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[Mushi Uta v4 ] Chapter 1.01: Chami Part 1

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Version: 1.01

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Chami Part 1

Right after she walked out from the stairs onto the Urban Tower’s roof, rather than being welcomed by a breeze of fresh air, she was confronted by the strong irritating smell of gasoline.

“Argh, the smell of gasoline stinks –“

Konomura Chami complained emotionlessly as she surveyed the surroundings.

But in fact, it was not an issue. Compared to the scenery before her, which akin to a ruin, it was not that big of a deal. Undoubtedly, a battle had happened here before.

Chami’s short hair swayed in the wind. Although the irritating smell was blown away by the breeze, it only lasted a moment before the overwhelming stench returned.

Since she went back to her room and changed before coming here, Chami right now was wearing her casual outfit; knee-length shorts covering full length stockings, and topped with two long-sleeved T-shirts. Although Chami was often mistaken as a junior high student due to her petite figure, her eyes were not the same as other sixteen years old teenagers; they were glistening with sharpness.

“It looks like… that white cat was fatally injured here…”

The one who was muttering behind her was (Konoha). She belonged to the Special Environment Preservation Bureau, Central Headquarters’ Combat squad, a level four ranked member. She usually lived in HIgano City, the city that was next to Akamaki City. In order to make “reports” to Chami, she had come to Nishito City today. She was wearing a pair of skirt-pants paired with a T-shirt and jacket, a simple outfit just like Chami.

“You don’t say. We’ve been following the traces of battle all the way down from the first floor. This is the end, and the traces stopped here as well. They can’t possibly continue the chase through the sky right? How can cat flies? Idiots should just shut up.”


After taking a glance at (Konoha) who swallowed her words and backed down, Chami continued to derive other possibilities.

---… It might be due to my ability, but (owl) itself was very clever to begin with. Not only can it understand my orders, it had been carrying out the mission that I pushed onto it of monitoring Ayukawa Chiharu for the past five years… like an idiot. It wouldn’t make sense for it to suddenly give up just like this then… If that’s the case then, Ayukawa Chiharu must have come here to Urban on her own. But why would Chiharu come here then ---

Within Chami’s brain, various speculations continued to flow through as she walked from the entrance of the roof.

After coming here, it fought with someone… Judging from the traces of destruction, there should only be one enemy, and he was quite a powerful Mushitsuki as well. However, it was not the enemy who started attacking first. If (owl) wanted to escape, it could have just escaped through a hole that’s its size. There’s only one reason --- that would make (owl) to attempt defeating this man, and that is this man will endanger Chiharu. In other words, the enemy might have been targeting Chiharu, or might have done something in result of endangering Chiharu.

Chami suddenly burst into smirking.

--- Hehe… that tiny brain is quite an impressive one huh, is it trying to burn the enemy with this? But it seems like its plan had failed, and was countered-attacked. The last place where it was attacked ---…

As Chami walked towards the small hut built for water-pumping, she noticed that both the water-pumping machinery and the water tank had been destroyed. Everything in the surrounding area was soaked in mixed combination of gasoline and water, slowly flowing into the still-functional pipe system used for pumping.


In that instant, Chami showed a serious expression for the first time.

---I-Is this… also part of its plan? Did it purposely lead him to attack this place?? No, it must be coincidence that it happened right?… but, if this were really its doing… does that mean the opponent was that strong to a point where he can’t be defeated other than this plan…?

Chami suddenly turned around with a shocked expression. She walked past (Konoha) to the other side of the roof to overlook both Urban tower and Dome.

--- Let’s walk through this god damn life together!

Chami then made a “Hmph” sound with her nose.

From the traces of battle, Chami could strongly feel (owl)’s will, and its loyalty to her, and at the same time a sense of anxiety. She turned around to stare at (Konoha).

“Don’t you dare to fail my order!”


--- Without your master’s permission, me, don’t you go and die as you please!

Passing by the baffled (Konoha) who was frowning, Chami left the small hut.

It seemed like she had generally understood the situation right now.

In conclusion, Ayukawa Chiharu had come here yesterday.

And then encountered the other party who might become her enemy --- No, she “almost” encountered should be correct. Judging from the usual expression of Chiharu who she saw in school today, it didn’t seem like the expression of someone who had just experienced a life-threatening event.

Judging from the trail of human blood (determined by (Konoha)) continuing from the first floor, the opponent seemed to be seriously wounded beforehand. After finishing off (owl), he temporarily retreated.

“…What a shitty mission from the start to the end, even though nothing had happened in the past five years…why ---”

She walked down the escalator while cursing out loud.

Konomura Chami, a level ten ranked member aliased as (Owl) who belonged to Special Environmental Preservation Bureau South West Division. In the ranking system of SEPB, a level ten ranked was the lowest rank they had which was higher than No-Rank.

Five years ago, the mission that was ordered to Chami was most suitable for such a low ranked member.

Monitor a figure named Ayukawa Chiharu.

And that was it; no reason was given, not to mention what kind of danger would be involved. At that time Chami had just become a Mushitsuki; she was given this mission without even receiving much training herself. This mission, obviously, was a neglected task that no one cared about.

In the reports that Chami had to write regularly, under the section where she wrote about Chiharu’s actions, she always put “No Abnormality”. The next report was also “No Abnormality”, and then the next one as well. This “No Abnormality” had continued for five years straight.

And the order that was sent back was always the same as well, “Continue the mission”. “Continue the mission” --- It seemed like even if she were to fake the report she wouldn’t get found out. The higher-ups didn’t even bother to confirm anyway, they only know to mechanically issue the same order.

Chami used her ability to push this mission onto one of her slaves… a cat named (owl). If she didn’t do that, this mission would really make her go crazy from boredom. As expected from a shitty mission given from a shitty organization.

The shitty organization --- also known as the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. Judging from their incompetence, they probably haven’t found out about this yet.

This period of the past five years, had given Chami who originally could only somewhat influence a cat, the time to infinitely grow and improve. Would she, who’s ranked as one of the lowest ranked Mushitsuki, be able to turn the tables around on them and strangle them, or has she already set foot onto this fate that will eventually lead to her death?

“Fine, I’ll just have to do this shitty mission myself then! Back to you, shouldn’t you start reporting to me what had happened in Central recently?”

Chami walked down the escalator and issued an order to (Konoha), which was behind her. Due to the fact that (Konoha) had just arrived here at Nishito City yesterday, Chami hadn’t had the chance to hear her important report yet.

“I only listened up to the part where you said after defeating (Ladybird), (Kakkou) had also defeated (Shinpu), one of (The Original Three).”

(Konoha) who was following after Chami did not make any noise; she began to softly make her report.

“(Fuyuhotaru) has escaped from the Central Headquarters…”


“At the same time, under Miguruma vice-director’s direct order, three special task force squads were established…”

“Three squads? Why would she purposely divide the system of commands? Miguruma Yaeko is really an idiot?..”

“… I was assigned to the pursue squad of recapturing (Fuyuhotaru)… In addition, I was also given an order of the same priority, and that was to take back the “CD” --- Although I don’t know its content, I do know the person who snatched the “CD” away … It was (Centi)…”

Chami who was walking down the escalator suddenly halted, forcing (Konoha) who was following behind to stop as well.

“Are you trying to bluff me? Wasn’t (Centi) one of (Mushibane)’s cadres who had already become a Fallen? Where did you get that information from?”

(Mushibane) is a resistance organization created to revolt against the SPEB who captures Mushitsuki. Its founding leader, a teenage girl named (Ladybird), had already died in a battle against a member of the SEPB, (Kakkou).

“It seemed (Centi) was immediately captured afterwards… however, I “saw” a girl who was escaping with that “CD” having a talk with the squad leader tasked with retaking the “CD”, (Kasou)… And for some reason, that girl ended up escaping together with (Fuyuhotaru) to Ouka City… on the way, (C) and (Fuyuhotaru) had also made contact…”

“The battle-maniac (Kasou) and the Central Database’s (C)? If the missions were that important that she had to use these high-ranked members, I guess they were the real deal then. It seemed like that “CD” was quite an important item. The fact that girl was able to safely deliver it to (Kakkou), one of the protagonists of this battle, without getting snatched away by others --- I don’t know if that person who delivered the “CD” understood or not just how impressive it was to able deliver it to “him” personally --- So then, have you confirmed the content of the “CD” yet?”


(Konoha) clenched her lips as she lowered her head. Upon seeing this, Chami sucked her teeth angrily as she forcefully grabbed her shirt’s collar.

“You dumb shit! You didn’t even get the most important Intel, the content of the “CD”, what the heck were you doing?! “


“You said there were three special task force squads --- recapturing (Fuyuhotaru), and retaking the “CD”, what is the last one then?”

“… As a level four ranked member, I was unable to achieve that Intel…”

“Tsk, you’re really useless huh? For what did you think I taught you how to work in the dark, and even raised your rank to level four ranked? I won’t ask you to get up to level one or level two… but shouldn’t you at least try to get up to level three?”

(Konoha) bit her lips as she silently endured Chami’s lecture. Chami’s expression darkened, and then she pushed (Konoha) away:

“Why don’t you say something huh? You damn gloomy woman, you disgust me.”

“…When… will you be able to… find out…”

(Konoha) muttered while trembling her shoulders. As if she couldn’t hold in anymore, she stared straight back at Chami through her slender front hair.

“I’m…not your slave… It’s because you said you will help me find that person’s enemy… you said you will help me find that fifth level one ranked… that’s why I’m cooperating with you…”

She protested with her soft and trembling voice.

From behind (Konoha)’s back, a cloud of faint red mist appeared. The cloud of red mist, which only Chami could see, gradually formed a shape of a queen bee.

That --- was a part of Chami’s (Mushi), which she injected into (Konoha) in the past.

There were three forms of (Mushi) in total, which were Minion type (also known as separation type), Special type, and Fusion type. Mushitsuki were formed after coming into contact with (The Original Three). Depending on which “Original” that one encountered, the form of their (Mushi) would also be different.

The Separation type (Mushi) like (Konoha)’s that activated ability on its own --- were created by an existence known as (Oogui),

(Mushi) like Chami’s that had no physical form were known as Special types. It was a type that produced more supernatural ability in contrast to the other two types. Those that were turned into Mushitsuki by an existence known as (Shinpu) had these kind of (Mushi).

At last, the Fusion type (Mushi) was a type that would fuse together with its host and grant them superhuman ability. Due to the fact that there was less than a handful who became Fusion type, its creator (The Third One)’s existence was full of mystery.


Chami swung down her right hand across (Konoha)’s cheek. A crispy sound of “Pa” echoed throughout the tower.


“Who said you could talk back? Even if I were to ditch you here, I wouldn’t feel a thing.”

(Konoha) pressed her cheek as she stared with murderous intent back at Chami. The shape of the red queen bee floating around (Konoha) began to gradually swell as well.

Chami’s ability --- was to inject her (Mushi) into an opponent’s body when they were mentally shaken. Chami’s (Mushi) – the queen bee then would continually and gradually expand the most inner desire of the opponent’s mind. The overwhelming desire that surpassed their emotional limits would then deprive them of their rationality. To Chami, it was a breeze to take advantage of those who had lost their cool.

Her ability could only pollute one’s mental state, or increase their emotion. In the field of mental domination, her ability was nothing but a trivial trick. Because she’s incapable of strongly dominating her opponent, Chami was ranked as the lowest level ten ranked.

However, Chami’s true “strength” wholly depends on how she uses this ability. Taking those who couldn’t think straight as her allies, and furthermore, without them noticing, she slowly turned those into puppets who couldn’t do anything without her.

The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau only focused entirely on (Mushi)’s ability, rather than Chami’s unique talents. To her, it was the most intolerable insult she ever had.

“Just what can you do all by yourself huh? Tell me about it! To someone like you who could only see objects under specified condition and three dimensional coordinate, what else can you do huh?”

Chami’s merciless scolding made (Konoha)’s shoulders tremble even more; the emotion that the teenage girl bore was “Anger”. Behind the expression that faced down, there was always a storm of anger that was barely suppressed.

After seeing (Konoha)’s reaction, Chami concluded that further stimulus would be dangerous. If an opponent’s emotion consumed their rationality, it would result in mental disability. In other words, they would go insane. If not induced properly, she might turn this opponent into her enemy. This was one of the weaknesses of Chami’s mental pollution ability, which was also one of the reasons why she was ranked level ten.

--- I can’t let (Konoha) break right here, she still has some value.

“I will definitely let you meet that fifth level one ranked Mushitsuki who took your lover’s life. Sooner or later, I will approach the center of (Mushi)’s mystery. And as soon as I dominate SEPB, I will be able to let you see that person.”

Dominating all Mushitsuki, and standing at their peak --- that was Chami’s goal.

The existence of (Mushi) was still filled with mysteries yet held immeasurable power. If she could take control of the SEPB, and rule over the Mushitsuki army, it was not impossible to reach beyond that; that’s right, even this country is possible.

Chami thinks that for this to happen, she must first find out what are (Mushi). Conversely, the answer to that question would be the key to dominating all Mushitsuki.

“Didn’t you swear loyalty to me? Now is not the time to feel regret. If you were to stop here, you would lose everything, am I right?”


(Konoha)’s over-clenched lips were becoming almost purplish blue, but the queen bee that was enveloping her gradually dissipated in front of Chami.

However, Chami’s (Mushi) had never completely disappeared from (Konoha)’s body. Even in normal times, the sharp stinger would constantly stimulate her emotion of “Anger”.

(Konoha)’s shoulders were still shaking, but she was not moving from her spot.

“… Fine, this is it then. Our relationship ends right here right now. From now on, just do whatever you want.”


(Konoha) instantly tugged Chami’s clothes as she were about to turn around.

“I don’t have… anywhere to go… So… I’ll listen to … you.

Chami stared coldly back at the teary (Konoha).

“Don’t you dare to talk back to me from now on.”


“Go investigate the contents of the “CD”, right now.”


“Can’t you use that stupid brain of yours once in a while? There must be someone who saw the content already right? Use any method necessary, find that person.”

After leaving that sentence behind, Chami left Urban.

She walked across the streets, moving towards the residential area.

By the time she arrived at her destination it was already near evening. Rendered by the hue of sunset, Ayukawa Chiharu’s house was emitting a rather peaceful atmosphere.


Chami turned around and moved towards the building on the opposite street. After walking up the stairs, she reached out to one of the lining doors.

The door was not locked.

After pushing it open, she was welcomed by a breeze of cold air.

There were a refrigerator, TV, and a chair by the window. She took off her shoes, and walked into the apartment. Deep inside the room there was a bed, and on the bedding multiple pure white furs glowing in the sunset could be seen.

“ …!”

In that instant, Chami suddenly noticed Chiharu appearing next to her room’s window, so she hurriedly hid herself. It seemed like she happened to be right on time when Chiharu usually comes home.

Chami then sat on the bed as she casually looked at the scenery out the window. How many years has it been since she last entered this room? She thought to herself. All of (owl)’s daily necessities were taken care of by a teenage girl named Sugitsu Aya, one of Chami’s underlings as well as her classmate.

“The “CD”… and (Centi) who’s supposed to be a Fallen…”

Chami murmured to herself.

When Mushitsuki’s (Mushi) were killed, its host would lose all their emotions and memories and become empty living corpses --- Fallen. It was known that if one were to become a Fallen, they would never be able to become normal again.

Aside from one exception --- (Fuyuhotaru).

If what (Konoha) said were true, then that means apart from (Fuyuhotaru), there were other Mushitsuki awakened from the Fallen state, which means (Fuyuhotaru) was no longer special anymore. And the secret to that revival must have hidden in the contents of the “CD”.

However, it was impossible for Chami to look at the content of that “CD” personally. To protect Intel from leaking, the magnetic discs that the SEPB uses were designed to only maintain the content of the data for no more than few days.


Chami’s gaze suddenly fell onto a pile of paper lying next to the bed.

Those were the arrest warrants distributed by the Central Headquarters. Theoretically speaking, every division of SEPB should’ve received these, but since Chami didn’t care the slightest about the content, hence she gave these to Aya to pass on to (owl). This room was tentatively loaned by the SEPB as a hideout so she occasionally used this place to store such documents.

Horizaki Azusa --- the name of a teenage girl with an attached photo was on the list. Although on the cover she was a long-haired beauty, Chami only noticed now that her danger level was ridiculously high. As the reason of capturing was not listed, she didn’t pay too much attention as it was usual for Central Headquarters’ warrant.

It was Intel not important to her. Right now all she could think about was how to discover the mystery of (Mushi), and how to take over the Central Headquarters.

That’s right, to Chami, even the mission of monitoring didn’t matter anymore. These past five years, she hadn’t paid any attention to it; the organization who ordered this mission might probably have forgotten about it already.


Chami shifted her gaze onto the chair by the window.

The reason why she hasn’t come near this room, was because of (owl)’s attitude from the last time she visited.

The usual cold white cat suddenly purred happily, even going as far as making its unpleasant laugh as it rubbed itself on her intimately. To Chami --- it was very unpleasant.

Chami had a couple of servants, and (owl) was just one of them.

When she saw that the cat, whom had been given the same pronunciation as her, was dead, she wasn’t particularly shaken.

The time has finally come --- that was what she thought to herself.

Deep inside, she knew that she was just a small fry that no one cared about. With her little trick, the most she could do was just play some dirty shadow-work in the dark. In terms of a movie, she would most likely be the so-called Villain A or Passerby A, something like that.

On the other hand, those that were in the “center” were ridiculously strong. From the Central Headquarters, (Kakkou), (Fuyuhotaru), and (Harukiyo)’s views --- they probably couldn’t care less about such trivial existences like Chami.

But then, on that day, Chami ignited her ambition.

--- Let’s walk through this god damn life together!

Someday, Chami would die.

She might die without even making the first step towards her ambition, and without anyone knowing. At most, the protagonists of this story would regard her as a part of the plot, while continuing to dance gorgeously in the “center” of the stage.

This kind of B-rank side story was the kind that no one cared about, or even knew about. Unable to predict her death, and despite losing all her pawns she intended to realize her ambition. But that cat -- was the start of her screenplay.

“This…feeling of regret… is really troublesome…”

But now, thinking about the fact that at the end of her screenplay that no one cared about, there wouldn’t be that cat next to her anymore, troubled her.

“Loyalty…huh… What am I to say… There’s no way (Konoha) would have such a thing! It was obviously me forcing her, making her do things for me…”

Chami flashed a grin, as she caressed the white fur which was left behind on the chair.

“I guess… you’re probably the one… who swore loyalty to me from the bottom of their heart…”

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