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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 5.06: Shiika Part 8

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat, Keito, Akios

Version: 1.03


Shiika Part 8

Shiika was standing on top of the school premise that had already been destroyed into a pile of rubble.

Even though her tears had already dried up, Shiika, who stood still like a doll, was still repeating the words she had muttered many times already.

"Enough … Stop it …"

The school ruins shrouded in night was illuminated by a white aura once again.

"[Shatter... …. Destroy… ….]”

The pure white (Mushi) continued to forge Shiika’s voice while floating in front of her.

Silvery flower patterns began to emerge on top of its white carapace, while its thin and transparent wings remained stationary. It seemed like the (Mushi) was even capable of manipulating gravity as it floated freely among the white auras. The eyes on the sides of its head were flashing with a deep red glow.

“Go -----!”

After (MinMin)’s cicada finished charging its power, it flew straight towards the white firefly like a bullet.

The white firefly suddenly emitted a brighter glow.

The cicada that was charging toward, while rotating at high speed, immediately stopped its movement in midair.

“Ugh… … Damn!”

(MinMin) clenched her teeth tightly. Even though the cicada was able to get very close to Shiika, it would get pushed back in a blink of eye.

Another pure white light flooded the entire ruined classroom.

While the firefly and cicada competed against each other, all the (Mushi) that were surrounding Shiika began to screech in pain.

A snail that carried a hard shell was crushed into pieces by a force akin to an invisible hand.

Amid the thick clouds that covered the night sky, a huge presence suddenly appeared floating in the night sky that had neither stars nor moon.

It was the (Mushi) that first attacked Shiika, a giant Hercules beetle that had the size of a battle cruiser. It flapped its three pairs of wings, trying to blow Shiika away with strong gusts.

However, the gust couldn’t even get close to Shiika.

“[Stop … … Don’t hurt me… …]”

Shiika’s mutter, akin to a bell, rang throughout the surroundings. The strong wind was repelled back, which caused the giant Hercules beetle lose its balance in midair.

“[If I could get hurt… … then everything else should be destroyed… …]”

At the same time, strong gusts created by the white firefly began to form around Shiika. Pummeled by the cement upheaved by the strong gust, the giant Hercules beetle spilled a large amount of its body fluid as it fell outside of the school campus.


The tall slender man, who was wearing a huge black coat, immediately bent over while curling in pain.

At the same time, a snowflake passed through the cicada’s ultrasonic wall, touching its body.

“Ah … Ahhhhh!”

As the cicada’s wings began to shatter with a “snap” sound, an expression of despair suddenly emerged on (MinMin)’s face.

Other Mushitsuki had already lost the will to fight. Even though no one was escaping, no one attempted to attack Shiika as well.

However, the white firefly was still mercilessly attacking.

As if they were self-destructing, many (Mushi) began to shatter into pieces, while goggled figures in the distance collapsed as well.


(MinMin)’s cicada’s legs broke one after another, along with snapping sounds.

“Don’t -----!“

(MinMin)’s lips were stained in blood. In order to suppress her own fear and pain, she had bitten her lips.

“Don't look down on me!!”

At that instant, a giant ultrasonic storm occurred.

The cicada began to rotate once more, advancing slowly toward Shiika.

“I’m not the same as those weak guys! I’m not the same as those who give up easily! I will definitely catch you, and then turn myself from Mushitsuki back to an ordinary human! I actually … Haji-san must have acted that way because of me being a Mushitsuki!... …”

The cicada, which was slowly approaching Shiika, began to emit more snapping sounds as it gradually shattered apart.

However, the cicada did not stop advancing. The friction, resulting from the two forces acting against one another, was burning the cicada with its flaming air currents.

Shiika dropped on the floor horrified.

She could only stare dazedly at (MinMin)'s eyes that were gradually losing its luster yet refused to back down.

And just then, at the spot exactly one meter in front of Shiika, the cicada stopped moving.

"… Why … …"

The cicada fell on the floor as its burning body slowly became charred.

"Why... … does it have to be you and (Kakkou)?... Aren't we the same? I also have a dream you know … … I just wanted to help the person I love..."

From the corners of (MinMin)'s eyes that were gradually losing its luster, tears began to drop.

However, the firefly didn't stop its attack against the cicada, which was almost near its end. The firefly continued to direct invisible forces onto the dying cicada.

"…. … Haji-san... … Please save me... … I don’t want this..."

(MinMin)'s whole body tilted as she slowly kneeled down on the floor.

"[If I would get hurt, then just let everything disappear...]"

Shiika, who could not hold onto her feelings anymore, suddenly gripped onto the firefly from its back.

"Stop it! Stop depriving people of their dreams... ...!"

Even though her own dream was almost completely drained, and that even the slightest daze would make her collapse, Shiika still couldn't bear to witness the slaughter that was happening in front of her right now. She continued to cry with a voice that was barely understandable:

"Yes... I admit that I actually thought about that before! I really thought that, why am I the only one that has to go through this kind of tragedy?! Everyone was afraid of me... … No one wanted to help me... … I really did think that, if I was the only one who suffered, then everyone else should just disappear... …!"

The firefly's red eyes stared directly at Shiika.

As for Shiika, she returned its gaze with her teary eyes.

"Didn't you know it as well? I had been enduring and waiting patiently. I will not let you deprive me from my precious dream anymore... I will fight until the end! Even though four years ago I had given up, but I won't give up anymore, because I have finally encountered those precious people who shared similar dreams... … I feel that the chance of fulfilling my dream has finally come... …"

As the white firefly emitted a white glow from all over its body again, many (Mushi) that were around began to issue their dying screech painfully.

"Stop it!"

Shiika squeezed her remaining strength, trying to suppress her (Mushi).

"Why are you doing this?! What do you have that allows you to do such thing?! We're just trying our hardest to fulfill our dream, why are you obstructing us?! Please, stop depriving us from our dreams!"

No matter how sorrowfully Shiika cried, her pain couldn't reach the firefly. The firefly continued its merciless attacks onto the (Mushi) herd in front.

Even though Shiika wanted to keep on shouting, because of a sudden dizziness, she fell lifelessly onto the firefly’s back.

There was nothing else she could do...

Right now, even lifting her fingers would be impossible.

Dreams were taken away, while precious people were separated; the only thing she had left was loneliness.

"Please … … Stop... …"

She murmured as if she was sleep-talking.

Sorrowful feelings similar to the ones of four years ago began to rise within Shiika, the feeling of defeat from losing against her (Mushi), the feeling of fear that she might forget everything, and also the feeling of despair that she would lose everything. She felt all that while gradually becoming sleepy from the feeling of getting lost within her mind. Suddenly, Shiika recalled (Kakkou).

What is he doing right now? Does he still remember the promise that he made to her? If possible, she would like to meet him again, and chat with him one more time.

She wanted to know what had happened to (Kakkou) during the four-year period she’d been a fallen.

Sorry, but I’m already ---

The tears that she thought were used up began to wet her cheeks once more.

Feeling so sad ----

Everything was just so hard to endure.

Was it such a difficult dream?

Was the dream too extravagant to ask for?

Shiika just wanted to have a place where she belongs; a place in which she could stay. Nothing more... This dream, could it only be fulfilled after suffering this much pain?

---- "If you come across anything that makes you feel sad, remember to look for me!"

Memories began to flash within her mind.

----"I will be there! No matter where you are, I will always be there by your side!"

These were the words Daisuke had said.

Shiika's gradually dimming eyes, suddenly regained its luster.


I want to see you. I want to see you again, and then go to the amusement park one more time, haven’t we promised?

Shiika collected her shattered emotions, and then clutched tightly onto the white firefly once more.

I will meet him again, and this time, I will reveal everything to him!

Even if Daisuke was be afraid of her, and further hated her because of the truth, it would be okay. Shiika will try to suppress her (Mushi) with her remaining strength and then head to the promised place … Daisuke would definitely be there waiting for her.

"[Stop... … I'm scared …]"

The white firefly said, forging the voice of Shiika.

Shiika smiled.

"Mhm, I'm afraid … … I'm so afraid that … …"

Shiika didn’t know whether Daisuke would accept her or not, and also unsure if she was able to fulfill her dream or not. But at the same time, she was afraid that she would hurt Daisuke.

"But... … I'm more afraid... that I wouldn't be able to see Daisuk-kun again."

Just by thinking about being rejected, she would feel afraid.

The firefly's burning red eyes began to waver.

"So, I won't give up ----"

The white brilliance that was attacking continuously, suddenly dimmed down.

However, in the next instant, Shiika felt a burning impact coming from her abdomen.

"Ah... …"

The white-colored coat Shiika was wearing was dyed red from a huge amount of blood.

She slowly turned her head around.

At the corner of the school campus, the giant Hercules beetle was moving its injured body and aiming its head at Shiika. All the sub horns on its body were gone; in contrast, many black needle-like objects appeared around Shiika's feet. And one of them was stuck in Shiika's abdomen.

Shiika's field of vision was completely distorted.

Within her mind, the image of her enjoying the parade at the amusement park with Daisuke slowly appeared.

Again, with Daisuke-kun ---

Under the gaze of the white firefly, Shiika collapsed.  


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