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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 5: 12th April, AM9:00

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Next chapter is a pretty fun chapter, so if I can do it fast, it shall be out within a day or two. Depends on how motivated I am.


The Himenokouji household have a habit of waking up early.

My sister wakes up at five in the morning so that she can do some housework and prepare our breakfast. I will wake up at six to make preparations for the morning as well. That's how it usually is.

However, that applies only for the normal days.

Take today for example. Both of us siblings will sleep till it's late since it is the school's rest day. The sleep which we lack during the normal days will be replenished on the rest day - that's how it is.

Not to mention, I transformed myself into a workaholic after the visit to Kaichou's house yesterday, and worked all the way until the sun rose high up into the sky before I head to bed. Not to hide it from you guys, but if I am to talk about how sleepy I am today, it is at the point where I will want to sleep even if I am to face any sort of torture.

But thanks to that, I finally managed to catch up on the work which I had set aside thanks to the house-visits for the past three days.

I did expect myself to be dead tired after forcing my body to finish my work. Having finished my work, I collapsed straight into my bed and prepared myself to sleep like a corpse - and just when I was about to fall asleep.

Something happened.

*Kon kon*

*Kon kon*

It was not the sound of coughs.

Instead, it was the sound of the door being knocked. I think. If it was not my auditory hallucination or something - I was in a half-asleep state even though I was thinking of that in my head, and my consciousness was very hazy. There were no strength in my limbs as well.

*Don don*

*Don don*

...... Ugh.

This time, the knocking of the door was louder than before.

Damn it, who the heck is that?

Me and my sister are the only ones living in this hostel. We did not subscribe to any delivery of newspaper nor milk. Then is it someone asking for some sort of payment? No, how can that be? It's not the time to do so yet.

*Don don dododon*

*Don dokodon*

For some reason, the knocks followed the tempo of drumming.


I had no idea who he is, but he seems to be in a good mood. To think I had actually worked overnight and killed countless numbers of my brain-cells in the process before I was about to finally liberate my own consciousness. It felt like the person was happily ignoring the my plight. Does benevolence and pity no longer exist in this world?

*Dooon dodon, don dodondodon*

*Dondokodondon, dododondon*

*Fine, fine, I get it. Coming, coming."

While replying with a tone that sounded like a mix of me moaning and dream-talking, I climbed out of my bed.

I walked in staggering steps similar to that of a zombie,

"Coming, who's that-"

As I opened the door while rubbing my eyes, my sentence came to a halt.

Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi

Nasuhara Anastasia.

Nikaido Arashi.

All three of them were people I am familiar with in their uniforms. Standing in front of the opened door.

Ginbe with her ridiculing smile.

Nasuhara was still expressionless, as always.

Kaichou's smile looked as though she was about to eat someone up.

"Ah-...... Everyone has gathered her this early in the morning- uwhaaaaa-"

I greeted these three with a yawn,

"...... You girls are wearing your uniform despite it being the school's rest day."

"This is your first reaction after seeing this? Well, this is indeed your style. Kakaka."


Kaichou's laugh made my head hurt.

To be honest, I did not really want to hear that sort of sound in my current situation.

"Urm, sorry, but I am dead tired today. Can you leave the things for another time?"

"Oh, sorry, leave your sleep for later. We have some things that need to be settled before that."


Urm. Could it be.

I was done with my work only not too long ago. I was holding back for a rather long time. My mind, being in a dazed and confused state, could not get itself going. I may be unable to differentiate between dream and reality with my current state.


Perhaps this is actually me dreaming?

I mean, this is really weird, isn't it?

Why would the three girls gather at here?

And they are wearing their uniform for some reason.

"Since this still can be considered to be a school's activity, we thought we will wear them here."

Kaichou explained while smiling.

"Aside from private matters, the students of St. Ririana should wear their school uniform at all times. It is true that I do some pretty crazy stuff, but it won't do if I do not set a good example as the students council's president."


"Should I give you a really good wake-up call if you are still not awake? Oh right, how about taking a peek at my breasts? You will probably wake up with that, right?"

"No thanks."

Though I was really sleepy, I still replied to things like that immediately without hesitation.

"Hey look, what exactly is going on here? Everyone hass gathered at the hostel. Are you guys going somewhere to play since it is a rest day today? I am fine with that, but do inform me earlier about it......"

"Nope, Akito. That's not it."

Ginbe shook her head,

"I am fine with the suggestion on going out to play. However, we should leave that for later since it will be getting really busy"


As I was still sleepy, I could not understand the meaning behind the words of my silver-haired friend.

What does she mean by 'really busy'?  I had originally planned to sleep for all my worth until my body and soul are well rested, since it is rare for us to have a rest day.

"...... Hmm? Wait......"

I noticed something when my consciousness was coming back to me.

Strange, it seemed like the three person here had an uncanny amount of luggage with them?

Light backpacks, travelling cases...... All sorts of luggage were hanging from their shoulders to their hands to their elbows. It looks like they were about to abscond somewhere.

"Well, these are about all we can carry with our hands."

Upon noticing my gaze, Nasuhara lifted her luggage so that I could get a closer look,

"But we did manage to bring with us our daily necessities. The remaining luggage will be delivered here later in the day."


What is she saying? I could not get it.

Well, they brought their own belongings, but so what?

"Also, you can be considered as the hostel's head. Something like that?"

Kaichou spoke once again,

"Putting aside our positions in school, you are the boss here since you got here first. Please take care of us."

"Haa...... And so? What are you guys doing here, gathering here like this? ......Ah, I see. It's a house-visit, right? I had visited your houses, so you girls have to visit mine, right? Ah, but even so, it is quite troubling for me if you do not inform me about it earlier. I am not prepared for your arrivals."

"The three of us will be living in this hostel from today onward."


"Though it is a hostel in name, it was practically an apartment resided solely by you siblings. We will have to set the rules for our cohabitation from now on. As the luggage for house-moving will arrive in waves later, today will be a busy day."


I rubbed my eyes and took another look at the three visitors.

Kaichou, Nasuhara and Ginbe. All three of them are looking at me with an expression that says 'how long are you planning to stay confused'.

From their expressions, it did not seem like they were joking.

And there was nothing like the 'Gotcha~' which you get from prank shows.

If so, there could only be one conclusion.

"...... Ah. I am indeed dreaming. Back to sleep I go."

"Oi oi hold on a second."

Kaichou jammed her foot into the door just as I was about to shut it.

"Well, we are wrong for disturbing you when you are about to sleep. Anyway, there are a lot of necessary preparations that needs to be done in order to live in this hostel, and we hope you can look through everything since you are the head of the hostel. You will probably not satisfied with a lot of things if you are to leave them till later when you wake up. Are you sure you will be fine with that?"


"Mmm? What's wrong?"

"Urm, sorry."

"It's nothing."


"Yes. Really really, really. Isn't that right, Fuku-Kaichou?"

"That's right. This is the absolute and undeniable truth. Isn't that right, Ginbe?"

"That's right, Akito. It's about time you wake up and recognize the reality in front of you."


With that, my mind became awake in an instant.

The impact was too great on me. It felt as if time came to a halt. I was like a cat that was about to be hit by an incoming car,

"Eh, but isn't this strange?"

"What is?"

"There are plans for this hostel to be demolished within this year. Me and my sister will be the only ones living here till that happens - that is how the contract should be."

"Well, I did something to the management and made them change the contract."

"Why? Why must the three of you move into this hostel together?"

"I should have said that earlier, did I not? We need to resolve your sister's brother-complex as quickly as possible, and we had considered many approaches to that problem."

"No, I had indeed heard of that-"

"So the most effective approach to her brother-complex is,"

Nasuhara was next.

"To prevent you siblings from spending more time together than it is necessary, we will have to monitor both of you. As such, the best solution is to live together with you two. Am I wrong?"

"No, you may be right, but even so-"

"Killing two birds with one stone. That is how it is, Akito."

Ginbe interrupted as well,

"Instead of being suspected by others due to you siblings living by yourselves, wouldn't it be much better in the eyes of the outsiders to see both of you living with some other students whom you are not familiar with? Isn't that good enough for you?"

"No, I understand. It's just like what you had said!"

I raised my voice after hearing those things from them.

"But why? Why the three of you together!?"

"Because, since we've formed of our temporary alliance, we will be advancing and retreating together - then again, we agreed that this better for us too. It's about time that I get sick of that oppressive samurai mansion. And it takes way too much time to travel to school."

"My relationship with my parents has been on the bad side for a while. Since I am now in my rebellious phase, I have always felt like running away from home if I get the chance to."

"As for me, my financial situation is very tight thanks to me moving to another house and school. I am even having trouble with paying the rent of that shabby apartment. To be able to live in this place where I can get food and stuff without spending much - this is something that I could only dream of."

"No, even so-"


I finally realized how serious the situation is.

I did think about this before.

Even though it was chaotic, I did not find the past three days tiring. In fact, I really liked it.

I did think to myself before that it's not bad to do stupid things with the fellow members of the students council.

Well, it's also true that I am anticipating Kaichou's so called 'new tactics'.


If we are to talk about my reason for enduring all the hard work I had done for the past few years, where the amount is not something that I should be undertaking for someone my age.

It was so that I can live together with my only remaining family member, my sister - with the two of us living a calm and relaxed life.

I definitely do not dislike Ginbe, but that applies even for Kaichou or Nasuhara as well - not to mention, we are all in the students council. But it just so happens that all of them are people with one or two troublesome personalities. Not to mention, it seemed like they were hatching a certain unspeakable plan for my sister,

"N-No way! There is no way this will work! There's a lot of problem to this, yeah!?"

"Just to let you know, everything has been decided already."

"As the head of this hostel, I vehemently object!"

"Well then Himenokouji Akito, under the orders of the president of students council, your position as the hostel's head has been now abolished. I shall replace you as the hostel's head as well. How about that?"

"That's tyranny! You're unreasonable!"

"Alright, just give up already. As the president, my powers are absolute. Not to mention, the council has already agreed to this. There is nothing you can do to overturn this decision."

"I've had enough. There is no point talking with Kaichou — Nasuhara! Nasuhara!?"


"Say something too!"


"Stop pretending to be stupid! And you're not even trying!"

"How rude. That is a very serious insult to someone who is hailed as the shining beacon of the emerging talents by the top brass of the cross-talk society. Take back those words immediately if you do not wish to be indebted with a sum of money so huge, you will not be able to pay it off even if you spent your whole life fishing for tuna at the ocean."

"I don't really care for your fake, silly acting!"

"It is about time you watch how you act. Otherwise, I will get angry even if I am someone who's very gentle."

"What do you mean by watching how I act!?"

"I said before already, I want you to address me by Anna instead of Nasuhara. If you don't listen to my warning obediently, I'll change all the underwear in your dresser to their female counterparts."

"I really have to thank you for using two of your favorite gags together at once! Although that hardly matters right now!"

"Incidentally, they will all be changed to my lingerie. Those used ones."

"You are someone who may actually do it, so please don't! Also, it feels like all those things you've said are irrelevant to our current topic on hand!"

"Just give up already. I had said it before, did I not? Having faced such humiliation, I'll repay them back in full. This is my full revenge for you toying with me so happily."

"I don't remember toying with you-"

"Prepare yourself. From today onward, I'll be harassing you without reason everyday regardless of day or night, and without wasting a single minute or second. You shall regret for humiliating me with the rest of your life."

"You just want to bully me, don' t you!?"

Ahhhh, enough!

It will be a waste of time to speak to her any further!


"Oi, Gin! Ginbe!"

"What's up, Akito?"

"Why are you on their side as well!? Putting Kaichou and Nasuhara aside, I thought you are a much more sensible person than this!"

"I can't help it. Isn't there a saying that goes: 'one will get stained red should he be close to vermilion'? It's the same for me too. I am a student of St. Ririana Academy for now, but I also am a member of the students council. Isn't it inevitable for me to be dyed by their colors much faster and thicker?"

"Aren't you my friend? No wait, my good friend!? I am obviously in trouble, right!? You'll not get struck by lightning if you offer a helping hand, right!?"

"Fufu. Since you call me as your good friend, I'll say this - it's just as you've feared back when I hosted you at my shabby apartment - I am currently facing a huge crisis in my life. You should know that there is only so much saving and scrimping one can do. I am about to receive subsistence allowance, and the most effective way to get past my crisis is to move into a hostel to seek shelter. That will reduce my living expenses by a substantial amount...... Akito, you should be the one who is inviting me over to the hostel so as to help me out, isn't that right? Only then can you be considered as a friend."

"That- no, that may be the case!"

"Or do you have other ideas?  Are you planning to chase me out despite knowing about the embarrassing problems that I am facing? That is how you will treat me, your good friend and savior?"


"Since you are indebted to me, shouldn't you repay me the favors at times like this? We even talked about it a few days ago. 'I'll not hesitate to seek Akito's help when I really need it - in fact, that scenario may actually happen in the near future'. I believed in you, my good friend."

That's bad.

Compared to Kaichou and Nasuhara, Ginbe is actually the most terrible opponent at times like this. Just like how I had mentioned repeatedly, I was under her care several times. I have no choice but to solemnly do whatever she says, even if it is things like 'Commit seppuku now so as to repay me the favors I had done for you'.

But with things coming down to this.

There are no way out......or should I say that I was checkmated? How about, my lifelines are all sealed......?

"Fuwaa...... what's happening early in the morning?"

Just then.

My sister waddled out from her bedroom in her pajamas,

"Since today's rest day, allow me to sleep as much as I like, Onii-chan...... Onii-chan was way too awesome last night......"

"Oi oi Akiko. Don't talk thrash the moment you step out of your room. Ever since we were born and until the end of time, we did not and will never do anything that is against our conscience."

"There you go again Onii-chan, you are really good with your jokes~...... Fuwaa."

My sister gave a loud yawn.

It's plain as day now. I had said this earlier on.

Her state of mind is terrible when she just wakes up.

"......Mmm? Eh? Why is Nikaido-senpai here? Both Nasuhara and Ginbe are here as well."

"Oh good day, Himenokouji. The three of us will be living in this hostel a few days later. Please take care of us?"

"Ahaha- That's a rather interesting joke there, senpai. How can there be anyone who dares to do something as reckless as coming to our apartment and stirring up troubles at me and my brother's love-nest...... Well, whatever, I am going back to bed. Keep your volume down."

"...... Uh. Those misty pair of eyes. That slurred and weird tone of hers...... She is totally not awake, right?"

"Nope~. Akiko is totally awake~. I am full of vigor and energy~"

"Himenokouji. There is something that I want to discuss with you."


"Can you allow me to sleep with you? Ahh, I woke up rather early as well, and it just so happens that I feel a little sleepy now. I only require a corner of your bed."

"Alright~, that's nothing. Munyu munyu."

"Oi oi wait a second, Akiko!?"

I interrupted hastily.

"Do you know what you are saying!? The person is Nikaido Arashi!? -And also, Kaichou! What are you planning to do to my sister in front of me!?"

"No, I'll just be sleeping with her for a while. I will not actually do it."

"I can't trust you!"

"No no no, it really is just a short snooze, I will do nothing, really. Just a little on the head."

"On the head, what head!? There is no way I will let this happen! Please do not get close to my sister!"

"Che, what a mouthy person you are. Oi Nasuhara, Ginbe. Restrain him. This is an order from the president."

"I am sorry, but I will not follow your order."

"Mhmm. We do have our hierarchy in the students council, but there is no need to be following Kaichou's instructions at a time like this."

"Listen to me. If I can take this opportunity to make Himenokouji my lover, then the problem of Himenokouji's brother-complex will be more or less settled. The elder brother's sister-complex will no longer be a big problem as well, you know?"

"Understood. I am not enthusiastic about it at all,  but then it cannot be helped since this is an order from Kaichou."

"Mhmm. Though it is really regretful for me to say this, I have no choice but to follow it since this is Kaichou's orders. Despite my grief, there are no other options but to restrain Akito."

"Oi oi! Slow down, both of you!?"

"I will not let you get in the way of Kaichou and Himenokouji. Since you are part of the students council, you do know that defying Kaichou's orders means death, do you not?"

"Since when have the students council came under such strict regimes!? Nasuhara, don't be complying to Kaichou only at times like this! I will have to save my sister's chastity from Kaichou's evil grasp!"

"Uhh. To be that agitated by something like this...... Akito, you are indeed a severe sis-con, aren't you? This is a serious situation if the siblings of the students council are in a relationship of love. There is a need to rectify this as quickly as possible."

"No wait, this is just a misunderstanding, Ginbe! I am neither a sis-con nor are we in love with each other! Look, typically speaking, one should be stopping Kaichou in a situation like this, right!? Being Akiko's elder brother and all!"

"Fuwaaa...... It looks like you guys are in some sort of entanglement. I am nearly at my limits, so let me return back to sleep. Fuwaaa......."

"Ohhh, I am sorry for making you wait, Himenokouji. Let's forget about that boring entanglement for now. Allow me be entangled with you in another way. Don't you worry, it will be nothing. Believe in my techniques."

"Or rather, that's the main problem here is the fact that your skills are overly trustworthy, Kaichou! Oi, it is about time that you wake up, Akiko! I am sorry to say this, but your elder brother is currently being held down by Nasuhara and Ginbe, and I can't move an inch! You have to protect your own body! ...... Damn, forget about Ginbe, but why is Nasuhara that strong as well!? I do know a little self-defense, and I am a guy here! Damn, this students council has way too many capable members...... Oi Kaichou! Please value yourself more! Nasuhara and Ginbe, stop restraining me by locking me down on my joints! Oi, oi! Really, don't! Oi~!"


...... That's roughly it.

Lots of things happened, but I had finally managed to avert the crisis where my sister's chastity was in danger.

Speaking about how the students council members are moving into the hostel - I guess it is natural for that to happen. Or rather, I sort of anticipated that already. It is something that will happen no matter how much I am against it.

Ahh, what a headache. It's already chaotic to begin with. And now, Kaichou, Nasuhara and Ginbe has formed the anti-sister alliance are are beginning with their actions as well. I am also looked down by them as a sis-con.

I am besieged from all sides, alone without any support.

To think I thought that I can finally live a peaceful life together with my sister. It has not even been a month yet, and things are already like this.

Ahh, things are in a really terrible state right now.

It should not be like this despite my miscalculations.

It will be troublesome, but I guess I will have to try my hardest to maintain a good relationship with the three people whom I think I am getting along well with. What I am left with is to think positively.

Oh boy......


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    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

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  15. I noticed since Akito first met Anna that he's not really dense. I'm surprised that everyone's still saying that. Only his verbal responses come across as dense. He really is a sis-con but he's thoroughly enjoying the harem he's building as well as torturing his poor sister. He's just trying too hard to get Akiko accepted by the other three.

    If he'd just verbally admit he's a sis-con and say he likes the other three as well his harem would be set without conflict. That's my opinion based on each of their personalities.

  16. Oh I hope this isn't going to just turn into a 'Love Hina' type harem with a sidetwist of bro-con/sis-con?
    That whole girls in the apartment and lone guy as the manager' setup is a bit old.

  17. "Peaceful days are over; let's survive"(?) sort of situation seems like it'll make him yell "What am I fighting forrrrrrr!!!~" loudly with a girl reploid(?) in his arms.