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[Onii-Ai v3] Chapter 1: 12th April, PM5:30

After doing Hyouketsu Kyoukai for so long, Onii-ai suddenly seems so much harder to translate in comparison.


Let us start with a greeting.

"We were forced to separate from each other due to some incident. However, we have somehow come to live together as siblings once again, under the same roof. This is a boring monotonous story that records us living our lives smoothly from day to day, without any major incidents happening - just like the calm, flowing water."

That was how it should have been. In the end, the world was just not as simple as we would have wished for it to been.

Things are going out of control, and are heading in a very chaotic but happy direction.

The student's hostel should have originally allowed us siblings to live together by ourselves in a simple fashion. But what sort of a stable ordinary life was I to expect, when a bunch of attention-grabbing student council members came moving into the hostel as well.

Ultimately, it was precisely because I was looking forward to that ordinary life that ended up with me going through great pains so that I can live with my sister again - though it's already too late for any regrets.

Perhaps something huge will occur. Even if it develops in an unexpected manner, please do not be too shocked by it. Depending on the situation, we may even have some blockbuster scenes up for show.

I did feel that service scenes were quite unlikely to happen, because originally, the two people involved are siblings - but every one of those people who have just moved in are indeed beautiful. It has resulted in a situation where a guy is living together with four girls under the same roof - if so, I should say that it will be unnatural for none of that to happen.

But whatever.

Even though things have turned out to be the total opposite of what I expected, it does not mean that it is a bad thing.

Seito-kaichou Nikaido-senpai, Fuku-kaichou Nasuhara, and needless to say, my good friend Ginbe - all of them are the real deal in terms of their capabilities. Ignoring the point of them being difficult to handle, they are indeed my precious colleagues who will usually bring about a good influence with them. It is not what I had wished for, but at the same time it is a situation where I could not have asked for anything more either.

Not just for me, but for my younger sister Akiko too. This is probably the best situation for us to thoroughly hone and improve ourselves.

If so, then there is nothing much to grumble about.

I shouldn't be complaining about how it is going against my plans.

Instead, shouldn't I face this once-in-a-lifetime encounter optimistically, and live through my thoroughly wonderful school life with enthusiasm—


....... Just like that. It's a pity, but my stand was rejected in an instant.

"Impossible. It makes no sense. There is no need for consideration. This hostel is for the personal use of Onii-chan and me only, the love-nest that belongs to the two of us. It is fine if it is just those people selling newspapers or preaching about religion - people that will come and leave in a snap. But they are actually moving in, and I have to live with that group of students' council members as well? Nope, impossible, that can't do. I totally cannot accept such a situation."

At the caretaker's room of the hostel ran by St. Ririana Academy, which is also the living room of us two siblings.

With her eyebrows arched upwards and a seething expression, my sister Akiko was voicing her dissent against our current situation.

"Onii-chan, hear me out. It has not even been a month, you know?"

"Mmm. That's right."

"Us siblings have reunited after so long, and we are finally able to live together again. It has not even been a month. We have barely enjoyed our sweet lovey-dovey life and yet such a life is about to get destroyed - how can I let such a barbaric thing happen? Because it has been six years, you know? We have endured through six years to finally obtain the life of us siblings living together inseparably, you know?"

"Mmm. Indeed."

"I had clenched my teeth and endured through these six years. Despite the two of us being the only ones left in our family, we were separated by force. However, I still listened to Onii-chan, and have always been a good girl. In order not to embarrass myself should the day that I can live with Onii-chan came again, I set harsh standards on myself - as a reward, I can finally live a life like this. Isn't that right, Onii-chan?"

"Mhmm. You're right."

"I have enrolled into a well-known school, St. Ririana Academy, with my excellent grades. Even after enrolling into the school, my grades have been maintained among the top three in the rankings. Right now, in the students' council that has a lot of responsibilities, I have also gloriously taken on the important role as the secretary.

"Mhmm. You're really impressive."

"And that's not all. Flower arrangement, the arts of tea ceremony - I have learned a whole set of skills as well; I am also proficient in cooking and the rest of the household chores; Most importantly, I've worked tirelessly in order to grow up to be the cute girl that Onii-chan will love. Onii-chan should recognize these fruits of my labour."

"Ah- mmm. You have really grown up to be a good girl. You are someone who will not embarrass me wherever you go, and is my younger sister whom I am proud of."

"However, based on the current situation, I think the rewards are way too meager compared to the results that I have achieved. Despite me working hard as your younger sister, Onii-chan has never once petted my head, hugged me, or even given me a kiss. We will not be punished by heavens even if our cohabitation is much more sweeter and lovey-dovey. But what's with Onii-chan? You are just like a monk that is living a life of abstinence in his temple, unwilling to even touch me. There is a saying, 'it is a man's humiliation to not eat the things that are served right to his mouth', and that describes you perfectly. If Onii-chan wants to prove himself as a normal man, then you will have to make a move on me as quickly as you can."

"...... Don't you think the conversation is going off topic?"

"In any case!"

After a yell, Akiko iterated her point.

"The hostel which we are living in is strictly against outsiders from entering. Though it is rather apologetic towards those who have just moved in, we should be chasing them out as quickly as we can."

"No, even if you say that......"

Nikaido Arashi.

Nasuhara Anastasia.

Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi.

The three of them were practically done with their moving in. It will not be realistic for me to chase them out.

Or rather, I didn't have the power to do so anyway. Due to the decision for the hostel to be destroyed, I was just barely able to protect my stand as a caretaker and resident.

"The three of them negotiated with the school, and they have thus obtained the right to live in this hostel. I don't think there is anything that I can say. Moreover, those three people have their own reasons for moving in. If I am to ask them to 'get out' at a time like this, don't you think it is just a little too......?"

"Even so, I still cannot accept it."

"Still, there is no need for you to hate it so much, without rhyme or reason, right? Those three people are the members of the students' council as well, which means to say they are our companions too. We should treasure our companions more."

"I'll treasure them in any way you wish, except this time. Just this once, no."

"Why not look at it from another point of view? The fact that the three of them have moved over means that the members of the students' council have now gathered under the same roof. If so, it will result in us being together twenty-four hours. That will naturally improve the camaraderie among us, and we can discuss the council's business whenever we like. See, don't you think it's something great?"

"I do admit, those are advantages. However, they are not worth me sacrificing my private time with Onii-chan."

"Well, don't say that-"

"Onii-chan. Doesn't it somehow feels rather suspicious?"

My sister kept staring at me.

"Somehow, there is the strange feeling that you are standing on the side of the three people."

"Is that so? No, nothing of that sort."

"No, don't even think of trying to hide it from Akiko's eyes. Onii-chan's the one who had originally made preparations in order for us siblings to live together again, and you were the one who went through great pains to do so. Compared to me, Onii-chan should be the one who is voicing his dissent against the current situation. No?"

"No no no, I am not that sort of narrow-minded guy, you know? Indeed, it is important for us to live together by ourselves. However, it is similarly important to live with the members of the students council, right?"

"No, I can't accept that. The Onii-chan of today is indeed a little weird. There is no way the usual Onii-chan will say such things."

"Even if you say that...... What should I do to make you accept it?"

"Mmm. If it is the usual Onii-chan, he should be saying this to me. 'Don't worry, Akiko. You are the most precious darling to me in the whole world. I'll resort to any means to chase those three people out of the hostel. Just wait and see, I will definitely get back our lovey-dovey lives. I love you, Akiko. Please marry me right now.' Like that."

"The usual me wouldn't say things like that?"

"After that, Onii-chan will gently hug me into your chest, and your lips will...... uwaa~, Onii-chan, you can't do that! I am still not mentally prepared!"


I had decided to ignore my sister, who was twisting her body about. Somehow, it feels like that girl is slowly turning like that, day by day...... Will it be better if I find a time to clearly talk to her about it?

But forget it, putting those words aside, my sister was not wrong in her accusations. Indeed, to a certain extent, I am siding towards the three people who had just moved in.

The reason is clear.

One of the reasons for the actions of those three people, is to respond against my sister's brother-complex.

Akiko does listen to me, and has grown up to be an exceptional young lady. However, due to us being separated for a long time, her brother-complex has worsened as well. Her position, reputation and etc, which she has painfully built up by being an adopted child of the Arisugawa family and a member of the students council - there is a possibility of it all being destroyed in an instant due to her brother-complex that is way off the charts.

At a time like this, those three people have moved into the hostel to act as a sort of buffer. That's how it is.

Of course, from my point of view, it is not like I am welcoming it with open arms as well.

That is because it is quite normal for me to want to continue on with my peaceful life together with my younger sister, after getting it back the hard way.

Then again, those three people have a just cause, which is to cure my sister's brother-complex. As such, as her elder brother... no, as her guardian, I have the obligations to raise my sister to be an outstanding-

"Oi- both of you. Can I interrupt for a second?"

Just then, came a voice from the corridors.

"We are basically done with moving our items. I wish to hold a sort of meeting in regards to our hostel lives. Can you two come here for a while?"


"Now now. There is no need for you to puff up your face like a balloon, do you?"

At the meeting room and canteen, located on the first floor of the hostel.

Seito-kaichou - Nikaido Arashi shrugged her shoulders, while sitting on the chair with her back hunched.

"With this, the companions living under the same roof have increased. Even if it is just for show, show a smile? Hmm?"


Upon being told, Akiko puffed up her face even more.

"Why should I put on a nice expression for you, when you guys are the ones who have invaded Onii-chan's and my love nest, without even giving that much of a warning?"

"That's how adults should act."

"If so, I'd rather be a child for life."

"Kakaka, it seems like I am really being hated by you. However, I still love that innocent smiling face of yours best. Come on, just once, give me a smile?"

"The only method of getting back my smile is for everyone here except Onii-chan and I to pack up and leave immediately."

"Mmm- really? That's regrettable. Sadly, we have obtained official permission from the school council to live here at this hostel. That is a fact that will never change, regardless of how much of a tantrum you throw."

"Uhhh...... guh......"

"There is only one thing you can do to make us leave this hostel: you are to become my lover, and the two of us will then enjoy our heavenly nights each and every day."

"Absolutely not!"

"If you can't be my lover, it is fine if you marry into my family?"

"Please restrict your jokes to your eye-patch and your Japanese sword!"

"Please do not be that infuriated."

Just then, Fuku-kaichou Nasuhara interrupted.

"If you don't, for someone who does not have much to your looks to begin with, it will only get worse? You should behave like a dog who is getting tempted by its owner's bait, and start to act cute. If so, that face of yours, which looks like a bulldog sneezing, will become something that is more pleasant to see."

"Bu-Bulldog!? I don't have such a weird face!"

"Ara, is that so? I am sorry, the Akiko-who-had-lost-to-me-in-the-most-recent-beauty-contest-hosted-by-St-Ririana-Academy."

"Kuuu...... you are looking down on me again! There was actually only a one to two votes difference in the amount of votes that we get!"

"However, it's those one or two votes that decided the match - that is the truth as well."

"Even so, there is no need for you to ridicule me with that harsh tongue of yours!"

"Ah, perhaps. I am sorry for hurting you unintentionally, Akiko. I just have a bad habit of not being able to differentiate between the existence of those that are inferior to me. Honestly speaking, I am not really sure of how different your face is when compared to a bulldog. I am really sorry. Look, since I am already lowering my head in apology, please forgive me."

"Uuuuuhhh...... You are continuing with your use of abusive words, despite putting on an apologetic attitude!"

"Alright alright. both of you, stop arguing."

This time, it was Ginbe who spoke.

"Himenokouji Akiko. Indeed, it is rather rude of us to move into the hostel without seeking your approval. I am sorry."

"That's right! To barge into our love nest by yourselves...... please reflect deeply on it! I will be really happy if you leave this place after you are done reflecting on your actions! Immediately! Just now!" [TLNote: Just now! is actually in English in the novels. It sounds weird, but just so you know.]

"I really wish to do that too. However, putting aside Kaichou or Fuku-kaichou, I have been living a penniless life. Due to the house moving this time, my wallet is literally empty right now. Honestly speaking, I don't even have any cash to move out of here."

"Uuhhh...... If so......"

"Even though there is not much people living in this hostel, the school will still fork out the money for our food and stuff. For someone who is penniless like me, this hostel is my only option left...... If I am chased out of here, I'll be relegated to wandering on the streets during the freezing month of April. Also, I do not have much friends who I can rely on, since I just moved here from Kyoto."

"...... Uuhhhhhh~"

"The only friend of mine happens to be your elder brother. To be truthful, Akito and I are close friends back when we were living in Kyoto. We would help each other with all sorts of things, and if possible, I'd like to continue that sort of relationship with him at this school. Since Akito is the caretaker of the hostel, and I am in an exhausted state - for this time round, I do wish to rely on his kindness, no matter what."

"...... Uuuuhhhhhhhhhh~"

"Akiko. I've heard from Akito that you have grown up to be a really exceptional younger sister, and I do think so as well upon seeing you. If possible, you are to be more tolerant towards your brother's choice of friends, it will do much good for Akito's impression on you as well - that's what I think."

"...... Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh~"

"I do understand, that as his blood-related sister, you are always worried about Akito. To be honest, I am the same as well. I think you are well aware of it as well, about the fact that Himenokouji Akito is a man who has a rather secretive side, and he does occasionally stir up something big by himself. Isn't that so?"

"....... Yes, indeed."

"I'm not wrong, am I? In actual fact, Akito faced quite a few difficulties back in Kyoto due to his personality. For me, I wish to act as a role similar to being Akito's brakes. I wish to stay in this hostel to assist Akito, yeah."

"...... You are saying that you will need my cooperation?"

"It's great that you can understand things that quickly. You, the person who knows Akito best; and me, the person who knows the Kyoto-Akito best. If we are to join forces, then I think we will be invincible. What do you think?"

"...... Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~"

Akiko's status: no room for refutes.

Stating facts, stirring emotions, and convincing with reason - Ginbe's debating skills are flawless. Upon being persuaded with such an excellent train of thought, the only means of retaliation left for anyone will probably be to let loose their emotions and rage due to their embarrassment.

"Uhhh...... O-Onii-chan......?"

"Well, that's how it is, generally."

My sister looked towards me, as though she was seeking the final straw that could save her. I simply went for the final blow.

"Looking at how things are now, it seems like we can only go along with the flow. It is not a totally bad thing for you or me, so let's look at it in a more positive light?"


With a crestfallen look, Akiko slumped her shoulders,

"Ahhh...... I am finally living alone with Onii-chan, and it is to become a dream that quickly? 娑羅双樹の花の色、祇園精舎の鐘の声— It's like the internal structure was built with collapsing wooden blocks; it's like making a sand-castle while facing an incoming wave. Happy times like this never last......" [TLNote: Oh joy. Firstly, check out Tales of the Heike from the wiki. The original is: 祇園精舎の鐘の声、諸行無常の響きあり。娑羅双樹の花の色、盛者必衰の理をあらわす。However, due to the huge emotional blow that Akiko is suffering from, she has mixed up the sequence. You can find out what they mean from the link provided.]

"That's a little too exaggerating."

"Ah. Could it be, that this is all a dream?"

"Sadly for you, this is reality. Without doubt."

"I see—. This is reality—"

Once again, Akiko slumped her shoulders.

"— However!"

She immediately straightened her back. It was as though a coin was flipped to its other side - she was revived.

"I will not be me if I am to admit defeat right here! For someone like me, who had constantly endured and endured for the past six years, such a trial is of nothing to be afraid of!"

"Oh. That sounds quite reliable."

"That's right, it is really dependable! As such, I, Himenokouji Akiko, shall once again declare! My relationship with Onii-chan will never be broken!"

"Mhmm. You are right."

"Or rather, I feel that should I successfully complete this trial, we as a married couple will then be really able to declare ourselves to be as one body and soul for the very first time! If we are to welcome our very first night together with an unwavering stance, the bonds between siblings that we are to form will be stronger than ever. Isn't that right, Onii-chan!?"

"No. I can't just simply nod my head at that."

As usual, it seemed like there is not just a small difference between mine and my sister's understanding. Whatever, I won't go deep into that. It was rare for things to be settled that amicably.

"Alright. Well then, I'll start by saying: everyone, please take care of me."

Nikaido-senpai seized the opportunity to end the subject.

"No matter what, it's fate for us five to gather here like this. Everyone has their own views and opinions but since we are already here let us work together and strive for a more comfortable life. Don't you think so?"

She says a lot of inappropriate stuff but she is still the president of the students' council of St. Ririana Academy. Even though it was something that is being said all the time, it still somehow carried a lot of weight in it.

"Alright, I have something to say to caretaker Akito, in regards to the operation of this hostel in the future."

"Mmm? Something to inform me?"

"Yes. Actually, I have located some data of this hostel back when it was still in use."

As she said that, Nikaido-senpai took out a document,

"Inside this, are all the rules that we must abide when we are living here."


"The fact is, up until yesterday, the only ones living here were you siblings. However, that will not be the case starting today. Since we are living together, there will be a need for rules and regulations, agreed?"

"Well, you are right. Indeed."

"There is no need to follow the old rules down to the details, but still, it is something that is made out of the essence of the intelligence of our previous seniors that have lived here. It should be fine for us to make references to it. Also, to be honest, the council has stated a condition for the revival of this hostel."

"Oh. Something like 'we must follow the rules written on that document', right?"

"Yes. Well, that's how it is."

I guess that is more appropriate.

And not just appropriate, I should say that is something that I could not have wished for more. It will be really troublesome if we are to start thinking up rules for living together from scratch. Not only that, but considering the fact that all the inhabitants that have gathered here are people with a little too much personality, it will be even harder to do the rules.

"Speaking of which, we are members of the students' council anyway. It is part of the school's policy to give freedom to its students, but we shouldn't abuse it and embarrass the school board either."

"I see. There is no reason why we should not follow the rules, considering the various conditions imposed on us."

"Well, that's how it is. Anyone who is against it?"

Nikaido senpai gave a brief glance at everyone. It seemed like there was no objection.

"Good, I'll hand a copy of this to everyone after its photocopies are made, so do look through it properly. Anyone else have anything to say? ......OK, that's all for today, everyone's dismissed. We are still not done with our luggage, so we'll leave the trivial stuff for later."


That's how it was.

The first day of the harmonious gathering of the students' council members had ended without much of a stir.

Of course, I wasn't aware of anything back then.

About the fact that the 'rules' dug out by Nikaido-senpai which everyone of us is to abide to, will hit me painfully in the stomach and come to affect me slowly but surely.


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