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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 4.1: 11th April, AM7:00

Here's 4.1. Enjoy.

And so.

The consecutive days of house-visiting is down to the final day.

The person whom I am visiting today is none other than her, which for me is something quite daunting - in all sorts of perspective. Or rather, you can say that I am not that interested. Then again, it would be very unnatural for me to skip just her visit.

An so, I will have to convince my sister today as well in order to create my own personal time.

Uh- mmm.

What should I do?

I used the praise method for the first day, and praise+bait on the second, which my sister accepted grudgingly. But I don't think those methods will be effective again.

Even though Akiko is very obedient towards me and her train of thought is really simple, she will still smell a rate if I carried out these suspicious actions for three consecutive days.

Things will definitely become troublesome if Akiko knows about my house visits.

What should I do...... I couldn't come up with any decent plans......

I couldn't come up with anything good no matter how hard I try. I was stuck.

It looked like I had to prepare myself to proceed forcefully at the cost of making my sister unhappy - just when I decided to do that.

A small miracle happened.

No, I was not too sure if that can be called a miracle. But in any case, it definitely happened at a perfect timing. I was offered a glimmer of light in my otherwise hopeless situation.

But if I do that, the pros and cons will surely...... no, it will definitely bring about more headaches for me? Yup.

Forget it, I was left with no choice.

I'll just utilize this chance to its fullest and focus on the current crisis.


It'susual students' hostel, at the all-too familiar caretaker's room.

Facing the back of my sister who was making breakfast while humming to a tune, I spoke.

"Hey Akiko. There is something-"

"Akiko must turn away Onii-chan quickly when he is attempting to speak to me."


I did not anticipate that.

"What? Why?"

"It will not do if you look down on me. I have already guessed what Onii-chan is about to say."

"Ohhh. What's that?"

"It will be something along the lines of how you will not be able to go home with me after school today. You are intending to do some immoral act amounting to neglect towards your cute younger sister, right?"

"Incidentally, neglect has the meaning of abandoning. Are you admitting right now that you are an infant-like person in the society, who is unable to survive without the delicate care and concern from others?"

"It is useless to try to seal my mouth with that sort of logic. I had utilized the compassion of a cute younger sister for these two days and tolerated Onii-chan's barbaric acts, but I will not yield today. I will overcome all obstacles and make you go back with me today."

"No matter what happens?"

"Of course."

"You will not change your mind?"

"Of course. I am backed by justice. I will not change my stand even if the world is to be overturned at this very instant."

"I see. I fully understand your thoughts."

I nodded my head solemnly,

"Speaking of which, I have accidentally stumbled upon this while I was packing our luggage that we had from our house moving."

"What? So you are planning to say some random things to divert the topic yet again. I had already seen through that scheme of yours, and I'll not fall for it-"

A sound of *pita*. [TLNote: Japanese onomatopoeia]

While remaining in the posture of what looks like her handing me something, my sister froze in an instant.

A few seconds later.

She exchanged glances with me while maintaining that stiff expression. She shook her head and hands.

My sister said.

"Dat's wrong."

"...... Why did you use dialects subconsciously? I want to know your excuses."

"No. It's not like what it seems."

"This book here. It's yours, right?"

"No, it's not! It just so happens that it is in my care for these past few weeks. It is not something I bought with my pocket money."

"But the back of the cover has your name written on it?"

"Ahhh darn! This disciplined personality of me writing my name on all of my belongings has backfired on me!?"

Well then.

The object that has shaken my sister so much to the point of her speaking in dialect subconsciously is something I had discovered by chance. The problem is about what the object really is.

"No, it really isn't. This book is like what it seems. Or rahter, please take into consideration of fact that I am currently in my teenage years before making a fair judgement......."

It's a book.

The size of a typical mall book, costing at a thousand yen each. In this country, its sales is second only to that of bunkobon - the typical books.

Needless to say, there's nothing wrong with it being a book.

"Minan Publishing. <The Story of Forbidden Love>."


" 'Sixteen years-old high-school student Akio, who is secretly in love with his younger sister Akina.' "

"Onii-chan!? Quit reading the synopsis already!"

" 'Without telling anyone the feelings which he has been harboring for a long time, Akio has kept them hidden deep in his heart. But thanks to some minor incidents, Akio gradually could not suppress his taboo thoughts.' "


" 'On the other hand, Akina has gradually realized her brother's feelings. Not long after, the two of them began lusting for each other-' "


"The illustration on the cover is the scene of Akio and Akina entangled to each other passionately."

"T-That's enough Onii-chan...... I give, give up......"

I looked downwards at my sister, who was squatting on the tatami while hugging her own body weakly,

"Anything you wish to say to your defense?"

"Please...... Please pretend as though you did not...... see it......"

"I can't do that."

"No! It's a misunderstanding!"

My sister stood up with her remaining strength and began explaining.

"Please do not be fooled by the book's title and cover! This book is really wonderful! Although there are some overly stimulating content, but it is totally about pure love!"

"This is a novel about incestuous relationship, you know?"

"No! It's nothing as vulgar as that - this is literature! I did not read it with a perverted mind, I swear!"

"The names of the protagonists are Akio and Akina."

"I admit I was hooked by the names of the protagonists! However, that is really just part of the reason! If you read the other works of Shindou Koichirou - the author of this book, you will be able to understand!"

"...... Could it be that Akiko is a fan of this author?"

"A die-hard fan!"

"...... Are you serious......"

"Oi Onii-chan!? Please do not try to shun me that obviously! That will really hurt me!"

"No, even if you say that......"

Contrary to me who was slowly sinking into a gloomy mood, my sister has revived.

"Please, do read it once! If you do that, you will definitely understand his good points!"

"No way."

"At the very least, read the prologue!"

"No no no, don't even think about it. Let me go, seriously."

This is probably that.

Turning the disaster into a blessing and pulling me to 'that side' by making me read the book - she was probably planning that? Really, what sort of joke is that?


"Are you willing to read it!?"

"Nope. Even so, everyone's interests are different. Though I have quite a lot of things that I wish to say in regards to you reading that book, I do wish to respect your interests as much as I can."

"What do you mean?"

"This time, I'll pretend that I had never seen this book. As you had wished."


"In return, you have to promise me this. From now on, you will make sure I do not see these books ever again."


"And you are not to talk about the subject of this book. No matter what."

"I understand that as well."

"And finally. You are to give me approval to go somewhere after school today."

"Uhh...... T-That has nothing to do with this......"

"You will approve, right?"


Akiko hugged her head since she could not agree to it totally. But she did understand she was in a very bad position.

Soon, with an expression of her giving up, she said with a crestfallen look,

"...... I understand. Akiko will stay at home obediently for today as well."

"Mmm. That's it."

"But please return home as soon as you can, neh? I'll prepare a scrumptious dinner and wait for your return. Promise?"

"OK. I'll try my best."


And with that, I had managed to convince my sister for the third day as well.

...... Oh boy.

Even then, she has a really shocking hobby. And she don't have to be that precise about it.

Then again, did I take a wrong step in negotiating with her by using thing as my shield? Would it be better if I had remained silent and pretended that I didn't see it?

No way, that's impossible. It is impossible for me not to react after seeing that. Therefore, I should at least use it as a leverage in the negotiation - it was definitely better to make use of it like that.

This thing will definitely take its retribution on me in the future - that was the premonition I had. Then again, with more important things at hand, I shall set that aside for the moment.


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  4. "ShinOtoko said...

    @zgmfx09a and team, I don't know how you pulled it, but thanks for the uber-fast translation :D"

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  6. "Sixteen years old high-school student, Akio, who is secretly in love with his younger sister, Akina."

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    It's called the wonders of multi-tasking while gaming.

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    Lets say his wrote this book before moving in with his sister, and it would that since what I have already said, if he was in love with Akiko, or Akina as in the book, when he found out about she loving him, why didn't they just stay together? There is also the not-blood-related factor mentioned in the end of Volume 1.

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  10. Keito says... "why didn't they just stay together? There is also the not-blood-related factor mentioned in the end of Volume 1."

    Because incest relationship is a taboo in society. Their families will separate them again if they knew they're engaging in incestuous relationships and Akito don't want that to happen again. Remember, the fact that they are not blood-related is a secret only Akito knows.

    Also, imagine Anna and Ginbee's reaction if they knew that their only trump card against Akiko is gone. Awesome desperate countermeasure xP

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  11. @July 17, 2011 11:30 PM

    Indeed what you say makes sense but it stills seams
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    Although, he don't have a problem with the Bro-con itself, he just don't want her saying it out loud.
    I haven't considered that.


    I think we don't have enough information to try to get what's going on, we could spend weeks trying to come up with possible ends, but it will hardly be worth it.
    You may be right, or you may not, I'm probably wrong I know that.

    The problem is that everyone of us want Akito to stay with our favorite girl, so we chose the end based on what pleases us.

    I'm thinking too much, my head is starting to hurt, better stop.

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