Friday, April 18, 2014

Komori Quintet! (by Sugii Hikaru)

So an anon brought up my attention about Komori Quintet, a manga written by Sugii Hikaru and drawn by Tiv.

I don't really read much manga now, since I've more or less prioritized LNs over that. But hey, it's a new work from Sugii Hikaru. How can I resist?

Interesting thing about this manga is how the main protagonist is the daughter of Chiaki from SPS.

That's Chiaki. She's not exactly my most favourite character in SPS, but damn, she's grown to be one fine mom. That side ponytail. Dayum.

A brief appearance of feketerigo in the manga. That's Chiaki and Kagurazaka there with a guest performer. Kind of hate how the manga did not show Kagurazaka's face though.

Favourite character for now is easily Tamao. Dem petite chest, twin-tails and zettai ryouiki. Dat elegance. Perfect.

A bit more on my thoughts about the manga. The lack of a dense, male tsukkomi protagonist is quite far off from the usual style Sugii Hikaru writes, but it's a manga about cute girls doing cute music, so I'm not gonna complain. Feels a little like K-On, but without a pants-on-head silly MC.

For the scenes about the music, Sugii Hikaru can get pretty descriptive in the LNs (to the point where the metaphors kind of leaves you scratching your head), but that is kind of lacking in the manga. So again, it's more focused on the aspect of cute girls doing cute things. Again, not that I mind, but it feels weird after being used to his SPS and Gakusei Shoujo.

Then there's Chika. I can't wrap my mind on how Chiaki has a daughter, and yet the daughter is using her mother's family name (and also the lack of mention of a father). Maybe...... she's Nao's illegitimate child? Heh.

Anyway, a decent manga which I will continue to look out for. I am kind of hoping for appearances from the rest of the gang (especially Mafuyu), but I'm not too sure judging by how they've only shown Kagurazaka in silhouette. A little more Tamao won't hurt either.

So we have Yuki, son of Mafuyu and Nao who's taking up the persona of Goethe/Faust and protecting loli Beethoven in the 18th Century. Then we have Chika, daughter of Chiaki who's starting up her own band in her mom's school. I wonder what Sugii Hikaru has for us in line next.


  1. I'm betting on a "Kagurazaka-sempai time-warped into a post-apocalyptic future where she has to fight against the Terminator-esque fangirls of the illegitimate spawn of Jasten Beeber and Mirery Cylus in order to save rock n' roll" story next

  2. dont think Nao have the guts to cheat on mafumafu :v

    1. That...and seriously, who would cheat on her? Mafu-Mafu is all you need and more >.< In fact, Mafu-Mafu deserves to marry only herself.....alas, she fell for Nao *shrugs*

  3. eh holy juice I just realized the artist is Tiv!
    yep Tiv + Hikaru Sugii is definitely the best combo for manga

  4. Are you going to translate the novel?