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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 2.02: Rina Part 5

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Rina Part 5

She couldn’t remember clearly what happened after she finally came home from running away for the past few days.

The only thing she could remember was her furious father, and her mother who was crying while hugging her tightly.

Her father’s shouting was just too overwhelmingly loud that she couldn’t even understand what he was shouting about half of the time. Even her mother faced his physical abuse.

But even so, her mother was still desperately trying to protect Rina. However, right after she suddenly coughed, she collapsed out of the blue. This made Rina very worried. Maybe she isn’t feeling okay somewhere?

Meanwhile, her father continued to interrogate Rina, but Rina refused to even reply with a single word, and just glared at him silently.

And as a result, she was punished mercilessly. She had lost count of how many times she was beaten. It wasn’t until the commotion had alerted the neighbors and police, making them come to stop him that he finally calmed down.

He then left the scene along with some men that seemed to be related to the police. In addition, there well-dressed men with sharp looks; they’re probably SEPB’s people. The scandal of his daughter running away from home must have been a huge impact on his image. He must have used money and his authority to completely hide this from the public.

“Mom, are you okay?...”

When Rina opened her mouth to call out to her mother, she saw her pressing her chest rather than other places where she’d been hit, and slowly lifting herself up.

“Rina… are you hurt anywhere? I was really worried about you…”

Even now, her mother was still worrying about Rina’s safety rather than herself.

“If even you were to disappear from my side… I wouldn’t know what else to do… I only have you left…”

Rina looked at the mother that was hugging her tightly. Right now, she could fully understand her feelings, no --- since long ago, she was already aware of it.

Like many others, her mother was also waiting to be saved. She knew that Rina was the only one who could salvage her from this bottomless hell, that’s why she had been desperately protecting her.

“I’m fine… Sorry for making you worried, mom.”

Upon seeing Rina’s sincere apologetic smile, her mother seemed relieved. After sending her mother who didn’t seem too well to her room, Rina returned to her bedroom.


Right after she entered the room, she fell right onto her bed, and buried her face into the teddy bear that her mother gave her.

She was a bit disappointed regarding the fact that her mother had not made up her mind to be separated from her father.

Even if Rina hadn’t come back, she would probably stay here and wait forever.

Nothing had changed.

This birdcage encaging Rina hadn’t change the slightest ever since she left ---

It took a while for her to calm down and clear her thoughts.

Just when she was finally able to think clearly again, her bedroom’s door opened.


It was Mikajima’s voice.

“I’ve already told you not to get yourself involved with the Mushitsuki, why did you still ---“

When Rina lifted herself up and turned around, she saw her private tutor was looking straight at her with a pale face.

“W-W-W-What happened to you?!!!!”

On seeing Rina covered with dirt and injuries all over her body, the private tutor began trembling nonstop.

“Ah, these? Hehe, they are my medal of honor! Though some of them were from the beating I got from that scum father.”

“U-Unbelievable… The once beautiful and glorious Rina-san has…”

“Hey listen to this, I saved the Mushitsuki! And it was two people at once!”

“P-Please don’t come closer!”

“Come on, why are you giving me that look! Listen to me~”

“Uuu…! P-Please stop! Ohh god, such tragedy … What have I done to deserve this… This is just too cruel… Why do you have to take Rina-san away from me…I can’t take this anymore..”

“You looking for Rina? I’m over here, can’t you see? Oyohooo, this way please!”

“This must be a filthy devil’s trap to deliberately deprave my eyes…. Hurry and give me back my Rina-san!!”

Looking at the scene of Mikajima who had already huddled into a ball and begun crying like a baby in the corner, Rina could only sigh helplessly.

Turning back to look through the window behind her, she saw that the bright sunset was floating in midair.

Until yesterday, she had been watching this sunset, which hanged amidst the endless sky, while drowning herself in drawing.

“Ah, it’s Rokko! Did she just come back from somewhere…? Mikajima, was she not in the park until now?”

“Well… she was there, or not… does it really matter…”

After Mikajima snappily replied, she finally stood up while still shaking.

“I’m thinking of taking a break. We probably won’t see each other ever again. Please take good care of yourself.”

“Mikajima, Rokko seems kind of hungry. Can you take some food to her?”

“Why can’t YOU do it?”

Mikajima replied coldly, before Rina pulled her sleeve lightly.

“Come on, this is the last time, please?”

“What --- in the world are you doing?”

Mikajima turned around, frowning.

“Lowering your status, jumping into misery for others, even going as far as dirtying that glorious figure of yours… Why are you going as far as doing all of these for the sake of helping others?”

On hearing her question, Rina was speechless for a moment.

She could feel who were looking for help, and that’s why she helped them. As a human, it was a very natural behavior.

Why could she feel those people who were looking for salvation’s desires then ---?

That answer, she was starting to vaguely understand it.

“Please~? I beg you, Mikajima.”

Rina showed a shallow smile, and continued pleading. Mikajima sighed upon seeing this.

“Fine, let this be the last task I’ll do for you.”

The private tutor unhappily frowned and then walked out of the room.

Meanwhile, Rina turned to look at the scene outside of the window; she could see that Rokko was dancing in the deserted park all alone.

If she were to walk closer, she should be able to hear that melody of the music box that Rokko was dancing to.

Raising her head to look into the far distance, she could then clearly see the river that she walked together with Kazufusa.

The river’s curve stretched into the distance.

Connecting, stretching even further beyond.

She had originally intended on escaping into that far distance, but never did she expect it would only take a few hours for her to be sent home via car.

Rina clenched her lips tightly.

Hibino Kazufusa and (Mr. Hat House) had both obtained freedom.

Rina saved them.

But, she herself --- was unable escape from this rugged and tiny birdcage on her own.


In order to not forget this very scene that she was looking at from this room, she took out her notebook.

Her pencil flew and danced on the paper, drawing down the breath-taking scene she could see through her eyes.

The burning bright sun she had been gazing at slowly began to create ripples one after another within her heart.


Someday, I can definitely --

As long as Rina continued to pray strongly for it, it didn’t matter how many or who she had to save.

She could hear the moaning of those who seek salvation.

The same moaning that she has from her heart, she could clearly feel that resonance.

“Someday, I will definitely be able to … ---“

The tiny hand that was depicting the scene she could see through the tiny window, clenched the pencil even harder.

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