Sunday, April 3, 2011

Onii-Ai Volume 1: Main/Content Page

Author: 鈴木大輔 (Suzuki Daisuke)
Illustrator: 閏月戈 (Uruu Gekka)

Even if it is Onii-chan, there shouldn't be any problem as long as there is love, right?
Nah, Can't do it.
Things like loving my sister, that's impossible.

You are wrong! In the eyes of almighty love, race, sex and nationality does not matter! Something like Onii-chan and I being twins is just a tiny and insignificant matter!
Insignificant. You should say that is the biggest problem.
Akiko Himenokouji. Akito's younger sister. Bro-con.
My sister actually said that. What does Nasuhara-san think?
Please do not throw such a pointless question at me, or I'll strip away my lingerie and yell on the spot.
I can't understand what you're talking about...

Nasuhara Anastasia, a person whose thoughts and expressions are hard to gauge.

... Well, next let's hear from Nikaido-san.
You know, you're already my lover, ain't you? It's already too late for Akiko to claim ownership. Ka ka ka.
Urm, right. I must be really stupid to seek your opinions.
Arashi Nikaido. Strong sexual drive. Nicknamed "Predator".
... Forget it. I might as well ask for your opinion, Ginbe.
Akito, if I must say, I'm more worried about you having perverted thoughts about your sister, who just moved in to live with you under the same roof.
Am I that untrustworthy......?
Akito Himenokouji. Akiko's brother.
Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi. Akito's good friend.

Well, that's that, Akiko. The probability of the relationship between you and Akito turning into that of love is zero. That's the conclusion.
To think you have really fallen in love with your elder brother. I can only see it as you going against morals and common sense.
Well, it's important to know when to give up, Akiko.
T-That's mean! Everyone's rubbing salt into my wounds!

T-They're... wrong, right?
As long as there is love, there's no problem, right?



  1. nice site! i hope you could also release a pdf version. anyway im gonna start reading now XD

  2. I have no plans to release a pdf version. Not too hard to copy and paste stuff onto Word, then save them as pdf formats yourself.

  3. Hey man, I have a doubt... The friend with whom Akito speaks over the phone is a boy or a girl?

    Just from the name is kinda hard to tell, so I was wondering if in the actual Japanese there's some reference.

    Oh, and thanks a whole lot for this. I hadn't laughed so hard from reading something in a loooong time. Keep up like that!

  4. Author kept it a secret till the last chapter.

  5. Just gonna leave this here...

    It's a PDF version of translated Onii-Ai vol. 1

    Enjoy :D

    P.S: ...I'm not saying I'm gonna do the Vol. 2 as well. No promises there :P

    Let's just see how this turns out...

  6. Thank you for Translation. I follow you here from Oreno's one shot on Baka-Tsuki. This story is really fun. Main charactor has firm resolve unlike normal harem story. Other charactors has unique personality.
    Your translation is smooth reading.
    Please pardon my laziness and boring comment because English is not my mother language. I can't write as well as my real feeling but that is major of it.

  7. I read all of volume 1 but how come Ginbe didn't make an appearance on the picture when the Girls are walking away telling Akiko to give up?

  8. I think it is obvious enough that the author is trying to keep Ginbe's sex a secret until the final moments of the book, and it will not do to reveal it right at the prologue?

  9. Hello C.E. Translation, how are you??? I'm Nahu, nice to meet you... I wanted to ask you if this is the full translation of this light novel series?? Full, right? Not summary...

    I ask you this because I wanna to ask you another thing: Could you let me take your work to translate it to Spanish??? I would like to have your approval first :)

    That's all... I'll wait for your answer ;)
    And thanks for the hard-working with all your projects :)


  10. Sorry, I just checked and noticed that is a full translation xD
    So, about my second question, can I translate it to Spanish??
    Good Luck with all your projects :)


  11. Damn! Hahaha What a lucky guy I am xD I'd found that already exists a Spanish Fansub for this light novel...
    Well, that's my luck u.u xD

  12. hey, is there a problem with chapter 6 and 8? I can't view those chapters.

  13. well, when i open the link to chapter 6 and 8 what appears is a blank page

  14. Checked on 4 different browsers, all work.

  15. sorry is there any pdf version that i can downlod for this novel?

  16. Really thanks a lot for translate and your time!

  17. I have some trouble to read some pdf files that are flying on out there. And I just found this epub file that lot more fun than pdf.
    So could someone make one for this series?

  18. on free time a made the prc file.
    hope u like it.

  19. might as well try this,

  20. can this project re-translated to other language and posted in baka-tsuki?

    of course the credit will be included

  21. 男の中の男、真の男だねキミは

  22. Um, major if minor correction: you call the "Fourth" day the "forth" day. Homonyms kill, you know!