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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 1.3: 8th April, AM7:45

Damn it Akito. I would have continued doing it, so that it will be effective.

St. Ririana, the school which I am studying in, is one of the top few royalty schools in Kanto.

It's one of those type of schools. I guess all schools with a long history will retain many of their old traditions.

The members of the students council are to stand at the gate of the school everyday and greet the students who are coming to school - that's one of the traditions.

"Good day, Nasuhara. What a fine day it is today."

"...... Good day."

"Good day, Anastasia-sama. You are beautiful today, as always."

"...... Good day."

Today's her turn to do the job that every students council member has to take turns to do.

Nasuhara Anastasia.

With golden hair, sapphire eyes and a faultless figure. However, she is a beauty that one wouldn't dare get close to.

She has surprisingly became my colleague - or rather, my superior - as she is the vice president of the students council.

"Ara. Good day."

She did not really mean that, as per usual. Nasuhara was just saying it out of what was required of her (but even so, the students are still looking at her rather nicely). She spotted me and started a conversation with me.

"You are still putting on that depressed look. It shouldn't be something bad, but that expression of yours just looks surprisingly funny when it comes from your face. What is above your neck is like that of Takuya Kimura, but what is below your neck is like that of the idiotic Sakata - how's that analogy of mine? Is it easier for you to understand what I am trying to say?"

...... Sigh. How should I put it?

She was totally like her normal self.

I think that is probably the rule of the Nasuhara family to spew insults as a replacement for greetings.

"Morning, Nasuhara. You are in tip-top condition today as well."

"Just Anna will do."

It was like she was calling me out, who was giving a bitter smile and trying to sneak past her,

"I should have said that before. Just call me by that."

"...... Oh-?"

"You dislike it? In another words, is that your way of saying that you want to maintain a certain distance from me?"

"No no no. How can that be?"

"Then please don't address me so distantly by using 'Nasuhara-san'. You should be calling me intimately by 'Anna'. That will make me much happier." [TLNote: Akito always address Nasuhara with the -san suffix, but I had removed it normally as they are not necessary]

"Urm, is that so. I understand. Well then...... Morning, Anna. You are in peak condition today as well."

"Fu. You are a really impressive man to call a girl by the term 'hole'."

"...... Oh well, that's right. I knew you are going to say that. That is the reason why I don't want to call you by that, you know?"

I sighed.

Her hard-to-get-along personality is also as per normal. She was deliberately saying those things no matter how you look at it, and that made things even worse.

No, I can't quite say I hate it. It's more like I have no idea how to get along with her. It is hard for me to see what she is thinking about as well since she does not have much change in her expressions.

And so.

I had decided to retreat quickly, since that was the best course of action.

"Well then, see you later, Nasuhara."

"Hold on."


That was her cold but clear voice which lacked any change of emotion. It pinned me onto the ground just when I was about to make a right turn and leave.

"Where are you going?"

"Where else but the students council room? There is a meeting today, right?"

"If that is the case, it will be fine we go there together, right?"

"But, you are currently working, aren't you?"

"That can be solved by having you to wait till my work is done before going there together."

"Ehhhh? In another words, you want me to work together with you?"

"It certainly looks like that."

"No, I am sorry. I wish to reach the students council room first, to brush up on my studies and stuff. My grades are not that good, so in order to catch up to the standards of this school-"

"It is really irritating to listen to you jabbering on and on. Be careful. I'll force you to guess the color of my lingerie if you do not act as I please"

Ah- Enough!

She is using that old gag again!

"Incidentally, today's colors are pure white."

"No no there is no need to tell me that...... Hey look, we had talked about it before already - it is better if you don't keep talking things like that, isn't it? No matter what, you are still the vice-president of the students council of this school."

"What you had said do make sense. However, I will have to apologize. That is my favorite gag. Once I like it, I'll use it till it rots. It is just like one continuously chewing on a well-chewed gum because he believes he has not extracted all the taste from it yet."

"So you like it that much......"

Well, that analogy was quite poor and tacky.

Could it be that this girl over here is not the daughter of a certain rich family?

"I like this gag a lot, and I shall not allow anyone to be mouthy about it. I will never forgive anyone who has complains about it, even if he is god."

"So you saying that you are not afraid of even god now."

If I remember correctly.

St. Ririana Academy should famous for being a rather devout Christian school.

"Even if that person is to get completely naked, has his back stuck with a piece of paper that says 'cry in your mother's arms', and is made to crawl about in public. Even if he cried and licked my shoes while declaring to everyone that 'I am the absolute in heaven and on earth', I will still refuse to forgive him."

"No look, it's better to forgive him if it is boiling down to that......"

"And thus from today onward, I'll be using this gag at any situation whenever there is a chance. I hope you will understand this."

"No well...... Since you love that gag that much, it's not good if I forced you to abandon it. I understand, so feel free to use it."

"Incidentally, the reason for me liking this gag so much is because your expressions will change to that of disgust whenever I am using it."

"Ah- Damn, I knew it is something like this! You had seized the opportunity to openly declare me as an idiot!"

"It is really irritating to listen to you jabbering on and on. Be careful. If you do not act as I please, I'll change your lunch today to a lingerie feast."

"And you have immediately used your favorite gag! You are so easy to understand when it comes to this!"

Also, what was she saying? What's with the lingerie feast?

Has she really reached the point where nothing else matters as long as she can use the gag?

Though I am saying all these things, I am someone who is game enough to join others in the things they do. In actual fact, I am still at the school gates talking to Nasuhara.

The harder someone is to get along with, the more one wishes to get along with them...... This is an irony that will be faced by humankind forever.

Well, I will repeat what I had just said - I do not hate her. She is a little strange, but is also an interesting girl at the same time. As such, I won't deny her of my company, and will continue talking about silly things with her.

Even though I had said that, the current situation-

(Oh boy. It looks like things had gotten troublesome.)

I suddenly noticed something.

All the students who were entering the school were looking at this direction.

It looked like they were enjoying the show. At the same time, they were directing looks of curiosity, envy and jealousy.


That was not a good sign.

I am someone who has just transferred to this school, which means I am an unknown person.

As someone who is new here, I fervently wish I will not do anything that is attention grabbing.

You see, there is a saying that goes: 'the gun will fire at the bird that shows its head'.

The students council consists of talented people - and for me who had somehow gotten into it by mistake, I am obviously the 'bird showing its head'.

Adding on to that, the whole school had already known the sensational speech made by this golden-hair beauty.

....... Oh well.

"Please allow me to be your girlfriend."

How did she say that sort of thing in front of everyone.

And even though Nasuhara had only said that to me yesterday, she is now talking to me with an expression as though she was just teasing me.

Whatever. She is someone who will say some rather shocking things all of the sudden. Perhaps it will be better if I do not take what she had said yesterday seriously......

"Back on talking about you."

"Eh? What?"

"You are a member of the school's students council. So straighten your back."

"Huh? Ah, mmm."

"No matter how hard you try to hide it, you are still a 'bird showing its head'. It is something that can no longer be changed. Don't you think it is better to have some sort of self-awareness if you wish to continue on with your school-life at this academy?"

"Oh, yeah. Right."


That's troublesome.

It seems like Nasuhara had totally seen through me despite me being someone who will not wear his feelings and thoughts openly. Perhaps I should take note of that.

"Even though I am saying that, I do think it is slightly too demanding for you to be straightening your posture for now, considering that you had just transferred not too long ago. It is definitely true that St. Ririana Academy has a slightly different atmosphere as compared to the outside world."

"Yeah, that's it. It really is like this. This is an elite school that has a rather strong studying culture. As someone who has only average grades, is really rather difficult for me to get used to my transfer."

"I can understand that. I was troubled by the same thing a year ago when I first enrolled into this school."

"Oh-? Is that so?"

How surprising.

Nasuhara gives me the impression that she is someone who will not lose her blank expression even if the world is turned upside-down. So there was a period of time where she was not used to the school as well huh.

"If you had felt so as well, then how should I put it...... I feel slightly better now. It sort of feels like I will be forgiven slightly even if I do not get used to this place right away."

"That's right. But it is better if you get used to here as soon as possible."

"Mmm. Of course."

"The reason for you not being used to this place is due to the fact that you have not given others a good impression of yourself."

"Yeah. That's right."

"I had a good solution for that. A brilliant idea that will erase all the bad impressions that you had been suffering from."

"Eh? Really?"

"Yes, really."

"So what sort of idea is it? Please do tell me about it."

"Can I say it?"

"Mhmm. Go ahead and shoot."

"Is that so. Understood."

While saying that, Nasuhara nodded her head, and took a step towards me.

She gingerly picked up my hand.

Following that, she placed my hand onto her chest.




Eh? Huh?

I was temporarily stunned for a while as the sequence of events was executed way too smoothly. Howe,


That was obviously a very bad situation.

I removed my hand in panic and jumped a step back,

"Oi, what are you doing!?"

"Just like what you had seen. You were touching my breasts."

"No hold on a second! Please don't make it sound as though I was the one who took initiative, alright!?"

"Rather than saying you had touched it, it is more like you were groping it. Does it sound more appropriate if I put it that way?"

"No I did not grope! I had just touched it! And that was something that could not be helped!"

"Is that so. Well then, what are your thoughts after touching it?"

"My thoughts...... well obviously......"

It was really soft, yet at the same time, springy. The size of her breasts are perfect as well- no wait, such things don't matter any more.

"Well then what the heck were you doing! What was the meaning of that!? Why did things turn out that way!?"

"What do you mean by things turning out this way and that? It's just a countermeasure for your poor image."

"How does that even work!?"

"Because that will give others a worse expression of you that is of a totally different level than before. They will forget cleanly those minor details they know about you earlier on."

"How the hell did you came up with that!?"

I hugged my head while staring into the sky. I am really an idiot to trust her. Rather than saying that her line of thoughts are too unpredictable, I should say that they are something that is out of the ordinary.

"This is what you call reverse psychology. Fighting poison with poison - that's how it is."

"No way, nothing was solved!"

"It's fine if you are to praise me more on my brilliance."

"And you are actually putting on a proud expression!"

"You are a guy who keeps jabbering and complaining too much. If you are to complain any further, I'll change your handkerchief into my panties and stuff it into the pocket of your uniform."

"Just that point about you grabbing onto the tiniest opportunity to use your favorite gag. Your alertness is indeed incomparable!"

Enough, you animal.

I never expect a trap like this will be waiting for me so early in the morning. What sort of looks will the onlookers give? Nasuhara can be considered as someone who is really famous in school. After touching her breasts like that, what will happen to my standing at school in the future-

"Everything is fine. Not to worry."

However, in contrast to me being at a loss of what to do, Nasuhara said this rather calmly,

"It is within my expectations for you to react like this. I made sure no one around us is looking."

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"Which means, there is no one who saw the scene of you violating my breasts. You do not have to worry."

"Ahh...... is that so. That means that I am safe. And also, what do you mean by me violating your breasts?"

"Therefore, what happened just now is just something like a demonstration. It is up to you whether you want to continue doing things like that."

"I am sorry, but I will have to decline."

"Things like that will not be effective if you do not continue doing it."

"I'll be caught by the police before any of its effects will ever take place."

"Is that so. How regretful."

Nasuhara said that without any sense of regret, while putting on an expression as if nothing had happened.

Really...... no one can predict the things that this girl will do. But even so, she is still the fuku-kaichou of a famous elite school, so she should possess a certain amount of capability and popularity.

"Anyway, I had not received your answer."

"Eh? On what?"

"Your thoughts after touching my breasts."

"....... No, I don't have any thoughts or whatever. All my attention was directed towards my shock, so I had noticed nothing else."

"Were you excited?"


Or I should say, I couldn't get excited.

I'll be envious of the person who can get excited under that sort of situation, since his tenacity must be something else altogether.

"Is that so. I see."

Nasuhara looked straight into me as she said that.

Upon taking a close look, she is a really beautiful girl.

Her eyes had a calmness similar to that of aquamarine, and it was giving off a light of clear brilliance.

Her snow white skin was like that of heathers that grew on the snowy mountains.

The precise arc of her cheeks emphasized her beautiful face.

Let's not talk about whether I was excited or not for now - she is an impeccable beauty that one would not get tired of looking at.

"Urm-...... W-What's wrong? If you are staring at me without blinking, I'll feel quite uncomfortable...... Or rather......"

"Was that not the best course of action?"

Nasuhara was muttering to herself. It seemed like she did not hear word that I had said.

"I thought he will become really flustered if I made him touch those breasts of mine, which can nearly be considered as a world heritage. It looks like I may have to tweak my strategies a little."

"Huh, what? What did you just say?"

"Nothing. I am just talking to a child."

"Eh? Isn't that a rather problematic line......?"


Ignoring my question, Nasuhara looked towards my back,

"Did she not come here with you today?"

"Eh? Who's the girl you are referring to?"

"Arisugawa- no, she is Himenokouji now."

"Ah Akiko. She will be here slightly later as she still have some housework to do."

"Hmph, is that so. Looks like she escaped to live for another day."

"Eh? What do you mean by that?"

"That is because I am doing this students council work early in the morning. If you are to arrive at school in front of me while behaving intimately with your sister, I'll be so cruel with my words that she will probably feel like dying."


That was really dangerous.

Nasuhara is someone who is fluent with her speech, while at the same time, expressionless like that of an ice statue. If she is serious about picking on someone, that person will probably suffer a lot.

"...... You seem rather happy."

An illusion of hers, probably.

Nasuhara, who rarely had any sort of change in her expression, looked at me with a rather dangerous stare,

"Your sister was actually on the verge of being treated cruelly, so why are you smiling like that?"

"Eh? No no no, I did not?"

"Even if you did not show it on your face, I will still know if the person is you."

"Is that so? ...... Forget it. But you and Akiko are in that sort of relationship where the both of you will quarrel about the most mundane things, isn't that so? For me, I think it is alright as long as the quarrels do not get out of hand. There is a saying that the more you quarrel, the better the relationship becomes."

"But the person who has always been winning is me, you know?"

"Indeed, it feels like that. But whatever, that doesn't really matter. It is the responsibility of me, her elder brother, chase that person away and console her while she is crying. Plus, I think that sort of Akiko is rather cute as well."


After I had said that, Nasuhara closed her mouth tightly and stared at me for a while.

"Sigh," she heaved the rare sigh of hers as well.

"Even though I had noticed it already...... but you are really a sis-con. And one that exceeds my imagination."

"...... Eh? Why has it become like this? No no no, that is normal as her elder brother, right? To clean up the things that my sister has done, and to find my sister cute."

"Forget it. So that is what it means by something being much more worthy of my conquest if there are more obstacles on the path towards it."

It was as though she had accepted everything as she said that.

Not only that, she waved her hands as though she was trying to chase me away,

"I'll just let you go this time. Just hurry up and go. Be it self-studying or whatever, just do as you like."

"Ah. Urm...... can I?"

"However. Don't think that I'll just give up like this."

"Ah, urm. Right."

I did not really understand what was happening, but it looked like she was willing to let me go.

But somehow, it felt like I was being misunderstood. Whatever.

We will have to get along with each other for quite a while anyway. There will be plenty of opportunities for me to clear up the misunderstanding.


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