Saturday, October 15, 2011

[Eden v1] Resolution Chapter: Shouten


— Ice cold rain.

The pain seems to go deep into the marrows just by being drenched by it. It was as though crystallized ice had rained down...... That was how icy the downpour was.

The crazy torrents were like tears of heaven, that nearly chiseled through the roofs. From the surrounding came the sound of rumbling water, which had exceeded what should be the sound of rainfalls - calling it a waterfall would have been more appropriate.

For how long had it been raining?

The rainfall from the distant borders of the sky had already broken all previous records. However, the rain did not seem to be waning at all.


The sound of the dripping water reverberated in the cold, bright night sky.

"The young man rejected by the world, and the young girl at the center of the world. Will the two get back together once again, after being forcefully separated two years ago—"

Beneath the stars high up in the sky, a silhouette of a woman was fiddling her black hair enticingly.

Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, two hundred and ninety-first story - the highest level.

She was in the center of the vortex of raging winds. She was standing on the tip of the tower, which is about as wide as a pin, with the tip of her foot — this lady was standing on the highest point of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.

"This torrential rain is similar to that of two years ago. Is this just a coincidence?"

Her luscious lips curled upwards with a light smile. She lifted her head to look at the pitch dark sky that was releasing rain.

—A mysterious scene.

The rain bounced away from the lady's body while shining in bright light, before it even managed to strike on her.

As though there was an invisible barrier of light that separated her from the rain.

"Do you still remember? The night when you and I met in the heavy rain - the night that is the prelude to everything."

Beneath her, was a landscape consisting of countless dots of light from the living sector, flickering non stop.

There is no stairs that leads to the tip of the tower. How would she go down? No, actually, how did she get up there in the first place? These questions seemed to be of no importance to her, as she continued to stand silently on that place.

"Fufu...... well well. It seems like my skills have deteriorated quite a bit in the past two years where I have been protecting you under the guise of surveillance. Don't you agree, Sheltis?"

The woman was talking happily.

She gently encircled both her arms around her abdomen, and lifted her seductive breasts.

"However, considering that the process is not too boring, but instead, interesting, I'll not fuss too much about it. Since it is the undisputed truth that the floating continent has been awaiting your return."

Her gaze went even further into the skies.

She opened her arms wide, as though to entrust her tall slender body to the winds.

"This rain, this night - everything is the same as back then. Therefore, Sheltis. Representing the whole of the floating continent, I hereby welcome you again."

And then, Tsali looked into the ends of the skies.

"Welcome back. Oh young man, who had fallen into the Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>, and returned back to the floating continent. For a thousand years, the frozen paradise have always been waiting for you—"


  1. I'll thank you for each article because you really deserve it. So: Thank you.

  2. I wonder if who Tsali is will be revealed in the next book, or whether we will have to wait longer...

  3. @Lurker

    Let me summon the knowledge of Google.


    There seems to be quite a bit of intel about the characters at wikipedia.
    Is only I could understand what is written. :P

    Tsali seems to be a important figure in the book, strong shinryoku, possibly Salah's sister?

    Now I'm thinking, the queen do everything for 27 days, and 5 priestesses do it for 3.
    If the queen died tomorow, for any reason. Who would be the new queen, if none of the priestesses is strong enough to do her job?


  4. "Fufu...... well well. It seems like my skills have worsened quite a bit, during the past two years where I have been protecting you under the guise of surveillance. Don't you agree, Sheltis?"

    So, someone who is both close to Sheltis and at the same time, acting like an innocent civilian...

    The restaurant manager? Yuto? Eyriey? - but but, They don't have those seductive breasts the narrator said xD

  5. Oh. Thanks Keito. I didn't want spoilers, so I hesitated to look. (But I'm fine with speculation.) And, as you mentioned, I wouldn't be able to understand. So I'll just wait until the translation appears.