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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 5.05: Daisuke Part 6

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Translated : Sveroz
Edited : Idoneyo, Skat, Wing, Akios

Version: 1.02


Daisuke Part 5

“Rina…? I can’t hear what you are saying…”

Just as Daisuke replied, the giant ladybug gave an ear splitting roar.

A giant gust that seemingly threatened to send everything flying was developing around Hashiba city.

Daisuke turned his face away to avoid the dust that was being swept upwards, and lowered his head to look at Rina in his arms.


He called out to her.

There still was no response. For some reason, the body of the girl who had her eyes closed was becoming heavier.

Her face had a peaceful expression, as if she was asleep.


A mixture of emotions built up inside Daisuke’s heart in an instant. His hands were trembling, perhaps from the fact that he was putting too much strength into them.

The ladybug continued to roar with joy from being freed from the will of its master.

Along with an enormous body the size of a steel tower and tough carapace encasing it, seven blood red dots appeared on its wings as it spread them out. Positioned on its head, at the areas closer to the ground, multiple compounds eyes were glowing bright red.

Its legs no longer looked like legs, but instead looked like two large stone stems that were rooted to the ground. The houses that it stepped on were caving inwards, unable to withstand the weight from those concrete-like legs.

“It has finally… Matured?”

Haji looked at the transformed ladybug, and whispered. The smile that he normally had was now twisting painfully.

“The strongest matured (Mushi) we’ve faced before was the (Mushi) of a Kashu level six……And in order to defeat that (Mushi) that time, we had to mobilize at least five members that were ranking from level one up to level five— including you. (Kakkou), now that the Kashu level one (Mushi) has matured, can you imagine how this situation would turn out to be…..?”

Haji’s tone carried traces of fear.

But right now, Daisuke just felt very irritated by his voice.

He gently placed Rina’s body down on the ground. Even if she had lost her life, her pale face was still beautiful. Her beautiful hair was like black ripples spreading atop the rocks.

The combatants of the SEPB beside Daisuke were all under attack by the ladybug.

Meanwhile, the members of (Mushibane) stood there motionlessly, shocked from the fact that they had lost their leader. They just simply stood there, staring straight with their eyes wide open behind the cover of their lifeless mask.

A one sided massacre was unfolding in front of Daisuke.

The green (Mushi) that looked like a mayfly charged towards the ladybug’s head, intending to use its mandible to bite the ladybug, yet it ended up becoming food for the ladybug.

A snow white butterfly tried to release poisonous scale powder onto the head of the ladybug, however the powder was blown back by the shockwave, and it became covered by its own powder instead—causing its host to cry out in pain.

A beetle with its hard armored shell collided into the ladybug but ended up being smashed to bits by its foot, and without even having the chance to cry out once, it disintegrated into the thin air.

As Daisuke silently watched this sight, his consciousness distorted all of a sudden, and felt dizzy in an instant.

In his eye, the last memory he had of Rina that he just saw gradually became blurrier.


Daisuke looked at the Kakkou (Mushi) that had fused together with his arm down to the revolver, with its twitching antennas that were sticking out from the mouth of the gun barrel. The eyes that appeared at the root of the antennas were glowing with a pale red aura.

Daisuke forcefully tried to maintain consciousness, and stared at his own (Mushi).

--- Are my dreams that delicious? Then just go ahead and have your fill.

While his memories and dreams were being swiftly devoured, Daisuke clearly realized one thing: The (Mushi) in front of his eyes were enemies that he could never ever forgive.

He stared hatefully at Rina’s ladybug.

--- Were Rina’s dreams that delicious? But I’ll have you return them to me, because they belonged to the girl who shared the same dreams as I do.
Daisuke slowly took aim at the head of the ladybug.


Placing all his strength into the shot, he pulled the trigger.


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