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[Eden v2] Intermission: Tranquility of the heart

And here's the intermission. I'll be working on 3 chapters of Sayonara Piano Sonata, which I think are the crunch chapters for me. If I can clear them successfully, I'll can most probably finish up volume one.


The time flows by slowly and silently.

As she immersed herself in what felt like time that had been diluted and extended indefinitely, Ymy stared at the ceiling of her own room blankly.

"...... There's only one explanation for that."

"It's the same with how Sheltis was repelled by the doors of the Grand Holy Hall. Ymy, you are in possession of the strongest shinryoku out of the five Priestesses. The reason why you're the only person to repel Sheltis...... is because your shinryoku is too powerful."

The machine crystal <Ilis> explained the reason for Elbert Resonance.

When an overly powerful mateki comes into contact with an equally powerful shinryoku, the laws of physics will be distorted, resulting in the release of electricity.


After being burnt by the flames of Elbert Resonance, her fingertips were now slightly whitish in color, and it felt painful when touched.

"Ymy, the waves of your shinryoku are large and beautiful."

"As a Priestess who maintains Hyouketsu Kyoukai, that should be something to be proud of."

She could still faintly remember those words of blessing from a senior Priestess, back on the day she had became a Priestess.

The amplitude of the waves signifies the absolute strength of the shinryoku.

What irony.

The pristine and absolute qualities of a Priestess has now turned into the reason which denied her the rights to come into contact with the person whom she is closest to.

"............ Ymy, are you thinking of something?"

With both of her hands carrying a red tray, the black-haired girl in a woven vestment had quietly walked out from within the room.

"Have some tea...... here."

"Thank you, Syun-rei."

After accepting the cup of tea, Ymy gently cupped her hands around the sides of the cup.

"............ Ymy, you really wanted to go along with them, right?"

"Mmm...... However, after calming myself down and thinking about it, I realized I had actually arranged for my disciplines later."

Tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that.

A discipline that requires her to submerge into the waters of over ten meters deep that is filled with floating ice, by tying heavy objects onto her body - it's a discipline that pushes her mental state to its limits. There's also the other extreme, which requires her to pray in the burning hot sand until she is exhausted physically.

Since their days as apprentice-Priestesses, they have been undergoing such training that is akin to torture.

Those are disciplines to ensure that no matter what sort of mental conditions they are in - or in other words, even if they are to completely collapse psychologically - they will be able to continue the prayers for Hyouketsu Kyoukai. The discipline of <<Tranquil Heart>>.

She do know very well that those disciplines are essential for a Priestess. However, wouldn't it be great if there is someone by her side who can understand the pains that she is going through?

All she needs is someone to tell her "It's been hard on you" — and yet as a Priestess still without her Sennenshi, there is no one whom she can depend on psychologically.

"That can't be helped, I'm fine with the way things are for now."


Syun-rei looked confused.

After showing a slight smile to Syun-rei, Ymy looked up at the ceiling of her room.

"Because, I am already very happy about the fact that he returned to the Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>."

Mateki and shinryoku that repel one another, and their fingertips that harm each other. Everything may seems unchanged, but there is a difference compared to two years ago - the young man has returned to the Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.

Even if it is unacceptable to the ways of the world—

Even if we cannot touch each other's hands, we can still convey our feelings via words.

"I know Sheltis is trying his best to become a regular guard. Therefore, what I can do now is properly fulfill my role as a Priestess. It'll be okay for me to leave the issue about the mateki within him for later."

As a Priestess, she will be on the highest floor of the tower, awaiting for the arrival of that young man.

It's a trust that transcends all words.

"............ Mmm."

Syun-rei smiled gently and carefully handed out the red tea tray.

"............ Want to have another cup?"

"Ah, yes please. Can you add a little bit of sugar in it?"

"............ No."


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