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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 1.5: 8th April, AM8:15

Chapter 1.5 done, and already started on chapter 2.1.


And so.

The students council meeting had finally started after much difficulties.

I am slightly nervous, to be honest.

After all, St. Ririana Academy is one of the few top royalty schools in Japan. They are well known even at Kyoto as well.

Not only it is a place for the elite of the elites to gather, it also practices extraterritoriality as well. And the group that holds on to these powers is the students council.

As the first meeting of the semester and chaired by Nikaido Arashi, I wonder what will the topics be like - as someone who had just transferred into the school, and as the holder of the lowest position in the students council, it is something really interesting.

In any case, do allow me to observe the meeting.

It was obvious for Kaichou and Nasuhara, but even that incompetent sister of mine - all of them should be the top students of this school. While Ginbe is new here just like me, I long knew about her fantastic performance a long time back.

Ahh, what sort of conversation will these people have?



Then again.

Where should I sit?

Kaichou, fuku-kaichou, secretary and treasurer.

Those were the name-plates found on the respective tables. I didn't have it say it for the three original members, but even Ginbe had managed to find her seat without trouble.

I don't know if it was to be expected, but I could not find the seat for the awkward position that is named as 'Deputy Assistant of Secretary'. As such,

"Oi-. You are to sit here."


Nikaido-kaichou made a signal to the lost me,

"Sorry, sorry. I did not prepare your seat, since your position was something I fabricated on the spot. I had forgotten it due to my carelessness."

"You know, you are the president, so please do not use terms like 'fabricated'."

Should she say that in normal circumstances, those who had voted for her will surely question the trust they had placed in her.

"Forget it, lets not care about that for the moment...... Well, where should I sit?"

"Well, just sit by my side for now. Since you will not be doing anything important for today, you can experience for yourself the atmosphere here."

...... Whatever. I guess that was a rather appropriate arrangement.

Come to think of it, this rather lengthily named position of mine was something that Kaichou had decided on her own. I am probably Kaichou's private secretary or something.

And since it has already came down to this, I do want to see the unfathomable abilities of Kaichou.

"Understood. Then I sit myself at Kaichou's back-"

"Please hold on for a moment."

Nasuhara interrupted all of the sudden.

"For the students council of this school, the role of the secretary should be under the jurisdiction of the vice-president, right? His role is the Deputy Assistant of Secretary. Since I am the vice-president, I should naturally be the responsible of the management of him. Should that not be it?"


I was not aware of this rule since I am extremely new here. If that is what Nasuhara says, then it should not be wrong. Yup.

"And so, the most suitable position of his seat is right next to mine. Any objections?"

"Oh. If we are to put it that way, then can I say something as well?"

Just when I was thinking that, Ginbe had spoken up about her own opinion as well.

"I am not too sure about the rules of this students council, but just like Akito, I have just transferred to this school. As fellow newcomers of the students council, we should pick up the jobs from our senpai together, right?"


Her words do make sense.

It's obviously so me, but Ginbe has just joined the students council two days ago as well. I didn't really think there is much of a chance for her to be involved in things.

Or rather, we will be hindering the meeting if we were to randomly interrupt them without knowing anything. In such a situation, it will be better for Ginbe and me to sit together at the sides and observe the meeting.

"Everyone, wait a second."

Even my sister was raising her hand this time.

"If that is the case, then I have something to say as well. If we are talking about the position of Onii-chan, then just as its name suggest, he should be there to assist me, the secretary-"


"Oi Kaichou!?"

My sisters opened her eyes wide when her speech was interrupted with a rather straightforward answer.

"But I am not done yet?"

"Mmm. Well, yeah. I thought it will be better if I do something like this for the final gimmick."

"Those feelings akin to that of a comedic alien are unnecessary!"

"Well, I guess it will be fine for you to continue if you are to bathe with me everyday."

"Why do I have to agree to that sort of request!? Isn't my position here a little too weak!? Please listen to me like you'll do with others!"

"Slightly off topic, but speaking about bathrooms, some public baths have recently turned into a place for prostitution as well."

"I don't think it is appropriate for you to be saying these 'fun-facts' at a time like this!"

"Well, that's how it is."

Nikaido-kaichou ended the subject just like that.

My poor sister could not keep up with the pace at which Nikaido-kaichou had changed the topics, which resulted with her losing the chance of expressing her own views.

Mmm. Such was the difference in capabilities.

"I understand everyone's stands now."

Kaichou stood up from her seat,

"It has been decided. The discussion topic for the very first meeting of the new semester shall be this."

She wrote on the whiteboard with a set of beautiful handwriting.

"Round one, tada! Who shall sit beside Himenokouji Akito?"

...... Urm, well, what can I say?

Am I holding some overly weird fantasies for the students council of this school?

It looks like that is totally the case here.

"Urm- pardon me, Kaichou."


"Despite being the main subject of the matter, my opinion has not been sought."Can I say something?"

"...... Alright. Shoot."

"I wish to sit next to Akiko."

Just as I said that, the whole atmosphere of the room changed.

Nikaido-kaichou, Nasuhara and Ginbe changed into a rather dark expression, and it looked like they were about to sigh.

Only Akiko showed a beaming look as though she was welcoming the gardens of summer.

"Onii-chan...... Akiko has always believed firmly that Onii-chan and me are always in love since the beginning of time."

"No, no, it's not like that. Look, isn't this rather natural? You are my younger sister and my superior as well. The things Nikaido-kaichou, Nasuhara and Ginbe had said in regards to the position of my seat do make sense as well, but will ultimately go down this path if I am forced to choose , isn't it?"

"Fufu, you don't have to be shy about it, Onii-chan. I am very~ clear about it - about Onii-chan's true feelings."

"No. That expression of yours shows very clearly that you did not understand."

"We might as well announce our engagement and stuff right here, okay?"

"Indeed, you do not understand."

I sighed.

Oh well, I knew things would turn out like this.

Even so, I have decided that it would be better if I state my stand clearly instead of wasting time on such mundane things. The result was exactly what I had expected, right down to how I had increased my sister's delusions......

"Kukuku. Since it has been decided, then let us not waste our time. Here, Onii-chan, take a seat here. Let us both stick together closely and attend the meeting-"


While my elated sister was waving her hands at me, Kaichou interruped.

"I am sorry, but can I ask you to do something urgent?"

"Something urgent? Right now?"

"Mmm. Sorry- please help me to buy a red bean bun."

"R-Red bean bun?"

"Yeah. I have no idea why I have a sudden craving for it. Ah, don't forget about the milk as well."

"....... I apologize, but I will not do it even if this is an order from Kaichou. To think you are ordering your subordinate to attend to your private matters while at an important meeting. Please conduct yourself in a more respectful manner."

"If you are to get them within five minutes, I'll bestow you the right to get your brother to say to you, 'Akiko today is cute to the max'."

"Within five minutes!? Understood!"

With that said, Akiko immediately flew out of the students council room like a dog.

Is that really okay, my younger sister...... Honestly speaking, your brother is rather worried about your future......

It will not do. I will have to lecture my sister when she returns.

"Right. With that, the thing in the way is gone, but......"

Kaichou slowly placed her legs on the table and shot a glance at me.

"Himenokouji Akito. What are your thoughts after seeing your sister acting that way?"

"How else can I feel other than to be really worried."

It will be really tough for her in the future if she is controlled by others that easily.

Well, I can prevent things from becoming overly troublesome if I am by her side, but...... I can't be with her all the time.

"That's right. I am worried about it as well. Not just me, but the duku-kaichou and treasurer there are both putting on a rather pissed-off expression - they share the same thoughts as me as well."

With that said, she took a glance at the silent Nasuhara and Ginbe. Next,

"But. What we are worried about is not quite the same as what you are worrying about."


"You are a huge sis-con, right?"


Wait what.

Nasuhara and Ginbe do think like that, but why does Kaichou have that sort of misunderstanding as well.

"No, it's not like I have a sister-complex, you know? Well of course, I do treasure my younger sister and love her very much. But, isn't that something rather natural as her elder brother? I don't think there is anything inconceivable about it."

"Urm, yeah. You are right. Ahh, this is a total mess. You are not wrong...... but."

Even though she had said that, it looked like Kaichou was implying something else.

"Nasuhara, Ginbe, come over here for a second."

She got her two subordinates to her side, and began to whisper among each other.

"Well...... I guess you both have had a rough idea on what I am about to say?"

"Mmm, yes. Things are in a really terrible state."

"The problem of the Himenokouji siblings is slightly out of my expectations. Though it's not like we had underestimated them......"

For some unknown reason, I was the only one who was excluded from them.

Even though I am saying that, it's not like I'll do things like interrupting the girls in order to know what they were whispering about...... I'll just wait for them to be done with their discussion.

"In any case, there's nothing much we can do if both siblings are like that. Should this continue on, even I will have no choice but to surrender."

"Those two will live in a world of themselves without them realizing it if we are to leave them alone. Really, please spare me from that."

"Well, luckily for us, they are blood-related siblings. For the competition to end on a note where the siblings ends up together...... such an ending is impossible - well, that is the case typically."

"But after looking at them, I have no idea when, where and how that sort of thing will happen."

"We will become a huge joke if things do turn out that way. To prevent the worst case scenario from happening, we will have to take countermeasures."

"For now, let us call it a truce and form a temporary alliance. But the question is, what should we do next?"

"I have a plan in regards to that. Care to listen?"

...... Oh.

It looks like they are done with their discussion.

"We have made you wait for quite a while, Himenokouji Akito."

Kaichou said when< the members of the secret chat have all returned back to their seats.

"There is something that I wish to discuss with you. Can you spare me your attention?"

"Yeah. About what?"

"How do you view your sister's brother-complex?"

"Well...... I am happy that she admires me that much. That is even more so considering the fact that we have not seen each other for six years. However, even without the need of me saying it, my sister is just a sister to me. There's nothing else other than that."

"Well, how about the fact that your sister wears her brother complex openly, or the fact that she does care about what the people around her think?"

"Ah- that."

That is my pain.

For six years she was separated from me, Akiko was adopted as a daughter by a famous family, the Arisugawa. In order not to embarrass herself wherever she goes, she had undergone the respective trainings.

And thanks to that, her grades at St. Ririana Academy are excellent. She is popular, and it looks like she is one of the few top students as well. In actual fact, she is also the secretary of the powerful students council.

Though she has forgotten it cleanly due to those...... actions of hers in our daily lives, but Akiko has already obtained plenty of reputation at the age of just sixteen.

But if her reputation is tarnished because of me living together with once more, or due to me transferring to this school - it will be really terrible even if her reputation suffers from the slightest scratches.

Not to mention, we have just forcefully moved out of the Arisugawa and Takanomiya households in order to live by ourselves. It's the period of time where we will want to avoid any bad impressions or incidents.

"Well, I can roughly understand your feelings from those expressions of yours."

Kaichou nodded her head slowly,

"You too think that your sister's brother-complex is not something that's good, am I right?"

"Mmm, I guess."

"Actually, that is not just you. The rest of the students council feel the same way as well."

"What do you mean?"

"Do I even have to say it? The blunder of a students council member will equate to the blunder of all of us. Your sister's brother-complex is something quite troublesome. Even if I am to be polite about it, I can't say that it is something that will bring a positive influence to us. You understand?"

That's precisely how it is.

Actually, I had noticed it a little ever since the beginning.

Back then, no one really cared that my sister was saying things like "I love Onii-chan the most" for the whole day. That is because that no one understood how bad her brother-complex was.

But ever since I transferred to this school, things had turned for the worse. It seemed like the news of how my sister acts around me have already made its way throughout the whole school. Frankly, I do not know if it is possible to maintain my sister's current reputation.

"We are all affected by it together, regardless of whether the situation is beneficial or harmful. Things will become troublesome if we were to ignore it. As such, we have no choice but to take some measures."

"Well...... you are right. And so? Does Kaichou have something in mind?"

"Well, I do have something. But in order to execute that plan - Himenokouji Akito, your cooperation is a must. You will help out, right?"


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