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[Onii-Ai v1] Chapter 5: 31st March (The seventh day of living together)

After some heavy derails from the oreimo summaries and a few days of playing VNs + clearing the animes that had piled up during the finals, I've finally got back on track.

Just a slight update, I've obtained translations for the second volume of Onii-Ai, so that means I'll do volume 2 right after volume 1 is over. Really enjoyed the second volume a lot. It sort of reminded me why I chose to start this blog and translate Onii-Ai in the first place.

I had also changed some of the pictures with better quality raws that I had found.

So for now, here's chapter 5. While I am not a big fan of Nikaido, Akiko still had plenty of appearances in this chapter. Hope you guys enjoy it.

"Ahaha. So that's what happened. That's really too much."

My friend, Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi, laughed after listening to my story.

"To think that you were actually told by two separate girls twice within a day. What's wrong Akito? Could it be that you don't even have the time to take a bath due to the house moving?"

"Don't get the wrong idea. I do bath properly."

"I know that. You are the sort of guy who will only maintain the moderate and minimum amount of cleanliness as required. I think you've struck a very good balance between the two. Also, I don't think your body odor has exceed that of a typical person."


Even if you say that, it's obvious that you are taking a jab at me.

"But isn't she a very interesting person, that golden haired girl whose name you do not know. It would be great if I was around as well."

"Hmph. I wished that was the case as well."

"Hey, don't be so angry. Even if we are a small island country, this place is big enough as it is. The distance between Tokyo and Kyoto are large enough for us not to be able to travel between the two places as we please - also, you have no intention of inviting me over to your house for a visit, right?"

"Don't be too anxious. Even without you urging me, I'll still invite you over when the time is right."

"Well, that's great to hear. But Akito, I wish to visit your house at this very moment."


"Because I feel that it is currently the most dangerous period."

"Dangerous period... referring to?"

"The dangerous period where you siblings may step over that taboo line."


A moment of silence.

"...... Oi oi Gin. Ginbe-san. Aren't you worrying too much? Me and my sister? Ha, that's impossible."

"Akito, what's so cute about you is the fact that despite you knowing it to be true, you will still put up a front. You use that joking tone to of yours precisely because you know that is possible, right?"


"It's a definite fact that your sister is treating you as a member of the opposite sex. That is because her attempts at getting close to you are overly direct and enthusiastic. Just like a runaway car that is accelerating without reservations."

I totally agree with that.

"However, she had never forgot the existence of the brakes despite that. She still can step on the brakes and control herself if necessary."

"Control herself? Even though she acted like that?"

"She can do it. I had said it a few days ago, your sister would have pushed you down long ago should she have the intention to do so. But the reason she didn't is because she respects your wishes more than anyone else, right?"


"Well, I don't really have any idea of how much self-control she has. I think your sister is a good girl who knows her limit. As such I am not worried at all."

"She is a good girl - I'll give you that. But don't you think we need to discuss more about the worrying part?"

"No no. We really have nothing to worry about if it's your sister. The person who needs to be discussed on is you, Akito, right?"

"Oi oi. Are you saying I'll make a move on Akiko? Who is my blood-related twin younger-sister?"

"Well I do view you favorably."

My friend evaded my question with that line.

"At first glance, you are indeed an ordinary person. You looks are just ordinary, and your grades hover about the average range. The teachers must have a headache while writing comments about you. On a grade of one to five, you are right on three. Not too active in your extra-curricular activities, and to tell the truth, no one really noticed you in class either. You are exactly the mold of an ordinary person."

"Well are you done talking about it? Forget it, they are the truth."

"However, the value of a person cannot be determined by those things alone. Truthfully speaking, there was a period of time when I looked down on you...... but after this incident, I have no choice by to change that line of thought."

"Aren't you exaggerating things?"

"I was shocked when you said you are transferring schools. That's totally out of the blue. Come to think of it, I wasn't even aware that you have a sister. You must have decided a long time ago that you will one day live with her again. And in these six years, you've done all sorts of things to prepare for your goal. All by yourself, without letting anyone know. As such you have to completely hide the existence of your sister. Well, that is a correct move. It is the basics to keep your plans secret before you act on it."

"That's why I am saying, you are exaggerating things."

"Well I have no idea how you came up with your plan and put it into action. However it is not hard to think of it as something extremely secretive, and at the same time, boring and repetitive underground work. You trusted no one, begged no one and told no one about it. You've beautifully completed your plan by yourself from start to finish. That's a job well done."

"I've done nothing amazing. It's just doing something that anyone could come up with and do it."

"It may seemed like something that can be achieved by anyone, but do you really think everyone can do it?"

"Urm, well......"

"Even more so, your opponents are actually the Arisugawa family and the Takanomiya family. It's about time you admit it. You've accomplished an extremely difficult job, and that is an undeniable truth. If not, then wouldn't me, who had listed all your feats, look like a huge joke?"


I've no idea if it was because of my embarrassment or something, but I sank into silence. I scratched my cheeks a little, but that will not return my blushing cheeks back to normal.

A laughter. It was as though my friend had noticed how I felt.

"And so I do understand the feelings of your sister. Her brother is someone who had accomplished such a feat. Anyone will be attracted to that no matter who they are. Even if they are blood-related twins."

"In any case, I've understood something."


"It feels really uncomfortable to be constantly praised by someone"

"Ahaha, just give up. Isn't there a so called 'popular tax' - if you've done something great, you must be prepared for the praises as well?"

"You have to pay taxes when you are praised? Who will pay that?"

"Well then. What I want to ask is this."

Ginbe laughed while changing the topic.

"Your motive for doing such a huge thing. One reason is that your love for your sister is at its maximum."

"Well, I guess. That girl is my most precious sister."

"To tell the truth Akito, I am thinking - are you just like your sister and view her as someone of the opposite sex as well?"

"Well I'll just say the truth then Ginbe. I'll tell you right now that you are thinking too much. That sort of thing is impossible."

"Is that really so?"

"Well, I don't understand, am I really that untrustworthy? That really is not something that you will think about."

"Well, if it is like you had said, that will be great."

"Come to think of it, how you can actually say all those stuff with confidence with that little proof you have? What else are you basing your talk on?"

"Isn't that obvious? Intuition."

"Oi oi."

Why did it felt like I've been hearing such stuff recently?

"The talk about your motivations are just points to emphasize my intuition. My intuition are actually rather accurate when it comes to bad things, so I am quite worried. I don't know if you have done inhuman acts that violates human laws."

"...... Gin."


"Could it be that you are angry?"

"Ahaha, isn't that obvious? You are asking that question when things have already came down to this?"

My friend gave a loud laugh.

"At the very least, I've treated you as a friend. I thought that we share deep ties with each other. Even if you can't help it, you still actually left without saying anything to me. That's cold and something very regrettable. Could it be that I just that sort of person to you? You know, I can't help but wish to dig out your innards, to cook and eat them."

"...... Urm. Sorry. I sincerely apologize for that."

"It's nothing. I've said it just now, I know that you are not hiding it from me on purpose. However, being angry at you and forgiving you are two separate matters. Even though I am still angry at you, I've already forgiven you."

"Is that so? Well, I am really grateful for your words."

"Even though I had said lots of excessive stuff, do not put it to heart. It's like you said, I am overwhelmed by my anger and am thus saying all sorts of rubbish at you. However, please then forgive me for these outbursts of mine if you see me as a friend."

"Well, it will be great if your outbursts remained as that...... but is that okay? To be truthful, I am already prepared to be punched by you."

"I'll not go for such an inefficient revenge, so don't you worry. Also, my anger can't be appeased by just that."

The person said it with a light laugh.

"To tell the truth, I had already found another opportunity to officially take my revenge on you, so there's no need for you to worry."

"...... Oi oi. You are not holding back at all."

"I wish to return back to you the mental damage you've inflicted on me, multiplied by many folds. Well, prepare yourself for it."

"What the... Isn't this a little too much? It's not like I hid it from you because I liked it. It's the two families that we are talking about, so I have to carry out my plans in extreme secrecy...... Since you had said that you are my friend, couldn't you be a little more understanding? You know, didn't you say that you have already forgiven me for my wrongdoings? Being angry at me and forgiving me are two separate matters, that's what you had said, right?"

"Whether I am angry at you and whether I want to have my revenge on you are two separate matters as well."

"Is that so? Are you confusing me with those eloquent speeches that you are so good at?"

"Stop trying to talk me out of it. You are the one who's trying to confuse me first, no? ......Well, there's no need for your voice to sound so troubled. Even though I am calling it as revenge, it's more like a prank done by kids. Just wait for it in a relaxed mood while you relive the old days with your sister again."


"Che. God damn it, Gin."

I hug up the phone and mumbled to myself.

Don't worry, you say. It makes me even more conscious of it if you put it that way, no?

Hold on. Could the actual aim of that person be to make me worry about it? It felt like that could be just the case. That person may actually be laughing while imagining me being all flustered over it. Even though that person is straightforward, Ginbe enjoys making fun of me the most.

However,that person was the first one to help me (that list of items and so on) when the mess was exposed. I was wondering why Ginbe was not angry at all.

It looks impossible now. Ginbe's indeed angry.

That person was probably waiting for everything to settle down before releasing all the anger at me. Is that it? Even though I have to thank that person for knowing the right time and place to flare up...... Well, I should find some time to appease Ginbe a little. I'll bring along the cake that Ginbe loves the most.

And with that, we are about to enter the second half of spring holidays. Even though the cherry blossoms are gradually blooming, there's still a while to go before it is time to enjoy their beauty.

It's the first time I left everyone to live an independent life...... and I realized that housework is a rather tedious activity.

Sweeping, cooking, cleaning, and etc. The things to do are uncountable.

Things that need to be done kept piling up.

Though one of the reasons is that I am not too accustomed to doing these things. But even after factoring that in, there is just too much things to do.

Thankfully, I've prepared a lot of things before moving into here. I had a strong premonition back then that I cannot leave things for later.

Well whatver. Sighing does nothing, so it's better to start clearing up the things I see before me.

Uh, there's another thing to be done.

Spring cleaning can be considered as completed. Today is my sister's turn to cook, so I'll set this aside as well. Since my sister is better than me in terms of cooking, I'll be more of a trouble instead.

As such, all that is left is the washing of clothes.

Speaking of which, there is typically no chance for me to do it as my sister is always rushing to do that. I'll keep the clothes before my sister return - or so I thought, but I can't keep the clothes either since they are still wet.

Incidentally, my sister is out as she had some student council work to do.

This is the first time she went out alone since we got back together. She was saying things like "How can I leave Onii-chan alone! Wouldn't that be too lonely!? Mainly for me!", and she even cried before leaving the house-

Just then.

*Ding dong*

The doorbell rang.

...... Who can it be?

Even Ginbe has not came here before, so it cannot be my friends. It was even more impossible to be my relatives.

If that is the case, could it be someone living nearby? Or perhaps a door-to-door salesman......?

"Coming, coming. I am opening the door now."


When I pulled aside the Shouwa style glass door with cloud prints, the person standing before me is......

"Yo. This is the house of Arisugawa, right?"

"...... What?"

"Ahh. She's called Himenokouji now. I'm sorry."

"...... Ah- right."

How should I go about saying this?

In any case, let's start by pointing out the features of her appearances. One at a time.

First, red hair.

Red hair that is like ruby, tied naturally into a ponytail.

And then the eye-patch.

It's simple and pure black, just like One-Eyed Dragon Masamune's eye-patch. It covered her right eye.

Finally, the Japanese blade.

It is rather simple as well. A weapon that can be called as an Ootachi, and held easily by her left hand.

"Ahh this?"

That person lifted the sword and said,

"Don't worry. It's a bamboo blade."

"-Ah, so it's a fake. Well that makes sense. How can it be possible for someone to walk in modern Japan while carrying something that is obviously violating the weapons law? If that is a bamboo blade, then I guess you can consider it to be safe."

"Well although it is a real blade that is named 'bamboo blade'."

"Hey that thing is totally out, okay!?"

"Ka ka ka. Don't worry too much."

That person puffed her chest and laughed loudly,

"Even for me, I will not casually pull the sword out while on the street."

"No, although you are not wrong......"

"At the very least, I'll only pull it out in special situations - like when I want to trim my nails."

"Not only is that casual, it's also rude to the blade, no!?"

"Ka ka ka. You are really good with your tsukomis. I like you."


This should actually be the very first characteristic I list.

She is wearing a uniform.

Wearing a uniform that incorporates classic and modern designs at the same time.

Of course, it is a uniform that I am used to seeing.

That is because I am seeing my sister in her uniform everyday.

"Name's Nikaido, Arashi. St. Ririana Academy's third year student and president of the student council. In other words, I am your sister's superior. Nice to meet you, Himenokouji Akito."


"You are not quite like your sister."

She said while sitting down with one of her legs propped up and her sword by her waist.

That's the very first sentence from someone who claimed herself to be a student council's president.

"You look really ordinary, and as far as I know, there are room for improvements in your studies. Are you those people who has his nutrients taken away by his sister?"

"Well, I can't deny that. But to be saying this during our very first encounter is a little......"

We talked across the short table.

"Don't worry. I am not belittling you. It's my personality to be straight-forward."

"Even towards someone whom you are meeting for the very first time?"

"Well obviously that doesn't apply to everyone. However, you are Arisugawa... Himenokouji Akiko's elder brother, and in my eyes that's akin to family. Don't you think that is much rudder to be overly respectful towards family members?"



There's something that has been bothering me ever since the beginning.

"Well...... Nikaido-senpai, right?"

"Oh. What?"

"That. Can I ask about 'that'? Or should I remain silent?"


And the Japanese blade.

Typically speaking, the correct decision should be to 'ignore them despite seeing them'. However, since she is my sister's superior as well as the student council's president of the school that I am about to enroll in, there is no choice but to do that.

"Ka ka ka. So that's how it is."

Nikaido-senpai's laughing in a 'chi-chi' sound.

"That means that you are someone who is turned on by eye-patches and Japanese blade?"

"...... Huh?"

"I'm sorry. Even for me, this is the first time I know someone with such a weird fetish. If I knew this earlier, I would have been more careful...... I am really sorry for making you hard for nothing. Don't worry, the same incident will not happen next time."

"Please do not decide the sexual preferences of others on your own. How did you manage to come up with that conclusion base on our conversation just now?"

"No worries, I'll take responsibility for it. If you wish, there is no problem with me giving you this eye-patch and Japanese sword. You must have accumulated a lot, and is almost at the limit of your endurance right? It's not good for your body if you hold it back."

"Like I said, no. Please listen to me."

"Ka ka ka. It's just a joke."

The student council's president let out a loud laugh. Really, please stop those horrible jokes of yours. Even if you want to talk about perverted stuff, that's just going overboard.

...... Forget it.

It looks like it doesn't really matter.

I'll just treat it as her saying "it's better if we don't talk about it" in a roundabout way. As for me, not having to "pretend to not see it after seeing it" is just fine as it is - if I were to say, it is because there is another thing which I am more interested in as compared to the eye-patch and the Japanese sword.

"Urm, there's another thing."

"Oh? What thing?"

"Actually, there is something else that really bothers me."


"To be honest, I don't think it's nice nice to point that out as well."

"No worries. Just like I had said, you are like family to me. Just say whatever you want to say like a man would."

"Aha, thanks. Then I'll do as you wish."

"Alright. Just shoot."

Clearing my throat, I directed my sight away and said,

"I saw everything. Right from the beginning.The contents in your skirt."

That's right.

I could see it extremely clearly. In full view.

The place that is not too convenient to talk about was covered by a slightly thick red-colored tight pants.

That is because this person was sitting fully exposed right in front of me. It's no longer just stealing a glance at it. It's at the stage where it is weird not to look.

"Ka ka ka. I see I see, you can see it huh. I guess so."


The person named Nikaido gave a hearty laugh and said,

"No worries. I don't mind."

"Even if you don't mind it, I do. I have no idea where I should look at."

"Incidentally, today's panties are red."

"Is that so, I see. Even though I can see it, but it's not too easy to differentiate from mess of red. I was thinking to myself that no matter how deep the colors of the tight pants are, there should be no reason I can't spot the color of the panties. So that is how it is. If that is the reason, then the mystery is resolved quite easily. I was actually thinking if you are someone shameless enough to treat the tight pants as short leggings, and sp you are not wearing your panties- wait that is not what I wanted to talk about."

"That was just me saying rubbish. I am actually not wearing any panties today."

"Ah, I see. The reason you wear a dark colored tight pants was a deep strategy to conceal the fact that you are not wearing any panties today- what the hell? Isn't it worse? Stop spreading your legs like that!"

"Ka ka ka. Your reactions are really fun."

While saying that, she let out another hearty laughter.

How should I put it? This person laughs really heartily.

"That sort of reaction is a strength of yours that your sister does not possess. Treasure it."

"Aha. Is that so?"

"Yes it is. Having Arisu- oh, she's called Himenokouji now. But it doesn't really matter."


"Anyway, that cute junior of mine is the secretary of the students' council. She's serious to the point where she is as stiff as dried shit - everything she does is in accordance the rulebooks. She is a capable person, but her brain is extremely stubborn. Even so, she actually has an extremely serious brother complex. I really don't understand her."

"Urm, well then,"

I finally remembered something when we talked about my sister.

"What's your reason for coming here today? I remember my sister went to school because she has something to do in the student council."

"Well of course. I'm the one who delegated her that task, that's why."

With that, she gave proud laugh.

...... What should I say?

Since she is a third year student, there shouldn't be much difference between us in terms of age. Should I say that she don't really act like a girl? It felt like I am talking to an adult.

That's right. Rather than a girl, it felt like she is a vagabond of the Bakumatsu era.

And she is probably one of those who will become the founding fathers of the Meiji era in the future.

If you continue with that train of thought, the way her beautiful ponytail is tied up like a sort of bun.

"Well...... if I am not wrong."

"Yes? Speak your mind."

"From what Nikaido-senpai had just said, it sounds like you gave my sister some jobs to chase her away, so that you can talk with me alone."

"It is not 'sounds like', it really is. Himenokouji Akito, I want to talk to you alone. That's why I made your sister go away for a while."

"Haa. Talk to me, huh?"

"That's right. You."

I am feeling confused just by being face to face with the silently smiling Nikaido-senpai.

"Then, what exactly do you want to talk about with me?"

"Nothing much. It's nothing major."

With that, she propped up her leg again.

She's in the state of opening her gates again when she did that. I felt really bad, so I directed my sight away.

But whether I want it or not, her next sentence made me moved my line of sight back at her again.

"Hey, will you become my man?"

"............ Ha?"

"Will you become my man?"

"Ah, no. I can hear your words perfectly fine. There is no need to repeat the same lines."

"Oh,I'm sorry about that. So, your answer?"

"...... Look. Are you for real?"

"No. It's a joke."

"Well, that's assuring."

"10% of it."

"Which means that 90% of it is real. My uneasiness had shot way past the threshold when I heard that."

"Ka ka ka. That is a joke too."

"Oh man...... please do not scare me."

"The line, 'will you become my man?', it's a joke. You, will you become my secret lover?"

"That's exactly the same thing isn't it!?"

Or should I say that her view towards me had actually deproved instead.

"Ka ka ka. It's a joke, it's a joke. Your reactions are way too fun, which is why I can't help but tease you a little. Sorry."

"Please give me a break...... I am as easily frightened as how I looked."

"Well, please do not get angry. I'll welcome you anytime should you want to be my secret lover. I'll give you some really good memories."

"No thanks."

"Why are you so cold? It is slightly brazen to be saying this myself, but I am actually a good woman."

"In any case, nope."

"Also, as long as you start an intimate relationship with me,"

As Nikaido-senpai said that, she leaned forward.

As though she had always seen the depths of my heart.

"Wouldn't that totally erase the unhealthy scenario of two siblings being entangled in a messy relationship?"


It was at then when the sirens in my head started to ring.

Perhaps I was too careless.

It was clear from the few lines in our conversation. Just like my initial impression of her, this person is not ordinary.

She deliberately came to my house, and deliberately made up something to get my sister away. This was definitely no ordinary house visit.

"- I see."

After a moment of silence, Nikaido-senpai burbled that out.

She was still silently smiling, but that brief moment of dangerous feeling was gone.

"There was just that instance where the mood changed. It's thin and hardly noticable, but the sharpness is first grade - just like the feeling one gets when the famous blade is pulled out. Well my good man, I've finally understood why Akiko is so smitten towards you."


What's with the 'good man'?

Well of course, I was happy after being praised.

But the person praising me was someone whom I had only met for an hour. She should not even know what sort of person I am.

"It looks like you do not understand."

With a chuckling laugh, she said,

"You. Do you know what is the criteria of a good woman?"

"Urm...... what?"

"She has to be able to recognize a good man when she sees one."

"Aha, so I see."

"And the methods used does not matter. It can be after a long period of knowing each other, it can be putting in effort to research on the guy, or it can be based on pure intuition. In any case, it's okay as long as the woman is not fooled by a fake and finds a real good man. That is the number one criteria of a good woman."


"Then there is another criteria. After discovering a good man, she must be able to capture him. It will not do if you don't know how to. It is meaningless if a woman finds a good man but is unable to get him into her hands. That is no different from fooling yourself."

"I see. So that's your logic."

"The foresight and the means - just having these two factors is enough to be a good woman. And for me, I am absolutely perfect at these two areas. To add on, I am a great beauty too."

"You will definitely be a better woman if you do not blow your own trumpet."


Ignoring the legitimacy of her words, she did sound slightly convincing. There's also the fact that Nikaido-senpai's personality is already clearly portrayed to me. However.

"And then? What does those words have to do with anything?"

"Even though you are a good man, you are still slightly dense."

"Sorry about that."

"To put it simply, there's a good woman - who is me - and the woman fancies you. Himenokouji Akito, you are a good man who is really outstanding. That has nothing to do with me seeing you for the first time. Anyone with a slightly sensitive nose will be able to pick up that scent - the smell of your worth of a man."

Even though we were separated by the short table, it did not feel that way - I had the illusion that our distance actually became much closer. What a inconceivable presence.

"You may possess a thin body on the outside, but you are actually very tenacious in the inside. You will definitely not give up once you have decided on something, but you can maintain a decent amount of flexibility when necessary. You are the worst person to be an enemy with, but as an ally you are are more trustworthy than anyone else - that's the type of person you are."


"Be more confident and proud of yourself. You are an exceptional good man. I, Nikaido Arashi, can guarantee that. If you want, I can use this bamboo blade as a vouch."

"How weird. You had lost all your credibility when you bring out the name of that blade."

That's me. Both my mouth and soul are uptight.

She really knows how to interact with people. She was just saying all those out of courtesy, but if I was careless, I would have taken them as the truth. The way she evaluates a person is more like some sort of hero rather than a woman. I can understand why she is the president of the student council......


I've just noticed something.



"Could it be that you are actually trying to induce me?"

"Ka ka ka. So you have finally realized it?"

Nikaido-senpai slapped her knees and let out a loud laugh.

"I am sorry. It's just that, you know, after meeting a good man...... However, I was not expecting you not to realize that I am trying to induce you. ......So how was it? Are you slightly moved? Are you willing to be my man?"

"I humbly decline."

"It's time to tell you the truth."

Her expression changed once again.

She was silently smiling, but at the same time she was giving out the same dangerous aura she did earlier.

"I've met up with the Arisugawas and Takanomiyas a few days ago."

"- !?"

"Hey. There's no need to raise your guard."

She fanned her hands and continued,

"They did not make anything concrete request to me. All they said was, 'please take care of them' in a rather rhetorical fashion. However, Arisugawa and Takanomiya are not muddleheads - they are not visiting me just so that they can say those words to me. I think you are rather clear on this as well."

"Yeah. Crystal."

If not, I would not have to be suffering this much.

"Well, you do not have to worry. I really do not have any motive. Just like I had said, it was nothing concrete. However, I do have some ties with both Arisugawa and Takanomiya. Even though I am not indebted to them, but I do have some sort of friendship with them."

"Which means to say that should the situation calls for it, you will be standing on their side as well. Is that what you are trying to say?"

"Well, it is best if things do not come down to that. That's how I feel."

"Same for me."

"Well, I don't think things will really boil down to that. I do like Akiko, and you are really pleasing to my eyes as well. Compared to that little friendship, you siblings are of higher priority to me. However, such things are life - you will not know how things will turn out to be."

"I guess. No wait, it's precisely as you've said."

"However, it will be a different matter altogether should you become my sex slave. I won't give a damn about the friendship. I will just want to protect you."

"Screw this, now you are even bringing in the idea of sex slaves? Why is my value constantly dropping? To think you are actually praising my rather vigorously not too long ago."

"If you want, I am fine with me being your sex slave."


"Oh. So you are hooked. Are you interested in that?"

"No way!"

"Well, can I borrow your bath room to take a shower?"

"Please do not continue the topic as though I had accepted your proposal, alright!?"

"Ka ka ka. My my, you are a really humorous guy."

Nikaido-senpai slapped her knees and laughed heartily.

"Well, don't worry. The Arisugawa or Takanomiya family will not be taking any actions for now. So you siblings should relax and fill up the void caused by these six years of separation. As for me, I'll help you guys out as long as it is within my means."


Just like that, the manly student council's president left.

And like her name suggests, she was like a violent storm. [TLNote: 嵐 (Arashi), Nikaido's name, means storm]

She appeared all of the sudden and wreaked havoc before vanishing into thin air.

If she is not a storm, then she must have been some sort of elusive villain.

Ahhh... she had left a really deep impression on me.

What's left was to interpret what she had said.

(Well, I guess I'll just have to take it as it is.)

That was what I thought.

I guess she is not one to lie.

She can probably come up with all sorts of lies if it is really needed from her, but just this once, that should not be the case.

She is not lying, and it also feels like she is not hiding anything from me. She does have a glib tongue, but it has not reached the point where it feels like she is a crafty person.

She was probably here to gain my trust - or in another words, she was selling her trustworthiness to me. That was probably her reason for the visit.

" You are the worst person to be an enemy with, but as an ally you are are more trustworthy than anyone else  ."

It seems like that's how Nikaido-senpai had evaluated me.

Well, what a great way of putting it.

At the very least, I do not wish to be enemies with Nikaido-senpai. If there exist even the slightest possibility of being enemies with her, then I'll resort to anything to erase that possibility.


If the situation turns into 'if you do not want to be enemies with me, then you are to become my sex slave', then please forget what I had said just now.

However, there are definitely many guys out there who will be hooked by that. Putting her personality aside, she has a figure that is on par with the models who appear at the branded fashion shows. I think those with a M personality will definitely roll themselves towards the bottom of her foot. [TLNote: M = masochist]

Ah- no. I am not talking about myself, alright? I am definitely not interested in that, okay?

Since my sister is not around today, I'll have to do the rest of the housework.

After clearing those chores, I'll have to start catching up to the curriculum at the new school. And after I am done with that, I'll have to resume the work which I had ignored for quite a while now.

This is not looking good.

The things to be done are piling up.

Hmm, where should I begin?

House-cleaning was basically done. If that is the case-


The clothes that were washed should be dry by now.

"Ohhh. They are dry."

I went to the courtyard to take a look, and the perfectly dried clothes were swaying slightly in the gentle breeze.

This was the victory of the good weather which we rarely get during the later half of March. I thanked the sun for its grace.

I could not help but to feel happy. I began to collect the washed clothes one piece at a time while humming to a tune.

Well, I'll do my studies when I am done folding the clothes. There is not much time left till the school starts. I would have to clear this as efficiently as I could,


At then came a loud scream.

What? What? Are there cats in heat that are fighting?

As I was thinking of that, I turned my head,

"O-O-O, Onii-chan......!"

Looks like my younger sister has just came back from school.

"Oi Akiko, what's with that voice of yours. It will be really embarrassing if the neighbors heard that. Please act like how a girl should."

"Wh-What are you doing?"

"What am I doing? Taking in the clothes?"

"Onii-chan, in that hand, the thing you are holding......?"

"Eh? What else could it be? Isn't this your panties?"


Her face flushed red in an instant.

*pa pa pa* She walked towards me with huge steps.

She snatched away the pair of panties that I was holding in my hands, along with the rest of the clothes that I had collected.

She quickly moved three steps back.

She then tried to intimidate me with a "hiss!"

"...... Are you an animal? Calm down for a second."

"This is not the situation where I can remain calm!? M-M-M-My un-un-underwear was......!"

"Ha? This would mean nothing to you in the past."

"Nothing of the sort!"

"You were clearly angry at me for not peeping at you while you are bathing. And you actually came to me with just a bath towel on your body."

"Surprise attacks like these are not allowed!"

"I'm not bothered by it though. It's my sister's underwear after all."

"Now I am angry due to a totally different reason, all thanks to that tone of yours!"

Really, what was she saying? I couldn't understand her.

How does her sense of shame works?

"...... Fuu- haa. Fuu- haa."

While I remained silent, my sister placed her hands on her chest and took in deep breaths.

After her peach colored face returned back to their original colors, she looked at me with a 'jiiiiiii',

"Even if you are the Onii-chan whom I loved a lot, I still cannot forgive you for such a boorish act!"

"...... What had I done to deserve that?"

"It's the underwear of a teenage girl? They belong to me, your cute younger sister! If you want to take this underwear to sniff it, I'll give it to you happily and naturally, just like how I will hand you a piece of cleaning cloth- Ahhh, I still cannot forgive you. Onii-chan's excessively overboard attitude has hurt my fragile heart deeply!"

"Calm down. If you ask a hundred people, I am sure a hundred will say that 'what you had said is just atrocious.'"

"This has nothing to do with the rest of the world! There are rules in the Himenokouji household! Onii-chan had obviously broken those rules!"

"Uhhh... Mm."

When did that rule exist? But I guess it is not a good time to be asking that.

I did not feel like I had done anything wrong, but I did realize that I had lacked some consideration about this after being told by her. Also, it did not seem like my sister will let things go just as it is.

"...... I get it, though I cannot really accept everything. But I understand. Indeed, there are still some etiquettes to follow despite how close we are. I am wrong to collect the clothes on my own accord."

"Are you reflecting on it?"



"Of course."

"I understand. Then I shall let you off the hook for today. In exchange-"

"Listen up Akiko."


"The possibility of this happening is low, but you can't be thinking of saying things like 'please hug me' while taking advantage of all the confusion, right?"



"Onii-chan. Don't you think you have went a little overboard with that?"


"I felt hurt to be misunderstood as that sort of person. It hurts way more than when I see you touching my panties without my permission. To request for something unreasonable while Onii-chan know he is wrong - how will I do such an unreasonable thing?"

"Hmm...... is that so? I am really sorry. It looks like I was thinking too much into it."

"Really, Onii-chan. Please take note of what you say in the future."

"Sorry, sorry."

"Really, there has to be a limit of you talking nonsense. All I want was for Onii-chan's lips to touch mine. Just a small request-"



"That's really great. I'll have no choice but to end our brother-sister relationship if you request that from me."

"Uh- th-that..."

"Well, this topic shall end here, alright? Come, let's be on good terms again."

"W-Wait! This sort of opportunity does not come by often- no wait, I'll not accept it unless you fulfill my request and also apologize to me!"

"No way."

"If a kiss will not do, then please hug me instead!"

"So it has went back to that!"

"At the very least, pat my head!"

"No no."

"I-If that's the case, then, then-"

"Ahh. Akiko."

It looks like things will turn out to be like usual, so I had better change the topic.

"You had joined the students council right? You are the secretary, if I remember correctly?"

"Huh!? Please do not try to change the topic forcefully! Just today, no matter what, I will have to get my reward! If not, I'll be standing her all day and not move an inch! I'll not cook, clean the house, or do anything else!"

"Ah. Akiko is a really impressive child."


"Joining the students council in order to serve the school. If that is not impressive enough, you actually had to go back on a holiday to clear the work of the student council. This is not something you can do easily. Oh, I do feel that you are really impressive."

"I-Is that so......?"

"Yes it is. You are a capable child. A younger sister that I am proud of."

"Pl-Please praise me more."

"Akiko is really splendid. You are someone in this world who is unique and irreplaceable to me. The perfect younger sister."

"Ehehe...... It's g-great that you know that. Well then, shouldn't you give some reward to your cute little sister-"

"And because you are such an excellent younger sister, Akiko will definitely not do things that will trouble her elder brother, right?"

"Eh? Well, regarding that-"

"No, I should say that I am basking myself in the light of my sister. I can't thank god enough for such luck. Ahhhhh, I am really blessed."

"...... Urm, Onii-chan. With such a cute sister, shouldn't you be repaying her with some sort of reward?"

"Ahhh come to think of it."


I should change the subject here so that I can bury the topic. That should be a mission complete from me.

As for the next topic- ahh. I've got one.

"What sort of person is the student council's president like?"


"The student council's president of St. Ririana Academy. She's your superior right? I was wondering what sort of person will the president be?"

"Keep this a secret from your sister, or else things will get messy" - as Nikaido-senpai had said that earlier, I'll kept her visit a secret for now.

"From my point of view, I am putting you in that person's care. As your elder brother, I wish to understand more about that person immediately."

"So that is how it is. I see."

............ Is that just my illusion?

There was a sudden change in the use of words while my sister was nodding her head slightly. She had even straightened her back.

"The president is someone who deserves respect. She is good at winning people's hearts, and she knows how to use people well. Also, she is not just good at talking, but she is actually very capable as well, and is very dependable during emergency situations. She is easy-going and understanding, and thus have lots of friends. I feel that there is no one who is more suitable than her as a leader. It will not be exaggerating to say that she is born with the temperament of a hero."


It's really rare for my sister to say things like that.

"However, her sexual preferences could not be any more worse."


"Her sexual preferences are horrible - it does not matter if the opposite party is a guy or a girl."

So she is bisexual?

"Incidentally, her nickname is 'Predator'."

How can this be?

That's a huge contrast.

"Onii-chan. I'll just give you an advice while we are on the topic."

My sister suddenly pulled her face close to mine.

She lifted her index finger, and said in an extremely serious manner,

"It's better if you do not get close to Nikaido-kaichou... Nikaido-senpai."

"I-Is that so?"

"That is for the sake of Onii-chan."

"But she is someone who has taken care of you. Don't you think that I should at least pay her a visit?"

"You are absolutely right. But just this once, you should forgo it."

"But I will studying in the same school as you do starting this spring. How will I be able to avoid the president?"

"Even though I am well aware of that, but still I have to warn you again. Try not to get close to that person."

"U-Urm. Is she that dangerous?"

"Her nickname 'Predator' is not just for show. Naturally, talking to her is out of the question. If possible, avoid eye-contact as well, or you will get pregnant."


"Regardless of your sex. She is that type of person."

"I-Is it that for real......?"

"Yes. If she ever manage to see someone like Onii-chan some day, she will not hesitate to eat you up. Well, as long as I am around, I will definitely not let her do as she please...... In any case, I have the responsibility to protect Onii-chan's virginity. Please just listen to me and try not to come into contact with that person, alright?"

...... Forget it.

The fact that I had involved myself with the student council's president is something that cannot be undone.

And I had the feeling that this evil relationship can no longer be severed.

Silence is golden - for the situation I am in anyway.

"Ahhhh...... even though it is the ultimate bliss to be in the same school as Onii-chan. However, I am really really really uneasy about the fact that Onii-chan may get himself within a fifty-meter radius from the president..... Ahhh...... although there is someone whom I wish Onii-chan will never come into contact with, even more so than the president...... However, the actual dangers that person posed is still lesser than that from the president."

"Well, you do not have to worry too much, Akiko. I am no longer a kid. I can still at least defend myself even if the president tries doing anything to me."

"Naive! Onii-chan you are too naive! Onii-chan can only say that now because you have no idea how scary she is!"

"But...... it's unavoidable since we are in the same school, right?"

"Even so, but please be more conscious about the fact that the school has a scary predator, and Onii-chan is the poor prey! If someone like Onii-chan is to meet that person, he will definitely be 'awu', 'gabu', 'guru' in an instant!" [TLNote: Apparently, onomatopoeia for opening the mouth, biting and swallowing respectively]

"I understand, I get it. I'll be careful."

"...... Uhhhhh, I am really worried. Too worried. No matter how careful Onii-chan is, as long as that person get serious, Onii-chan will be like a rabbit being locked on by an eagle...... I don't care anymore. Instead of allowing that to happen, I should eat Onii-chan before that happens! The best solution is to allow me to enjoy you! Therefore, Onii-chan. For tonight, please-"

"You are the most dangerous predator to me, so please be aware of that!"

"Please do not say that! At the very least, allow me to sleep in the same bed as you!"

"No no. Alright, it is about time for you to prepare dinner. I still have to get myself accustomed to the school's curriculum."

"Please accommodate to my request! I just want our beds to be next to each other while we sleep!"

"Ah- that's right. I should start to clean the courtyard."

"Just the bed touching each other! Really, just touching each other! I swear I will not do anything else! I swear!"

"I had not been paying much attention to the courtyard ever since we moved in here. I should work on that before I start studying."

"O-Onii-chan is ignoring me! How mean! This is a serious case of domestic violence! If you continue to torture your cute sister like this, you will be brought to court some day!? Are you fine with that!?"

"Oi Akiko. Where is the broom? I didn't see it."

"...... sob sob...... Onii-chan you meanie."

I've noted down the above conversation in my brain.

Nikaido Arashi - she probably is on our side, but I must still be careful of her.


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