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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 5.07 Daisuke part 7

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Translated : Sveroz
Edited : Yebanis, Wing, Akios

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Daisuke Part 7

Does this count as the short afterglow before the candle flame is extinguished?

The memories of the past appeared clearly within Daisuke’s heart.

He then remembered, in that cheap, narrow and quiet apartment where a cicada cry could be heard.

There was only small Daisuke sitting alone in this quiet space.

He never had a father.

His household consisted of his mother, Daisuke, and a sister who was one year older than him. His sister was born with a weak body and the fact that his mother was still willing to take care of her was a very thankful matter. Excluding the fact that Daisuke was already a Mushitsuki at that point in time, his sister surely would not be able to survive if his mother abandoned her.

Daisuke looked at the small Kakkou Mushi that landed on the floor and thought:

I must rely on myself to live on, to be strong enough to live on my own. I must rely on my own strength and find a place where I belong---

However, Daisuke’s luck was very good; he was adopted by his uncle and aunt right after. At that time, his uncle had been looking for his mother who went missing after getting pregnant with his sister, but found Daisuke instead.

After picking up Daisuke, his uncle and aunt both treated Daisuke very well. Their daughter also treated him very well. But, he felt that something was wrong with this. The more happiness he felt, the stronger the guilt within Daisuke intensified.

Becoming a Mushitsuki was one of the reasons behind Daisuke’s guilt. If his uncle’s family were to find out about the truth, the outcome would be very obvious. But to Daisuke, the warm household was nothing more than an illusion.

Even if he was abandoned by his mother, used by the SEPB, being an “outsider” in this blessed family; Daisuke was still endlessly looking for the place where he belongs.

And it was then, Daisuke encountered (Fuyuhotaru).

The teenage girl was walking with shaky steps, moving about in the household district.

She was probably trying to escape from the goggled figures that were after her, that was why she looked so emaciated, right? Enduring the freezing winter winds; it looked like she couldn’t hang on much longer.

The teenage girl was rubbing her hands in front of her slightly loose coat, and exhaled a warm breath. The scarf wrapped around her neck was thinly covered with pure white snowflakes that fell from the sky.

A small bright orb that glowed on top of the teenage girl’s head was also buried within the fallen snow; it was a snow white firefly emitting light all over its body.

“It’s cold …”

The teenage girl weakly smiled and looked up at the firefly.

And the next second, the teenage girl’s eyes suddenly lost its light as she collapsed weakly onto the snow bed.

Not knowing how much time had passed, the doll-faced teenage girl suddenly regained her vigor.

The teenage girl then slowly got up as the snow built up around her body fell to the floor.

After that, the teenage girl stepped forward once again.

“…Why did it turn out like this….”

The teenage girl, who had especially long hair, murmured to herself:

“That is because as long as we live, we will harm those around us.”

Daisuke, who was concealing his face with goggles, finally spoke to the girl. He had been following her for quite a long time. He heard that the teenage girl was also a level one ranked Mushitsuki just like him, so he took precautions while handling her. But judging from the current situation, the teenage girl probably wouldn’t pose a threat.

The teenage girl’s face that looked back showed clear traces that she was crying earlier.

“…Who are you?”

The teenage girl let out a hoarse voice with a blank expression. He could tell with a glance that her dream was being devoured rapidly by her (Mushi).


The teenage girl stared at Daisuke, and seemed to understand that Daisuke was an enemy. Her face suddenly narrowed in an instant, yet she didn’t seem to have any intention of running away.

“What is your dream?”

Daisuke asked the teenage girl. He knew that there was no meaning in asking this, but he was still bothered by it. This person who looked like a very frail girl, what kind of capabilities does she hold that allowed her to be assigned as a level one ranked Ishu Mushitsuki --- The teenage girl in front of his eyes, in the short span of a few hours, had turned half of the SEPB’s members into Fallen.

What kind of dream could she have that allow her to hold on for so long? Daisuke was dying to know it by all means.

Although the teenage girl gave a surprised expression, she immediately replied in a soft voice:

“My dream is… to find a place that would allow me to stay…”

Daisuke’s hand which was holding on to the revolver twitched for a second.

“Your dream is very similar to mine…”



Daisuke nodded in response.

Just then, the teenage girl did something that shocked Daisuke.

The teenage girl smiled happily. After looking at each other for a while, the teenage girl who seemed to have made up her mind took an unexpected action.

“Then I will give my dream to you!”

The teenage girl held out the small white firefly without hesitation.

Daisuke was dumbfounded; the girl’s shocking actions caused him to become disorientated.

The teenage girl looked at the troubled Daisuke and said with a smile:

“I don’t have any dreams left … that is why, I’m going to give my dream to you. If one day, you are able to fulfill your dream, please remember my dream as well, okay?”

A tear streaked down from the corner of her eye.

“So, please don’t ever give up on your dream!”

Looking at the teenage girl who shed clear tears, Daisuke realized one fact.

The teenage girl in front of him did not hate anyone. She didn’t hate the person who turned her into a Mushitsuki, neither does she hate the enemies who pushed her into a dead end.

She was only sad because she was unable to triumph over her (Mushi), and had to give up on her dream-----

“I understand.”

Daisuke raised his revolver and nodded his head in agreement ---

“I promise you, I will never give up. So one day, you must ---“

That was the story that occurred four years ago.

Daisuke has been keeping his word, holding his end of the promise. No matter what happened, no matter how big the sacrifice, he will protect his dream…

He had also slowly completed his tasks as an inspector. Meanwhile, he has been acting as an ordinary boy that could be seen anywhere and doing normal things that would not breach his cover.

But because of it, he had hurt Shiika who awakened from her Fallen state.

After that meeting a few years ago, when the two met once again, Daisuke did not realize that Shiika was (Fuyuhotaru), and never noticed that she was a Mushitsuki.

He should have found out earlier that just by being the “Kusuriya Daisuke”; a teenage boy that could be seen anywhere, staying by Shiika’s side, it would push her until she was lost. However, (Kakkou) did not have any confidence to face (Fuyuhotaru), who he had personally turned into a Fallen, so he never realized her true identity at first. And because of his fear and hesitation, he made Shiika cry.

Daisuke had no idea what he should do to compensate for the mistakes that he made.

No idea what he should do to keep the promise between Shiika and him.


He had no idea what he should do to be able to meet Shiika again.

Daisuke stared at the sight before him.

Countless burning eyes were staring at him as if they were mocking him.

“--- If even you can’t do it, then it really is hopeless, everything is finished!”

Haji’s indifferent voice came from the side.

Daisuke, who was completely drained, let go of the revolver in his hand.

The giant ladybug, which was originally Rina’s (Mushi), stood unscathed. Even after it took Daisuke’s strongest shot, it only trembled its body a bit. It then shook its massive body, and slowly opened up its protruding wings.

--- So, please don’t ever give up on your dream!

That was the promise that he made with Shiika four years ago, which he had already been forgotten in a corner of his mind.

The ladybug roared once more.

It spread outward its giant wings, and stirred up a massive tornado shockwave.

The intense shockwave with the power of a nuclear bomb exploding shook the entirety of Hashiba City.

The buildings near the bus stop, cars, and people, were all easily swept away by the blast like leaves. The entire cement road was upheaved as it shattered into debris.

Daisuke remained motionless with his consciousness blurring.

At that instant, Haji suddenly pushed Daisuke away. Daisuke with Rina in his hands rolled towards the base of a destroyed high rise building.

In the next second, an intense shockwave swept across Daisuke’s side. They were blown away by the powerful winds that were as strong as a tornado, and crashed into a wall.

While in the middle of a blast that could cause anyone to lose their five senses, the battered Daisuke caught a glimpse of Haji’s outline. He was struck away by the fly debris and crashed against a telephone pole, causing him to cough out a large amount of blood that stained his suit.

“Ugh... Haji …”

After the shockwave passed, Daisuke crawled towards the young adult.

But suddenly he felt a strong dizziness enveloping him.

The ladybug seemed to be mocking Daisuke as it shook its body violently. And just by doing so, it was enough to cause quakes that were more intense than earthquakes.

Daisuke’s memories instantly became blurry.

The childhood memories of him being abandoned by his mother and sister, being adopted by his uncle and aunt, along with meeting Haji, meeting (Fuyuhotaru), meeting Rina, and reuniting with Anmoto Shiika.

…Hey… Can you do … me a favor…Kusuriya…

I’m sorry, Tachibana-san, I couldn’t even grant your last wish…

Daisuke’s consciousness was slowly becoming the Kusuriya Daisuke whom was classmates with Tachibana Rina

--- Alright, it’s a promise then!

I’m sorry, Shiika, it looks like I’m unable to keep my promise to see the parade with you ---

Daisuke could feel his consciousness was becoming blurrier.

However, a loud sound that rang near his ear woke him up right away.

The revolver that he was holding tightly onto was firing nonstop as if it had gone insane.

The eyes of the Kakkou Mushi that had fused with the revolver were glowing with a burning red aura. Its green body was starting to take over Daisuke’s body at an alarming rate. Daisuke’s right arm had already been completely taken over by the (Mushi).

The gun barrel of the revolver had also completely turned into the mandible of the (Mushi) as the firepower of the bullets it shot out became even scarier. The high-rise buildings began to collapse, and big holes were blown in the ground, sending large amounts of concrete flying everywhere, while the shots fired towards the sky exploded into flames on the horizon.


The Kakkou Mushi was going berserk; the arm that was being controlled was lashing out like a whip. And Every time a shot was fired, the huge recoil would act against Daisuke’s wounded body.

The ladybug seemed to have determined Daisuke to be a threat and started sending out shockwave towards him.

The immobile Daisuke had no place to escape.

Just then, the Kakkou Mushi’s eyes glowed bright red, and straightened Daisuke’s arm at the ladybug forcefully. Opening its big mouth, it fired a hellish bolt of fire.

A recoil that Daisuke had never experienced before shook his entire body.

The ladybug’s cries rang throughout the streets that had turned into a wasteland. The cannon shot fired by the Kakkou Mushi pushed back the shockwave blast.

However, the injury inflicted from this was immediately recovered just like the reverse function in a video.

….Don’t tell me that we intended on … winning against such a monster…..?

Before Daisuke could even change his expression, he was already overwhelmed by an unimaginable helplessness.

My dream….is only to this extent-----

Daisuke opened his eyes slowly, and caught a glimpse of Kakkou Mushi’s figure.

--- The (Mushi) was laughing.

There was no mistaking it, The (Mushi) was laughing at Daisuke who had almost lost his breath and had used up all his strength. It was also looking down at Daisuke who had been unable to fulfill his dream that he had been chasing all along.


Daisuke found it very funny, and was laughing till his mouth curved.

That’s right; I’m so foolish ---

He was only trying to keep his end of the promise made with the teenage girl four years ago, just clinging onto it desperately without letting go. He sacrificed many other Mushitsuki, just so he could protect his own dream.

Rina was the same.

He had never intended to talk to her.

He should have maintained his stance as an inspector, being an ordinary fellow classmate, trying to avoid having excessive contact with Rina as best as he could.

But that day, Daisuke saw the sunset scene of Rina’s painting. When he saw that painting, he could clearly feel that Rina was sharing the same dream as him, having the same feelings-----

And the things he’d done to Shiika was even worse. Not only did he turn Shiika into a Fallen once, he even lied to her this time.

Daisuke never noticed that Shiika was a Mushitsuki, never realized that she was (Fuyuhotaru), and had been hurting her up until the very end.

Of course he should be laughed at; at least Rina would laugh at him loudly right?

But ---


Daisuke glared at Kakkou Mushi as the emotions that he had been suppressing until now exploded.

“I absolutely do not want to be laughed at by you, you bastard!”

Daisuke cursed as he started slamming his right hand against the wall. The Kakkou Mushi’s antennas were buried deep into the concrete and retracted tightly.

“I am indeed an idiot! A useless bastard that can’t be saved! And a total wimp!”

Daisuke repeatedly slammed his right hand against a street light in his desperation to vent his anger, bending it until it snapped.

The (Mushi) was firing bullets recklessly in self-defense; causing the street to be filled with the sounds of explosions as it was being destroyed.

But Daisuke did not stop; he continued to slam his (Mushi) into the wall and floor.

“I don’t have the guts to face (Fuyuhotaru) after turning her into a Fallen! I also killed Rina because of my hesitation to defeat her as an enemy! It’s all because I was being a total fool!”

He swung his wrecked right arm, and shouted:

“But, I absolutely don’t want to lose to you! I definitely won’t give up!”

I will definitely fulfill my dream one day---

Daisuke had no courage to meet Shiika who was in (GARDEN). Even though it was for the sake of saving Shiika’s life, he was still the one who turned her into a Fallen. Daisuke had always suffered from guilt for doing so.

Even after becoming a Fallen, Shiika never once gave up on her dream. Even though she had no idea what she was doing, yet in order to find a place where she belongs, she came to the Ouka City.

--- I promise you, I will never give up on my dream. That is why, one day, you must ---

Those were the words that Daisuke had said personally four years ago.

---That is why, one day, you must also remember your dream.

Shiika kept her part of the promise; she had been desperately protecting her dream for the past four years.

Daisuke also kept his part of the promise; he had been clinging on to life, searching endlessly for the place where he belongs.

Daisuke relied on the promise he had with the teenage girl for four years to live till now. No matter how painful the experience, no matter how much pain he felt in his heart, he relied on this promise to continue fighting.


The mouth of the gun barrel was pointing between Daisuke’s eyebrows.

The burning red eyes of the Kakkou Mushi were staring directly at Daisuke. Daisuke knew it was pointing at his brain, and inside the widely stretched mouth, a bullet with an intense blaze was burning inside.

“I’m not afraid of you!”

Rina had asked Daisuke in the past.

What is scarier than (Mushi)? --- Four years ago, Shiika had already told Daisuke the answer.

“To me, giving up on one’s dream because of the existence of (Mushi) is even scarier.”

Just then, the gaze of the Kakkou Mushi was shaken.

Daisuke still had two more promises to keep.

One was to see the parade with Shiika once more. And the other was --- Daisuke had promised that whenever Shiika was upset, he would rush to her side at any time.

Daisuke recalled Rina’s last words,

Kusuriya Daisuke had made up his mind, right from the start of their encounter.

He would protect Shiika.

He would make her smile from the bottom of her heart.

Who cares about Mushitsuki or whatever, it was not important at all. Not being afraid of being rejected was the determination made by a person called Kusuriya Daisuke. No matter what happens, he would protect the teenage girl that he had fallen in love with at first sight---Daisuke knew, that this was the only way for him to find the answer. That is why, to meet Shiika once again, to confirm ---

Daisuke made up his mind in his heart.

“Maybe… I have found it, my --- the place where I truly belong.”

The Kakkou Mushi and Daisuke exchanged stares at point blank range.

“I will never let anyone stop me again.”

Daisuke said it resolutely.

And just at that instant---

The Kakkou Mushi roared.

This was the first time that the host himself, Daisuke, had heard the green Kakkou Mushi’s roar.

It was a sound that could hardly be ignored by the listener; an unusual sound that caused the heart to be filled with sadness and endless happiness at the same time. The giant ladybug seemed to have been attracted by this sound as well and stopped in its tracks silently all of a sudden.

The cries of the (Mushi) rang throughout the city for a while, before being sucked into the night sky.

The Kakkou Mushi, which was pointing the mouth of the gun barrel at Daisuke’s brain, slowly lost its burning red glow.

It released the binding controlling Daisuke’s arm, and returned to its original combat state. A silence then embraced the destroyed ruins of the street.

The darkness that was taking away Daisuke’s consciousness had also disappeared as if it was an illusion.

“Just a while more…Join me in dreaming for a while more…(Kakkou),”

Daisuke lowered his head silently, and looked at the Kakkou Mushi that had fused to the gun, before shifting his gaze towards the giant ladybug in front of him.

The red eyes of the ladybug high above exchanged glances with Daisuke’s sharp gaze.

Just then, the ladybug beat its wings.

An intense explosion once again enveloped the entire city.

Daisuke charged forward against the sweeping gusts caused by the blasting winds.

Blocking the dust and smoke clouding his vision, he charged straight towards the giant ladybug within the intense vortex.

Dodging the front hooked claw that seemed like its front leg, he continued to run forward.

Getting past the screen that was formed by the swilling dust of the blast wind, the ladybug’s head appeared in front of him immediately.

Countless red eyes seemed to be shaking in fear in an instant.

“Merry Christmas, (Nanahoshi).”

Daisuke took aim at the (Mushi)’s glowing eyes.

“Your master was truly the best person there ever was!”

After that, an immense cannon sound rang throughout the Hashiba City.


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