Thursday, January 12, 2012

[Eden v2] Final Chapter: Let everything resemble that day, I pray that it would become like that —youngsters— (part 0)

Short part 0. Enjoy.

...... I, Monica Esperanto, entered the Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> at the age of seven.

I was one of the contenders to be a Priestess that protects the world — an apprentice-Priestess.

Just like the rest of the apprentices, I was really happy when I was chosen to be an apprentice-Priestess. I thought I could finally contribute something. Though it may be a little too exaggerated for me to be saying that...... but one day, I may really become an essential person on this floating continent.

However, most of the apprentice-Priestesses who entered the Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> with that dream in mind had left the place willingly within a year.

Training that was akin to torture, mixed together with our tears and blood.

Glamorous and mysterious. Many apprentice-Priestesses were hit hard by reality, which was way different from the image of the Priestesses they had in their minds.

— As for me, I ended up failing horribly on the final test.

For someone who could not become a Priestess, how should I go about with my life next?

The people close to me recommended that I take up roles to develop the other apprentice-Priestesses. However, I hoped to be just like that dual-sword wielding young man - since I couldn't become a Priestess, I might as well walk on the path to protect them.

A cadet guard since the age of fifteen.

However, I'd be hit with constant failure...... for the next three years. Things like a mock team battle, or even when I was carrying out the actual missions - my body would not move due to nervousness whenever I was at critical juncture.

That was a psychological scar in me.

Because, I would always recall the final test of a Priestess — the scene in which I failed.

The eight years as an apprentice-Priestess; the eight years that I went through, supported by my tears and my pain - everything disappeared in an instant. I couldn't move whenever I thought of that.

An utterly useless cadet guard. Since I was labelled like that, over time, there were no longer any squads that were willing to welcome my participation.

For about a year after that, I was always alone—

"H-Hey! Are you alone right now? Have you teamed up with anyone else?"

Because of that, I was really happy when there was someone who invited me to participate in the mock team battle.

That was the very first time that I was victorious in a team training exercise. Since that day, it was like everything changed. With those thoughts in mind, I participated in this mission.

The enigmatic Floating Archipelagos <Lagoon>; the mysterious research facility; the bred Yuugenshu.

However, the enemy is just a small-sized Yuugenshu.

Even though the danger still exists, I am still able to fight against it with the arts of shinryoku that I had learned before. As a part of the team, I am able to contribute as well.

...... That's what I have always thought.

............ However.


  1. Ah, she should just run. When you have a problem the best option is always run away instead of facing it. Ha just kidding.
    So this counts as hers first, I always thought she should have fight against one before but if you think about it, it should be her first. Hurray for the living cheat code: enabling "have sheltis deal with this" code

  2. Monica is indeed an awesome character, since the beginig, all she wanted was to be somehow meaningfull, to protect all people she loved and cared about. In order to do so she endured the torture-like training the apprentice priesteces undergo, ending up reaching one of the highest rancks of such, and yet she failed the final test.

    Even after all she had worked for proved to be useless, she still didn't give up and started training to become a guard, someone that could once protect the ones in the position she, in the past, eager to achieve.

    And despite her fear and that phycological scar within her she will still do her best to withstand the pressure she is in, to protect the ones she care about.

    She is indeed, a really amazing character, one that if I were to meet a real life version of, I would buy her a beer. :P

    I'm very curious to see how her relationship with Captain Leon will improve. I don't know about you but if I were in her position I would see that mission as an opportunity to make friends with him, shouldn't be so hard, since she already knew Syun-rei.

    And of course, her relationship with Sheltis. I'm still quite positive no one will withstand Ymi, but that leads to the one-sided love-relationships we are so used to see.

    So, what do you think? Keito was rereading some of his earlier "work" and noticed that it quickly changed from a huge wall of text to a little tiny thanks. So, you wanting or not, I will return with the huge comments. so yeah.