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[Eden v2] Intermission: The night of initiation

And back to Sayonara Piano Sonata.

Edit: I've also changed Floating Islands <Lagoon> to Floating Archipelago <Lagoon>.

It was as though the sphere of sky was dyed with a transparent black ink.

The transparent night sky was so very dark, and yet it seemed to be within grasp at the same time.

There was the mysterious shadow of the azure moon, as well as the scattered stars that looked like jewels spilling out from a knocked-over chest.

...... It was a quiet night.

The cries of the birds, the buzz of the insects, as well as the rustling of the plants - none of those sounds could be heard.

The lush forestry. In the middle of the night where all living things were asleep—

"What a comfortable night."

A joyful female voice was gradually penetrating through the forest of the night.

In the deepest area of the sea of trees that were over a hundred years-old.

"It's not too bad to immerse yourself in nature occasionally. Having constantly exposed myself under artificial lighting, I have nearly forgotten the light of nature"

As she lifted her head to look at the countless twinkling stars, the corners of her lips became gentle.

*...... Plop*

She walked barefooted on the surface of the lake, producing a delicate sound from the waters.

It was a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

She was standing on the surface of the lake silently, amid the sea of trees.

A thin mysterious membrane of light was glowing in between her bare feet and the water's surface.

It was as though the light was supporting the lady, preventing her from falling into the water.

"— Hmm, 'I feel the same too' huh? Seems like you have finally understood those feelings."

She gently closed her eyes. A smile appeared on the corner of her lips.

That was not her talking to herself.

She was actually directing her speech to a certain someone.

"Haha, 'Don't treat me like a kid'? Right, I get it."

The shoulder's of the lady trembled slightly.

A beautiful and dignified face, as well as a pair of amber-colored eyes that were close to golden. Her soft silky black hair draped down her back and onto her slender body.

Despite those exceptional features, the most attractive part about the scene was probably the graceful posture of her standing in stark nakedness, baring her skin for all to see.

"Hmm? Put on my clothes first before we talk? Why does it matter? It's your fault for sending me the telepathy message while I was enjoying my bath."

The moonlight was cold yet clear. Beneath the alluring lights—

A luscious naked body could be faintly seen.


She made a mischievous smile, and hugged her shoulders with her crossed arms.

"I am different from you. I won't feel embarrassed even if my body is seen by someone else."

Those slender shoulders of her tall body were tightly entwined by both of her arms.

Her barely covered breasts gave a slight quiver, as though they were about to spill out from the gaps of her two arms. Her thin waist and shapely hips carved out luscious and seductive curves exemplifying that 'devilish' body of hers.

It was as though the beauty of her exposed body existed for the sole purpose of seducing men.

"Speaking of which, it's about time that child-like figure of yours—"

"...... Tsali, I am being serious here."

The slightly angry voice of a young girl reverberated through the silent forest.

It was one of the phenomenons of telepathy. It signified the intense emotions that the owner was experiencing.

"Don't be so angry. Fufu, you are so very cute."

However, the lady named Tsali looked really happy, and the smile on her face deepened.

"Rather than wasting your shinryoku to convert your telepathy messages into your voice, why don't you concentrate on the prayers of Hyouketsu Kyoukai instead?"

"...... I have never once slackened in regards to that."

With that, the voice of the young girl quieted down.

"That's right, be good and keep it to telepathy— Well then, what's your reason for contacting me via telepathy this late into the night?"

After a brief moment of silence.

"...... I see."

Having received the telepathy message from the young girl, the lady named Tsali cocked her eyebrow slightly.

"'The Cage of Frozen Time'...... It's the Forbidden Crystal?"

There was a hint of ecstasy in her laugh.

"How surpising. I thought it would be quite a while before we will be heading down to that floating island............ Ahh, we have to act before the Government Sector can get their hands on 'that'?"

Beneath the moonlight, the lady lifted her arms and peered into the surface of the lake.

"Understood. If so, I'll tag along as well."

"Sorry for the trouble."


Her smile deepened once again with the voice of the young girl.

"Though I am quite interested in this as well."

*Woosh*— a gust of wind breezed past the water's surface.

It was similar to the gales of autumn, galloping through the gaps of the forest. The blown leaves were creating multiple ripples on the surface of the lake.

The wind then died down.

"— Ah, how very exciting. Don't you think so, Sheltis?"

On the surface of the lake that had regained its tranquility, was the reflection of a dark black vestment decorated with silver white ornaments.

Tsali was standing on the surface of the lake leisurely. She was wearing a thin vestment that complemented her seductive curves perfectly.

"Oh young man, who had fallen into the Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>, and returned to the floating continent. It's time to proceed."

*...... Plop*

Along with a tiny ripple, she spread her arms out wide and gazed into the sphere of night sky.


"'The Cage of Frozen Time' —  the dreams of Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden> that is still slumbering. What sort of reality <world> will it show you?"

Deep in the desolate forest, Tsali was silently smiling.


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