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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 4.2: 11th April, PM5:00

There was an accidental release at about more than 12 hours ago. That was due to me having pressed the 'publish' button instead of the 'save' button accidentally. I had pulled down the post immediately, but I do understand that some people are still affected by the false alarm. I apologize for that matter.

I am left with 2 chapters, which makes up to about 1/7 of vol 2. Looking at the pace of the Chinese translations of vol 3, it is likely that I will start of Hyouketsu Kyoukai vol 1 after I am done with vol 2 of Onii-ai, unless they completed the whole book before me. I prefer to wait for everything to be finished, and reading through the work at least once in its entirety before translating.

Well then, enjoy.

President of St. Ririana Academy's students council - Nikaido Arashi.

She has an insatiable desire towards sex, which can only be explained by some sort of mutation within her. She lives the farthest away from school.

It took me two hours by train and foot.

Which the students of St. Ririana Academy coming different places, this distance is not far compared to many others. Even so, considering the (what should be) extremely busy schedules of our Seito-Kaichou, the long journeys to and fro must have been a huge burden for her.

Despite all that, Kaichou's grades are still the level's top, as though it is something to be expected. Somehow, she has managed to clear those busy tasks of the students' council without even batting an eyelid (well, probably) - and that makes me speechless.

If only her personality - or rather, her sexual drive - could be just a little more decent, I would have praised her wholesomely and doubtlessly as the most suitable candidate to stand at the top of St. Ririana Academy.

...... I wandered about with the map in my hand as I thought of that. Looks like I have finally managed to arrive at what looks to be the front door of my destination.

It's a samurai's mansion.

And it looks really heavy.

Well, both the hostel I am living in and that shabby apartment of Ginbe's have a sort of heavy feeling to them. However, the aura that this mansion is emitting is on another level in comparison.

Tall plaster walls; the elegantly planted trees in the courtyard; and the tiles of the roof that are slightly moldy - this building here feels more of like a citadel rather than a mansion.

It felt like there could be ancient warriors who are dressed in yukata opening the door and peeking out at any moment. That type of feeling.

Honestly speaking, this house is not quite fitting for a person like Nikaido Arashi. That girl has a rather slack personality despite her dressing up like a vagabond. If she lives in this sort of stubbornly solemn mansion, she will be breathless from the pressure. Ah, were her exceptional amount of lovers due to a result of that?


It's down to the last day of the house visits. The countermeasures to my sister's brother-complex shall come to an end here.

But it is a rather hastily planned countermeasure, so I had no idea what will happen after that. Putting my faith in Nikaido Kaichou's words: 'I'll come up with a more solid plan during this period', I will have to endure through this day no matter what happens.


A polite female attendant led me into a small building by the corner of the courtyard.

It's a typical tea hut with a thatch roof and windows carved out of the clay walls.



This is quite an unexpected development.

By leading me to the tea-room, that means she will be serving me tea. I did not learn much about the etiquette of tea-drinking. I was hoping I would not embarrass myself during the house visits......

Just as I was procrastinating uneasily, the female attendant urged me, "Please enter."

Oh well, since I was already there, I had no reason to walk away as well.

"Pardon my intrusion-"

I prepared myself, and pulled the shouji aside, [TLNote: Japanese paper frame door]

"I have been waiting for your arrival."

The host of the tea-room welcomed me with both her three fingers gathered at a single point.

It was a woman who was wearing a kimono with her hair coiled up meticulously.

"Welcome to Nikaido's house. Please take a seat."

"Ah. Alright."

I would be shocked if you give me such a serious reception - I released the shouji lightly as I thought of that and sat on the cushion just as she had requested.

Naturally, I did a seiza.

Oh, but things are not looking too good.

I had no choice but to do so because of the atmosphere. As Takanomiya's house being a western-styled building, I was not too used to seiza. Hopefully, things will not turn into me not being able to stand up from my numb feet.

"Urm, I say."

In a small space that is literally three tatami-mats big, I shrunk my body and stared at the woman who was sitting in seiza before me.

It was as though she had worn that red houndstooth-checkered kimono to match the color of her hair.

If she sat in a posture with her back straightened, she will look just like a beauty of a painting.

Her line of sight is about as high as mine, which means she is rather tall for a girl- well, let's not care about that for the moment. What was she planning to do with me?

"Sorry. Urm, are you Kaichou's...... Nikaido-kaichou's elder sister?"


"Could it be that you are her younger sister then? I don't think you're her mother."

"I am Nikaido Arashi."

"Eh, your name is Nikaido Arashi huh. Nice to meet you. I am Himenokouji Akito. Please take care of me. ......Urm, well, where is Kaichou then?"


I tilted my head when I said that.

"...... Hmm? Huh?"

"You have acted exactly as I had anticipated. However, I am still surprised by the exaggeratedly way in which you've mistaken my identity."

She gave an elegant smile by covering the corners of her lips. She got her fingers together once more and did another bow,

"Welcome to my humble abode, Akito-sama. Just as you had seen, please do not mind that this crude house of mine. Please relax yourself and take a rest."


I still cannot figure what is going on. I blinked my eyes and looked at the lady in front of me.

A classic smile like that of Mona Lisa.

She was sitting in a calm and dignified manner, similar to that of a silent forest - it was as though she is a scholar who holes herself in the library.

I must have made a mistake somewhere.

It's impossible for her to be the president of the students council. I mean, she's someone who is always smiling confidently; someone who will die if she does not flirt once every five minutes; someone whose computer will spring up with the term 'lover' on the predicted list when you press the "A" button. [TLNote:  'lover' refers to 愛人(あいじん), ai-jin. ]

It should not be possible, but.

"Eh? Kaichou?"


"Eh? Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Eh, but what about the eye-patch that you have always been wearing? Your Japanese sword? I mean, why have you changed into a totally different person?"

"Ever since the olden days, the Nikaido family......"

Nikaido Arashi -self proclaimed- smiled lightly while saying,

"We are a family that focuses on drilling our martial arts and becoming bodyguards for the various nobles."


"Needless to say, the position of Nikaido family is much lower then compared to Himenokouji family. It's different if we are at school school. But at here, the Nikaido house, and as part of the Nikaido family to welcome you, I can only bow my head at its lowest and receive you respectfully."


Since I was still in a state of shock, I could only do these sort of stiff replies.

Well, she is not wrong.

There were all sorts of troublesome rules while I was at the Takanomiya family. Although the prestige of the Himenokouji family is similar to that of the Takanomiya, I will be troubled if she holds the Himenokouji family in high regards - since it is currently without a successor.

"In any case, please have a taste of the cup of the tea which I will prepare for you."

"Oh, do as you please."

"Well then."

After giving a bow, Nikaido-kaichou began brewing the tea.

Holding a small silk cloth and a ladle, she took the kettle that was heated by coal and poured the water into the tea bowl - to be honest, I am totally clueless about the tea ceremony, but it did feel like her actions were silky smooth.

"I can only offer you some coarse tea, but please have a drink."

I gently accepted the bowl that was offered to me and lifted it to my lips.

I  rotated the tea bowl with my hands while pretending to be thinking about something, before sipping at it a few times to enjoy the taste thoroughly.

I did not know if what I did was acceptable. Then again, I am not in the situation where it is necessary for me to be following the rules strictly. I guess it will be fine as long as I am carrying myself seriously.

Anyway, it slid down my throat really comfortably despite its bitterness.

Hmm. Delicious.

"...... I am satisfied."

"Sorry for not offering you anything better. Does it suit your taste?"

Nikaido-kaichou gave a light smile,

"I am still not experienced in this. Please do not hesitate to give me your valued advice if I had done anything poorly."

"No, nothing of that sort. It was beautifully done."

"I do not deserve your praise."

"Or rather, I have not the slightest idea in things like this. It should be me asking you to point out any mistakes that I had made."

"There is no need for you to be reserved. Please relax yourself and rest."

"Ahh, I feel really nervous if you are to treat me like this. I say, Kaichou, don't you think it is about time you stop this?"


"That overly respectful attitude of yours feels off."

"That is because this is the house of Nikaido, and I am part of the Nikaido family."

Kaichou remained smiling as she said that.

Ahh, that's right.

The senpai of today is demure and dignified. She looks really mature despite us being only a year apart in age. It will be great if she can maintain this attitude of hers.

"Hey Kaichou. I have just noticed something."

"What is it?"

"I missed it thanks to the overly shocking revelation at the beginning...... but your eyes are perfectly fine, isn't it?"

That's right.

One of the unique features of Kaichou is her eye-patch.

I had actually thought there was something behind it, so I tried my best not to touch on the subject. But with the removal of that eye-patch...... aren't those a perfectly fine pair of eyes?

"Ahh, the eye-patch?"

Kaichou grinned.

"That is just an accessory."

"Accessory? That exaggerating eye-patch? What exactly are you thinking for wearing that sort of thing?"

"Because, Akito-sama."

With a chuckle,

"There will be a more chuu-ni-byou feel to me should I wear the eye-patch, which will make me look much cooler, right?" [TLNote: 中二病, a saying that refers to the phenomenon of teenagers being overly self-conscious, and etc.]

"Eh? What? Chuu-ni?"

"Nothing. Please do not ask if you do not understand it."

Ignoring me as I tilted my head,

"My Japanese sword is an exceptionally conspicuous item. The eye-patch acts as buffer to steal away some of the attention so that they will pay less impression on my waist."

"There is indeed some truth to your reasoning behind it. But shouldn't you not wear your sword in the first place if you do not wish to attract the attention of others?"

"Due to some reasons, I am unable to do that."

"Really. I shall ask no further if you have your difficulties"

"Another thing. Please observe carefully, Akito-sama."

"? Observe what?"

The smiling Kaichou pointed to her own eye.

The right eye that has always been covered by the eye-patch.

...... Hmmm?


"Did I see things wrongly? I cannot see it that clearly thanks to the poor lighting...... But senpai, is the color of your right eye different? It looks slightly red."

"Yes. It is just as you see"


It's the so called heterochromia iridum?

Though I have seen cats and dogs with those conditions, this is the first time I am seeing it on a person.

"The colors of my eyes will be much more conspicuous than the eye-patch or the sword. In other words, I am covering up the conspicuousness with other conspicuous things."

"I see, so that's how it is."

Ahh. Perhaps it is just like what she had said.

Putting aside the talk on how the special colors of her eyes are much more conspicuous as compared to the sword or the eye-patch. The unique features of one's body will usually be the cause of the person falling under the victims of bullying and etc - that is something that everyone knows.

What's more, with (what should be) an incredible amount of potential in Kaichou, she would easily encounter cases where 'the gun will fire at the exposed bird's head'.

In any case, as compared to maintaining the unique features that she is born with and exposing her own pain, it would be better to take the initiative and create other conspicuous features - she had probably chosen that very proactive option.

If one is to hide a tree, it is best to hide it the forest.

If one wishes to hide a conspicuous point, he just have to make other conspicuous points as well

That was just the tip of the iceberg to how capable Nikaido Arashi really is.

If you think about it, her way of speech and character settings may actually be part of all that as well. Ahhh, isn't that rather impressive?

"Oh, I did not realize that. I have never thought about the meaning behind the look of yours."

"I do not deserve your praise."

"Honestly speaking, Kaichou's typical attire does more than just stopping people in their tracks. But it is another thing altogether if there is a meaning behind that. Since you are born with eyes of different colors, then you will have to do the necessary countermeasures as well. Mmm, I can accept that."

"I really do not deserve your praise...... However, I should inform you that this is a contact lense."

"What the hell!?"

I could not help but to yell.

Ahh, damn. That was totally pointless in many different ways.

"What do you mean by that!? I really don't understand you at all!"

"The revealing of my different colored eyes after removing my eye-patch - this is just what I need to increase the impression of me being a chuu-ni-byou. Don't you think so?"

"How would I know!?"

"Also, this is a single-wear contacts. It will be very hygienic as long as I change it every day."

"I don't give a damn about that, and I mean it!"

"To continue on further, it can create a gap-moe when I remove the eye-patch. With that, the success rate of hooking my lover will move up by a stage."

"So it all boils down to that!"

I think this person here should a sincere apology. To think I was actually being considerate towards her situation as I was thinking about all these things in my head - in the end, it was all for nothing.

...... Forget it. Speaking of that.

I did feel slightly at ease now after seeing all these things. That was the truth.

I mean, we are at Kaichou's house, and the tea-house is an enclosed space.

Back when I was alone with Kaichou in the students council room, I was so close to falling into her trap due to my carelessness. To be honest, I arrived here in a state of high alert.

Well, Kaichou can't possibly be that stupid to disclose her tactics to someone whom she was about to hook. That's how I feel.

Then again, despite the huge change in my impression of her due to her appearance, Nikaido Arashi is still Nikaido Arashi after all - she is still a carnivore. It will be pointless for her to do that.

"How are you feeling now?"

Just then.

It was as though Kaichou had seen through my thoughts,

"If that can make you feel slightly more relaxed, then that will be for the best."

"...... Sounds like you had it all planned out right from the start."

"If that is how you want to look at it ."

"Well, I guess I am more relieved now in a certain sense. Your appearance may have changed a lot, but you are still a beast on the inside. I do understand that much."

"Ahh. You sure know how to talk."

"No. I am not praising you, you know?"


Kaichou covered the tip of her mouth with her hands, and laughed elegantly like she had did just now,

"It seems like Akito-sama has been really busy recently?"

"Hmm? Is that so?"

"It is obvious from the look on your face. You seemed troubled. And there is a hint of fatigue."

"Ahh. I guess, since I have been house-visiting for three consecutive days. It is natural for me to become like that."

"And so, please relax yourself at my house. All these things are done just for that purpose. Everyone will need to refresh themselves from all the work and bustle."

"Ohh. To steal some rest amid the bustle - is that what you are saying?"

"Yes. Precisely that - rape in the room." [TLNote: The previous line of 'steal some rest amid the bustle' was actually 忙中閑あり, while Kaichou said 房中姦あり. Both sound exactly the same.]

"...... Weird. It should be the exact same thing, but why does it sound so obscene when it is from Kaichou's mouth. I wonder why?"

"That is just your imagination."

"Kukuku," she laughed again elegantly.

"In any case, in view of the current situation of Akito-sama and Akiko-sama, it is necessary for me to come up with some sort of countermeasures quickly - that is how it is. These emergency house-visits will come to an end today, so I think there will be a need for something new tomorrow."

"Urm...... well, it may be a little...... but to me, I will prepare to hear about how we can prevent Akiko's appraisal in school from dropping, or something like that. It will be great if you can do that."

"It is not that simple. For us Nikaidos, we have no any intention of siding on the Takanomiya or Arisugawa. However, we will have to make some sort of report due to our positions. If we tried to cover things up shoddily, things may become a little......"


She may be saying that nicely with a smile, but to put it simply, what she meant is: "There will be lots of trouble waiting for you if you do not cooperate".

That's really troublesome.

From Kaichou's voice, it feels like she knew about my job as well.

It is not something that needs to be hidden, but I want to keep it a secret if possible...... then again, it is not something that I can hide forever. Putting aside people like Ginbe, who will remain silent due to the agreement between us gentlemen - Kaichou or Nasuhara will simply reveal the secret if they feel like doing so.

Forget it.

There is no point in thinking too deeply into things.

I had just transferred to St. Ririana Academy for only a few days.

And also,

"Due to some reasons, they were forced to be separated -omitted- compiled into a simple, boring story."

The above is what I wished to say, but it looks like I am straying in a direction that is way off the original path.

As for myself, Himenokouji Akito.

It's surprising, but I actually enjoyed the last few days despite the sudden chaos. It's true.

That's right.

Even though I put up with it for many years before managing to fulfill my ultimate objective: 'To live together with my younger sister'.

Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi.

Nasuhara Anastasia.

Nikaido Arashi.

The members of the students council, together with me and my sister. I am starting to feel that it is not so bad for us to be involved in all these chaos.

"...... What's wrong, Akito-sama?"

"Eh? What's what?"

"No. Because a happy expression appeared on your face all of the sudden."

"Really? No, I don't really think so."

"I can easily notice things like that. Akito-sama may have enrolled to our school for only a few days, but I am the president of the students council. I can still see through that."


So she saw through me despite me having no intention of showing her that huh.

Or I may actually be showing those expressions unknowingly since I am feeling really happy right now.

I have became quite the honest guy.


Kaichou widened her smile and said,

"It is great that Akito-sama can enjoy his time here, regardless of the reasons behind it."

Once again, she gathered her fingertips and made a bow.

"...... Kaichou."


"Please do not act that way, really. I had said it many times already, you know?"

"And I shall stress it yet again. It is only natural for me to do this in our current situation due to my position."

"Whatever, you are not wrong. It is a rather huge gain for me to see a rare side of Kaichou. This side of yours is quite refreshing. So that's good."

"I do not deserve your praise."

"However, please turn back into the normal Kaichou from tomorrow onward, alright? I guess I still like the normal Kaichou more."



Kaichou froze while maintaining her bow.


"...... This person is a natural when it comes to flirting."


I heard her muttering something to the tatami.

"He showed his air-headed personality without reservations at the perfect moment. Now this type of person is really hard to deal with...... I nearly took whatever he said as the truth. I have no intention on making my move today, but it will be better if I eat him......"

"? Sorry, I couldn't quite hear you properly."

"No, please do not mind me."

Kaichou lifted her head while saying that.

With the exemplary smile still on her face,

"I have been on a diet recently. I think it will be better if I control my intake a little, that's all."

"Eh, is that so? But Kaichou's figure is that perfect. There is no need for you to be on a diet."

"Women are undergoing all sorts of hardships that cannot be seen. In order to endure through the hardship, one must have self-control that is tough as steel and yet flexible at the same time. That is what allows me to be me. That's how it is."

"Aha, self-control huh. Now that's a term that is quite out of Kaichou's reach."

"Ahh. But it is fine should you want it that way. I can throw away what you deemed as 'self-control that is out of my reach'."

"No no no."

Crap. There was a suspicious flash of light in Kaichou's eyes. Before anything can happen, I must-

"Let us not talk about that. Can I have another bowl of tea? The taste is really good."

"It feels like you are trying to cover up something, but I understand."

After returning to her elegant expressions, Kaichou began to brew some tea.

I had enjoyed her craft immensely, and that allowed me to spent my time leisurely.

...... Umm.

Well, it feels like I had finally managed to complete today's mission safely.

With that, I am done in clearing my responsibilities. So what awaits me is Kaichou's so called 'new tactics'.


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    Inevitably of course, the sentences and terminology definitely changed, but I did my best to keep the nuances the same as intended. Where passive voice terminology was a concern...I used more assertive terminology. Simple as that. Where something was far too wordy to look pretty on the page, I abbreviated it in the most precise manner.

    If anyone is interested, here is the first completed draft (yes, I realized that I missed an /i/ in the romaji title, don't point that out. And I'm sure I misspelled Ginbe's name a few time in there, but seeing it so much...the letters just blur.):

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