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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 1.4: 8th April, AM8:00

Looks like my speed at translating had improved, compared to when I had just started out. 2/7th of the book's done as of this.

I'll just make a slight note prior to the start of the chapter. I'll be using the terms 'kaichou', 'seito-kaichou' and 'fuku-kaichou' together with the English terms from now on. I don't quite like using 'president', 'vice-president' and 'president of the students council', in areas where Akito is addressing the characters casually, or with the -kaichou suffix he uses to address Nikaido instead of -senpai. I'll still be using the English terms for more 'serious' areas though.

With all that said, enjoy.

At St. Ririana Academy, the students council are the school's enforcers that wield an enormous power.

Their strength in authority is often compared to the system of extraterritoriality.

For example, they can freely spend the huge amount of donations that the school had received.

Also, they have the power to change existing rules or create new rules for the school.

Depending on the conditions and situations, they can even miss their lessons and still receive the required academic credits.

There are other powers which they possess that makes people wonder: is it really alright to grant such huge authority to a group of young teenagers?

Because of all that, you can say that the students council enjoy special treatment in the school.

Therefore, the person who becomes the president of the students council is someone who is much more outstanding than the rest.

Even in a school that has gathered all descendants of powerful families - or rather, in a school filled with students of exceptional grades and talents, the president still stands out from everyone else.

Accepted by all the elite students to be at the top. The elite of all the elites.

The person must be popular among the students, and is required to have the abilities expected of him as well, or else he will not be up to task - at least that is how it should be.

"Yo. You are the earliest here huh?"

Upon entering the students council room, the girl rudely placed her legs on the redwood table and struck a conversation with me.

"Good morning, my dear lover number 4. In any case, take a seat first."

"Morning Seito-Kaichou. I am very troubled if you make such casual statements early in the morning."

I am neither your lover nor am I number 4.

"Ahaha. You are rather hard to handle."

"It's your jokes that are hard to handle."

"Oh well, that is what makes me fall in love with you, you know? I like that more compared to say, your techniques at night."

"When, where and how did I show you my techniques of the night?"

"Ototo. This person here is so hostile this early in the morning."

"I can't think of any single reason to be friendly to someone who calls me lover number 4."

"Alright, let's stop saying with this inconsiderate chatter."

That person laughed with a "kekeke" while putting on an expression where she ignored what I had said - she is the student with the highest power in St. Ririana Academy, and someone whom we should be proud of.

A red ponytail, an eye-patch over her right eye and a Japanese sword hung at her waist. Her casual attire is comparable to her attitude.

The president who was chosen out of all the talented people available - such is Nikaido Arashi...... Ah, how embarrassing.

"I say, Kaichou. A question......"

"Oh. Ask anything you like."

"Say, if I am number 4. That means there is 1, 2 and 3, right?"

"Of course. Number 1 is your younger sister.  Number 2 is the emotionless golden-hair who confessed to you. Number 3 is that silver-haired friend of yours whom had chased you all the way to here."

"Well, none of them are your lovers, right?"

"That's nothing. They will all be after a while. My policy is to never lose sight of my prey, you know?"

What a disturbing policy.

And for some unknown reason, her ability in that is so powerful it's baffling. What's even scarier is the fact that if we are not careful, it will become as she says in a blink of an eye.

"Well, don't show such a depressed expression. I may not look like it, but I did reflect on it for a while."


Upon hearing a term which I did not expect to be hearing from Kaichou's mouth, I knitted my eyebrows slightly.

"Reflecting...... on what?"

"You see, I have so many lovers, don't I? But sadly, I have only one body. If that is the case, the time spent on each lover will become very little no matter what I do."

"Well of course."

"What a sad fact. Well of course, I am confident that I will lose to no one when it comes to my love for each individual lover...... but still, there has to be a limit. There will be areas where I cannot address adequately if I have as many as thirty odd lovers."

"Thir-Thirty odd lovers?"

Though I had heard how, with the number of lovers she has, she cannot not hug them all with her two arms.

This person's sick in the mind or something.

Is she a seal that is in heat for the whole year? And not a male seal, but a female one.

"Thus, I had decided that it is about time for me to sort out my relationships."

"Hmm, a rather reasonable conclusion."

"And so, I had broken up with those thirty odd lovers."

"Eh? When?"



In just a single day?

And since the opening ceremony was held yesterday, that means she did it all within half a day?

"Of course, those are all amicable break-ups. Emotional break-ups are not suitable for me."

"Is that really true......? With thirty odd people? And there was not a single trouble from all that?"

"Yeah. I am not tooting my trumpet, but I had never quarreled with my lovers before."


It is shocking enough to go out with more than thirty lovers. Just how good is this person at interacting with people?

Nikaido-kaichou is indeed someone who is more than meets the eyes.

I was wrong to be saying things like 'how embarrassing'.

She is a perfect candidate to be commanding St. Ririana Academy. If she remains there at the top, there will be one day where she does something that shakes the world.

"As such, for my aspirations this year - I'll be executing my plans to change the students council into my harem. It's named <Doki☆ The students council where everybody is my lover! And there are touching scenes too?> ...... How's that? It's a great idea yeah?"


Sigh, forget it.

To a certain extent, that is something rather shocking.


"Hmm? Will 'All scenes will makes you cry' be better?"

"I have never said or thought of anything along that line."

"Well then, are you touched by my huge ambitions?"

"That's not quite possible. Not only the idea itself is stupid, but your ambitions are also rather narrow as well. Since you said you had reflected, I thought that you have became slightly more decent...... Since you are doing some reflections, you might as well reflect on your rotten night-life."

"Ahaha. Impossible, impossible. That part of me is extraordinarily strong."

"Please do not be that honest at such things. Back on topic, why the sudden break-ups with your lovers?"

"I've just said it, right? I had reflected on it."

That smiling face of hers looked as though it was formed by the crystallization of her fearlessness and confidence. Kaichou said,

"There is a saying that goes, 'the person who goes after two rabbits will get none'. I am not boasting, but up till now, I have already gotten god knows how many rabbits."

"That's boasting. And a rather obvious one."

"Well, it looks like my godlike ability has became rather dull recently. People whom I cannot conquer with my charms and speech are beginning to appear one after another. And they looked really delicious, so much so that just for them, I'll do anything and everything to make them mine."


"As such, I had a change of plans. I have given up on getting everybody. I've thus cut down my target down to only four rabbits."

I see.

So that was why she was saying things like students council harem.

Fuku-Kaichou Nasuhara.

My sister, who is the secretary.

Nikaido had prepared the seat of treasurer for Ginbe yesterday, and it looked like she had accepted the job.

And I was given the title of Deputy Assistant of Secretary, the errand-boy of the students council.

And thus her 'four rabbits' are gathered here.

"Oh- but this is rather troublesome. It will be really difficult for me to live through the night now that I had broken up with everyone at one go. It is extremely lonely to have no one by my side when I wake up. I had totally forgotten about that."

Well, she is the Kaichou who gouges herself when it comes to sex.

I feel like that makes a rather decent cure.

"However, I reaped my rewards from it immediately.

And then.

The Kaichou who had rudely placed her legs onto the table.

She did it very slowly, as though she was deliberately showing me her swapping the position of her two legs which was placed one on top of the other.

She then got down from the tall chair which was encased in real leather.

"If you want to know the reason why, it is because I was always in a state where I felt full, thus I have forgotten how it feels like to be hungry again. Ahh, how nostalgic that is. When my stomach is empty, I feel so hungry and thirsty. It's at the state where I am nearly going crazy."

She was advancing towards me really~ slowly.

...... Hmm?


It feels like the atmosphere was changing......?

"For me to actually reduce my number of targets - it can be considered to be my very first humiliation of my life."

Nikaido Arashi was already in front of me when I regained my senses.

I realized I was already swallowed by her imposing aura.

As Kaichou was of nearly the same height as well, it became crystal clear after she was of such a close distance to me.

It's scary how her face was so perfectly beautiful.

"As such - I absolutely cannot allow the remaining prey to escape."

Her eyes were glowing like ambers that had been roughly polished, but yet there was still a deep shine in her eyes.

Her perky nose.

Her luscious lips of hers looked like a sakura covered in morning dew.

And the perfectly balanced contour of her face which exquisitely holds on to all the above features.

Up till then, I had finally realized for the very first time.

Her weird looks and actions, are just a sheath to make the blade named Nikaido Arashi look seemingly harmless.

Those sort of blades that hung from her waist are nothing but blunt swords when compared to herself.

Nikaido Arashi should be the blade that everyone fears.

It will not be dangerous if she was encased by her sheath...... But once the blade is pulled out, it will definitely aim for the target and end the battle in an instant.

"Himenokouji Akito. Be my man."

It sounded like Kaichou's voice was coming from somewhere far away.

...... Things are not looking good.

Even though my brain knew this, my body could not response to its calls.

I could not shift my eyes away.

It was as though I am about to be swallowed or sucked into her. I was enchanted by Nikaido Arashi.

Kaichou is someone who can really control the 'grounds' to her favor.

Of course, the students council room is her home-ground, and as someone who is here for the first time, there was the factor of it me being on away-grounds as well. It was a place where it will be easier for Kaichou to eat me; and for me, a place where I would be eaten more easily.

But that could not explain everything.

Such binding and coercive powers - it has already reached the stage of hypnosis, you know?

It had probably started the moment this place had only both of us. Nikaido had seen me as a prey, and was planning to hunt me.

And then, she tricked me into the spider's lair which she had painstakingly woven.

Each and every words and action of hers had venom hidden in them, and they bound me in place.


I had planned to stay away from her, but it looked like that was all just a 'plan'.

Nikaido Arashi. This person here is really dangerous.

"Ku ku. What an obedient child."

It's settled - she must have believed in that.

Kaichou narrowed her eyes bewitchingly. She was giving off a rather sweet scent.

Slowly - and very slowly - her lips approaches mine—

"Hold on a second—!"

Just then.

What came together with the loud opening of door was......

"It shall end right here, Kaichou! Please get away from Onii-chan!"

My sister's hair was in a mess. She was panting furiously.

"Come, Onii-chan. Come to me!"

After pulling me to her back, she stiffened her shoulders furiously and snarled at Kaichou with a "Fu!"


Had I ever found my sister's back to be that dependable in the past?

"Thank you Akiko, I was saved. You had arrived just at the right moment. Ah, that was close. I was thinking what would have happened if things were to carry on."

"Onii-chan you idiot———————————!"

I was scolded.

Her eyebrows arched up way more than when she was intimidating Kaichou.

"That is why I said those things to Onii-chan, right!? You cannot get close to this person! Not to mention, you were alone with Kaichou in such an enclosed place. It was as stupid as someone who was trying to grow flowers on a mine-field! Onii-chan, do you not treasure your own chastity!?"

"Ah. Urm. Sorry."

"If you are really sorry, then please hug me!" [TLNote: As said before, hug can means having sex in Japanese]


"Or you can continue with what you were doing back then, but with me!"

"So I say, why are things going that way?"

"Enough! By saying such things, it means to say that Onii-chan is not repenting! At such a bad child, I have to punish you with a kiss, alright!?"

"No that's enough. In any case, calm down."

Forget it.

My sister typically acts like this regardless of whether she is calm or not.

In any case, such a thing had happened precisely because I was careless. That was the truth as well.

I had to repent deeply for forgetting my sister's advise.

"Arara. My plan was spoiled by a gooseberry."

The hunter shrugged her shoulders and laughed loudly despite the fact that her prey had escaped when she was that close to catching it.

"The feeling is gone now, so I'll try again next time."

I could no longer see any trace of seductiveness from her body.

She looked just like a vagabond of the Bakumatsu era who was exposing herself for everyone to see. It was as though she was declaring, "I am harmless!"

Ahhh, those quick changes are comparable to that of a chameleon.

A capable eagle always hides its claws.

I could think of no one else but her when I recalled this old saying..

"As long as I am not blind, I'll not allow you to lay a finger on Onii-chan. I'll definitely protect Onii-chan from your venomous fangs."

"Ha ha ha. That's a pretty good aura from you. I like this part about you a lot as well. If only you are to become my lover, then everything will be perfect."

"I humbly decline. I am dedicated to only my Onii-chan."

"Great, great. I like your dedication as well. That gives me more incentive to conquer you..... But even though I've said that."

She took a deep breath.

Nikaido-kaichou narrowed her eyes rather menacingly.

The Kaichou who is like a chameleon, changed her stance in an instant.

"Himenokouji. You are indeed my precious backup to my lover, and I do indeed love you a lot as well."

She turned from a sunny vagabond into a cold executioner.

All just in the blink of an eye.

"However. You'll have to repay your debt for interrupting my hunt and my meal, since they are two different altogether. As my subordinate and the secretary, you do know that, do you not?"

"I-I will not be intimidated by threats of that sort."

"You know, this is not a threat.. This is simply the death penalty."

Kaichou took a step forward.

Similarly, my sister took a step back.

"It is the job of the king to mete out rewards and punishments. It will not do if the superior does not carry out her responsibilities - things like disciplining my subordinates, you know?

"I-I am just stopping Kaichou's indecent acts! I had done nothing bad!"

"My words are the law here."

"That's way too unreasonable! I oppose!"

"Stop irritating me. Strip right now."

"Strip!? Why!?"

"Ahhhh stop talking- stop saying all those unnecessary stuff and let me eat you. I had not eaten since yesterday, and that resulted in all these pent up stress. You are to take responsibility for that."

Kaihcou closed in on my sister with the looks of a predator - or more accurately, the looks of a hungry beast.

In response, my sister had grabbed onto a broom next to her and took on a stance.

As for me, there was no reason for me to remain as a spectator. I should stop them when the time is right. Or at least that was how things should be.

"What are you guys doing?"

"The two of you are pretty energetic in the morning."

Just the perfect timing.

Nasuhara Anastasia.

Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi.

I did feel like it was about time, but it was really lucky for them to appear together.

"...... Che. Luck is not on my side today."

Due to the appearance of another two subordinates, Kaichou had decided that it was time for her to stop.

"I'll just give up for today. Himenokouji, you owe me one."

"I owe you!? Why!?"

"Hey, do you think you can just interrupt my meal as you please?"

"That is because Kaichou was about to do that to Onii-chan-"

"What exactly had happened?"

Nasuhara interrupted.

"Please explained what had happened, so that Ginbe and I can understand everything."

"Oh, that is-. Listen to me, you two."

"I see, so that's how it is. Well, from what I heard, it is obvious that Himenokouji is at fault."

"Oi, Nasuhara!? Please do not say such things when you had not even listened to Kaichou's explanations! And please do not decide by yourself that the one who is wrong is me, alright!"

"No no no lil' sister. She is not wrong."

Ginbe interrupted as well.

"Honestly, one can easily guess what had happened here. It is probably just Kaichou being too sexually deprived, so she requested you to relieve it, right?"

"Well- that is roughly correct, but! There are many things that had happened before that!"

"No, that is not a good, you know? You are the secretary of the students council, meaning to say it is your job to assist the president in all sorts of things. Not to mention, that thing of Kaichou is much higher than that of normal person that even I, as someone who has just knew her not too long ago, know that. To be that uncaring towards Nikaido-kaichou to the point where she lost control - that was obviously you failing to do your job. I can think of nothing else aside of that."

"W-What did you expect me to do about that!?"

"That's easy. You just be Kaichou's lover."

"Definitely no!"

"Or you can be Kaichou's sex toy or something."

"That is even worse, alright!?"

"Why can't you just listen...... just what exactly do you want? If you do not be more obedient, I'll lock you and Kaichou up in an enclosed room that is soundproof and force you to spend the night with her."

"That~ is~ why! Why does everything have lead to that!"

...... Well, that's how it is.

The incident was somehow set aside just like that. How gratifying (?)

As for my sister, I was really grateful to her for becoming a scapegoat due to her standing up against Kaichou - or should I say, I would very much love to help her if possible.

Just as they had said earlier, Nasuahara and Ginbe were both taking turns to bully Akiko. It looked like Kaichou had her own thoughts regarding Akiko as well.

Whatever. I shall not disturb them for now. I will be bringing myself trouble if I interrupt them when I am wrongly labeled by them as a sis-con,

And also, how should I put it.

To see my sister being ruthlessly bullied by the three of them - that was really cute as well. If so, I should just enjoy such service. I guess this is human nature as well-

Even though that was what I thought.

"Alright. It's about time we stop all these fun."

*pa, pa*

It looked like Nikaido-senpai was in a really good mood. She attracted all our attention.

"The meeting is about to start. Everyone, get to your seats."

She ended things just like that. To me, that was just as expected from the boss of the school.

Well well.

Come to think of it, that was really scary.

If I were to say why, it was because all sorts of things had happened from morning up until now.

Only an hour had past by since the start of the story.

How will things develop in the future...... I gave a soft sigh as I looked at the four beauties taking their seats from the corner of my eyes.


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