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[Mushi Uta ] Prologue Chapter 0.00: The Others

Hello guys. I finally managed to complete the prologue chapter after re-reading the japanese raws for it.

However this is just only the prologue for it, will start working on the next chapter as soon as possible. I do use the chinese translated one but now i am trying to do it from the raws to get a more accurate translation though it is mainly to help improve my jap grammar and vocab standard.

Translated by: Sveroz
Editted by: Nooby2
Reviewed : Skat, Wing, Akios

Version: 2.04


Everybody had the same look in their eyes.

The bystanders walked on the streets under the morning sun, moving towards their own respective destinations — a common sight in the city that was not out of the norm. However, it lacked realism in the scenario. Mainly due to the lifeless pupils, akin to glass beads, that they possessed, which made them look like a large number of empty dolls walking about.

---- Looked to the side ----

Through the window of a Café, a girl with artificial-looking eyes could be seen. The girl was in her teens, fashioned with a shortly trimmed hairstyle. The teenage girl didn’t seem to realize that the figure reflected by the window was her own in reality.

Diverting her gaze away from the window, she continued walking.

There was no need for her to think about where to go or where she came from, because any self-consciousness was unneeded “here”.

On the wall that she passed by, there was a large graffiti written on top.

[East - 33 GARDEN]

The teenage girl came to a halt.

Across the street, a train station could be seen.

She was unsure of the reason why she suddenly stopped… if she remembered correctly; she needs to turn right here...

However, she felt a tight pain in her chest… As she stared beyond the station --- at the sky that was brightened slowly by the morning sun.

Even though the teenage girl was unable to think of anything that could be in that direction, she still fixed her gaze at certain point of the horizon— not wavering in the slightest.

“During these four years………”

A voice suddenly sounded behind her.

When the teenage girl turned around, a tall lady was already there. The perfectly round sunglasses on her face, and the deep red coat that she was wearing, were shining brightly under the reflection of the sun’s rays.

She could feel the running pain in her chest once again.

This lady in front of her was definitely someone that she knew…… Yet, she could not remember when or where they had met before, nor did she intend on recalling it as well.

The lady lowered her head to look at the teenage girl, and said while smiling:

“During this four year period, have you always been like this? Without thinking about anything, and without wishing for anything … …”

She stroked the chin of the teenage girl with her red leather gloved hand.

“I see… Such a waste, your dream was just too delicious. However, it’s alright, because you will definitely recall it straightaway right?”

A light sound echoed by the teenage girl’s side.

Shifting her gaze, she noticed a strange looking figure was standing amidst a crowd of students and salarymen. Judging from the body figure, the person seemed to be female. She was wearing huge goggles that covered half of her face and a dark-black long coat.

“Hey, what’re you doing over there?”

The goggled figure stepped forward towards the teenage girl; however her question was not directed towards the teenage girl, but to the lady besides her.

The dark red lady released the teenage girl’s hand.

“A Special Environmental Preservation Bureau watcher, hmm? Are you the one in charge of this child here?”

“I’m the one asking the questions here. If you do not step away from that girl, or follow my orders….”

Just then, a butterfly appeared out of nowhere and landed on the shoulder of the goggled figure. It was a butterfly that had a pair of snow white wings.

“Oh my, your (Mushi) had also this form? What a …… coincidence!”

“… What do you mean by that?”

Averting her gaze away from the doubtful female goggled figure, the woman faced the teenage girl and said:

“The things you wanted to do, the places you wanted to go, now you can act according to your feelings. The next time we meet, would you tell me your dream again?”

In the teenage girl’s eyes, feelings began to surge through… Although she didn’t understand what the sunglasses woman was talking about, she could feel an unknown force pushing herself…

“Damn you……what on earth are you!”

The foot of the goggled figure that was stepping forward, suddenly stopped moving.

The lady with the perfectly round sunglasses stuck out her hand. At the tip of her fingers, a butterfly covered in a colorful pattern landed.

Shocked, the goggled figure immediately froze.

“That (Mushi) ……!! It can’t be true! You are (Oogui) …?!”

"It seems that you have a dream that is rather delicious as well, hmm?"

The butterfly on the fingertips of the lady suddenly began to morph. Accompanied by the sound of constant cracking; its beautiful wings started growing in size.

“Hey, could you tell me your dream as well?”

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  1. OK, I don't really understand what is going on here.

    Mushis are the things that eat the dreams, right?
    So that lady is a Mushi, she seemed a rather important one, is that girl any important or just some random figure?

    I hope that comes clear, otherwise there will be no reason for me to keep reading, since I wouldn't understand anything.

    Still, it looks very interesting, so much that it not even being clear to me it got me wondering about the plot.

    PS: You should add it in the "Project(s)" up there, next to the "Home" and "Contact us".

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  2. I will not disclose much about her but due to this being a prologue, it tends not to have a link to the later chapters due to it somehow being the authors style or so i feel about it.

    I can somewhat understand since i too had issues with it at first but after i finish translating the next few chapters it will become clearer to people how the story goes.

  3. sorry, can i ask how many volume of mushi-uta have been published?

  4. @June 26, 2011 11:48 AM

    If I am not wrong, 10.

  5. 00-11 currently so thats about 12 volumes.
    8 side story volumes. The final volume is coming out soon if i am not wrong.

  6. Well, seems like a good deal of work, still, like I said, the history is very interesting.

    If you keep translating I'll keep reading.
    Assuming it comes clear to me as you said.

    ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

  7. I've been waiting for someone to translate this light novel, than you so much for doing so.

  8. Finished watching the anime...12 episodes only T__T
    Time to start reading this to understand things better!
    Thanks for translating this :D