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[Onii-Ai v2] Chapter 3.1: 10th April, AM7:00

Did this slightly faster because I am quite motivated to do the next chapter.


Ringggggg..... ringgggggg......

- The second day.

There was a phone call early in the morning.

It's not from my handphone, but the hostel's phone..

"Onii-chan~! Sorry, can you pick up the phone~!?"

From the kitchen came the sound of my sister.

She probably had her hands full from preparing our breakfast. Then again, I should be the one who is picking up the phone.

"Sorry Akiko. Can you pick it up?"

"Eh? But I am currently making the egg rolls~"

"I'll take responsibility if the dish goes bad. Please."

"Ah, alright. Since Onii-chan put it that way."

"Also, you are to tell the caller that I am not at home right now. While doing so, say that you have no idea where I am. That's all."


My apron-mode sister blanked out for a moment before she rushed to the phone.

I held my breath as I watched.

...... Why am I doing this?

Do I even need to say it? It's because I knew who the caller is.

"Yes, hello. This is the Himenokouji residence. ......Ah, mmm, no no no, that's nothing...... Ah, mmm, I am sorry, but he is not at home right now......"

I had requested those at my work to keep the details a secret from my sister. Nothing should be leaked even if it's my sister who is taking the phone-call.

"Right...... right. I understand. Alright, I'll convey that to him. ......No, it's nothing. Well then, goodbye."

*Kacha*, came the sound of her hanging up the phone.

It looked like the phone-call was over.

"Thank you Akiko. Ah, you really helped me out back there."


"Ah. You had presented yourself so well even when you are on the phone. You had really grown up to be a dependable sister. As your elder brother, I am really proud."

"You are wasting your efforts if you are trying to divert the topic, you know?"

....... Uh oh.

So it's an uphill task to switch the topic casually?

"We'll have our breakfast later. Onii-chan, please take a seat over there."

"Alright, fine."

As instructed, I sat down at the short-legged table.

My sister sat directly opposite of me,

"It's from a woman."

"Akiko, you had misunderstood. That person is not-"

"She's a young woman with a sweet lovely voice."

"You're right, but she is just someone whom I know from my job. My relationship with her is nothing like what you are imagining now."

"And she was close to crying."

"Ah-...... mmm. There are many reasons for that."

"And she said 'Akito-kun is so mean~'."

Uh oh.

She had accurately pointed out those of misleading words......

"Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

"No. I don't need to defend myself-"

"Onii-chan! Please be honest!"

"No, you see, there is nothing for me to be truthful about. There really is nothing between us."

"It's still not too late!?"

"Not too late for what?"

"Onii-chan, you are saying that it is fine for my hands to be stained with blood?"

"Oi. You can't just say that sort of thing casually, even if you meant it as a joke."

I shook my head. Oh boy.

"I understand. I'll introduce the caller to you when the time is right. That should be able to prove my innocence. That's fine, right?"

"Uhhhhh...... This is not a lie, right?"

"No. I promise."


"Have I broken any of my promises to you?"

"Uhhhhhh..... Indeed, you have not, but......"

Well, I had no choice.

I want to avoid bringing work-related matters back home if possible, but that much better than being misunderstood for nothing. Since person in question is my sister, there is a possibility that she'll not let it go due to her misunderstandings.

"I understand. I believe in Onii-chan."

"Mhmm. Let's end it at that."

"Upon thinking deeper, it is impossible for Onii-chan to ignore me, his wife, and get another lover outside. Ehehe...... Akiko is really silly."

"Hye look, I think I did say the same thing back then. There are times when there's some strange terms to be found in your sentences."

Forget it.

It looked like she had regained her mood, so I shall not harp on that.

Compared to those things, I should say this while she's feeling happy.

"Ah- I say, Akiko."

"Ah, I am sorry, Onii-chan. The egg roll has failed, so can I replace that with a fried egg?"

"No, not that. About the agreement for today."

"Ah, if you are talking about the body wash, that is no longer of a problem. I had bought a slightly more expensive one that is not harsh on the skin. This is really good for your skin, you know~"

"No, it's not about that either. I'll be going somewhere after school today. I am sorry, but can you go home by yourself for today as well?"




"Oi~. Akiko~. Are you there?"

"............ Eh? Ah, yes. Of course. I am listening?"

"You alright? Your smile is slightly stiff."

"Mmm, it's fine. ......Onii-chan-! I am sorry~, but can you pick up the phone~!?"

No no no.

She has rewinded way too far back.

"There is another place where I want to go to today. That's why I have no choice but to let Akiko be by herself after school."

"...... Ahaha-. Ohii-chan, you are really~ funny. That is the funniest joke that I have ever heard from you. It would have been better to keep this gag for the future. This is not the finals of M-1, you know?" [TLNote: wiki M-1 Grand Prix]

"No no no. That is not a joke. And I am not a comedian either."

"Eh? But if that is the case, wouldn't it be that? It's like Armageddon, where I cannot go home with Onii-chan for two days straight?"

"Let's put aside the talk about whether the world will end due to me not going home with you, but it is true that I will not go home with you for two consecutive days. Well, that's how it is, so don't go to any weird place and go home straight after school. Remember to be a good girl-"

"God is already dead————!" My sister started Armageddon.

"It's guilty! It's a foul! Onii-chan's actions had clearly breached the Laws of Himenokouji!"

"I don't remember that such a law has ever existed."

"I can still forgive you if you are only unfaithful for once, but twice!? And consecutively!? There is a saying that the Buddha can endure it thrice, but your sister can only do it once!"

"Oi, stop slamming on the table. It will break."

"There is no god! It's pitch black! As a husband, Onii-chan has been unfaithful to me repeatedly, and that has hurt me, your wife, deeply!"

...... So she had slipped in one of those suspicious terms yet again.

Oh well.

I had expected this sort of reaction from her. And I had came up with a plan to deal with it.

"No, I cannot forgive you! I can never agree to it! This day, this very day, I'll be going home together with Onii-chan!"

"Look, Akiko."

"I won't listen! I'll never yield no matter what Onii-chan says! I'll persevere with all my might until Onii-chan gives in!"

"So you won't go on a date with me?"

"Onii-chan, your etiquette towards your sister is rather lacking! The morning kiss when we wake up; the farewell kiss when we leave the house; the welcoming kiss upon returning home; and the goodnight kiss before going to sleep! At the very least, you have to do all these in order to be an awesome- Huh!? What did you just say!?"

"I said, so you won't go on a date with me?"

"D-D-Date, is it that!? Is it D.A.T.E!?"

"Mhmm. You are right."

"Could it be that!? A trick where you go, 'Even though I said it is a date, I am referring to that on the calendar. Ahaha, you have fallen for it'!?"

"I won't do that sort of thing."

"T-Then is it true!? Will you really go on a date with me!?"

"Mhmm. Well, since we don't really have much money, the date will be things like taking a stroll around the park. That's the best I can do."

"A stroll! With Onii-chan!?"

"You don't like it?"

"No, that's great! When will we be going!? Right now!?"

"For now, we should be having our breakfast and be on our way to school. It will be when I return back home. After I had settled my stuff after school."

"Uhhh....... Which means to say......"

"Mhmm. If you listen to me and be a good girl, I'll go on a date with you as a reward. You can do it, right?"

"Uhhhhhh....... B-But if that is the case, then I'll not be able to go home with Onii-chan for today as well...... If I lack Onii-chan's nutrients for that long, I think I'll probably die......"

"Well, I do believe in Akiko. Just like how you believed in me."


My sister stared at me in resentment; her expressions were saying, "Onii-chan, you are mean'.

It's before long that she gave what seemed to be a sigh of resignation,

"...... Understood. I'll endure for today as well, even after going through the painful ordeal yesterday. I have no choice by to agree if Onii-chan puts it that way."

"Mhmm. That is my younger sister."


That's how it roughly was.

I had finally managed to convince my sister for today as well.

No, now is not the time to be talking about going on a date and stuff. It's about time for me to clear my tasks, since she looked like she was about to cry...... No, that can't be helped.

To me, Akiko is my dear little sister.

And right now, my top priority is to deal with my sister's brother-complex.

In order to reduce the time spent with my sister to avoid the misunderstandings and unnecessary troubles from others, going on a date once or twice should be considered as a necessary expenditure. Mmm, that can't be helped.





That feels slightly off. Forget it, it's probably just my imagination.

I can already predict more troubles waiting for at the place that I am about to visit, as compared to yesterday. Let's not worry about the unnecessary things - regain my composure, and focus. Yup.


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    It may not look like but our dear translator have already managed to translate about 378 pages of Onii-Ai. Including first book. But also 125 from the second only.
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    Not in the slightest. Like I had said, this is not a blog on LN summaries. Oreimo is just an exception, for a friend of mine.

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