


“Aren’t you a Mushitsuki as well?! If so, is there a reason for us to be fighting each other like this then? Why won’t you just come with us?!”


It seemed like he couldn’t just ignore the Ishu level six-ranked Mushitsuki in front of him and chase after the Mercedes-Benz as he wish. Standing in the middle of the opposite direction lane, (Kakkou) frowned --- the battles till now had caused a lot of damage to the surrounding area, numerous cars could be seen abandoned far away. Even the crying screams of the pedestrians, which he was already tired of hearing, could still be heard rising up and down faraway.

Causing such uproar, even SEPB’s highly capable intelligence management ability probably wouldn’t be of much use at this state right? The events happening today would undoubtedly become the root of a bigger crisis; it might even affect the future development of this country.

“From now on, we Mushitsuki will change the world. We will take revenge against those guys who treated us like monsters!”

(Kakkou) clutched his bleeding wound as he panted heavily.

Due to the fact that he had been fighting till now, his body was already worn-out. In addition, his dream had also been devoured nonstop from overusing the (Mushi)’s ability, causing his mentality to reach its limit as well. He felt like his head was going blank, and couldn’t even think straight anymore.

Why did I still choose to fight even after suffering this much ---?

This thought suddenly came across his mind.

Getting hurt from all the fighting, having his dream devoured by his (Mushi) as the cost, and turning his former Mushitsuki comrades into Fallens --- depriving them of their dreams, yet still fighting even now.

What was it for…?



On hearing (Kakkou)’s murmur, (Hozumi) could not help but questioned that line.

“Aren’t you idiots? All of you…”

“What did you say?--!”

(Kakkou) raised his head, and laughed while panting.

“Us, change the world? Take revenge against those who treated us like monsters?... Did Takakuwa tell you all that?”

“What’s so funny about it? The branch director told us, we have the power to. And he also said that this power is something that everyone desires. That’s why, we ---“

“Ahaha. Just like an idiot…”

Facing the (Kakkou) who laughed, (Hozumi) immediately changed his expression. Eight sharp claws instantly surrounded (Kakkou), hanging above him as if they would launch an attack any second.

“We are monsters.”

(Kakkou) suddenly said that with a smile.

This caused the blue haired teenage boy to become speechless. The eight claws suddenly stopped moving at the same time.

“Having this kind of power, how can we not be monsters? Even if we change the world like you said, it still can’t change the fact that we are monsters. Not only that, it would further ---“

“What are you trying to say--?”

“Even Takakuwa, was probably thinking as such. You guys have been deceived all along, and eventually will end up being thrown away after being used thoroughly. Ahaha, what an idiot.”

“If so, why are you fighting so desperately against us then?! If I remember correctly…you’re (Kakkou) right? I heard you were the branch director assistant’s best pupil --- According to what you said, what’s the difference between Haji Keigo and Takakuwa branch director then?! Aren’t they both using us Mushitsuki nonetheless?!”

“Yeah, that’s true. Haji is just the same, treating us like monsters… and lies all day…”

He thought so from the bottom of his heart.

So why did he not choose Takakuwa, but rather Haji Keigo?

And the reason for that was just a trivial matter.

“But…at least that guy, is not afraid of me…”

There was no way that he would able to establish a relationship of mutual trust between him and Haji Keigo, he knew that very well. He couldn’t make out what the man was thinking half of the time, and he only thought of him as some disgusting guy who likes to lie and makes jokes that weren’t funny from time to time.

But Haji Keigo said that he would give (Kakkou) a place of belonging.

If even that line was a lie, he intended on killing him with his bare hands.

And even after knowing he would do such thing, Haji Keigo was not afraid of him.

Using each other, and thrown away when the other party no longer has any value --- a relationship as simple as that.

“How boring. Just because of that reason, you’re here desperately fighting against us?”

(Hozumi) suddenly spurned that line, before entering his combat stance.

“If you want the reason as to why I’m still fighting, I still have one…”

(Kakkou) continued his stance of holding the pistol in his hand by his side, and raised his head to gaze at the claws which surrounded him one by one.

“Even though I’m a Mushitsuki, a monster ---“

At that instant, seven claws came straight down at him simultaneously. (Hozumi)’s (Mushi)’s leg were slashing at him from all directions.

(Kakkou) then murmured with a low voice:

“Even so… I still want to realize my dream.”

Through directing the attacks to his side, (Kakkou) narrowly dodged all the critical hits. His feet, neck, shoulder, and abdomen that were grazed by the claws all oozed out fresh blood.

But at that instant, (Kakkou) seized the chance and clung onto one of the legs as hard as he could, causing it to give off a cracking sound.


(Hozumi) gave off a painful moan before suddenly disappearing.

However, immediately after---


The blue hair teenage boy’s crying scream could be heard coming from below.

Using all the strength he had left within, (Kakkou) forcefully pulled the enemy’s (Mushi) out from the ground. An insect with a whale-like body then emerged from the concrete floor along with (Hozumi) riding on its back. It crashed into the surrounding wire poles, billboards, and traffic lights as its body being tossed into the high sky.

Its gigantic shadow descended parallel next to a high-rise building. (Kakkou) raised his pistol into the air, and took aim at the shadow’s center. On the lens of the goggles he was wearing, a red dot flashed for an instant.

“W-Wait a minute! We’re all Mushitsuki aren’t we---!”

In front of the gunpoint where burning flame could be seen spewing out, (Hozumi) shouted out loud.

(Kakkou) input more strength onto the finger that was pressing the trigger --- Inside the mouth of the (Mushi) that had fused with the pistol, an overwhelming destructive bullet that was gyrating at high-speed could be seen, as a result he could feel his dream being rapidly gnawed away. His head became hazy for a moment as past memories flashed through before instantly disappearing.

“You can hate me.”

The moment he pulled the trigger, the muzzle that had become the monster’s mandible spewed out flames of hell.

Gunfire turned into shockwaves and shattered all the surrounding building’s windows; nearby cars were upheaved, and the ground (Kakkou) was standing on concaved instantly with cracks from the recoil.

The gigantic body that was falling down from the sky, couldn’t even give its last scream before death. A huge circular hole could be seen blasted through the body that was wrapped in hard carapace. Its eight legs were also shattered into all directions. Before landing onto the ground, its corpse disappeared as if it had melted completely into space.

-- Pa!

(Hozumi) dropped to the ground. His goggles had already fallen off, his pairs of emotionless pupils were gazing straight at (Kakkou), who was holding the pistol.

“…Damn it.”

He swore as he readjusted his goggles.

Gripping tightly onto the pistol in his hand, (Kakkou) turned around and left.

While hearing the screams of pedestrians from seeing the battle between monsters coming from a distance away, (Kakkou) began to catch up to the Mercedes-Benz on the road.

Around the border of Ouka City, he finally found the car he was looking for guarded by numerous Mushitsuki.

Upon noticing (Kakkou) who was closing in on them, the combatants began to engage.

But none were his opponent; he defeated the combatants one by one.

And as if it was waiting for that last person to be defeated, another car overtook him from behind.

It was a black-colored luxury car. It instantly overtook the Mercedes-Benz up ahead and interspersed into its lane before doing an emergency brake and blocked its path.

Sandwiched in between the black-colored car and (Kakkou), the Mercedes-Benz could only immediately brake. The door of the Mercedes-Benz that was stopped in the middle of the door was then opened, a middle-aged man walked out from within.

On seeing that man’s sharp looks, (Kakkou) could not help but remember the figure of a demon god statue that he once saw in the textbook. It seemed like that man had not slightest wavering in regards to the current situation, and continued to emit an overwhelming domineering atmosphere that felt as if it would engulf everything around him.

“Who are you?”

Takakuwa Azuma stared straight at (Kakkou) with a stern look.

Looking straight back at the man’s evil spirit-like gaze, (Kakkou) replied softly:


Just then, the sound of another car door being opened came. The young man who blocked his car in front of the Mercedes-Benz showed up.

It was Haji Keigo.

“It should be fine here, (Kakkou), good work --- was what I wanted to say, but it seemed like there’s still one last task remained for you."

Haji took a look at Takakuwa Azuma, and continued with his usual relaxed tone.

“Go and capture (Fuyuhotaru), (Kakkou).”


Yet (Kakkou) didn’t move.

“What’s wrong, (Kakkou)? That’s an order, if you don’t hurry everything will be too late.”

“…I quit.”


(Kakkou) turned his face away from Haji who narrowed his eyes. The sensation of depriving countless Mushitsukis’ dream could still be felt remaining on the hand holding the pistol.

He had done something that he shouldn’t do.

“I can’t do it anymore…”

Before coming here, he had run a pretty long distance, been injured quite severely, and had also deprived many --- many Mushitsukis’ dreams. Even though during the battle he kept on convincing himself, when he faces Haji Keigo again, he just could not stop that confusion from surfacing again.

The things that he had done, are they something that could be tolerated?

The young man standing in front of him, is he trustworthy enough to be followed??

And lastly --- before he could realize his dream, would he be able to endure this kind of guilt breaking him apart?

“I’m already tired of all these…”

For a mere twelve-year-old kid like him, the position of a SEPB combatant was just too heavy for him. Being as powerful as he was didn’t mean that he also had a strong-willed heart to shoulder all the responsibilities.

Seeing (Kakkou) biting his lips and lowering his head, Haji Keigo shrugged his shoulders.

“The unified squad was wiped out completely.”

He continued in his usual relaxed attitude.

“From this moment onward, SEPB has temporarily classified (Fuyuhotaru) as an Ishu level one ranked. And the only one left capable of capturing the target would be you, whom I personally trained. The target’s location should be sent to your goggles really soon---“

“Didn’t I tell you that I quit?!”

(Kakkou) finally could not endure it anymore, and started shouting. He tugged the young man’s suit with his hands that were glowing with a green patterned aura.

“Why do I have to deprive other’s dreams?! Why do I have to do such a thing in order to survive! To you…to you normal people, is there a difference between me and (Fuyuhotaru)?! It’s just a matter of one less monster or not, isn’t it?!”

Haji did not resist, he let (Kakkou) shake his body as he wished while smiling back with his usual smile.

“If so --- you’re thinking about not doing anything, and waiting until the moment when your (Mushi) devours your dream completely?”


(Kakkou) widened his eyes.

“Do you think you can live on, without hurting yourself or anyone else? What an arrogant thought you have there. We are not God. No matter where we go, what goal we have, we have to hurt others in order to live on.”

(Kakkou) let go of the hands clutching onto Haji’s suit, yet he still bit his lips firmly.

“Do you wish to die without doing anything, not even trying to realize your dream? Or would you rather--- hurt others to get what you wanted? What we have is the decision to make such a choice, that’s all.”

Haji tidied his shirt, before turning around facing (Kakkou) with his back. He ignored (Kakkou) who was now standing there dazedly and walked toward Takakuwa Azuma.

“---(Fuyuhotaru) is currently in a berserk state. Her dream will probably be devoured completely sooner or later. She will eventually die, and take out everything else along with her.”


“Remember, (Kakkou). (Fuyuhotaru) is just the same. The instant when we decided what we want, we will no longer have any place to escape to. The only thing we can choose is our way of life.”

(Kakkou) could clearly hear the sound of himself grinding his teeth.

Being a Mushitsuki as he was, if he were to defy the SEPB, he would undoubtedly be labeled as a wanted rebel. If so, he would eventually end up like the fleeing (Fuyuhotaru), and get killed one way or another.

No – according to what Haji Keigo said. Even if he were not a Mushitsuki, the result would still be the same. To obtain something, one would eventually have to undergo the fate of hurting others, or getting hurt by others.

“Besides, if you die… You’ll lose your chance to make your choice.”

(Kakkou) remained silent, before slowly turning around, and made a heavy step forward.

“Don’t lose, (Kakkou).”

Did he mean to not lose to (Fuyuhotaru)? Or did he mean something else? Perhaps it was because of him being at a young age, he was unable to understand the meaning hidden in that line spoken with such a calm tone.

Up in the sky where the two had silently parted ways, white snow began to descend slowly.

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