Saturday, May 19, 2012

Onii-ai green-lit for anime + vol 1~3 rework

Announced here.

Studio: Silver Link
Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Character Design: Kōsuke Kawamura
Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu

Himenokoji Akito: Ryota Ohsaka
Himenokoji Akiko: Ayaka Ohashi
Nasuhara Anastasia: Minori Chihara
Sawatari Ginbei Haruomi: Asami Shimoda
Nikaido Arashi: Eri Kitamura

Don't quite like the art.

Well, Yeb and I will probably do some re-editing of the 3 volumes to weed out the really bad shit (though by that definition it means everything that I've done till now), so yeah. Just a heads up.

I'll update the status of the reworking here as well, I guess. Will be great if I can get a feedback on the reworks. I am primarily aiming to improve the flow, but not so much of the grammar, since the grammar mistakes are everywhere.

19/05/12 - Reworked vol 1's chapter 1 to 4.
23/05/12 - Reworked vol 1's chapter 5
28/05/12 - Reworked vol 1's chapter 6
29/05/12 - Reworked vol 1's chapter 7
04/06/12 - Vol 1 completed
16/06/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 1.1 and 1.2
03/07/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 1.3
04/07/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 1.4
08/07/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 1.5
22/07/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 2.1
05/08/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 2.2
07/08/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 3.1 & 3.2
08/08/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 4.1
10/08/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 4.2
11/08/12 - Reworked vol 2's chapter 5
13/08/12 - Vol 2 completed


  1. R-R-Really?

    Oh my God, I have to see this (thanks! for the news).

    1. Each to their own tastes. I can understand why people don't like Onii-ai.

      Anyway, that's the reason why I mentioned Shaft, because they did the monogatari series and this seems right up their alley.

    2. Yeah, I do understand that. The thing I'm against with is that there are comments only based in the title. nor even they try to read the review of this series.

      There are a lot of tastes there and here, but I'd like more "intelligent" thoughts and not a wall of spam.

      Then, if SHAFT is involved, I can expect something good (not too sure but meh).

      Btw, I read somewhere there are just 1 or 2 chaps of vol4 tl to Chinese so I'm waiting for some news.

  2. To think I would see this day come...

    Its so good to be alive... ^_^

  3. I'm gonna say hell yeah!!!! I liked how shaft did monogatari so I would have no problem if they did onii-ai as well. Can't wait for it.

  4. It was only a matter of time? :'D

  5. Wow!
    to think that this day would come sooner than I expected...
    Gotta see this...

    I wish that sayonara piano would have an anime too...
    I'll be expecting that one...

    1. i remember reading something along the lines of "it won't get an anime cause of copyright shit for all the music"

    2. And furthermore the author newest work got an anime so I don't think that an old novel of the same author will get anime

  6. And eventually everything on c.e. translations will get green lit! 'cept for mushi cause that already had an anime.

  7. well, i read chapter 1 of vol. 1.. and it's a lot better than what i remember. in terms of flow it's good. i could nitpick, but i won't.)) although if you want me to...

    1. It's one of my first translation attempt, so obviously it will be shit. I am not really gonna bother much other than to improve the flow, else I will just re-translate it all over again.

  8. just asking, are you translate vol 4-5 of the novel? because it make me curious about what will hapening after nikaido say such word to akito. not mean to pestering about it. just my curiosity. hope it will answer, if not it's ok though. just keep you're good work... thanks before

  9. I was expecting this to happen. I wonder which anime company will get the rights? Maybe AIC, since they did the author's previous light novel series.

  10. As much as I would love to see SHAFT animate this I highly doubt it considering they are already working on Kizu (which they delayed to 2013), the Madoka movies and I've heard things about another season of Hidamari Sketch? So their plate is pretty full. If I had to take a guess I'd say AIC.

  11. same with me the art kinda weird.
    why don't they stick with original art :(

  12. Well, this is kind of meh... a rookie cast for the brother and sister... the last anime I remember with rookies was R-15 and I couldn't get past episode 2 and none of the VAs left an impression on me to top it off. At least the character design is okay, same guy who did Mayo Chiki, so at least it'll be sexy? Ha.

    1. Bro did you check out the other VA's?

      I did, and I'm crying right now.

      It's too perfect.

  13. Well I like the studio doing it. It's not shaft but silver light is still good.

  14. What? When? How? Why?.... *Silence*

    That was my first reaction.

    There's been a long time since i made any comments, being Onii-ai realted... even longer.

    Being realistic, we all know the Anime itself wont be hard to make, the story is pretty simple, and it will probably be another of those animes that rely more on bath scenes than in actual content.
    But I do like the series, and I am glad it is being animated.

    I just need to figure out a way to protect my Akiko.
    This will take time.

  15. sad no vol 4 and 5

  16. Will there be a vol 4 to 6 translation ????

  17. can you translate vgol. 4 seriously volume 3 stuff let me to a fraking cliffhanger mann i need to know what happen next!!!! i love this story and i need to know what happen next would be great if you translate it till volume 6

    1. Hmm so it already reached volume 6....

    2. at first i cant believe it but went to amazon and then (jaw drop)

  18. It will almost be a year since the last translation and moreover this the only Ln that doesn't get updated

  19. Any chance for updated PDF versions for the new v2's? Also thank you so much for these translations. This story is great keep up the great work!!!

  20. You really dropped? That's sad :\ Oh well... We can't force you xD