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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 2.02: The Others

Their so-called "Justice".

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The Others

“The East Central Division has already started the operation. All that’s left to do --- is for you (Namie) to fulfill your duties.”

Coming through the goggles’ wireless communicator was her father --- Takakuwa Azuma’s voice.

Minori became silent for an instant. Right now --- only now, she hoped that her father could call her by her real name. However, the fact that such a spoiled thought would never be allowed was something she already knew.

“Copy, the unified squad has already completed merging. The evacuation of nearby citizens has also been completed up to eighty percent. Right now we are situated at the sparsely populated riverside area, and standing by. Judging from the Intel sent by the scouting squad, there are still a few minutes before we make contact with (Fuyuhotaru).”

Minori stood still on the bridge, feeling December’s cold breeze blowing against her.

The East Central Division squad lead by Takakuwa Azuma had already begun advancing towards Headquarters. They had already crossed countless streets within Ouka City, and presumably would be arriving at the Central Headquarters within a few minutes.

East Central Division’s coup would most likely be discovered before then. But by the time the Central Headquarters and other divisions find out, SEPB’s main forces would already be engaging (Fuyuhotaru) together with Minori. If so, they would not be able to send reinforcements to Headquarters even if they wanted to.


Minori felt her chest being restless.

What she and her father were doing right now was no doubt the right thing to do. This country had indulged those corrupted higher ups, letting them do things as they wished for far too long, and now was waning because of it. In regards to this matter the Takakuwa family, who had a much deeper connection than anyone else, had already become well aware of it.

This country must correct the direction of its development, and for that to happen, someone must stand out and execute justice.

Minori surveyed her surroundings.

On the bridge, riverside, and above her, were more than two hundred Mushitsuki in total. Among them, Minori was the only that wore a pitch black long coat. Around her stood countless combatants of the Central Headquarters clad in white coats. Other combatants included those that wore the outerwear jacket of the North Central Division, the gray overalls of the West Central Division, and the red-colored equipment of the South Central Division. The combatants who came from the other Divisions had all gathered together as one.

"All combatants prepare for battle! Get in the condition to summon your (Mushi) in an instant, and standby! Before I give out any commands, refrain from doing anything conspicuous!"

Coming from behind the shouting Minori, came the sound of a whisper that was deliberately made audible.

"Tsk, that East Central's brat that gained her place by relying on her parents' reputation, acting so high and mighty..."

Even though there was an impulse of wanting to immediately turn around and refute, she somehow managed to endure it.

It was mainly because she had already gotten used to people gossiping behind her back. And not just during her missions, even in her currently enrolled high school; there were people who spread rumors behind her back due to her strong self-esteem and boyish tone.

But, no matter what time, Minori had always held her head up high and lived upright.

No matter what, Minori had always believed in her dream. To her, whom was born as a member of the Takakuwa family, the guardian of this country, it was natural that she would inherit her respected father’s career.

To protect this country ---

That was Minori's dream, as well as her duty.

As long as she has this dream living within her, Minori felt like she would not lose to anyone. No matter what happens, she would be able to live holding her head up high and with a straightened back, just like her father Takakuwa Azuma.

"Target has appeared! It's (Fuyuhotaru)!"

The combatants situated on the other side of the river shouted that line.

Minori narrowed her eyes to take a closer look, but immediately noticed something was wrong.

Her vision began to distort— or so she initially thought; but that wasn’t actually the case.

Rather it was the existence over there that caused everything to distort.

The road was upheaved, trees were blown down, and even the parked cars on the side were flattened.

Shrouded in the storm of falling white snow, a tiny figure slowly walked out of the space of endless destruction and entered Minori's vision.

"…A kid...?..."

The combatants began to riot all of a sudden. Although the abnormal scene in front of them was surprising enough, the most surprising thing to them, was the fact that (Fuyuhotaru)'s real identity was actually just an elementary school girl.

Minori could not hide the confusion within her from surfacing on her face as well.

The girl that was slowly walking towards her, her lovely face had already been dirtied by soil and mud. The figure of her trudging her steps emotionlessly seemed so weak and fragile, as if she was about to fall at any second.

"She is...(Fuyuhotaru)…? --- This country's --- enemy...?"

Of course, it was not her first time seeing a child Mushitsuki. But the squad that Minori was leading right now was a squad that consisted of more than hundreds of combatants. Could it be that right now, she had to issue them an order to capture such young girl?

To the Minori that had such high self-righteousness, it was something that she would never consider.

"In contact with the enemy!"

The girl, who came to the end of the bridge, noticed their presence.

Standing in the center of the devouring snow, the girl gradually lifted her head.


The girl --- was crying.

In Minori's mind, flashed the figure of her past self. It happened when her father brought her to a zoo for the first and last time, and she unknowingly got lost. Because she had been separated from her father, her unease caused her to sob and cry. At that time, Minori had been crying for help, hoping that someone could give her a helping hand.

The girl before Minori, was exactly the same as her back then.

Capture... do I really have to do that to her? To such a young kid...?! To a kid that's looking for help?!

Her clenching fists subconsciously began to tremble.

"(Namie), what's your order!?"

Behind her came the shout of the combatants.

At the same time, her respected father's voice also came through the goggles.

"(Namie), have you made contact with (Fuyuhotaru) yet? Our movement will soon be noticed by Headquarters; you must enter battle as soon as possible.”

Minori clenched her lips, and raised her hand as if she was waving away her confusion.

Don't hesitate! This is for the sake of protecting this country! This is... justice!!!

She raised her head, and gave her order:

"Identified capture target, (Fuyuhotaru)! All combatants, attack!"

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