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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 2.00: A Hatter

Turning back on time, on the other hand ---

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A Hatter

From what he had heard, the name of the observatory tower that was standing amidst the streets of Akamaki City seemed to be called Skypia.

Before the construction was completed, he had passed by this place quite a few times occasionally. It wasn’t until a few days after the construction was finished and they started decorating the tower with colorful lighting in preparation of the opening ceremony that he started paying more attention to it.

Although he had drifted here due to some circumstances, he--- (Mr.Hat House) still thinks he likes this city, Akamaki City.

After all, this city was known as one of the few large cities within the country that had everything you ever wanted; ever dreamed of, and the streets were filled with people and high-rising buildings. This place was a very suitable environment for someone as eye-catching as him to blend in.

Even a simple stroll out here would never make him feel bored.

Stopping at the grand crossroad right in front of the Akamaki train station, he wandered aimlessly.


At a place not far from him, a few girls that looked like elementary students were waving their hands at him.

“Didn’t you say you were going to play soccer at the school?”

It seemed they were talking to some friends, but around (Mr.Hat House), no one was replying back to them.

“What’s up with him! Why’s he ignoring us?!”

The girls became angry all of sudden.

He stood there in a daze, gazing at the passing by pedestrians silently.

“I’ve been slacking off and dragging my mission as long as possible. When I first came to this area which was under the Central Headquarters’ jurisdiction, I thought I’d made a terrible mistake… but this place is actually quite nice, I wonder if he will be staying here a bit longer……”

Talking to himself had already become one of his habits.

After tiring of surveying pedestrians, (Mr.Hat House) once again wandered off aimlessly, and left the train station.

“Come to think of it, he does look pretty worn-out, probably near his limits already? I wonder what happened to him…”

Walking down from a flyover, he blended into the crowd.

But just when he walked pass by a building’s window, he noticed the decoration he was wearing on his hat was crooked through the reflection. He quickly fixed the hat-shaped ornament and his shirt collar as well. Despite being only seventeen years old, his looks and way of speech were very mature, they were traits that he couldn’t change no matter what.

Feeling kind of thirsty, he then began to search for a nearby café.

“I guess I should just leave him alone for now. But if other personnel found him in the meanwhile then it would be troublesome, someone like him wouldn’t be able to survive more than a few hits from the Central Headquarters’ combatants. If that were to happen, my mission would be over, and I will have to go back to West Central Division… What a pain in the neck…”

He muttered quietly while searching for his café.

“If I were to transfer to the Central Headquarters, then shouldn’t I be able to stay in this city as long as I want? But over here, it seemed like things weren’t that easy either, I can feel the tension all the way from here. I’m pretty accurate when it comes to these sorts of things after all, tough choices…”

“Welcome, Ojou-sama!”

… It seemed like he entered the wrong shop.

No, it should be right. Even though the employees were all wearing some sort of cosplay from animation, it was still a café nonetheless.

“Are you alone by yourself? Let me show you the way to your table.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Becoming very polite when talking to someone was also one of his habits.

He was lead to his table, and then ordered some drink.

“Umm, the Central Headquarters… and the West Central Division…Eh? Wait, what was I thinking about before? --- Ah forget it, it doesn’t matter anyway.”

Just looking at the employee’s cute and refreshing outfits brought a smile on his face.

Even though he walked into this shop by mistake, he doesn’t really dislike this kind of interest, he was rather fond of it. The reason why his comrades often said “Despite your appearance and way of speech, you’re actually a laity through and through” was probably because of this.

After sitting there for a whole three hours, but only ordering a cup of coffee, he finally checked out with a satisfied smile on his face.

“You girls are really cute~”

“Eh? Ah, t-thank you…”

Upon hearing that line, the staff that was doing the cashier jerked up all of sudden.

Ops, I just spoke it out of my mind without thinking! Does she think I’m disgusting?

He hurriedly left the shop in embarrassment.

“You’re much more beautiful than us…”

One of the maids spoke that line to someone in his direction right before he left.

After that, he decided to continue his stroll.

“Oh shoot, the movie that I was planning on watching today got taken down yesterday, darn it.”

Through the reflection of the glass holding the movie’s schedule, he could see his disappointed expression being reflected on it. He stretched his hand and fixed the ornament on his head, before fixing his necktie as well.

“Can’t help it, I guess I’ll pick something else… Wait no, I should go to the bookstore and check their synopsis first. Since I can’t watch the one I really want to see right now, it would really suck if I were to pick one that I don’t like.”

And if there weren’t any movie that interests me, I guess I can go to the game center.

Or maybe take a few drinks? Borrow a car and driving around sounds good too. The fact that the Ferris wheel that really interested me ever since I came here is still incomplete is quite a disappointment.

“Bookstore, bookstore……”

His lifestyle had always been like this; it was not after he came to Akamaki City that he just started becoming like this.

He really liked to enjoy things by himself.

Not caring about anyone else, not having to do what other people say, doing whatever he wants.

He felt that the he, who could do these , was happier than anyone else.


While he was walking on the sidewalk, an unknown man wearing a suit came waving at him.

“Are you going home right now? Wanna hang out?”

He nonchalantly looked around, and noticed that there were many people walking past him. He was in the middle of a busy crossroad. He then slightly lowered his head and replied:

“I’m sorry. I’m a bit in a hurry right now.”

“I-Is that so. U-Uhmm, ah, are you interested in this sort of thing? If you do, you can ---“

“Ah, yes I do. Can I take one?”

“O-Of course! This starts tomorrow night, if you’re free ---“

“Thank you.”

The object he received from the man was a free coupon ticket for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Having obtained a coupon out of the blue made him really happy, but as soon as he found out that it required a couple to participate he was rather disappointed. To the (Mr. Hat House) who always liked to enjoy things by himself, there was no way he could find a partner to participate. The hand he reached into his pocket crumbled the coupon into a ball.

Nonetheless, he really liked this city.

He never got bored playing by himself.

As long as he could keep track of his target’s movement, he could keep on enjoying his freedom as much as he wants.

There was only thing that he worried about, and that --- was about a frightful enemy hidden somewhere in this city.

But that has nothing to do with him, after all, this Akamaki City was under the Central Headquarters’ jurisdiction, he who belongs to the West Central Division doesn’t need to get himself involved.

“Ah…… What was I just thinking about again?”

His alias was (Mr. Hat House), a Kashu level six ranked personnel who belonged to the West Central Division of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. His mission was to capture newborn Mushitsuki, or eliminate them if he suspected them to be dangerous to the public.

Right now, he was supposed to be in the middle of his mission. He followed an escaped Mushitsuki all the way to this Akamaki City.

“Ah, that’s right. Bookstore, where is the bookstore again…?”

The target’s name was Hibino Kazufusa.

A cowardly elementary school boy who was possessed by an unstable centipede.

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