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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 1.01: Kakkou Part 1

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Version: 1.01

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Kakkou Part 1

Right after the boy walked out of the school gate with his friends, he immediately noticed a black car that was parked on the other side of the national highway.

And just when he fixed his gaze on the car, the car's door silently opened.

Coming out from the driver's seat was a young man showing a faint smile; it was someone that the boy was familiar with --- or perhaps over-familiar to a point where he even started to feel tired of seeing it. Below the young man's smile was a set of expensive suit that he always wears, however today he changed from wearing the usual gloomy black color to a not-so-gloomy gray instead.

"Sorry guys, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do. I guess I can't go playing with you guys today.

The boy squeezed a friendly smile onto his face as he apologized to his friends.

"Eh? You're not going? What about your character then?"

"Yeah man! We're a party, remember?! We can't just ditch you and just level up by ourselves can we? Besides, it'd be hard without your character's healing magic."

"Then let Kinoshita replaces me! Didn't you say you wanted to try this game out the other day?"

"Eh-?! I'm not confident enough to play it well! What if I get it killed?!"

"It's okay, just save the file ahead of time. Sorry guys, I really have something to do today! I'll definitely go with you all tomorrow, I promise!"

The boy left his friends that were still complaining and ran towards the car.

Even though the young man was waving his hand at him, he didn't have the slightest intention of waving back. And even if "Immediately wave back" was an order, he would resist to follow it with all of his might.

"Hey, (Kakkou), you're getting along pretty well with your friends eh? That's good to know."

The young man that was leaning against the car greeted the boy. Despite being an adult that was just a little over twenty, the outfit of his personal-made suit looked rather really well on him. However, the merits of his slender body figure with a handsome look were offset completely by his pale expression and frivolous smile. The fact that his body's condition was unwell was already a norm to the boy, so there was nothing to worry about.

Haji Keigo. Although on the surface he worked in some government agency as an officer, he was also this boy's "Supervisor".

"What's the problem, Keigo?"

The sky was covered heavily by thick clouds, which gave a feeling as if the whole world was rendered by a layer of freezing white.

He questioned the other party in a tone that was completely different when he was talking to his friends.

"Didn't I tell you to not come near school if it's not an emergency?"

"Compared to the honor-student looks you give in school, I actually like this childish looks of yours better. Also this style of talking, will definitely make girls fall for you, you know?"

He --- (Kakkou) ignored the young man's sarcasm unhappily.

Of course, the name (Kakkou) was not his real name. In school he was called by his normal name. With average height and an emotionless expression, medium-length black hair, combined with scarf and jacket that could be bought anywhere. And to top it off, He had a common look and quite a sociable personality.

However, every bit of these was for the sake of allowing him to integrate into the surroundings at any given situation, which was solely taught by the young man in front. Hence, the fact that the young man was saying lines like "his original personality suits him better", fully proved that he had a rather hateful character.

But no matter what he said, (Kakkou) is still a 12 year old boy currently enrolled in public elementary school. If one must insist, the only special trait about him would probably be the Band-Aid that was on his cheek.

"Enough talking, just tell me what are you here for. Ah, is today a training day?"

"Nope, the training is already over."

(Kakkou) frowned as a tiny green colored creature descended slowly onto his shoulder. It was an insect that looked similar to a Cleridae but had a pair of long antennae instead. The Kakkou Mushi was beating its wings as if it was feeling the chill of the December breeze.

Just then, Haji reached out a black object towards him. It was a huge pair of mechanical goggles.

"It's your turn, (Kakkou). From this moment onwards, I officially declare you as the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau East Central Division Combat Squad's no-ranked Mushitsuki."

(Kakkou) gazed back silently at the young man.

In other people's eyes, the two of them might've seemed as if they were glaring at each other and about to start a fight or something. The green Kakkou Mushi that was resting on the boy's shoulder was looking back and forth between the two.


(Kakkou) then reached out his hand, and took the goggles from the young man. Upon feeling that heavy ice cold sensation, (Kakkou) immediately felt disgusted by it. From that instant, he was sure that he could never bring himself to like this thing.

"I'm also appointed as the East Central Division branch director assistant today, so it'll be a debut for both of us."

"...Who's the opponent?"

"A Mushitsuki that was discovered merely two hours ago, currently codenamed as (Fuyuhotaru) -- A strong opponent that wiped out dozens of members in an instant."

"Why do I have to take on such monster for my first mission..."

"From a normal human's perspective, you Mushitsuki makes no different to them. Monsters are monsters, it doesn't matter what shape or form they take."

(Kakkou) became silent.

Haji's words, did not have the slightest tenderness or concern mixed within. What he just said was a well-known truth anyway. To those who were living peacefully in their ordinary lives, Mushitsuki were nothing but symbol of fear, an existence that should not have existed in this world. Even (Kakkou) knew that very well.

"However, there's something that's even uglier than you monsters existed in this world."

Haji didn't change his expression, and said in a relaxed tone.

"…? What do you mean?"

"You'll find out really soon."

The man named Haji Keigo would never go easy on Mushitsuki or have any compassion for them. And at the same time --- he would not have the slightest fear of them as well. It was these that (Kakkou) relied on to distinguish him from other adults.

"The place where we've located (Fuyuhotaru) is within this Ouka City, which is East Central Division's territory. Just as I have mentioned before, the combat squad that went to capture the target was wiped out in an instant. Hence, all the SEPB branches, including the headquarters, have decided to establish an emergency reinforcement squad that consists of nearly hundreds of ranked Mushitsuki, to come here. They should be here very shortly. The one who's responsible of leading them is a Kashu level three ranked Mushitsuki (Namie). Although it hasn't been made publicly known within the SEPB yet, (Namie) is actually East Central Division branch director's ---which is our boss Takakuwa Azuma's daughter."

"Close to hundreds of ranked members...? Although I don’t know how it usually works, shouldn't this kind of large lineup be handled by a headquarters' member?"

It seemed like that so-called (Fuyuhotaru) was indeed quite a powerful foe.

If just ranked Mushitsuki alone had reached this number, then there was no doubt that there were several folds more no-ranked members than this.

Haji lifted the corner of his lip, and laughed ironically:

"Bribery, glory, struggle for power...... even in times like this, these silly things till can't be avoided. And this is what Takakuwa branch director is best at."

"Mm... Well, it has nothing to do with me anyway."

"You'll be enrolled into a standby squad that lead solely by the East Central Division, a squad that doesn't belong to the reinforcement lineup. It's a special force that takes action if the target escapes the surrounding formation lead by (Namie)'s force. If that were to happen, the residents living in the area probably won't have enough time to escape, therefore the standby squad would probably have to battle it out in the streets."

“Escape the surrounding formation...? …... Just ranked members alone number in the hundreds, is that even possible?"

Facing the laughing (Kakkou), Haji replied casually:

"If you were (Fuyuhotaru), would you give up obediently just because you have to face over hundreds of enemies?"


"The dream you're harboring, is not something that you can easily give up like that right?"

(Kakkou) subconsciously strengthened his grip on the goggles as his past memories began to resurface in his mind like a flash.

He then remembered the day when he came home --- and it was empty.

In the room where his family had suddenly disappeared, he was standing there dazed and alone.

The feeling of loneliness that enveloped him at that time, the smell of dust in the apartment where there was nothing left.

Looking out of the window, he could still see the figures of his mother and sister who had abandoned him. Although his sister turned around and glanced at him for a moment, she still held onto her mother's hand and left in hurry.

He was not needed anymore ---

It was because he clearly understood this that he did not go and chase after them. Whether to the mother who raised them single-handedly, or to the naturally frail sister, his existence was nothing but a heavy burden.

Because he understood--- at that instant, he had already become a Mushitsuki.

--- But even for someone like me, there must be a place out there --- a place of belonging that needs me...

It was an incident that happened one year ago.

He couldn't even shed a tear as he watched his mother and sister gradually disappear away into the distance, while praying intensively for his dream to come true in his heart.

He could never forget the feeling from that time.

Even if he had to face hundreds of enemies --- he wouldn't give up until he realized this one and only dream of his.

"Are you kidding me ---"

(Kakkou) glared at the young man with his burning eyes.

"Who's gonna give up just because of that...!"

Haji Keigo then shifted his gaze to look at the gradually increasing pedestrians that were walking on the streets due to the sunset and breathed a blow of white mist:

"Yeah, perhaps (Fuyuhotaru) will not give up, just like you. Those Mushitsuki that will never give up their dreams are the strongest after all, even stronger than hundreds of foes..."


"Anyway, you should head towards your pre-assigned position right now. The designated location is saved as map data in that goggles' memory slot. I heard that branch director Takakuwa will lurking around to survey the situation. But other than that, there's nothing important. I have something to do elsewhere later on, so this is where we will part ways."

"Eh? Aren't you branch director's assistant? Shouldn't you be around the branch director?"

A grin then slowly appeared onto Haji's face. Every time when he saw him with this expression, nothing good ever happened.

"What are you planning this time?"

"What a pity, you guessed wrong this time. The one who's planning something is not me."

"Huh? Can you say something that's more understandable when talking to me?"

Haji smiled as he leaned his hand onto the car's door.

"I've set a direct channel that allows you to talk to me using that goggles' wireless connection. If anything happens, you must contact me immediately okay?"

"Yeah yeah, I got it."

"Reply only once."

"Yes sir."

"…...Recently. Maybe it was because my sister has gotten used to seeing you acting that way, even she has started giving me that kind of attitude from time to time. What a pain in the neck, that's my biggest stress nowadays you know?"

Of course, it was because I deliberately taught her that! --- (Kakkou) laughed as he made a face to the young man within his mind.

Haji sat in his car, and closed the door. And then, he placed one of his hands onto the gearstick and moved his index next to his forehead to salute:

"I wish you good luck, (Kakkou). For the sake of protecting your dream, please work hard."

"Although I don't know what are you scheming, but same to you branch director assistant."

The two of them exchanged smile for an instant, before each heading towards to their respective places.

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