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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 5.02: The Others

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Translated : Sveroz
Edited : Idoneyo, Yeb, Wing, Akios

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The Others

Rina could hardly believe her eyes.

No matter how much information she gathered, she was unable to accept the sight in front of her eyes.

--- What the hell is this?

That was the first line that Rina thought of.

Many things had happened to Rina in the past. After becoming a Mushitsuki, finding out about the existence of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, forming the rebel organization (Mushibane). And then after that, she escaped death quite a number of times, while desperately protecting her own dream.

And just then, Rina encountered a teenage boy in the same class and started noticing him. Although he was just an ordinary boy with no special traits, he had a special presence that drew Rina’s attention.

Afterwards, Rina encountered a girl who she could call a close friend for the first time in her life. Although that girl was usually timid and helpless at times—she was a strong person. Because of the encounter Rina had with her, she felt like she learned a lot.

That was why, when Rina found out that the two of them were dating, she sensed her heart feeling strange. If there really was a god living in this world, he must really be a totally evil person!

Even so, Rina still accepted that fact.

She accepted the reality in front of her, and her own fate. In her life that never had anything good happen to her, in the end, must probably be like that.

But, the matter that appeared before her was just too much.

Ah, god ---

Rina took off her white mask and thought to herself:

You really are the lowest and worst bastard ---


Rina couldn’t help but laugh…she seemed to have a habit of laughing wryly when she was too angry or shocked.

“It was you that’s been…..watching me…..?”

The teenage boy standing in front of Rina’s eyes, from before up till now, should have been the teenage boy that she despised the most, (Kakkou).

But now the figure reflected into Rina’s eyes, was of a completely different person.

Even though the expression he had after he fused with his green (Mushi) was quite emotionless, and that his hair was also spiking up, there was no way she would mistake him as someone else. Because she had been paying attention to him in the past few months after meeting him for the first time.

“Shouldn’t you be waiting for Shiika at the amusement park right now? Kusuriya……”

The figure without his goggles, (Kakkou) --- Kusuriya Daisuke, did not reply to Rina’s question.

“…Who exactly are you? Are you Kusuriya Daisuke? Or (Kakkou)?”

He only maintained a calm disposition, and stared silently at Rina.

“At least … when I’m in school, it is Kusuriya Daisuke. In order to carry the mission of (Kakkou), I purposely matched the semester opening period to infiltrate the school.”

Daisuke’s tone was the same as (Kakkou), his voice was suppressed and low, completely unlike the usual way Daisuke talks.

Rina could clearly hear the sound of her gritting her teeth.

“Did you intend on deceiving Shiika like this? You probably knew that she was the (Fuyuhotaru), right?”


Daisuke didn’t reply; it seemed that he was biting his lip.

"The reason you’re getting closer to her, was it so you could turn her into a Fallen once more? It sure seems like something that a despicable person like you would think of! Or simply because you don’t have enough confidence to face her directly in battle? Or were you amused at the sight of Shiika unaware of the situation and laughing happily, and wanted to ridicule her?!"

Haji, who was standing in the opposite direction of where Daisuke stood, suddenly changed his expression.

“(Kakkou), what is the meaning of this? You ---“

But the words of the young adult were covered by the sound of a giant ladybug flapping its wings.

Rina’s heart was filled with intense emotions that she had almost forgotten, the emotion that she had when her mother was pushed to her death --- murderous intent. Rina’s mind was already completely taken over by this emotion.

“I am going to annihilate you……”

The ladybug opened its wings at the same time as Rina’s mutter.

“Only you, I must personally kill!”

The strongest shockwave ever was fired at Daisuke.

Daisuke swiftly raised his revolver, and pulled the trigger. A bullet with destructive power far beyond the limits of a normal revolver clashed directly with the shockwave!

But, the attack that Rina fired was more powerful, and Daisuke was sent flying along with the cement ground that was smashed into dust.

Haji led the other goggled members, and prepared to engage in combat with Rina.

“…Don't come closer!”

Stopping the young adult’s actions was the Mushitsuki called (Kakkou).

The teenage boy pushed away the debris, and stood up. Even after taking the shockwave that could easily crush a vehicle into pieces twice over; the Daisuke who had fused with his (Mushi), was still alive. Even though half of his face was covered in blood, and his foothold had gotten weaker, the teenage boy was still standing there.

“All of you get back.”

After hearing Daisuke’s words without a trace of hesitation, Haji shrugged his shoulders and commanded the goggled individuals at his side:

“Okay, everybody excluding (Kakkou) will go back and deal with the (Mushibane)…I will remain here and continue to watch as a spectator, that should be fine right?”

Rina and Daisuke remained silent, not responding to the young adult’s question.


Rina could feel her vision distorting; it was probably due to her using up so much power in one go, that her mental state had worsened. But she was still staring at the enemy before her with hate, while clenching her teeth tightly.

Rina really wanted to say that she had enough already---but she still had matters to take care of.

Being kept away from his actual identity for such a long time was forgivable, but Rina could not forgive him for hurting the things that she treasured.

Daisuke deprived what little hope remained of that timid teenage girl, taking away her smile.

“It was you who took away Shiika's smile……”

The teenage boy’s shoulders shuddered for a moment.

Rina once again released a shockwave with all her might.

The teenage boy instinctively responded with a blast from his (Mushi) fused revolver, but there was simply too much difference in power. Although he was hiding behind a rock wall that was upheaved by the shockwave, it was simply not enough protection; his entire body crashed hard against the street light pole.

“It was you who took everything from Shiika!”

And everything from me ---

Rina wiped away the tears she wept, and continued attacking relentlessly. Every time she fired, her heart would have a feeling of something precious within slowly falling apart.

Daisuke rushed onto the remains of the high-rise apartment, avoiding the violent vortex of the shockwave. After landing next to the ladybug, he immediately fired a close range shot. The chest of the ladybug spewed out a large amount of fluids.

But Rina did not collapse because of that, even if her body withstood the impact akin to being hit by a baton, she continued to give orders to her (Mushi). The ladybug immediately blew away the body of the teenage boy with its legs that were as hard as a metal pole.

“Why do you have to win every time? Don't the three of us have the same dream? So why are you still the strongest?!”

Rina’s cheeks were wet from the tears she brushed away, yet because her mind was in a mess from her continued attacks; she was completely unaware of that.

“Your dream, wasn’t it to find a place that you belong? Then why didn’t you find me? I was ... Actually I ….!”

“Rina, Stop it! If you continue to use your power at this rate, you’ll-----“

“I don’t recall ever giving you permission to call me by my name directly!”

An intense shockwave blast struck the train station directly.

Daisuke managed to escape at a critical moment as the train station behind him was shattered into pieces.

While Rina could feel a part of her heart becoming empty, she was slowly losing her ability to think; only relying on her combat instincts to fight against the enemy in front of her.

“Why…..why did you have to be (Kakkou) ….”

At that moment, Daisuke’s expression darkened.

“Shiika is definitely the strongest amongst us.”

Rina raised her head blankly.

“But….the weakest is indeed you, (Ladybird). Even though we are all lost, we will not mistake our enemies.

Daisuke’s tone carried traces of melancholy.

“What do you mean……?”

Rina’s slowly fading consciousness came back once more.

"Wasn't it you... that deprived the Mushitsuki of their dreams? Crushing Shiika’s dreams, wasn't it none other than you?"

The ladybug let out a shockwave once more. Daisuke dodged the attack with unbelievable nimble movements.

“The enemy of us Mushitsuki, isn’t who you think they are…..! If it was the SEPB that was hindering our dreams, I would have wiped them off the face of the earth long ago! If they were the people that treated us cruelly because we were different, I would have killed them all long ago!"

"Then tell me, who is the true enemy?! Why did it become like this? Why do we have to go through all of this? Why I … …"

The memories that Rina had forgotten in her heart slowly began to resurface once more along with her tears.

From the beginning since her awful father and her kind mother died, to being turned into a Mushitsuki after a coincidental meeting with a lady and living every day in fear of losing her dreams. Even though Rina acted very lively on the outside, she didn't let anyone get close to her, nor did she become closer with anyone else; even now her only friend that she finally found was in pain, while she was also ----

But the teenage boy’s words caused Rina’s consciousness, that was becoming distorted, to be clear once more.

“Our true enemy, wasn’t it in front of us all along?”

Rina’s eyes widened.

The ladybug at her side grinded its fangs with a “Gari” sound.

"Shiika has been enduring it quietly all along, whether it was four years ago … or now, it was the same. She never hated anyone … nor did she blame anyone for it. She just fought silently, trying endlessly to overcome her (Mushi). Even until the last second when I turned her into a Fallen, she still fought desperately against her (Mushi).”

Rina then recalled Shiika’s face.

--- I want a place where I belong.

When Shiika said this line, her face had an expression as if she was praying. She never cursed her own fate, or even at (Kakkou), not a single complaint at all.

Shiika ---

Rina once again recalled the face of her precious friend.

She then realized that she didn't have any right to protect Shiika.

Shiika was far stronger than her by many times ---

"I... had already lost long ago … lost to my (Mushi)."

Rina smiled.

"But, it seems like I found out … a bit too late … …"

She was already at her limit.

Rina could feel that, the memories she had with the people she encountered in the past, along with the things she had experienced, were slowly shattering apart.

The ladybug’s eyes were glowing red as its body trembled. It seemed to have waited for this moment for a very long time.

Noticing that something was going wrong, the teenage boy's expression took a big change; he hurriedly rushed to Rina’s side.


Daisuke held up Rina’s fallen body.

While feeling the warmth coming from the teenage boy's arms, Rina began to recall her painting that she had left in the art room. Because she hated hearing the cries of her mother, she would immerse herself completely into her drawing … the scene that she saw at that time ---- at that moment when she was gazing at that scene, what was her dream?

"Ahh... I finally remembered it … my true dream …"

Rina looked at the ladybug in front of her that was growing in size slowly, and murmured silently:

“I just wanted…. to have a place where I could belong and enjoy happiness …”

At that instant, the giant ladybug roared at the skies.


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