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[Onii-Ai v1] Chapter 8: 7th April (The fourteenth day of living together - The day of opening ceremony)

This is the final chapter. I have quite a few things to talk about, so that will come in a separate post.

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Well then.

Should I say 'finally', or should I say 'it is about time'?

I had been anticipating this day for a long time, but on the other hand, I do not really wish for the day to come. It had finally arrived.

St. Ririana Academy. Today brings about the opening ceremony.

"...... Uh- Mmm."

I was standing in front of a fallen mirror that lays at the entrance of the shabby building which was built seventy years ago.

I had been scrutinizing myself.

"I don't know why, but I just feel like checking this over and over again. Does this suit me?"

I twisted my neck, and rotated my body leftwards by half a circle.

And then, I rotated my body rightwards by a full circle.

After checking every single corner of my body, I gave a light sigh.

"This won't do. It just feels wrong somehow...... I have never worn such clothes before."

The male uniform of St. Ririana Academy is the nostalgic olden-styled students' uniform. Although the uniform has a vigorous feel due to the thick cloths that are used, it would depend on the person wearing it as well.

Which means that for a person whose height and weight are just average, it looks forced on me.

No, in fact, I could already confirm it.

This uniform totally does not suit me.

I had been worn by the uniform instead.

Ah- damn, what a failure.

If I had known that earlier, I should have worn it a few times prior to today. If only I had worn the uniform normally...... Well, isn't it the same for graduates who are looking for jobs? One must look like he 'has gotten used wearing suits', so that the interviewers can accept him more easily.

Urm- yeah. I am in trouble.

That is because St. Ririana is a famous royalty school.

It is a place of learning that has gathered lots of rich people.

Also, my sister is the secretary of the students' council as well. She is obviously a student of stature.

As her older brother, I can not allow others to see me in such an embarrassing state.

Well, I knew this ever since I was brought into the Takanomiya family...... But those people of the upper class do place a lot of emphasis on their reputation. If my actions had brought about any negative evaluation, then I will affect the reputation of my sister as well.

Even though the chances of me worsening her position are unlikely, I have to do my best to eliminate even the slightest possibilities.

"Oi, Akiko~"

As such, I summoned her over.

I wished to know if such incongruity is within allowable range. Please help me to judge on that.

"Akiko~? Oi. Come over here."



I had shouted a few lines at my sister's room. But it looks like there was no response.

"Oi. Hurry up. There is not much time left. I know you are slightly rushing as well, but this will just take a while."


Still no response.

That was weird. Typically, she would have rushed to my side upon me calling her, even if she was slightly busy. Could she be really busy with her preparations as well?

...... Just when I was thinking of such pointless stuff with my head tilted.

"...... Onii-chan."

From the door came her voice. A voice that was as soft as the buzzing of a mosquito.

"Actually, I had been hiding something from Onii-chan for a while."


I was confused by her words that came out of nowhere.

"What is it that you had been hiding from me? Do you really have to tell me that now? We are a little tight on time."

"It will be revealed sooner or later anyway."

My sister said that. Her voice sounded like she had been forced into a corner without any other option but to give up.

"Even though I already knew this would be exposed sooner or later...... I still dragged it on until now. If you wish to laugh at Akiko for being useless, then please do."

"Well, I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Something important. Very, very important."

What could that be?

I suddenly felt uneasy.

It always turns out to be my sister making a mountain out of a molehill. But even so, I could not stay calm after hearing her saying such things in a serious tone.

"Oi oi. Don't scare me. Just as you have seen, I am very timid. The way you are acting is not good for my heart."

"I am really sorry. But I had put in a lot of determination before finally deciding to tell you this. Please forgive me."

"...... I understand."

She probably felt really nervous.

My sister appeared from her room, dressed in her uniform- just when I was thinking of that, she dodged back into her room again, like a prey that had seen its predator.


"...... Urm, Onii-chan?"


"...... You won't laugh at me?"

"Eh? Laugh at you? Why?"

"Nothing. In any case, can you promise that you will not laugh at me?"

"Ahhh...... well of course."

What was that about? 'Don't laugh at me', what does it refer to?

What had she planned to come clean to me?

"You promised, alright......?"

With a frightened voice, as though she was praying.

And she timidly reappeared again.




Why was she feeling so insecure?

There was nothing strange, and I could find nothing to laugh at.

If I had to say it, it was just my sister wearing a pair of spectacles with her fringes combed upwards. That is all- but that's not it, right? Well, that was indeed the first time I am seeing her in glasses, but that shouldn't be it, right......?

"I-I know that this attire doesn't suit me at all."

With her face flushed red, she turned her sight elsewhere.

It seems like she was feeling terrible. She was twisting her body about,

"If possible, I wished to keep you in the dark forever. However, everyone at school knows that I wear glasses, and I can no longer hide it no any longer."


Damn, so it really about that!


"Uh... Huh?"

"Are you short-sighted?"

"Yes. My vision had worsened during this period of time......"

She gave a look of extreme sadness.

"Actually, the degrees of this pair of glasses are already on the low side, but if I use a thicker pair of glasses, it will look even weirder, and thus this is the limit."


"Urm, I am sorry. That promise of earlier must have been really unreasonable. Anyone would have felt like laughing after seeing such a strange sight...... I am sorry, Onii-chan. If you wish to laugh, please go ahead. It must be really painful for you to endure the laughter......"

"Ah. But,"

I corrected my sister, who was saying such things with a self-depreciating smile.

"It is not weird at all. I should say that it suits you rather well?"

"You are lying!"

She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Please, do not try to hide it by saying those words. I am actually wearing such an unnatural thing on my face, and yet you are insisting that it does not look weird...... How can that be possible?"

How rude.

Apologize to all the meganekko-lovers in this country, right now. [TLNote: めがねっ娘 (meganekko), girls wearing glasses]

"If you hate glasses that much, why don't you just wear contacts instead?"

"I can't possibly do something as scary as putting a foreign object into my eyes."

"Come to think of it, you had never wore glasses in front of me. I had to hand it to you for being able to live like that. It must have been tough, right?"

"In order not to let Onii-chan know, I had worked hard for a while. For example, I had been practicing on pretend to see things that I cannot see clearly in reality."

"That is indeed some rather pointless practice..... Putting that aside, take a look at my uniform. I felt like it was rather unsuitable for me. It's such a pain. What should I do?"

"? There is nothing of that sort? It suits you wonderfully."

"Really? But I don't feel so myself......"

"This is a really stupid question. Because, no matter what Onii-chan wears, it will definitely suit him."


Uhhh- mmm.

It looks like I should not find my sister to talk about things like these, since she has a huge brother complex. Also, we both are very different in our definition of beauty.

"Forget it, lets put that aside. I still feel that it's really cute, the look of you with those glasses."

"Don't say it anymore, Onii-chan. I have already given up on this. Even if it's Onii-chan whom I love deeply who praises me for being 'cute', I am still not able to be happy about it wholeheartedly...... I am sorry, since Onii-chan is consoling me out of your consideration of my feelings."

"No, that is my heartfelt truth."

"In any case, I will not wear glasses while being with Onii-chan. If so, will you forgive me for being ugly due to my myopia?"

"Isn't that dangerous? Your eyesight is poor, and yet you are not wearing glasses?"

"I know that."

"I am really worried. What would I do if you were to get into dangerous situations because of that?"

"Even so, I am really sorry...... Akiko will not change her decision."

"An incoming ball or an incoming car. It will be quite dangerous if you can't see those things, right?"

"Even if it is the Onii-chan whom I deeply love who is saying such things, this is the only thing that I cannot compromise on."

"Listen to me."

Since she was being stubborn and not listening to me, I would have to change my methods.

"If you are not wearing glasses, then wouldn't you not be able to see your so called 'Onii-chan whom you deeply love' clearly?"

"You've hit the place where it hurts the most!"

My sister gave a pitiful wail and collapsed, while crying "uuuuhhhhh".

"...... Yes, that is how it is. There are totally no solutions for that only point...... I do not wish Onii-chan to see me in my glasses, and yet I cannot see Onii-chan properly without them...... I had to silently endure this dilemma, and it will probably continue to torture me. It will be like this for the rest of my life."

"Urm, if that is the case, why don't you just wear your glasses?"


"You do wish to see my face clearly, right?"

"That is indeed the case. But upon further thinking, if I am to keep staring at Onii-chan, wouldn't I die from my heart beating too quickly?"

"You will...... yeah right."

"And also, there is a much simpler solution for this problem. Onii-chan will just have to be closer to my face. You just have to continuously stay close to me while we carry on with our everyday lives, regardless of whether we are sleeping or awake...... See, that will be solved, right?"

"If I stay close to you even for only a single day, my everyday life will be destroyed, alright?"

"If possible, I wish we can be at a distance where our lips are about to touch."

"Stop continuing on the topic as though I will stick close to your face and continue living as normal. In any case, I will not do such a thing."

"Please do not say such cold words! If you wish, we can just be separated by a piece of glass!"

"No, no way. This problem can be solved if you just wear your glasses, so wear them properly from now on. Do you understand?"


"This is an order from your older brother. Clear?"


My sister stared at me with teary eyes. Finally, she gave a sigh of resignation.

"...... I understand. Since Onii-chan had put it like that, I have no choice but to listen. I will try to wear my glasses as much as possible...... But."


"I will absolutely not wear my glasses when I am alone with Onii-chan."

"Why not?"

"Because I want to show Onii-chan my cutest side. As a woman, this is the least I could do for my Onii-chan whom I love the most. This is the only thing I will never yield."


As usual, she likes to say things that are rather shady.

"I understand, I shall agree on that. You will be wearing glasses unless you are alone with me. OK?"

"Yes. If that's the case, it's fine. Onii-chan is fine with it, right?"

"Ahh...... I still can compromise on things if it's of this level. When I am alone with you, even if there is a ball flying towards you or an incoming car that is about to hit you, I will definitely protect you."


My sister suddenly became wobbly.

"Y-Yet another love attack from you...... But I must hold on. If I always bleed from my nose and faint upon hearing such things, my pride as a teenage girl will be in danger. And also, it's no joke if I am to die of excessive blood loss."

"Why are you still there muttering to yourself? Hurry up, we should get going, there is really not much time left."

I had originally planned to attend the school's opening ceremony at a relaxed pace. The final result was not what I had envisioned. And the problem with me being worn by my uniform was still something that had not been settled yet.

But it does not matter.

The slight uneasiness left in me was totally gone after this mess.

And we had no time to dwell on such small and insignificant matters.

That is because I have to live like this everyday from now on.

That's right.

Just like I had stated right at the start.

This story,

it is a <story of the lives of a pair of brother and sister, who was somehow separated from each other for sometime and for some reasons was reunited again and began living together under one roof, living their lives normally without any major happenings - much like the gentle flow of water, with no bumps and impacts>.

And nothing more.

From today onward, I will have to live my life as ordinary as possible.

Sincerely, giving my all, and doing my best.

That is because I had wasted a lot of my energy in order to live such a life.

"Well then, lets cheer up and move on!"

I cheered myself on loudly, and opened the door with full of energy.

In order to sprint towards the shining and ordinary life, starting from today.


...... Well, even though I had reached the school in that spirited mood.

"So we meet again."

The front gates of St. Ririana academy.

Just when my sister and I had reached the front gate, she walked towards us, against the flow of the students. Like how salmons swam against the flow of rivers in groups to lay eggs at their place of birth.

She had started a conversation with us.

"Even though I had already anticipated it to a certain extent, our school's uniform is really not suitable on you, to the point where my jaws nearly dropped. Well, it is true that you are probably not used to the brand new uniform, but for the uniform to be that unsuitable for you, it can almost be considered a talent of yours. I wish that you will fully train and unleash this unique talent of yours in the future."

"Uhh...... After not seeing each other for a few days, is this the way you greet me!?"

I should have resolved this problem before we got out of the house! Even if it was just so that she cannot nitpick on me, I should have done that!

"Please do not be too concerned about it."

With the usual blank expression,

"Just like before, I just simply wish to waste some time with you. It is not unusual to the point where it requires people to point it out, so relax - well, that should be a good compromise from me."

"Ah, really? I do feel like the uniform is not suitable for me as well......"

"No problem. It suits you in about roughly the same way as the scene of the world's number one bodybuilder waving at the camera while wearing a miniskirt."

"...... In another words, it is not suitable on me to the point where it is something out of this world?"

You don't call that a compromise. You call that rubbing salt onto one's wounds.

...... Forget it, I'll set that aside.

It's Nasuhara Anastasia.

"Morning, Nasuraha."

"Just Anna will do."

"Ahh right. Morning, Anna."

"Hmmph. To refer to a girl as a hole. You are a really impressive man."

"...... It looks like you love this gag a lot huh?"

She was still the same. Oh well, I am used to it.

Also, despite her made me speechless, but I still felt a little happy.

Because to me, this academy is like a demonic away ground. Although we had only known each other for a short while, it's always good to see someone whom you know. Not only that, but she had greeted me first, so I can only feel happy.

...... Sigh, I am really timid.

Actually, I already had an extremely dependable companion in the form of my of my sister. But even so, I still felt uneasy. Then again, I was quite well taken care of, as a transfer student.


That was not from someone who was practicing do-re-mi. [TLNote: The previous line was actually "ど、ど、ど、ど、ど", which is read as "do" x5. Next line Akiko said is "どういうことですか兄ちゃん!?". It was just her stammering.]

With her mouth wide opened, her eyes reduced to two dots, and her body trembling, my sister looked at me and Nasuhara back and forth.

"What is the meaning of this, Onii-chan!?"

"Eh? What do you mean by that?"

"Why are you so close with 'that person'?"


I see, she was talking about this.

"Why, do you know her - Nasuhara Anastasia?"

"No, totally not!"

"That is impossible, judging from your reaction just now."

"In any case!"

As she said that, my sister stepped between me and Nasuhara, and gave an intimidating "hmmph".

"Vice-president, please do not get close to my Onii-chan!"



"You don't have to be that tense."

Nasuhara said plainly,

"Your brother and I became acquainted under circumstances that are totally unrelated to you. No matter what happens between me and him, they are not of your concern. That applies even if both of you are blood-related siblings. Don't you think so? You are of the same grade as me, but you are shorter, your breasts are smaller and your grades are poorer than mine. As such, Arisugawa Akiko, you can only be behind me in students' council as well, right?"

"Please stop trying to take an ingenious dig at me while saying all those things as though you are reading a manual or something! And the fact that all the things you had said are true makes me even more angry!"

"Well then can you please step aside?"

"No way! No matter how correct you are, I will never want you to get near to Onii-chan!"

"Oi oi Akiko."

This time, I interrupted.

"There seems to be a lot going on between the two of you, but calm down for a moment. The people around us are watching."

"Onii-chan can say such things only because he had no idea how evil this person is!"

But it looks like my sister had no intention of listening to me.

"And also, there is actually not much difference between that person and me in terms of our height or bust size! And our grades are just a difference between number one and number two! And yet she always brings this out!"

"Well, the fact about me being superior than you in everything is the truth."

Even though she was facing such accusations from my sister, it just fall deaf on Nasuhara's ears.

"Or should I say, that even though the difference is that small, I still managed to win you all the time. That just emphasized the fact that there is an unbridgeable gap between the both of us, no? Do you not think so, secretary of students' council - who is of one rank below the vice-president - Arisugawa Akiko?"

"The secretary is an important role as well! And also, didn't you always skip the meetings of the students' council!? Acting like that even though you are the vice-president!"

"Even if I did not attend the meetings, I still do my job properly as the vice-president. And also, in our school, the vice-president is tasked with the job of assisting and offering advice to the president. But you do know that the current president is a dictator that is capable beyond words, so there is no need for me to offer any advice. You should be well aware of that if you are a member of the students' council. If so, don't you think you are being silly by bringing out my attendance rate of the meetings at this point of time?"

...... Looks like their relationship is really bad.

But if so, then those things that happened previously could all be explained.

My sister and Nasuhara were both oversensitive to the smell on my body. This is the reason why.

They had probably detected each other's presence from the little amount of smell that had remained on my body. It was just that little, and yet it had created a huge reaction from them. Just how bad is the relationship between these two? And also, isn't their sense of smell a little too strong?

But with that, the confusion towards my body's smell can be cleared. For me, it was something worth celebrating......

"Ahhhh enough! You're right!"

It looked like my sister had no intention of sharing my joy.

"Onii-chan! Onii-chan!"

"I am listening. You don't have to shout."

"You understand now, right!? That's the person she is! That is why I asked you not to get close to her!"

"I do remember you saying something like 'there is a person you should not get close to', but you did not specify who, right?"

"So even Onii-chan is saying things like 'ah you are right'!? Ah, this is all due to the negative influences from the vice-president! She is indeed the cause of all inflation, the poor market run and the appreciation of Yen!"

My sister started to say some really incredible stuff due to her anger. She stared at her golden-haired superior with eyes that looked like it could spew out fire at any moment.

"In any case, please do not get near my Onii-chan! That is because Onii-chan is the Onii-chan for me, and no one else!"

"I am sorry, but that will not do. Or I should say things are about to go in the direction against your wish."

With that, Nasuhara looked in my direction,

"Himenokouji Akito-kun."

The first time she called me by my name,

"I have a request, so can you please listen?"

"Eh? About what?"

And then, still with that blank expression of hers,

"Please allow me to be your girlfriend."

She lowered her head and bowed.





"Please allow me to be your girlfriend."

"Ugh, I heard that. You don't have to say the same things twice. Eh? But why? What is the situation now? Girlfriend, urm, it means that 'girlfriend', right? Eh?"

"I am sorry. It must have been quite sudden."

There was still no visible change in Nasuhara's expressions.

"I shall explain it clearer. It means that from now on, whenever you are with me, please spare a part of your brain to consider going out with me in the future like a pair of lovers would. You do not have to answer me now."

"Eh? No. That......"


This was getting troublesome.

I could not follow up with what was happening. Both my mind and body.

"Instead of calling it a confession, you can think of it as a declaration from me. I am just stating my stand in hope that you will know about this. It is just that, so stop being so shocked."

"Ugh...... Urm, wait. Anna?"

"Hmmph. To call a girl as a hole. You are a really impressive man."

"Urm, stop harping on that Please."

"Oh. Then?"

"Urm, in regards that...... Why?"

"Why, as in, why did I confess?"

"Ahh. Mmm. Yes."

"Because I love you."


With just two lines, I could no longer carry on.

If you feel like laughing, please go ahead.

To be confessed this directly, purely and suddenly, while in the public, surrounded by many people. If there is someone who can calmly accept it and reply to her, please introduce him to me - I wish to befriend that person.

"Wait! Wait a minute!" [TLNote: This is in English]

My sister, who looked like she had ninety percent of her life energy taken away from her, finally interrupted.

"I can't understand what you said! Oh my God...... Oh my God! Please tell me why! Why do you do so...... such a strange, unbelievable, immoral, and...... Ahhhhhhhh!" [TLNote: This is in English]

"Calm down, Akiko. Return back to Japan."

"Korega otituite iraremasuka! Onii-chan in tikazuku dakedemo ikari-sintou nanoni! Sonoue ko, ko, ko, koku-haku nante! Eei, korewo misugoshiteha okemasen! Kyo kosoha anohito to kecchaku wo tukenakereba!" [TLNote: How can I calm down like this! I am already furious at the fact that she is near Onii-chan! To think that she actually co-co-co-confessed! Ahhhh, I cannot let her off just like that! I definitely have to settle everything with her today!]

It looked like she was too emotional to know what language she should be speaking in.

"Ka ka ka. Great, great. This is really not bad!"

Just then, came a laughter which I had heard of before.

"The feeling that something huge is about to happen - it doesn't make one hate it. Isn't it fun to be entangled in love-related matters on the very first day of school. Hmmm?"

I took a look, and saw a female student who had split the crowd and was walking in our direction.

Red hair, eye-patch, Japanese sword.

A savage yet beautiful lady with the nickname 'Predator', just like a cheetah prancing through the fields - president of St. Ririana Academy's students' council, Nikaido Arashi.

"Yo. Good morning, my cute little subordinates."

"Good morning" - as usual, Nasuhara replied with the blank expression of hers.

"...... Good morning," and here at this side, my sister in red alert.

"Hmm. Today, both of you are prettier than before. Why? You two have finally decided to be my lovers? Hmm?"

"Pardon me, but I decline." my sister answered immediately.

"......" As for Nasuhara, she ignored it totally.

"Kaichou," my sister pressed on. "We are slightly busy here. Can you step aside for a while?"

"Oi oi, that is cold. Why are you treating me - who had confessed to you over ten times already - as ifI am someone who gets in the way?"

"It is not 'as if', but you really are a person who gets in the way. The president will make things messier than they already are, so please go somewhere else."

"I will listen to you if you are willing to be my lover."

"I humbly decline. I dislike loose people like the president, and also I have no interest in love between the same sex. Moreover, I am absolutely loyal to Onii-chan."

"Ka ka ka, so I am dumped by you again for today huh. Forget it, the harder it takes to get you, the more achievement I will feel when I do. And also-"

With that, Nikaido-senpai turned her sight towards me.

...... Uwa...

This person is absolutely bewitching.

She looks rather unrefined, just like a vagabond. Irregardless, she looked like one who'd give you the impression that she is rough. Being stared at by her eyes, it felt like I was being licked by a wet tongue on the back.

If we are talking about cuteness, it has to be my sister.

If it is beauty, that will be Nasuhara.

But if we are talking about sex appeal, then this person will be number one - that was how it felt like.

"Himenokouji Akito."

"Ah. Yes?"

"I hereby give you my order."

As she said that, she opened up a piece of paper.

"Starting immediately, you are to be a special member of the students' council. That is all."

"...... What?"

"Sorry, but you are in no position to reject it. That is because in our school, the powers of he students' council's president are absolute."

"Urm, even if you say that......"

"Incidentally, your official title is 'Deputy Assistant of Secretary'."

"...... In the end, that cannot even be considered as an official member, right? Just what exactly do you want from me by creating such a worthless position in the students' council?"

"To be my lover."

"Pardon me, but I humbly decline."

"Ka ka ka, don't say that. It's nothing much, you can just pretend you're doing something by counting the number of holes in the ceiling-"

"Hang on a second, president!"

That was my sister interrupting.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"You heard everything, right? Your Onii-chan whom you loved will become my cute lover starting from today."

"I do not wish to listen to such horrible jokes! Really, why are you doing such things on your own!? You actually wanted Onii-chan, who don't even know much people in the school, to enter the students' council...... No matter how popular or capable president is, I can never allow such dictatorial behavior!"

"Don't put it to heart. It has always been like this."

"Please do not put it like it has nothing to do with anyone else! Also, why didn't you discuss this with me? This matter actually concerns my Onii-chan!"

"Calm down and think clearly for a moment. Your brother's position is the 'Deputy Assistant of Secretary', which means that as the secretary, you have became the superior of your brother. Do you know what that means?"


My sister's expressions softened a little.

"Onii-chan is my subordinate...... which means I can order Onii-chan around as I wish......?"

"Not just that. With that, you can always be with your brother from now on. It took you guys a great deal to be back together again, but to be separated in school...... If it ends up like this, you will feel lonely as well, right?"


"And also, if your brother is to join the students' council, that will allow me to keep my lover by my side. That is how it is. I have totally killed three birds with one stone."

"Wait a second! I was so nearly convinced, but just that point-"


Just then.

Nasuhara, who had been silently watching all these, raised her hand,

"I object. Himenokouji Akito is a man whom I had set my sights on. Are you saying all these things despite knowing that?"

"Yeah. Of course I know that, fuku-Kaichou."

"Please give up then. If someone like you - who have so many lovers that you can't even hug them all with both arms of yours - feel like your harem is not well stocked, then please find someone else."

"That will not do. If I was to meekly give up the man whom I am interested in just because another girl said she was interested in him first, it will tarnish my reputation as a woman."

"And so it is. I understand, president. I'll treat you as an enemy of mine, Even though this is not my original intention, there are things that I can never give in as well."

"Ka ka ka, great, that's great. I like things like this the most, you know? To be involved in a love that makes one suffocate; to be distraught by the matters of the heart - these are the wishes of women. And since I was born as one, it will not do if I do not get myself involved in it. "

"Wait, hold on a second! Please stop for a moment!"

My sister wailed in an attempt to stop them.

She was just protesting the fact that they had totally ignored my opinions- of course, she did not cried out for that reason,

"Please do not go on by yourselves and saying such things! Ever since birth, Onii-chan has been exclusively my Onii-chan! He had been pre-ordered, no, purchased away! If both of you saying such things only now, it will not work-"

"You sayin'?"

"What are you talking about?"

The president and vice-president both said at the same time.

"You and him are siblings, right? Ever since the beginning, you are not to be included in all this."

"I know you treasure your brother a lot, but don't you think there is something wrong if you are to interrupt us now?"

"N-Nothing of that sort! The love between Onii-chan and I are not just of that level-"

"Can you guys hold on for a second?"

The voice stopping them was not mine.

Of course, it was not of Nasuhara or Nikaido-senpai. Neither was it from that incompetent sister of mine.

"If you people are talking about that, then please include me in as well."


The voice that I should not be hearing came from a person who should not be here.

The person who appeared from the rather noisy crowd was,


"Hi Akito. It has been a while since we met."

I couldn't be seeing wrongly.

That silver hair that does not looked like it belonged to a Japanese. Pale green eyes. A slim tiny body like that of a child.

My friend whom I respect, who should be in Kyoto - it was Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi herself alright.

"Wait, what are you doing here! And what's with that attire of yours!"

"Ahh. This?"

My friend lifted the bottom of her blouse,

"Isn't this a really great design. I like it a lot."

"No not that! I am asking why you are dressed in St. Ririana Academy's uniform!?"

"That really doesn't sound like a question that you would ask, Akito. A person who is in St. Ririana Academy and wearing the uniform of that school. Wouldn't there be only one answer?"

"...... So you transferred over?"

"I should have said that before, Akito."

Ginbe laughed lightly while winking.

"Just give up and accept my revenge, that is how it is. It can't be that you had forgotten about it, right?"


She did say that before.

Things like she will pay me back many folds, asking me to prepare myself for the real revenge, and telling me that she will be visiting me soon. However,

"Really..... what sort of 'prank-like revenge' is this? My heart nearly stopped beating for a moment, really. Please let me off."

"Mmm. It is for the best if you are really shocked. If not, it would have been a waste for all of my efforts."

"It is really a bad habit of yours for enjoying pranks like these."

"Well don't worry, The only target of my pranks is you."

"That is even worse, alright! To think you had actually said things like 'so you are not planning to come back here" and stuff, so they were all lies...... Ahhhhh, you! Enough of that!"

"W-Wait! Hold on a second!"

Just then, my sister interrupted frantically.

"Onii-chan, this person is the one you had told me about......"

"Ahh sorry, I'll introduce her now. Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi, a friend of mine. While at my home at Kyoto- at Takanomiya, our relationship had been really close. Just as you had heard, it looks like she will be a student of this academy as well starting from today, though I really have no idea what the heck is she thinking of...... This fella comes from a rather complicated family as well, so it should not have been easy for her to transfer-"

"No, even though I wish to know more about that! But compared to that!"

"Ah- right, right. Even though she has such a name, but she is of northern-Europe blood lineage. However, unlike her looks, she is a Japanese through and through, but that is due to her family as well-"

"No not that! Even though I am curious about it, but compared to that!"

"Compared to that?"

"Isn't she a girl!?"


...... Ahhhh.

So that was it.

I totally did not notice it.

It was something that is natural to me, so I had forgotten to mention it.

Well even though her name and her way of speech are like that of a scholar from the Meiji era, Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi is a really pretty girl.

Indeed, both her looks and her personalities are a little too unique, but that is caused by her rather complicated family conditions-

"Well then,"

Even though I said that, they have nothing to do with the things in hand.

As usual, my friend tilted her body slightly and gave a slight smile, and looked to and fro at Nasuhara and Nikaido-senpai.

"Nice meeting you all for the first time, acquaintances of Akito. The relationship between me and Akito can be considered as rather close. I have no intention of nitpicking like a young lady, but I do not wish for others to vie for the rights of his ownership, at a place that I am not familiar with."

"Oi oi Ginbe."

She was rather blunt towards the people whom she was meeting for the very first time. There will be trouble if I do not help to mediate things.

"What's with you using that hostile tone of yours right from the start? Aren't you the same as me- no, less familiar about this academy than me? You should be more friendly, since we are fated to meet."

"You are right, but from my point of view, there are reasons for me not to yield. Similarly, there are things that I cannot forgive, and things that I cannot accept and swallow."

"...... Is that so. Mmm, so that's how it is."

After being rejected strongly by my friend, I can't help but be touched and embarrassed at the same time.

"Thank you Ginbe. It had been always like this, but nevertheless I have to thank you. You had been like this ever since the beginning. You had always been concerned about things related to me, and this time, you had even transferred over to this school due to you worrying about me. Even now, you have totally ignored my objections in order to help me. I am really really grateful. It is really my honor to have you as my friend."

"...... Oh boy."

But for some unknown reasons, Ginbe sighed and shook her head.

Then, with a stunned expression, she muttered,

"His treatment towards me is way too much. A girl that came all the way to eastern Japan by herself, and yet he still cannot understand the reason behind it. This perfectly proves the saying that 'there is no cure for a dense person'. But this is just like Akito's style......"

"Eh? What? I didn't catch that."

"Nothing. I am just talking to myself. In any case, I-"

"Ka ka ka! Great, great!"

That was Nikaido-senpai laughing heartily.

"Things have finally became interesting. Well well, it is totally developing in the direction I wanted it to be...... What a great first day of school!"

It looked like she was shivering her shoulders from delight, while taking a look around.

Nasuhara Anastasia.

Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi.

She looked at them in that sequence.

"Just like what that pervert had said, it can be considered as fate for three beautiful girls with similar stands to come together. In any case, it is not something that can be settled in merely a few days. Let us put aside all the long-winded talks for now and proceed to deepen the friendship between girls...... how's that? Hmm?"


Nasuhara nodded her head.

"Well, I don't think we can deepen our friendship by much, since we are enemies of one another. But I do agree that we all have nothing to gain by getting into a conflict here."

"I feel the same as well."

Ginbe continued,

"I am just a newcomer who knows nothing about the current situation. I had made necessary preparations, but this academy should have some unspoken rules. It will be really great if I know more about those things."

"Well then, it's decided."

Nikaido-senpai, who was smiling brighter and brighter, clapped her hands with a *pa*.

"We shall postpone this battle for the moment. Let us set aside everything and take a drink, that will be the fastest way of deepening our friendship."

"President. What about the opening ceremony?"

"Didn't I just say to set aside everything for the moment? Just skip that thing. Skip it."

"So we are skipping some routine activities to hold a drinking party...... I am surprised to see it coming from a famous royalty school."

"Ka ka ka. Well Ginbe, I did not say anything about alcohol, right? Also, in this academy, the most important thing is to be flexible. Those who only knows how to study, will not be able to survive here. When it is time for work, work properly. When it is time to play, play happily. One have to know how to balance between the two."

It looks like things were getting really messy.

"Alright, since it had been decided, then let us not waste any time. Lets quickly move to the students' council room-"

"Sto———p! Stop stop stop!"

Well, I guess she had the right to do that.

My sister, who was placed aside and totally ignored, let out a huge yell,

"Hold on a second! So you guys think you can ignore me since I had not said anything!? Why didn't you all ask about my opinions before deciding on such an important thing!? No matter how you look at it, that is very strange!"

"...... What you saying?"

"...... What are you talking about?"

"...... What are you talking about huh?"

Nikaido-senpai, Nasuhara and Ginbe.

Their voices came out in perfect synchronization.

"We had just said that, didn't we? That you are the sister of Himenokouji Akito."

"I had said right from the start, that you cannot be included into the mix. Do not interrupt us, or things will become even more complicated."

"You are Akito's sister. We will try to respect your opinions as much as possible, but you have to know the limits as well."

"N-Nothing of that sort!"

My sister bit onto them tightly without letting go.

"The love between me and Onii-chan is real! Taboo and whatever are meaningless in the face of true love! Being blood related is just an insignificant matter!"

"That is just atrocious," said Nikaido-senpai.

"It is that insignificant matter that poses the most problems," Nasuhara said.

"Use your common sense and think for a moment. You know, common sense," said Ginbe.

"Nothing of that sort! It's not like that!"

Bring in an extremely unfavorable position, my sister's cringed her face like a child. With a look that was close to crying,

"The link between me and Onii-chan are absolute! Ever since birth - except for the period of time when we were separated due to some family problems - we had been together always! And the time we had spent together are not just for show! Onii-chan had saved me from the children who loved to bully me. He had helped me to eat the celery which I dislike eating. He slept together with me on nights where I couldn't sleep. And also, he had fulfilled his promise, by living together with me again! It is natural for Onii-chan to develop feelings for me that are way beyond that of siblings!"

"Well, if that is what you think,"

Nikaido-senpai shrugged,

"Why don't you ask your brother? That is much faster."

"A-Ask Onii-chan?"

Finally, as someone who was unable to interrupt all these talks, it was my turn to speak.

Nikaido-senpai, Nasuhara, Ginbe.

The three of them focused their attention onto me.


With both of her hands clasped in front of her chest, it was the same for my sister as well. She lifted her head and looked at me with eyes as though she was praying.


I looked straight into my sister's eyes.

Word by word, I said slowly.

"You are a good girl."


"Of course it is real. You are honest and cheerful, and you listen to me. You do everything well without the need of me asking. If that is not a good girl, then I don't know what is."

"I, had I returned Onii-chan's expectations......?"

"Of course. In fact, you have exceeded my expectations. And you are not just a good girl, but a cute child as well."


"Of course it is. The thing about how you love to laugh is cute. The way you laughed with your fang showing is cute. Even though your eyebrows are slightly arched, but the gentle expression in your eyes are cute. Your neat fringes are cute too. The fast tempo of your steps when walking, that is cute. When you are sitting with a straight back, that look of yours is cute. Also, the fact that you throw a tantrum easily is cute, but being able to recover from it quickly is even cuter. I had always treasured you, who acted like that."

"Wa! Wa! Why is this happening? Whoa?"

"I love you, Akiko."

"M-Me too! Towards Onii-chan, I had always-"

"But ultimately, my love towards you is just as that of an elder brother towards his younger sister."


Her sparkling expression changed.

My sister expressed her despair with the expressions of the characters found in Glass no Kamen. [TLNote: Shoujo manga. Google if interested]

"Onii-chan you are an idiot! Meanie! I don't care anymore! Uwaaaaaaaaa!"

She ran away while crying.

..... Ugh.

Did I go slightly overboard?

Oh well, she can just treat that as a lesson.

If I was to reject my sister's wishful thinking in public, then that will probably reduce the negative influences it may have on our school's lives in the future.

Come to think of it, where are you running off to? The opening ceremony is about to start, you know?

"Well then, the talk shall end here."

Nikaido-senpai's expression showed that she totally did not care about that small incident.

"Let's move to another place. The students' council room generally has everything that we possibly need, since it is my stronghold. Alright, onlookers, the show's over. Disperse now or else you all will not be able to make it for the opening ceremony."

"I do not think that is something which should be said by someone who is about to skip the opening ceremony. Oh well, just this once, I am in the same boat as you."

"Oh, as expected of the vice-president, your brain moves really quick. I like that point about you the best. If you are to agree to be my lover, there will be no flaws."

"Urm. These developments are certainly unexpected...... is this the culture of this school as well? I had spent a lot of effort to transfer over, but it looks like they are not in vain."

"Ka ka ka. You adapt quick. Name's Ginbe? You are new here, yet you are still able to maintain such levels of calmness despite facing the wrath of the students' council members - that is a rather rare quality. How about this - the treasurer's position is still open, are you interested-"

Those three ladies looked as though they fit right at home in each others company.

They walked shoulder to shoulder and left the place harmoniously while ignoring the onlookers and me.


I have to apologize for going against what I had announced publicly.

<A story of the lives of a pair of brother and sister, who was somehow separated from each other for sometime and for some reasons was reunited again and began living together under one roof, living their lives normally without any major happenings - much like the gentle flow of water, with no bumps and impacts>.

That was what I had said, but somehow, unknown to me, it became totally the opposite of that.

The students' council president, who acts just like her name suggests.

The vice-president, whom everyone agrees is hard to get along with.

The treasurer (-to-be?) whom I treat as my good friend.

The secretary, who is my rather incompetent sister.

And also, me, who had somehow became the errand-boy of the students' council.

I am really regretful to say this.

To wish to live an ordinary life and whatever - after gathering such a group of people, it is just much easier to win the lottery, or to rear a match-winning race-dog. And in a certain sense, conquering the whole world is an easier task as well.

For someone like me, whose looks and grades are ordinary, and has neither any motives nor secret abilities, this is a really serious problem.

The two-thirds of my high school life that I am left with, is about to develop rather messily - I absolutely detest it.

In order to live with my sister again, I had spent a lifetime of diligence into it. An unstable lifestyle is nothing but a pain to me.

But that is not to say that I have already given up.

Even though I am currently in a situation where the people around me are engaged in battles everyday, there is still enough energy in me to want to do something about the situation.

To live each ordinary day in peace - that is the only seemingly difficult wish that I want to fulfill. From today onward, I will do try to do my best to achieve it.

Everybody - even the Arisugawa and Takanomiya - firmly believes in the blood ties I have with my sister. However, the truth is not like that as written in the records.

Though we are fraternal twins, there are absolutely no blood relations between me and my younger sister - we are totally not related to each other.

The feelings of me giving up on my 'ordinary daily life' - I shall hide it in my heart for now. I'll just write up till here for today.

If fate allows it, we shall meet again.


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