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Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 1 - Paradise Illusion: Main/Content Page

Author: 細音啓 (Sazane Kei)
Illustrator: カスカベ アキラ (Kasukabe Akira)

Oh young man, who had fallen into the Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden> and returned back to the floating continent. For a thousand years, the frozen paradise has always been waiting for you

"Hyouketsu Kyoukai had been breached! Many people are corrupted by mateki!"
"Not a single one of them are allowed to pass through!"
"Calculating the position of the commanding Yuugenshu......"
"Taking into account its flying speed, its estimated time of arrival at Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> is in"
"Fourteen minutes!"
"Aside from protecting everyone properly, all of us are to survive through this as well!"

"You have finally came......"
"Sorry, Ymy. I have made you wait for a long time."


On that day,
At the ends of the world—

I definitely did hear the song that flows through the Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>.

It has been hard just translating through the contents page of this. I don't think I am well prepared for what is about to come. 

The novel uses Furigana excessively. As such, I'll be doing it in this format, in italics:
text text text original_term <furigana> text text text

Just in case, second image flows from right to left, then top to bottom.

Next, the special terms. Remember them as you will be seeing them. A lot.

氷結鏡界: Hyouketsu Kyoukai. 氷結 = Frozen. 鏡界 is probably a play on 境界, since both sounds the same (and looks similar). 境界 means boundary, while 鏡 is mirror, and 界 can mean boundary. So in this context, it is the Frozen Mirror Boundaries.

魔笛: Mateki. Literally means demonic flute. It is sort of the negative energy of this novel, which Yuugenshu is based on. More will be explained in the novels.

幽幻種: Yuugenshu. Roughly translated as Phantom Types. The 'evil' beasts of the novel, I guess.

天結宮: Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. It should be translated as Sky-binding Palace for this. 

穢歌の庭: Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>.

That's all for now. This will be way harder than Onii-ai for sure. And oh, Iris is taken by me, so hands off her (it?).


  1. Hehehe, seems like quite a challenge, translating is a terrible thing to be done, most people are not capable of doing it properly, so if you are one of the few how are able to do it right you are really gifted.

    Quoting an old friend:
    "Translating is a terrible thing, why the hell do I love it so much?" :P

    I wish you luck in this project, take your time and do your best, you are a great translator, and the rest of the team is great too, otherwise the level of quality of work in this blog would not be this high.

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  2. I don't know why, but I get an SOA's vibe out from the pictures xD

    -It's harder to translate than Onii-Ai [check]

    -It has way more volume than Onii-Ai [check]

    -It has some special terms to deal with [check]

    Holy Molly. Looks like it's gonna be one interesting project for you guys xD

    "And oh, Iris is taken by me, so hands off her (it?)."

    The translation haven't been started yet, but you've already claim her (it?). Blasphe- Oh it's zgmfx09a...


    P.S ah I have to delete a post above me. reason: Blogspot Fail. Hard.


  3. Hmm... Iris? is she the moe robot girl? Guess I'll take the ojou-sama you told me about =]

    And good luck translating this novel.

  4. >Hehehe, seems like quite a challenge, translating is a terrible thing to be done, most people are not capable of doing it properly, so if you are one of the few how are able to do it right you are really gifted.

    Gifted? No. Bored? Yes.

  5. at least this comes to surface, thx for (upcoming) translation

  6. >Gifted? No. Bored? Yes.

    Perhaps not gifted, but to keep doing it with this level of quality even though you are bored, its not for everyone.

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  7. Is there a PDF version of this volume? :)

  8. here is the pdf and epub version for volume one

  9. a non MU d/l link perhaps?

  10. Loving it!! Wish you luck on vol 3 XD!

  11. Great translations the quality is great
    thank you for the effort

  12. Can you reupload the pdf and epub links? Megaupload is gone...


  13. mmmm yeah, megaupload is forever gone R.I.P.. on that note... mediafire upload please? for the pdf.. XD ty ^^ ooo and ty for the nice translation
    ~an insane little gremlin playing with a wrench~

  14. many thanks, great LN, keep up the good work....

  15. Can you ask the other translating gruops that do the anime series they might not be interested at first bcause from anime to light novel it has a big difference but i know that if they read some of the projects here i know that they will do it cause its hard to w8 weeks and sometimes years just finish some anime or mangas or the can do it while w8ting for their projects

  16. se ve interesante muchas gracias espero puedo terminarla

  17. Is there going to be a PDF file for these volumes that you finish are is it just going to be on site reading?

    1. The PDF is 4 Post above you. But on that note. Anyone has the Epub?

  18. I dont know if someone else notice it... But the setting and overall theme is very similar to game series with the title ,,Ar Tonelico". Which BTW is really master piece with one of the best and epic music I ever heard. Also really good story. It caught my attention :D