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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 3.2: 10th April, PM4:00

Finally done. Pretty long chapter, but as Anna's fan, I think it is well worth it. Hnnnnged so hard.

I am probably biased, but this is the best chapter of volume 2. So enjoy.

It is dubbed as the most expensive residential area of Yamanote, occupying the most expensive land.

"Those with total assets of 10 digits or less are not to step in here."

And there's a board with that line erected here...... or not. But for a commoner is to step into the place, he must either have a huge amount of courage or be incredibly oblivious - that is the sort of place it is. The land where Nasuhara Anastasia's house is built on.

"...... What can I say? This is really impressive."

I subconsciously said that as I stared at the towering building before me.

It's not overly glamorous.

Neither does it look bulky.

It just exudes a sense of classiness - that's the sort of feeling that the modern and board two-story building gives.

The design is not overly trendy to the point where it sticks out like a sore thumb, but it does keep up with the current trend, that's how it feels like.

Uh- mmm, it's really beautiful.

They must have hired a pretty capable designer to design this house.

To be honest, I am slightly intimidated.

Even though I used to live with the rich, I am still your poor average Joe deep down. I will be hesitant to even step into such a place under normal circumstances. Don't even mention about intruding on the hospitality here, since I would be rejecting the idea furiously.

This is bad.

I should have brought better snacks here. It seemed like I did not think through it thoroughly - I only brought the same cake which I gave Ginbe yesterday.

But then again, my wallet is pretty dry, so it's not like I can afford anything that's much better-

"How long are you going to stand around there?"

Just then.

I heard a familiar voice. It came from the speakers next to the door.

"Come on in. You looked like a suspicious person if you are standing at that place with your mouth wide open."

"Ah- good day, Nasuhara. Ahh, it's a really spectacular house."

"The guards of that spectacular house are about to rush towards you rather fiercely. Please step into the door right now if you do not wish to be surrounded by burly guards who will interrogate you using inhumane means."

"Ahhh, mmm. I do know that. It's just...... how do I put it - there seems to be no indication of the door opening."

"Ara I am really sorry. You are right. You can't get in if the door is not opened."

"Mhmm. Sorry, but I'll have to trouble you."

"Ara. Speaking of which, how do I operate this? I don't really know since it's something that I don't really use that often."

"Oi oi. This is your house right? Please remember those sort of things."

"Ara, how rude of you. It is as if you are implying that I do not know a single thing about my house despite me living in here, and that I am someone without any life skills who cannot survive in the society - that is what it sounds like to me."

"No no no, that's not it. I totally do not mean it that way. Please don't get into some sort of weird misunderstanding."

"Well then, can you express your true feelings via the relevant actions and words?"

"What do you mean by relevant actions and words?"

"I demand that you are to apologize and compensate."

"I understand. I am sorry, and I apologize. I had no intention to slander you. That's how it is, so it will be great if you can forgive me. I don't have enough money to compensate you, so please let me off the hook for that."

"Is that so. I have understood your intentions. Since you have lowered yourself that much, I can't possibly do anything to you despite my threats. However, do be careful of your words in the future. What you had just said to me may actually get you in lawsuit if you are at somewhere else."

"Though I think it's unlikely for what I had said to lead that...... Forget it, lets put that aside. Can you please hurry up and open the door for me?"

"What an impatient man. Impatient guys are not popular among girls, you know."

"I don't know what you are talking about, but in any case, please open the door quickly."

"Didn't you hear what I had just said? I did say I have no idea on how to open it, did I not?"

"That is why I said you should remember that sort- ah- no, forget it. Open the door, really. Right now."

"I understand. How about this: I shall get the guidebook, which is about as thick as a textbook, and read through it from the beginning. Yes, I shall do just that. Please don't worry - as long as I can understand it, things like opening the door is just a piece of cake for me."

"No, you don't have to spend your time on that sort of time-wasting thing. You just have to ask someone who knows how to operate it to open the door, right? Like the maids at your house or something."

"Why are you that impatient? Impatient guys are not popular among girls, you know."

"Look, you should know it since you are looking at the circuit TV, right? The burly guards which you had mentioned are coming towards me with a rather hostile look on their face.That's the reason why I am impatient."

"Oh that's right. I did order to deal with the suspicious person who has appeared in front of the door within a minute."

"So you are actually the root of all evil!?"

...... After that, I had finally managed to enter into the premises of the Nasuhara house safely.

Oh boy. It took me that much effort just to step into the house. I wonder what will actually happen after this.


I was brought to Nasuhara's room, which was surprisingly girly. [TLNote: Original text is fantasy-like room, or something like that. For English, girly fits the closest in this context. I'll be using the term girly for the rest of this chapter.]

No. The word 'surprisingly' was too conservative.

I should not be using any other words to describe it at a time like this. I should change that to: it's so girly you can't possibly be any more girly than that..

With a light brown color as the backdrop, coupled with a flowery wallpaper and wooden flooring.

Tall ceilings with windows that provided good lighting.

The room was meticulously decorated with lots of stuffed animals and other characters.

The furniture, take the bed or the curtains for example, are filled with lace and hem. They are all light pink in color as well.

Of course, these room is not done in poor taste. Instead, Nasuhara's sense of style has allowed her to blend classiness and cuteness together nicely.

The impression one gets from this room is totally different from the usual emotionless expressions that she wears on her face - that's the sort of room it is.

"Are you surprised?"

Just then.

Nasuhara asked me that question when I was still staring around the room and being overwhelmed by how girly the room is.

" 'She is already in the second year of high school, and yet she still decorates her room with dolls and whatsoever. She must be a pervert who is too deeply engrossed with girly things, or she is someone needs to get psychiatric help - it has got to be one of these two' - that is what you are thinking of right now, right?"

"No no no. Nothing of that sort."

"Really? I seem to be hearing these words that are stuck in your throat ever since you came - 'I'll get infected by her as well if I am to continue staying at the room of a girl who has something wrong with her head. I better leave as quick as I can'. Those words are ringing in my ears repeatedly."

"Urm. That is just your imagination."

"How very suspicious. It is obviously you are at me as if I am a really pitiful girl. It's pointless trying to hide it because I very well what you are thinking."

Forget it.

That was not her first time where she kept harping on things.

I laughed heartily,

"Indeed, I was really surprised when I first stepped into a room which looks like it belongs to the theme park instead. However, I'll not look at you differently. I am fine with the dolls or the girly state of your room. I don't hate it, you know?"

"Who knows? Can you still remain that calm after knowing I have named each and every doll of mine, and that I talk to them every night before I sleep?"

"Ah-...... Hmmm. Indeed, that is just slightly too...... no, it's fine. Isn't that great, that girly sort of feeling? Even if you have already grown up into an adult, I don't think it is necessary for you to discard the purity you had when you are a child."

"When I am mentally unstable, I'll stab a knife into the stomach of the doll and chant curses as I pull out the cotton inside bit by bit. You are still fine even after knowing this?"

"Ugh...... That is rather bad...... No wait, have you really done that before?"

"Or if the young and robust me presses my boiling hot body against the doll and use it to pleasure myself every night - how about that?"

"Wait! That feels really dangerous! Stop talking about this!"

"Putting it in your everyday terms, it means that I love to use my dolls to mas******* every night."

"No, there is no need for that sort of explanation! And also, I did say before I am against girls saying that sort of thing, right!?"

"It should be me who has said it countless times already. I just want to harass you regardless of when and where we are, and whatever we are doing does not matter to me. I said it so many times that I am tired of it, and yet that bird-brain of yours can't even remember simple things such as these? That is just unacceptable even if your intelligence is like that of an insect, you know?"

"Whoa, I am the one who is attacked by you inexplicably, so why the sudden rage due to your embarrassment!?"

"If the same thing happens again next time, I'll make you buy lingerie for me at the females-clothing section. And you'll have to puff your chest proudly and say, 'This is neither for my elder sister nor for my younger sister - it is actually for my own personal use'."

"And you brought out your favorite gag without even batting an eyelid!"

This won't do.

I was led around by her pace without me knowing.

Nasuhara set the pace of our conversation perfectly, so much so that I had allowed her to gain control without me knowing. Then again, is it me playing along too easily, or did I allow myself to be led by her effortlessly? I have to think about it more carefully.

"Just joking."

Nasuhara said that, while maintaining the same expression of hers.

"Everything I said earlier on was a joke. They are all lies."

"Eh? Really?"

"Yes, that's right. it's just a simple exchange of pleasantries, so please don't mind it."

"Ah, is that so...... ah, that's fine then."

"I may not look like it, but I am someone with status after all. I'll not talk about my night life openly and truthfully in front of others."

"Ahh, mmm. If it is all a joke, it's fine....... But then again, your jokes are rather hard to comprehend."

"Incidentally, this room itself is part of the joke."

"That is really hard to understand!"

It's impossible for me to realize that.

"What do you mean!? What do you mean by this room being part of the joke!?"

"I prepared this room in a hurry after it was decided that you will be coming today,. My actual room is located somewhere else."

What should I say...... this is beyond my comprehension - that is just too random.

That takes too much effort. She had actually prepared the room specially to fool me.



"Could it be that you are an idiot beyond my imagination?"

"How rude of you. I had said it countless times before - I will want to harass you no matter how when or hard it is."

"No, even so-"

"Just like how Bible is to Christians or Quran is to Muslims - that is the absolute commandment to me. Harassing you regardless of the situation is my one and only objective in life. It is also the reason for my existence into this world."

"It just feels like the level of exaggeration had just raised by another level......"

"Going back on topic, I was thinking, don't you think that fantasy and mental illness sound really similar? Both the way of writing, and the meaning." [TLNote: メルヘン vs メンヘル, which is Märchen and mental respectively]

"Alright, it's about time we quit talking about this topic. Stop."

Well, she was getting really excited for some unknown reason.

The silly conversation shall end here. And the contents of our conversation was getting rather crazy.

"Hey, shouldn't it be about time that we take a seat? We have been standing in this room ever since we came in."

"You are right. Let us move to the living room then."

"No, isn't this room fine?"

What's the point of us moving to another room after it has came down to this? As such, I sat next to the table.

"Hmm? What's wrong, Nasuhara? Take a seat too."

"...... Sure."

With that, Nasuhara sat down opposite of me.

I don't know if it was just my imagination, but she seemed slightly unhappy. Why? Is it because I took a seat without her consent?

Oh well, whatever.

"Are your parents at home? If it's okay, I wish to greet them."

"My parents are neither unemployed or NEETs, so they are probably working somewhere in this world. Also, they seldom come back to this house."

"Do you have siblings then?"

"I am the only child."

"Mmm, is that so. That can't be helped then."

"Incidentally, we are the only ones in this house right now. I had sent the maids out to buy a few things. The guards were given the instructions not to enter as well."

"Heh, is that so."

"Fu. I did not miss the brief instance when a beastly flash of light streaked through your eyes. You have revealed your true self upon knowing that we are alone in this huge empty house."

"Urm. That is just your imagination."

" 'Kukuku, there will be no one coming even if you scream at the top of your voice. Just give up and listen to me.' I seem to be hearing these words that are stuck in your throat - they are ringing around my ears for a while now."

"Urm. That is just your auditory hallucination."

There has to be a limit to your slandering.

Forget it. It's not like she came to bad-mouth people only recently. I'll just set that aside.

"But that's how it is huh. How disappointing. I do not have much opportunity to come here, so I wish to greet them if I can."

"There is no need for that."

"No no no. This is basic etiquette, something that is to be expected."

"No. That is not necessary."

...... Huh?

Is it my imagination? Although her expressions had remained the same, it felt like she had became slightly angry. Did I say something that made her feel unhappy?



"Pardon me for being nosy, but...... Are you not on good terms with your parents?"

"Yes, that is how it is."

She nodded her head rather straightforwardly.

"However, allow me to say this so as not to tarnish their reputation. It is not like they have treated me badly - that is not the case. I cannot call them as model parents though, even if I am to be courteous about it."

"Well then, why are you on bad terms with them?"

"Because I am at my rebellious phase."

...... Ah-.

I see.

"You must be surprised. About how I am at my rebellious phase right now."

"Not at all? I can actually accept that."

"...... It's not like I want it."

Surprisingly, she made a rare expression (if it can even be considered as one) - Nasuhara pouted to show her unhappiness.

That was slightly...... wait, no. It was actually pretty cute.

"May I know which part of you is unwilling?"

Just by the term 'rebellious phase' alone, it's like I had understood everything. Like how Aristotle screams "I get it!". Isn't that answer as clear cut and wonderful as E=mc²? [TLNote: the raw use Aristotle so it's not a translation mistake]

"Pouncing onto the mistakes made by others during their speech and harassing them with it - I think Nasuhara's action is a rather typical symptom of someone in her rebellious stage."

"I don't act like that to everyone."


"That is how it is."

"Then do you only act like that towards me?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Oi oi, that is rather terrible. Why do you only act like that towards me?"

"...... You have no idea why?"

"Why will I? I had just met you not too long ago. What did I do to you?"


A small sigh.

Nasuhara gave a light sigh, a really light one.

"You are a virgin, are you not?"

"W-Why are you talking about that now?"

"You have not went out with any girls up till now, am I wrong?"

"You're not wrong...... but why are you bringing that up?"

"It's nothing."

With a "fu", Nasuhara gave another sigh.

It's really rare of her, but there is a lot of changes to Nasuhara's expressions today.

"...... I had actually confessed a few days ago, and it was something that I had done with great determination. I have done all that, and yet I did not managed to convey my feelings to this guy - is that how it is? Even so, I cannot bring myself to say the same thing twice...... This blockhead is way beyond my imagination......"

"Eh, what? I didn't quite catch that."

"I am just mumbling to myself. Please do not put it to heart."

"Oh, mmm. Since you had said that, I'll just let it be."

"That will be great."

"Also, I am quite curious about this for a while already."

"About what?"

I looked at the knees of Nasuhara.

A stuffed teddy bear was sitting on her knees since a while back - more specifically, back when we were talking about her rebellious phase.

Nasuhara has been playing with its ears, its hands, and then its legs. And she is repeating these actions.

"............ Ah."

Nasuhara followed the direction of my gaze and looked downwards. She gasped when she saw her hands.

She froze temporarily.

A few seconds later, she placed the teddy bear by her side in a fluster,

"That was just a bad example."

That was what she said.


What bad example - but I'll not tsukkomi on that yet.

"Hey, Nasuhara."


"Could it be that you actually like dolls?"

"Not at all."

"Your habit of playing with dolls subconsciously - doesn't it prove just that?"

"How can that be? How is that possible?"


"Yes, really."

"Ah- come to think of it, you said earlier this room is specially decorated in a fantasy theme when you knew I'll be here for a visit, right? And that your room is somewhere else."

"Yes, that's how it is."

"Well, since this is a rare occasion, can you let me take a look at that room?"

"You are a pervert for saying that you want to take a look at a girl's boudoir."

...... Hmm.

That answer from her - it feels not quite sharp enough.



"Just as I thought, this is actually your room-"

"What are you talking about?"

I was denied.

Feels like she has anticipated my words. I was interrupted before I can finish my sentence.

Hmm. Looks like it is a total bingo?

"Really~, how surprising~. To think that Nasuhara is so girly and loves dolls-"

"That's not it."

"There's nothing wrong in liking dolls. Why are you denying it?"

"It will tarnish my pride if I like dolls at my current age...... Of course, this has nothing to do with me, since I like neither dolls nor fantasy themes."

"So there are no dolls that you particularly like?"

"There are no dolls that I particularly like."

"That teddy bear is really cute. Can you give it to me?"

"He is not a close friend of mine, but I have no intention of letting it go either. Please pick another one."

"Really? Hmm, so that's how it is."

I couldn't help but to grin.

So that's how it is.

I am surprised that Nasuhara has such a side to her.

Her mysterious aura and her overwhelming beauty, plus the fact that she is revered in school - but they are precisely the reason why it felt like I have stumbled upon something something that is in my favor.

Incidentally, since it is always the case of me being teased by her, I felt a slight sense of superiority when our roles are reversed.

"Hey, Nasuhara. If you do not wish for others to see your room filled with dolls, you should brought me to another instead, for example the living room."

"I stress that this is not my room."

"Well, this is just that, you know? You had dug your own grave by saying too much. You had no intention of letting me know that this is your room, right? I guess this is what you call, to be betrayed by your own intelligence?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"See, that is a rather weak reply from you. It would have been a much sharper answer given the usual circumstances, right? You would have used all your means to say terrible things to me, right?"

"Nothing of that sort. My am not in a good condition today, that's all."

"See? It is quite obvious from that answer of yours. If you had found even the smallest chance to hit back, you would have struck back with all your might. That is the typical Nasuhara."

"I, did not......."

"Ahh, don't worry. I won't say it to any of the students council members. This will be a secret that is just between you and me. Ah- Even so, I am really surprised. To think Nasuhara has such an interest. You are so hard to get along with - if only you have shown that sort of easy-to-get-along feeling more often, it would have been great."


Nasuhara was becoming more and more silent.

Urm, this is bad.

I was getting too carried away. Did I tease her too mcuh?

"How humiliating."

Finally, she laughed and muttered to herself expressionlessly,

"It is the first time since I was born that I have tasted such humiliation. I swear I'll take revenge for the humiliation I have received today."

"No no no, there's no humiliation or anything. You're exaggerating. Also, this is not something that needs your revenge, right?"

"It is too late for you to be regretting now."

"Look, isn't it your fault in the first place? To reveal your interests to me."

" It is the first time since I was born that I have tasted such humiliation. I swear I'll take revenge for the humiliation I have received today - that's how it is. I am saying this twice because it is that important."

Urm- mmm.

Does she have to put it like that?

Then again, she was say it expressionlessly in monotone - somehow, I felt an overwhelming pressure coming from her.

"Since I am someone who acts swiftly - I thus declare, I shall have my revenge right now."

With that said, Nasuhara stood up slowly.

...... Urm.

Things are developing in a rather strange direction?

I was still sitting down, trying hard not to show my nervousness. I raised my danger-awareness by several levels.

I may not look like it, but I had received lessons on how to be a young master, and thus I do have some sort of knowledge on self defense and stuff. Even if Nasuhara was to use force on me, I would not be in the state where I could not defend myself at all, but...... my self-defense techniques are still ultimately at the level where I just had 'some sort of knowledge' to it.

The initiative had already been taken away.

Nasuhara did not give out anything similar to a murderous aura when she made that declaration. But for her to stand up like that - what was she intending to do?

I am someone who belonged to the retaliatory type, so I'll wait to see what sort of actions she would take, but-

"Fu. It is rather hot today."

For some unknown reason, Nasuhara said that line in a deliberate manner while still putting on an expressionless face.

"I am about to perspire from the heat."

"...... Is that so? We are only at the month of April, you know? Even global warming should not affect the temperatures that much."

"There is no other option. I shall open the windows."

Ignoring my words, Nasuhara walked towards the windows.

The windows of this room are facing south, while she was sitting at the north side of the room. Meaning to say, Nasuhara will have to pass by me if she wants wants to open the windows.

Her acting is rather poor.

But even if it is fake, it has to be now if she is aiming for me.

"Oops. I slipped."

Just as I had thought - as I was thinking of that.

Nasuhara fell towards my direction by pretending that her foot was caught in something,.

Of course, I was prepared for it as I had already guessed her intentions. I should be able to handle whatever attacks she used.

...... Urm.

It really looked like she is falling towards my direction? Though it's deliberate, the fall looks strangely real - if she falls like this, she will definitely be hurt-

I instantly changed my plan in engaging towards her.

Upon deciding that the fall is not a deliberate one, I changed my posture immediately to catch her.

"Uhhh... Ha."

Everything happened in an instant.

It's impossible for me to maintain my balance nicely, and there is no way I could support her coolly. The only thing I could do was to become her cushion, though in a rather unsightly manner.

Which means to say, that I am lying down on my back, while Nasuhara was down on her fours, but...... Whatever, since I couldn't do it coolly.

"You have good reflexes."

Nasuhara praised me with her usual emotionless expression while maintaining her position.

"You were actually thinking about your next move, but after clearing all your doubts, your actions were swift and without hesitation. There is no need for doubts to declare that you had passed."

"Really? Thanks."

Though I had no idea on what I had passed.

"Look, that fall of yours may be planned, but you did it without holding back. You may get injured if you did actually fall onto the ground like you were supposed to. Do be more careful."

"I see. I will be careful."

"Mhmm. Please do."

"I understand."

"Mhmm. Please."





"...... Hey, Nasuhara?"


"I am thinking - it's about time you get off me."

"I am unable to do that."


I gave a disturbed smile while looking at Nasuhara, who was staring at me while riding on me like a horse,

"Well, but if you don't move away, then I will not be able to get up."

"Yes. Theoretically, that's how it is."

"Urm, then....... may I know how long are you planning to be in this position?"

"Until my revenge is done."


That was bad.

Did I really...... piss her off? I can't tell from her emotionless expression.

But it feels really terrible to be staring at each other in such a position. I had never experienced this situation, and we are actually a place like this, Even with these conditions were removed, things are still going bad for me. Nasuhara is indeed an extremely charming girl if we ignore her usual actions and speech, so I was slightly at a loss on what to do. Rather than being disturbed, I am embarrassed to death.


In any case, I should try negotiating with her since things have came down to this.

What should I do to calm her anger? I have to get that answer from her.

"Look, Nasuhara."

"What is the matter?"

"You said you will be maintaining this position regardless of what happens until your revenge is done."

"Yes, I did say that."

"Specifically speaking, what is the conditions for your revenge to be complete - can you tell me the answer to that? What exactly are you planning to do by riding me like a horse?"

"...... Well, in regards to that."

I stared straight into Nasuhara, who was at a loss of words.

I tried to be as sincere and honest as I could.

The basics of the art of negotiation is to successfully convey your sincerity to the other person. If I am to look away or laugh accidentally, it will result in me stirring Nasuhara's anger. In the unfavorable situation of me being ridden by someone, I will have to be careful.

She was staring straight into me.

And I stared back at her even more intensely.


A tiny moan leaked out from Nasuhara.

Was she frightened by my stare? I have absolutely no intention of make her retreat via intimidation, but it was a sign that things were going better for me. I had gained the upper hand psychologically.

I should grab onto this chance and strike.

"I hope you can tell me. What are your intentions? What should I do?"


"You are a girl who is riding on a guy's body. I understand very well that it is not something that can be settled hastily. I also understand perfectly how your emotions are currently running high."


At the home ground of the other party, in an enclosed space with no one else, and in an extremely unfavorable physical position. Since the opposite party has full control of my killing rights, I would have to use my ultimate techniques as well. Despite me lying on my back, I increased the warmness of my voice and acted naturally while taking actions.

"I do know about how you are feeling, and if possible, I want to reciprocate to those feelings as sincerely as I can. So please tell me your feelings, using your words. Try your best to convey it all to me."


"Nasuhara. What do you want to do? What do you wish to do to me?"





Nasuhara was still looking downwards at me with her emotionless expression. However, the silence of hers was a little too long for someone as eloquent as her.


I couldn't help but be worried.

She is someone who is as beautiful as a human doll. But could it be that this girl is actually not human, but just a human-figurine - I was hit with that illusion.

It was a really realistic illusion for me at that point of time

What if she, whose beauty is nothing short of a miracle, is actually artificial and man-made - I became really frightened when the thought crossed my mind.


I raised up my hand half-consciously.

I touch her cheeks, which was just like that of a plastic model's.

To confirm her consciousness via my sense of touch; to see if there was any warmth - that was all I was intending to do,

"—— Uh!?"


Nasuhara's face was instantly dyed red in sync with that onomatopoeia.

"—— Uh! —— Uh!?"

An inaudible cry. She immediately disengaged the position of her on her fours and stood up,

"~~~~~~~~~~ Uuuhhhhhhh!"

She rushed to her bed in a panic and dived onto it, before pulling her blanket over and wrapping herself into a ball.


...... Ah.

What's happening?

In any case. This girl is indeed human.

"Oi~. Nasuhara~. Oi~."


"Ah, I am sorry. I had no idea you'll be that shocked by my actions. That was unintentional. Really."

"....... How humiliating."


From the ball of blanket, I could hear her muttering something.

"The girl was doing things like that, so how did that guy maintain his composure? They are at the girl's house. Alone. And she was riding on him. Could it be that he had totally no interest in girls other than his younger sister? I better come up with a countermeasure to that."


I couldn't hear her too clearly since her voice was muffled by her blanket. However, I was pretty certain that she was saying words of hatred.

"I want to have my revenge."

Nasuhara said that after a moment of silence. While peeking out from her blanket with one of her eyes.

Despite her scary sentence, the look of her was slightly - no, it was pretty cute.

"I have decided to make you pay for the countless humiliations you had given me today. I swear to heavens that I will remind myself constantly of this humiliation. I swear with my life on the line that I will make you regret for what you had done today."

"No no no, hold on a second. With the way things are going, I can't quite understand the need for you put it that way. Of course, it was indeed wrong of me to touch your face without informing you......"

"I will definitely fulfill whatever I say. Please be prepared mentally."

Her tone was monotonous, but it sounded very stubborn.

Nasuhara declared as she continued to stare at me from within her blankets (upon closer look, one of her eyes were slightly teary, how cute).

"I had no choice...... Ah, I am really sorry. I apologize, so please forgive me."

"There is no use apologizing."

"Will you forgive me if I go on my knees and kowtow?" [TLNote: In case if one does not know what kowtow means, please do a search on the dictionary/online]

"I will not forgive you."

"Even if I die in apology?"

"If you think you can erase the humiliation you had done to me just with your life, then you couldn't have been more wrong."

"Ahaha...... Uh, forget it then. I will be thankful to god if you can go easy on me."

....... With that.

My visit to Nasuhara's home ended up with me causing Nasuhara to be fuming with anger.

Strangely, it did not feel like I was hated by her despite making her angry. Also, there will be plenty of chances for me to resolve this.

Perhaps I should buy her favorite doll or something and give it to her as a present of apology - I left Nasuhara's house as I think of that.


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