Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 2 - Forbidden Crystal: Main/Content Page

Author: 細音啓 (Sazane Kei)
Illustrator: カスカベ アキラ (Kasukabe Akira)

"Do you have a reason? A definite reason for wanting to be a Sennenshi?"
"Because there is a girl who I promised to protect."

"What sort of world will the Dream of Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden> show you?"
"I've found Shel-nii!"
"Long time no see!"
"Even if we cannot touch each other's hands, we still can convey our feelings via words."
"There was a young man who was a guard, whom I admired. That's all there is to it."
"There is another reason for Sennenshi to protect their Priestess."
"You absolutely cannot let anyone else find out about the mateki in your body."

Even if it is unacceptable to the ways of this world, returning to her side is the only thing I won't give up

Prologue: It all begins on that day —young man—
Chapter 1: Reentering the palace
Chapter 2: Isolation
Intermission: The night of initiation
Chapter 3: Floating Archipelagos <Lagoon>, under the enticement of an unknown intention
Intermission: Tranquility of the heart
Chapter 4: Forbidden Crystal
Final Chapter: Let everything resemble that day, I pray that it would become like that —youngsters
Epilogue: The thing in which he protects

It will be great if anyone can provide me with a better raw for the long image. The Japanese raws which I have for the first two volumes are not satisfactory. Though that is not quite unnecessary, it still kinda ruins the thing.

EDIT: Thanks to Lyin v7YN for providing with the better raw as I had requested.


  1. So Ymy's rival for Sheltis' affection has arrived. Although we all know the outcome.

  2. Wow, fast xD

    Also, Mimikko hacker where? Or was that vol 3? o.o

  3. Thanks a lot as always. This v02 seems great too.

  4. Looks good.

    But no matter how much they say that Sheltis hair is red, it looks very purple to me.

  5. Still don't understand why narration says "tea-red colored", Sheltis' hair is purple no matter how I look at it.

  6. I agree with DrkMercenary. Its been bothering me that the hair color is said
    to be "tea-red colored". Even asked my roommate to make sure I wasn't going color blind, but his hair is definitely purple.

  7. hair color change when mateki is in action? hahaha
    forced the explanation :)

  8. the illustrations do not need to agree with the text descriptions. there are quite a number of titles with this 'mismatch'

  9. Hope you update soon xD! Just epic!

  10. Can anyone make a pdf or prc version please...

  11. thanks for the translation, tho a PDF version would be great :D

  12. yes pdf version will be awsome.
    where is the one who usually create the pdf version anyway?


    1. Thanks for the upload. It looks weird when i'm reading it on an e-reader tho.

    2. Thanks! I hope teh_ping's rage at some jerk selling printed and bound translations won't affect your next conversion and upload. Cause honestly, if somebody was that desperate for money, they probably wouldn't shy away from doing it themselves. But, again, thanks! The pdfs really help relieve the boredom of my daily commutes.

    3. link dead, re-up please!

    4. The link no longer works, could you reupload the PDF, please? Thanks and have a nice day :D


  15. Thanks for Your Hard work in translating this AWESOME LN.
    Kinda sad that it was dropped.

    @kevin: thank for the PDF.

  16. Just found this site while surfing Google it is amazing i though BT translation had all the good light navels beside RoyalRoad

  17. anyone who got epub for this?