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Oreimo volume 10 - Chapter 4: Summary and thoughts

> Fanblog posted a picture of Ayase walking out from a store
> It's an otaku store which Kirino frequents
> In the pic, Ayase's holding onto an illustration book of imouto bishoujo
> Thanks to the low traffic of the site, there's not much people who viewed the post
> Kyousuke realized the person the blog is referring to is none other than himself
> Blog owner has disabled comments, so he could not explain things
> Kouhei called Kyousuke. He saw the post as well
> Kouhei commented that all the pictures posted on the blog were taken in secret
> The owner's probably a stalker
> Kouhei suggested that they discuss it with Mikagami, since he's some famous model as well
> Kyousuke then made a call to Mikagami
> Mikagami suggested that they inform the agency, just in case
> Mikagami said the book which Ayase had purchased is SFW
> He sounded rather pissed, due to the stalker's comments. Turns out he hates stalkers
> He said it's better for Kyousuke not to tell Ayase about it for now
> Kyousuke asked Mikagami if there's anything he could do
> Mikagami said there's not much, and it's not like Kyousuke can tell Ayase not to come to his apartment anymore. Which Kyousuke agreed
> Mikagami said he'll do his best to protect her when she's outdoors by following her while crossdressing
> Kyousuke asked why there is a need to crossdress
> Mikagami said he will look suspicious if he stalks her while looking like a guy

> Next day after school
> While returning back to his apartment, he saw a girl squatting at the staircase
> He could see her panties if he sneaked a peak
> The girl seemed a little strange. She's blocking the stairs, and her eyes were like those of a dead fish. To describe it with eroge terms, they're just like the eyes of a raped victim
> He tried asking her if she's ok
> The pretty girl remained in her pose and looked at him with the dull pair of eyes
> The girl said she's Mikagami
> A kick
> Kyousuke said he wants to kill him because he had seen his panties
> Turns out that Mikagami was almost restrained by Ayase when went to pick her up
> She saw through his disguise right away
> Was injured by her school's guards, and while following her, he received countless messages that called him a pervert, or telling him not to talk to her ever again, or that she'll inform the agency about everything

> After that day, things went on as normal, Ayase still went to his house every day.
> No update to the blog
> Returned back to his apartment. However, unlike the usual, Ayase did not welcome him at the door
> Kyousuke went in, and was stunned by the scene
> Ayase was dressed in her uniform and stepping on the stomach of Kuroneko, who was in her goth-loli outfit
> Ayase was laughing while stepping on Kuroneko
> Kyousuke wondered if they were doing some SM play
> Kuroneko explained
> Seemed like Hinata had blew things out of proportion when she told Kuroneko about her trip to Kyousuke's house, obviously because she thought it would be interesting to do so
> After being threatened by Kuroneko, Hinata told the truth
> Kuroneko came to check things out, but was greeted by Ayase at the door
> Kyousuke said there's no need for them to do the SM play
> Kuroneko said it's a ritual to show that they had reconciled with each other
> Turns out that Kuroneko was the one who suggested that Ayase stepped on her
> Despite the explanation behind everything, Kyousuke just interpreted everything as Kuroneko declaring that she's a huge M
> Seemed like the two girls were on good terms with each other

> On the morning of the examination date
> Kirino sent him a really short message: "All the best"
> Another message, this time by Mikagami
> He said the situation has worsened, but the agency is acting on it
> Kyousuke checked the blog
> The blog had declared punishment on Ayase
> Began to head to school
> As he was walking to the stairs, Ayase appeared
> Ayase passed him an amulet to bless him in his exams, and there's one for Manami as well
> Tsundered for a moment by saying that she got it together with everyone else (Kirino, Kanoko, Kuroneko and Saori), so there's no special meaning behind it
> Kyousuke then said he has something very important to tell Ayase, and it's better if she prepare herself mentally
> Ayase blushed and looked downwards
> Kyousuke told her that she might be stalked by someone
> Ayase asked if that was his perverted confession, with him being the stalker and all
> As Kyousuke explained further, Ayase realized the seriousness of the thing
> Ayase's face went pale when he told her she was photographed going into the shop to buy the illustration book
> Ayase was depressed for making Kyousuke worry at a time like this
> Just as Kyousuke was putting his hand on her head, he heard the sound of a camera's shutters
> Saw a girl hiding behind the neighbor's washing machine
> Tall, wearing a black coat, sunglasses, cap
> The stalker (Sayaka) yelled and asked him to leave Ayase
> Ayase threatened to call the police
> The stalker rushed over as Ayase began to dial on her phone
> Kyousuke's foot was stomped on
> After some chaos and struggle, Kyousuke rolled down the stairs
> Ayase came over and asked if he's ok, Kyousuke said he's fine
> Stalker tried running away, Ayase caught her
> Ayase was getting a little emotional
> Kyousuke asked her to stop and calm down
> Ayase said he should be going for his exams, and she'll hand the stalker over to the police
> Kyousuke said they should listen to what the stalker has to say
> Ayase: "A-Are you an idiot!? Y-You're a hopelessly and incorrigibly nice person! Today should not be the day for you to be doing this! Which do you think is more important, your exams or me?"
> Kyousuke: "Well, obviously you." [Man, this guy is fucking smooth]
> Kyousuke: "There's still another exam that will be held next month, so how can it be compared to a friend?"
> Kyousuke said he has always wanted to iron out the misunderstanding Sayaka has
> He wanted to talk about an incident that happened over a year ago - the incident of Ayase and Kirino getting on bad terms with each other

> Back in his apartment
> Began to introducing himself, but turns out that Sayaka already knew who he was, his school, his rough age, and that he's Kirino's brother
> She then said he's Ayase's boyfriend as well
> Ayase was about to deny, but Kyousuke stopped her
> Stalker's actual name is Kakei Sayaka, 12 years old, 155cm
> Wearing high heels to give the false impression that she's tall
> She's studying in Ayase's previous elementary school
> Tears gathering in her eyes as Kyousuke asked her if she's some modeling friend of Ayase, which she denied
> Kyousuke started off by saying that he and Ayase's not going out
> Sayaka said they must have done perverted stuff already
> Ayase and Kyousuke denied loudly
> Surprised by the things the elementary school girl was thinking
> Finally convinced her that they had not done perverted stuff
> Kyousuke then asked if there's any reason for Sayaka to be Ayase's friend
> Ayase had saved Sayaka from the bullying back in elementary school
> Sayaka sees Ayase as a gentle, dependable and incredibly pretty senior. Someone who's perfect
> Ayase says she can no longer bear to see this any longer, since Sayaka's making the same silly mistakes she did
> She told Sayaka that the way Sayaka sees her is not the real her
> Her favorite senpai had already forgotten about her after a short period of 3 years. She's someone who buys perverted eroge merchandises, lies and makes use of her friend, and forced her own ideals onto them. She had even caused a huge fuss and lied to even herself as a result. A hopeless woman like her is not the ideal person Sayaka sees
> Ayase said painfully that if Sayaka wants to idolize her, she should take a good, hard look at the silly woman who she is
> Sayaka was dealt a severe blow
> Kyousuke then asked Ayase to stop and leave everything to him
> Walked over to the cabinet and pulled away the cover
> Sayaka screamed and cried at the sight of the perverted figurines
> Kyousuke said the merchandises are from the imouto-wife eroge
> He explained that Ayase's best friend is a super otaku who's interested in sis-con games like these
> Sayaka said the person must be Kyousuke
> Kyousuke said the friend has finally gained the understanding of Ayase
> He says that Ayase must have thought that otaku are filthy and irritating. She used to be disappointed at that friend, and thought she had seen her wrongly, and had even broke the friendship with her. However, the friend is still important to her, and even if she lies to herself, she wants to get back on good terms with her friend
> Kyousuke had already realized something. Ayase had already knew the point about him declaring himself as a huge sis-con to be a lie
> Kyousuke thanked Ayase for doing so much for Kirino and him
> He did not understand why Ayase is to be blamed for it

> Some message from Ayase
> ——To Onii-san, the huge liar
> Thanks to you, I've reconciled with Kirino, though I'll never approve that interest of hers. While I still has not fully made up with her yet, nor can I accept it totally, but we can get along well with each other once more.
> I-I will definitely not approve it! But even though I'll not approve it...... But since it's a celebration...... I guess I'll make an exception this time. In any case, I wish to give her what she likes the most for her present...... And also, after that incident, I've occasionally watched some anime together with Kirino...... and we have talked about things that are not overly perverted

> Back to Kyousuke
> Ayase had gradually accepted Kirino's hobbies. Even though she hated liars the most, she had forced herself to accept Kyousuke's lies
> Kyousuke told Sayaka that he'll never forgive anyone who uses that to reproach Ayase
> Sayaka nodded her head
> Kyousuke said the reason Ayase went to the store was to buy a return gift for the present she had received from that friend
> Sayaka said that even though Ayase's a gentle person who tries her hardest to understand her friend, the goods she had bought are still disgusting
> Kyousuke said they are no more disgusting that the things she had posted on the blog
> Sayaka cried in embarrassment when Kyousuke said he had read everything on it
> Kyousuke said he likes that blog, and it has fully shown how much she liked Ayase. Also, her photographing techniques has improved over the past 2 years as well
> She should apologize to Ayase for photographing her in secret. In the future, she should do it with her permission in open
> Sayaka says her dream is to become a pro photographer and snap the picture album of Ayase

> After everything's over, Kyousuke rushed to the examination hall, leaving Ayase and Sayaka back in his apartment
> Met Manami along the way, says he have to visit the infirmary first
> There's no need for him to put on a cool act in front of her
> After exams, Manami bid him goodbye
> Kyousuke realized it's because Kirino was waiting for him at the gate
> Kirino said with a nonchalant expression, that Ayase had told her about how Kyousuke had injured himself
> Kyousuke said it does not hurt at all
> Kirino slapped him on his bandaged arm. Kyousuke cried out in pain
> Kirino stared at him fiercely, walked a few steps, then turned back and said that with Kyousuke in that condition, they should go to the hospital
> Kyousuke hurried over and walked by her side
> Kyousuke talked briefly about her cellphone novel
> He then asked her what she planned to do about her future studies
> Kirino said nothing
> Just when they could see the hospital, Kirino broke the silence.
> Kyousuke turned around, and realized Kirino looked very short. Or rather, he had grown much taller
> And for the first time of the day, Kirino smiled and say: "In any case...... it's been tough on you."

> One month later
> Kyousuke got A for the mock exam
> He was slightly in tears from the happiness
> Kirino and Ayase were at the beauty saloon
> Kyousuke said to his mother that it's about time for her to clear her misunderstandings, since he has obtained an A
> His mother said she did not once suspect him making any moves on Kirino
> She had noticed that his relationship with Kirino has turned much better recently. And using that opportunity, she separated them apart so that the slack brother will work hard in his studies due to the power of his sister complex. That was her ultimate plan
> Kyousuke went bonkers
> Kirino came back with a different hairstyle. Ends of her hair looked slightly fluffy. She seemed much more mature now
> She said her change in hairstyle was just like how one will prepare their equipment before facing the final boss in an RPG game.
> Kyousuke and Kirino sat at the different ends of the 3-man sofa, which was their "usual distance"
> Kirino welcomed him back
> Kyousuke said her new hairstyle suits her
> Kyousuke: "And...... I've always thought...... that it's impossible for my younger sister to be that cute."
> Kirino: "—Just die already!"

> Moved everything from the apartment back to his house
> Kyousuke's room was filled with the personal stuff of Kirino
> Kirino said her room's filled with merchandises, so it's okay for her to use his room, right?
> Room was pasted with eroge posters. There's a new rack of eroge games, bed sheet was changed to that of naked imouto characters and etc
> Kirino said it's thanks to her that his room has turned into imouto paradise
> Kyousuke reverted his room back to normal

> Went over to his apartment to return the keys
> Took a last look at the room before locking it up
> Met Ayase at the bottom of the stairs, who was wearing a cute duffle coat
> Ayase was surprised Kyousuke was not shocked by her appearance
> Kyousuke said he felt like he will meet someone at the bottom of the stairs
> Been a month since they met
> Kyousuke noticed her change in hairstyle
> Ayase was happy he noticed it, and said she had went to the beauty saloon together with Kirino
> She said Kirino has became much more cuter
> Kyousuke agreed
> Ayase commented that Kyousuke can voice out his true feelings when Kirino's not around
> Ayase congratulated Kyousuke on his A
> Kyousuke said it's all thanks to her and the assistance of everyone else
> Talked a bit about Sayaka. She had apologized to her agency as well as Mikagami. What's left is to get her to apologize to Kyousuke and pay for his medical bills
> Kyousuke asked if they had reconciled
> Ayase said she will forgive her if she spanks Sayaka's butt
> The blog was approved as the official fansite, despite no updates from it till now
> The articles need to be reworked as they are too disgusting
> She has something else to say to him
> Talked about how Kyousuke must have realized she was lying
> She knew Kyousuke was lying about the sis-con thing back then, but she lied to herself and believed in it
> She's no longer that against Kirino's hobby
> Kyousuke apologized for his jokes he did to Ayase
> Ayase said that not all his lies are bad, but he should still die for his joke for asking her to marry him

"Onii-san, you are a really huge liar."

Her voice became really serious.

"You are lewd and perverted. Not only that, but you are a sis-con, lolicon, and also a huge M."


You don't have to put it that way......

In any case, I should try to stop Ayase while watching my words...... Just as I was thinking of that, I was stunned.

While she was brutally scolding me with those words, tears began to appear in Ayase's eyes.

"You are always harassing me sexually and making me angry each time we meet."

Her voice was trembling, and it became softer and softer.

"You're always being nice and meddling in the affairs of others......"

She wiped the tears away with her sleeve and lifted her head. There was a sudden resolve in her voice.

"You are so dense and unreasonably gentle, and you always make me feel at a lost of what to do—"

"And that's you whom I've fallen in love with."

Kyousuke's family is crazy. Seriously.

Also, dat Ayase. She's now my most favorite character in this book, on par with Kuroneko.

Also, I won't be committing myself to vol 11's summaries - or the detailed versions, at the very least. These detailed summaries are a time burner.


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