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[Eden v1] Epilogue: And so the young man aims for the tower

Annnnnd, I am done with Vol 1, one week earlier than initially scheduled.

Thanks to Alice and Merc for following through the proofreading. Also, Crazy Cake! for the raws. 

I personally enjoyed this series a lot, but I am not quite sure how the rest will feel about it. Generally, you can pretty much grasp the writing style of the author in this volume. Character/plot development, and fights in the last part. That's the basic flow of Tasogareiro (except for the last 3 volumes or something) and the first 3 vols of Hyouketsu Kyoukai, so expect something similar to this in vol 2.

Also, I'll resume on Onii-ai and try to finish it asap. Then I'll have to do my internship report, before starting on Hyouketsu Kyoukai vol 2, and a test run on Sayonara Piano Sonata.

Feel free to post your opinions about the series here, as well as any comments and constructive criticisms in regards to my translations.

Outdoor cafe, 'The Two Swans <Albireo>'.

The cafe, which faces the main street of the Second Residential Sector, was filled with its regulars early in the morning.

"Chef— A red-tea set for table number three!"

"Thanks for your help, Yuto."

In contrast with the fully filled seats, there were only three people working in the shop. They were Eyriey and Chef, who were both busy in the kitchen, as well as Yuto, who came to help temporarily.

"Yuto is really hardworking. You will be able to rest soon, so do your best!"


Yuto ran off happily after being praised with a pat on her head.

"Speaking of which...... Eyriey, is Sheltis taking a paid leave for today as well?"

Chef asked with a sigh, while planting her hands on her hips.

"He says he is still tired, and wants to rest for another day."

"That's rare, for Sheltis to be that tired. I thought being energetic is his strength."

"Well, you can't really blame him for this time."

As she stopped decorating the salad, Eyriey showed a wry smile.

...... There is probably no one who will believe it.

That the young man working in such an ordinary cafe, is actually the same person who has saved the Priestesses of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.

"But still—! Even though you are tired!"

She hugged the tray, and clenched her fist—

"Sheltis you idiot! Going to sleep by yourself and leaving all the work to me! That's unfair!"

Eyriey shouted into the staff passageway.

"Sheltis, are you skipping work for today as well?"

"...... It's a paid leave."

In the staff's hostel.

The tea-red haired young man was currently lying on his bed. He opened his eyes, and his sight landed on machine crystal <Ilis>, which was on the necklace in front of his chest.

"Then again, you went too wild this time."


"In order to destroy all Yuugenshu on the other levels, you had caused your body to suffer from plenty of injuries. Also, if not for my guidance, we won't even know if you can take the right route in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, and reach the commanding Yuugenshu in time."

"...... Urm, how should I put it......"

"In the end, your whole body is aching all over from the lack of regular exercise. You can only be resting in bed like this, for these three days."

"............ Uh...... things like this......"

"I've heard that Leon has resumed his own training regime the day after the battle was over, as though nothing had happened in the first place."


"There really is not a single redeeming quality in you, Sheltis."

"Shut up."

He turned over, and buried his face into the pillow—

"However, you are undoubtedly the one who has protected Ymy. You should be proud of yourself for that, you know?"

Machine crystal <Ilis> said that in a slightly teasing voice. She then continued.

"The three days period of praying for the Priestesses is already over. From today onward, the Queen shall resume the maintenance of Hyouketsu Kyoukai. You can go to see Ymy again."

That's right. It had already been three days since the collapse of Hyouketsu Kyoukai and the invasion of Yuugenshu.

Thinking back, if felt as though the catastrophe had just happened yesterday. The contamination of the streets, as well as the destruction - however, human beings are still living on. Everyone was working hard to purify the contaminated roads, as well as repairing the destroyed facilities.

"That is the case, but...... it just feels a little embarrassing."

The scene at Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, where he saw off Ymy. As the two of them did not have the chance to speak with each other properly, it felt a little awkward to be looking for her now.

"You are a really spineless man."

"I'll go. I'll go...... but give me some time to prepare myself mentally."

Just then, cheers could be heard in the direction of the cafe.

"Hmm? What's happening?"

Sheltis got up from bed, and listened intently towards the cafe. What was happening? It felt like there was a sort of uproar or something.

"Oi— Sheltis."

He could hear a flurry of steps, and the door of his room opened. A girl in overalls and apron popped her head into the room.

"What's up, Eyriey?"

"You have a visitor. Well then, I'll make my move. You two take your time."

A visitor? He did not remember arranging to meet with anyone today - just as he was confused about the situation, a girl walked slowly into the room.

She was wearing a huge sun hat, coupled with a white dress. Her face was obscured by the shadows of the hat, but her long hair was giving off a golden luster from the rays of the lights.

"May I ask...... who are you?"


The young girl did not say a word. Suddenly, without warning, she grabbed a small cushion from the chair, and threw it at Sheltis with all her strength.

"Wait! W-Whoa.....! What's with this?"

"Idiot, I thought you will be there at Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>...... I've waited there for nearly a day, and yet you don't seem to be appearing anytime soon!"

The girl seemed furious. Beneath the hat, was the face of the girl that he is familiar with.

"...... Ymy?"

For a while, Sheltis could not believe that she was standing right in front of him.

It would be easy for her to find out where he is living at. However, as the Priestess of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, there should not be much chances for Ymy to visit the living sector.

"Follow me."


"Stop asking, and just come with me!"

Seeing that Ymy had already started walking away, Sheltis could only follow behind her.

She stepped into a dark alley via the back door for staff, and headed off in the direction of north. The looks of her silent back suggested that Ymy was still fuming with anger.

"...... Ymy, are you angry at me?"

At that instant, Ymy stopped in her tracks.

"I had prayed for Hyouketsu Kyoukai for three days, thinking that a certain someone will be there waiting for me once I am done with it. However, I had waited and waited, and the person just would not appear."

The young girl showed the side of her face. Her eyes were puffy from fatigue.

...... So she has been waiting for me all this time.

The Priestesses cannot eat or sleep, as they prayed continuously for the whole of three days to maintain Hyouketsu Kyoukai. Despite her being in a state of exhaustion, Ymy still suppressed her fatigue and waited for his visit with anticipation.

"...... Sorry."

"It's fine. Actually, I am not really angry."

As she took off her hat, Ymy flashed a mischievous smile.

"It has been a long time since I have been to the living sector. Due to me being confined in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, I am really glad to be able to take a stroll like this."

The young girl sounded especially delighted.

"...... Oh right, can I ask you something?"

That was something concerning her. For the past three days, Sheltis was really concerned about it.

"Is Hyouketsu Kyoukai alright? Should it be breached again the next time—"

"We have changed the wavelength of the shinryoku used in the barrier, so the same method of breaking through Hyouketsu Kyoukai should not work again. Also, even though it is an additional burden to us, we have added in yet another cycle of rites into the spell of the barrier."

Ymy said tirelessly.

"Sorry, I can't understand a single thing which you had just said."

"Fufu, am I more and more like a Priestess already?"

She made a spin on the spot, and her dress flared along with her motion.

Different from the vestment, that attire should be something that is worn while in disguise. The cheers back at the cafe should be the civilians realizing her real identity.

"...... Speaking of which, where are we going?"

"It's a secret. But it is not a place to be suspicious about."

The two of them walked through the empty alleys, and moved forward one step at a time. The dark alleys were definitely nowhere near 'clean', but there were still a bounce in her every step.

— A place where no one can see them, a time spent where no one can disturb them.

How long has it been, since the last time they had walked together by themselves like this? Sheltis thought to himself: the reason for Ymy picking that route, was probably due to her thinking of the same thing as him.

As they walked on.

Unknowingly, a tall tower which shoots into the sky, appeared before Sheltis.

"Alright, we are here."

As she stood before the pristine white tower, Ymy opened her arms out wide.

"Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>?"

"Yes. Follow me."

The place which is surrounded by huge protective walls. She walked to the main gate. None of the guards at the entrance were surprised at his presence - perhaps they were already informed about it before hand.

"Sorry for waiting. I've brought him here!"

A huge space covered by fresh turfs of grass.

As she went through the main gate, Ymy waved at the four people before her.

"That's quick."

The silver haired young man, who was standing with his arms crossed, was the first person to greet back with a raise of his arm.


"It's Syun-rei. She really wish to thank you."

Behind the bitterly smiling Leon, was an extremely shy black haired girl. Sheltis remembered that she was the Priestess who was together with Ymy at the Grand Holy Hall.

"...... Uh...... Urm...... Thank...... you......"

After gently bowing her head as thanks, the young girl hastily hid herself behind Leon's back again.

"Hi— we meet again. You are Sheltis huh?"

A young girl in the coat of Sennenshi was greeting him from the side without reservations.

"Eh? You are the girl back at the Third Living Sector?"

"Yes, name's Run. Thanks to you knocking my subordinate out cold, there was not a single life lost! Well, about half of them are still in the hospital, but they should be up and running in about a week."

The girl gave a cheerful smile. Beside her, was a comparatively more mature lady dressed in a gown. She slowly walked towards him.

"That's right— I was really shocked when you appeared. Thanks for your help—"

Speaking with a slightly lazy tone, the lady gave a slight bow of appreciation.

"I am Priestess Meimel— nice to meet you. You are the childhood friend of Ymy, right? No wonder you had bathed with her since young—"

"...... Wa! Meimel, when had I said things like that?"

"Ara ara— isn't that the truth? Don't be so angry, Ymy."

The tall Priestess tried placating the fuming Ymy.

"Alright, joke's over - I am really grateful towards you. As the representative of all Priestesses, I thank you once again. Ymy had already told me about the things you had done to your credit. Also, Queen Salah wishes to thank you personally as well. I think there should be plenty of opportunity to see her personally, once you are living in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>."

...... Living in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>? What does she mean? I am an ordinary citizen living in the living sector, so I should not have the chance to see the Queen again.

"Ymy, what's going on?"

"You know, I was not the only one who was paying close attention to you, as you were heading to the peak of the tower."

Spinning the hat with her fingertip, Ymy winked suggestively.

"Just as Meimel had said, Syun-rei and I had informed Meimel and Run telepathically about how you have saved Syun-rei and me, as well as how you have defeated the commanding Yuugenshu. So, everyone here is a witness — go ahead, Leon."

"Oh right, I have nearly forgotten to return you this."

Leon tossed out something.

Under the bright sun, a glittering silver badge flew in an arc, before landing in Sheltis' hands.

A familiar name was carved on the badge.

"This is...... my badge?"

It was the badge confiscated from him two years ago. Sheltis thought it had already been destroyed.

"It took me, Ymy, Syun-rei, Meimel and Run quite a bit of effort - the five members of the highest positions in Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> have banded together. Even though we could not retrieve back the deleted data of your past, we have still managed to get a place for you within the cadets of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. You will have to start from the lowest position."

Having heard all that, Sheltis took another look at his own badge.

The rank beneath his name was blank, while the date of entering the tower was the date of today. Beneath all that, was the carving of personal signature of the Queen. Which means—

"...... It can't be? But I...... can I really?"

Nervousness and shock caused him to speak in stutters.

As someone who was permanently expelled, he was about to become a guard of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> yet again......

"Hurry up and return to my side. Training is hardly challenging without you as my opponent."

Leon tossed something else to him. There were two objects this time, and they were significantly bigger than his badge.

The hilts of the blades which he could not be more familiar with.

"Here's the swords you were using three years ago. It's not like I can do much with it."

After determining their traveling path with his eyes, Sheltis grabbed onto one sword in each of his hands. A sense of security came from their weight, along with their nostalgic touch.

"Of course, I will be in charge of reconstructing the blades. From today onward, I may be accompanying you for quite a long time. Don't ever leave me by myself and disappear for a few years again."

"...... Mmm."

He gently touched machine crystal <Ilis> with his fingertips.


Ymy pointed to the highest story of the tower.

"I am already a Priestess. Therefore—"

Following her line of sight.

Standing beneath Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, Sheltis lifted his head to look at the tip of the tower as well.

"I will be waiting for you at the top. You must come quickly this time! Understand?"

The meaning behind those words may not be as simple as him reaching the highest story of the tower.

But to actually reach the highest class of guards of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, and be the person protecting the Priestesses of Orbie Clar - a Sennenshi.

— This time, I will wait for you to be my Sennenshi.

Ymy pointed to the sky. There was a sense of joy amid her shyness.

"...... Yeah."

Looking at her, Sheltis replied with a strong nod of his head. That's right, even if his body is carrying mateki, there are still things that only he himself can do. There, let's redo everything all over again.

It is fine starting from the lowest class, and it matters not regardless of how long he takes.

One day—

"I will reach there. This time, I must reach the peak of the tower."


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