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Onii-Ai Volume 2: Main/Content Page

Author: 鈴木大輔 (Suzuki Daisuke)
Illustrator: 閏月戈 (Uruu Gekka)

This novel is about <a boring story where a pair of siblings, who due to some reason were separated from each other, got back and lived under the same roof together again, while living their daily lives ordinarily> — "Brother complex is indeed inconvenient, but it is definitely not a curse." "Is that so. The way I see it, your entire existence is misfortune personified." "That issue aside, it seems that Himenokouji Akito will finally come visited our home, this time around." "Fufu, Akito is finally visiting my home. I really look forward to it." "Huh!? I never heard about that! Onii-chan, what is this all about!?" — Sorry, just kidding, this is a romance comedy. For details about the house visit, please open the book and read!

...... And you thought I will say those things? [TLNote: probably referring to the summary at the back of the book, which had been translated above]
Are you an idiot?
Do you want to die?

Well then, let me introduce the characters. This is Himenokouji Akiko-san. She's a rank lower in the students' council as the secretary, have smaller breasts, and have test results worse than mine - someone who has not a single point of merit. Ah- the only distinct point about her is that her brother-complex is at an extremely perverted level.
...... Rather than an introduction, that was just you bad-mouthing me isn't it.
Himenokouji Akiko. Secretary of students council. Bro-con.
This is Nikaido Arashi. The president of students council of my school. As you can see, her appearance is as strange as her personality, and her actions are beyond salvation. I just hope she can graduate from the school as quickly as possible, even if it's only a day earlier. Ah, her expulsion will be an OK too.
Ka ka ka. As usual, your words are merciless.
Nikaido Arashi. President of students council. Her sexual desires are strong.

This is Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi-san. As she has just transferred to this school a few days ago, I have absolutely no idea what sort of person she is. For now, her name is really weird, and so is the way she speaks.
Are you a someone who will die unless you bad-mouth someone?
Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi. Treasurer of students council. Bokukko. [TLNote: 僕っ娘, a girl who refers herself as boku.]
And finally, this guy is Himenokouji Akito. Even though his official title is 'Deputy Assistant of Secretary', I guess he can be considered to be a rather durable slave.
...... At the very least, use terms like 'errand-boy', or an expression as soft as that. Please.
Well, even though I said slave, I mean that you're a sex-slave so to speak. There should no problem when it comes to your human rights.
No, that was a terrible follow-up. Rather, that's even more of a problem
Himenokouji Akito. Deputy Assistant of Secretary of students council. Akiko's elder brother.

Well then, it is finally time for the main attraction to enter the stage. I am Nasuhara Anastasia. Vice-president of the students council.
...... This is terrible.
Ka ka ka. Indeed, this is terrible.
How should I put it? Generally speaking, that is how it is.
I suppose. Well, this is rather fitting of Nasuhara's style.
Please do not put on such questionable expressions. This duty was pushed onto me this time, so something of this level should be expected. Even though it's like this, I'm actually doing this in a discreet manner.
Nasuhara Anastasia. Vice-president of students council. Hard to get long with.

It is rather tiring to maintain a professional smile.

Chapter 1.1: 8th April, AM7:00 (One day after the opening ceremony)
Chapter 1.2: Same day, AM7:30
Chapter 1.3: Same day, AM7:45
Chapter 1.4: Same day, AM8:00
Chapter 1.5: Same day, AM8:15 (St. Ririana Academy's students council room)
Chapter 2.1: 9th April, AM7:00
Chapter 2.2: Same day, PM4:00
Chapter 3.1: 10th April, AM7:00
Chapter 3.2: Same day, PM4:00
Chapter 4.1: 11th April, AM7:00
Chapter 4.2: Same day, PM5:00
Chapter 5: 12th April, AM9:00
Chapter 6: 13th April, PM2:00
Omake: Initial Drafts


  1. Well, not much to be said here.

    I guess we know now that Anna-san will be the main on this book.

    Ginbē-san look cuter in color, you can try to explain how a person is as much as you like, but it will never be the same as seeing them.
    Sometimes I wonder how old see is...

    I guess Anna fans liked her description.
    That based on the fact that I am a fan of her and I felt that way the first time I saw it. :P

    The contents itself was not very different from what I thought and was able do decipher(since calling what I do reading is a bit offensive :P )

    First chapter has only 11 pages, so I guess we will be reading in a few days(If luck allows us).

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  2. The other 3 girls are just jealous, 'cause none of them could have pulled off that swimsuit spread.

  3. New vol. I am pleased :>

  4. >The other 3 girls are just jealous, 'cause none of them could have pulled off that swimsuit spread.

    Well said.

  5. "The other 3 girls are just jealous, 'cause none of them could have pulled off that swimsuit spread. " I'd like to agree with you but I'll believe it when I see it. :D

  6. ...god thanks for this... Well this is my first time in this blog.. Well thanks again

  7. Here's the PDF of translated vol. 2 of Onii-Ai

    Enjoy :D


  8. I'm super happy that there's more Anna in this volume. I've been a long time fan of Senjougahara Hitagi, so finally seeing a similar personality in Anna, I'm nearly brought to tears of joy. Even though the story is based on sib-con (which I'm not completely against), I'll still continue enjoying Anna. Lol

  9. Came across this accidentaly after some browsing and i'm glad that I found this site. Thanks greatly for all the hard work on the novel, really enjoying it so far. :]b

  10. ty for the translations
    does anyknow what light novels are written in i was told manly Furigana .
    casue igoing to leran japanese but i do not i will ever beable to learn Kanji

    1. Maybe cell phone novels...not light novels. They are almost written in the highest literacy level of Japanese, as Keito pointed out.

  11. @August 4, 2011 1:59 AM

    Your english is beyond awful, I should ask you to learn that first.

    Regarding the reading, I think you need at least JLPT N2 to read it properly, there is very few Furigana.

    I'm still around N5 and it takes me from 30 minutes to 1 hour to "decode" 1 page.

    Not easy work.

  12. Here the PRC file for this


  13. My personal edit and compile of volume 2, put it together in about a day:

    I'm late to the party, but this is my second ever edit of an LN...I dare say I did okay.

  14. Anna is cuter than Akiko