Sunday, June 19, 2011

Volume 1 of Onii-ai done, what's next?

So, after slightly less than 3 months after the blog has started, we have managed to complete volume one of Onii-ai. I wonder how much you guys like it. Personally, out of all the various incest themed LNs that I have read (quite a decent amount of titles, though most of them are at volumes one or two), I find this work to be the most entertaining for me after comparing between the initial volumes of all the works. Perhaps it is how this novel shares some similarity in terms of style as compared to Bakemonogatari. Or perhaps it is just me liking the hell out of Anna. In any case, I hope that my translations had opened your eyes to a previously unheard of work within the English community.

I won't say that it is blindingly quick, but considering that fact that I am on hiatus for nearly a month, translating a volume of novel within the time-span of two months is a pretty good pace for me. Then again, more than half of the book is cleared during my break, so when my industrial attachment starts, I will have no idea how fast things will go again.

Following upon the completion of volume 1, I will begin on translating volume 2 shortly. In fact, the contents page are nearly done, and Drkmerc is working on the final translations, since they are in Jap, and his translations will thus be more accurate. I had set an unofficial 3-months period for myself to clear volume 2, but depending on my schedule, the actual translation may be faster (or slower, if the internship proves to be really busy for me). Also, it may be just me, but I find volume 2 to be a lot more entertaining than volume 1, so look forward to it.

Some may be asking about volume 3 of Onii-ai. I think the jap volume is out, and I love the cover. However, as for the translations, I remember that the Chinese translations for the 2 volumes were only out after roughly 2-3 months of Japanese release, so we shall see how things go.

I'll take this opportunity to clear up my "mistake" in volume 1. Sawatari Ginbee Haruomi's name is actually spelt as 'Ginbe' in the character intro and stuff, but wiki Hiragana has it as Ginbee. I had realized that fact only at about halfway through translating volume 1, and I am too lazy to change it. So from volume 2 onward, I will use Ginbe instead of Ginbee. This is similar for Arashi Nikaidou, where it is spelt as Nikaido in their character profile. I manged to spot that quick, plus it was easy to change her names back then, so that mistake was avoided.

Enough about Onii-ai. Lets move on to the subject on the pending project. After some discussions with my friend, We had agreed that I will not be translating on Oreimo after Onii-ai is done. I guess we are just not horribly excited about translating that. Also, I personally wish we can avoid restricting ourselves to translating a narrow genre of works. I personally enjoy quite a bit of fantasy and adventure works, so I want to do something on that. With all that considered, the pending project of Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden shall still stand, unless some other work manage to steal away my interest.

Alice told me that he personally wished I will translate BokuTomo instead of Eden. As I still have vol 5+6 of Itsu-ten and a full 10 volumes of Gundam Unicorn to catch up on, I just took a brief look-through at the manga. It is decently interesting, but way too similar in terms of genre as compared to Onii-ai. It sort of reminds me of Oreimo, without the incest, but that is just from the manga alone. I'll probably keep a look out on it in the future, but right now, you can safely say that a translation of that will not happen before Eden.

I guess that is all from me. It will be great if I can get any feedback and constructive criticisms on my first work. And with that, have a good day.


  1. Waiting in breathless anticipation for V 2. Also I think 3 months if a perfectly fine goal. Other people and even commercial translations take as long or longer. I am just very grateful to get anything at all considering im a useless leecher.

  2. I suugest you to translate zero no tsukaima. actually its not a suggestion, ı will be really happy if you can translate. yeah ı am a ZnT fan. while baka-tsuki stopped translating it, if you star translation. most of people would come to this blog I think. cause baka-tsuki's main project is ZnT and they skipped translation :) sorry if my english is bad.

  3. I myself(and probably everyone else) really enjoyed onii-ai.

    Volume 3 was announced, is to be released June 24. So, 6 days to go.
    I don't think you will have a problem waiting for the chinese translators, as you said, it takes 2 to 3 months for them to translate it, so about the time you finish volume 2 they will finish 3, and everything will work out fine.

    About Ginbee and Nikaidou names, they aren't actually wrong, you see.
    In japanese when there is a お (o) followed by an う (u), it actually means that the sound of the vowel is long, not short. So in romaji they usually use the ō. (Imouto for example is supposed to be writen Imōto).
    So Nikaidou-san name would be Nikaidō, but many time they are just forgoten or they use the japanese-like construction (ou).
    Same thing as for Ginbee. The double え (e) have the same sound, long, not short. So its supposed to be Ginbē. But still Ginbee with double E is not incorrect if I'm not mistaken.
    The same construction is used with all vowels but い (i) one who is always written as ii.

    Also, you will have a lot of time to think about your next project, since it will take about 6 months to finish onii-ai. And as they release one book every 3 months(give or take) I would no be surprised if volume 4 was released and chinese-translated before you finish volume 3, well, we will see.

    I have been wondering about the dialogue in the contents page for quite some time, it'll be nice to finally understand whats there :P

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  4. At first, thanks for the translation and the work on Onii-ai and I wait with impatience the next chapter ! I'm happy that you still continue that LN.
    After for what next ? I can't really be a huge help, I know nothing about Japan and chinese writing so I can just sugest some LN who have Anime adaptation, I still thinks is more interesting than the so famous and know Oreimo or Boku wa tomodachi. Why not Kore wa zombie desu ka ? OR spice and wolf ( well it's licencied it seem, but it's clearly the number one LN I want a summarie or more, can't be helped ).
    It's what come at my mind at first but you have a lot more of novels who still wait to be translated and have already a certain quantity of potential reader.
    Or also Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, I absolutely don't know that LN but I'm not against a discovery, it can be only a gain to us if you still continue the translation you want.

  5. thanks for the translations :D

  6. "the various incest themed LNs that I have read (quite a decent amount of titles, though most of them are at volumes one or two)", if you don't mind you could list the ones you've seen/read? Thanks for the translations as always and congratz on finishing volume 1. As for LNs from different genres, "Legend of Legendary Heroes" anyone? :P

  7. @June 19, 2011 1:23 AM
    Sorry, but I'll not be interested in translating ZnT for various reasons.

    1.) I dislike taking over other people's work
    2.) I have no interest in ZnT, since I just watched the anime here and there. It did not managed to hook me.
    3.) If I am to translate a well-known work, I'll actually prefer to do Kabukimonogatari instead.

    @June 19, 2011 4:45 AM
    I had mentioned that I'll not do BokuTomo in the post. As for the other titles you had suggested, well, it is the same as point 3 of above.

    Personally, I am banking on Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden being animated to boost the popularity of this blog, but if it does not happen, so be it. It already has a drama CD that comprises of notable seiyuus, plus I think it will make good anime, since I can easily imagine the scenes of the story in my mind, as the author had written the story really well imo.

    @June 19, 2011 11:37 AM
    Denpa Onna
    この中に1人、妹がいる! (Harem fan-service novel. Lots and lots of fan-service. Mysterious half blood-related sister who stalks MC so that she can be his wife)
    で・こ・つ・ん (Seanver has it summarized, so take a look at his blog. Kinda like Infinite Stratos with goddesses instead of mecha, and incest)
    ふぁみまっ! (Harem comedy, with step-sister as a mafia boss)
    女子モテな妹と受难な俺 (Romance comedy, MC is a Buddhist freak who hates girls. His younger sister is a bro-con who loves MC. She is popular, and somehow has lesbians vying for her love)

    LoLH. Since Larethian from Baka Tsuki is already doing that, I had decided to do Eden instead. I've tried translating it before, but it proved to be a total nightmare in terms of the special terms, though I am kind of bracing myself for similar problems in Eden.