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Oreimo volume 8 - Chapter 1: Summary and thoughts

Make no mistake, I am not trying to steal the job away from Seanver. But since he has not updated this site about Oreimo 8, I guess I'll just do a quick run-through on the stuff like I've done back at my old place. If you guys want more detailed summaries (which you should), please visit his blog here. With the Japanese copies available online, he should probably get the whole volume's summary out much faster than me, who's waiting for the translations.

The sites I visit already has chapter 1 and 4 up, with 2 and 3 still in the translation process. It does not make sense to summarize chapter 4 while skipping 2 and 3, so I guess I'll do these chapter by chapter. So here's chapter 1. Also, pardon the grammar and stuff, because this will not be passed to the editors.

- "Please go out with me"
- Kyousuke was shocked by the sudden confession.
- It's the first time Kyousuke was confessed to by a girl.
- Nearly fainted, wobbly knees, fast heart beat.
- Kuroneko in white sundress, clenching her fist, her shoulders shaking, her eyes slightly red and misty.
- Kyousuke can't give her an answer yet, despite him being extremely happy about it.
- After a while, when Kyousuke still did not reply, Kuroneko teared up slightly.
- She was looking at the ground, biting her lips and trying not to cry.
- She asked Kyousuke if he has someone else he liked.
- Kyousuke said no. He knows no reason why he is not accepting her confession immediately.
- To him, Kuroneko is a very precious friend, a very cute junior. He has been conscious about it ever since she kissed his cheeks. Every time he talks to her, his heart beats wildly. Even when they are not talking, he felt extremely comfortable.
- "...... Then, could it be that you do not like to go out with me?"
- Kyousuke said no immediately. He's still confused as to why he cannot accept her confession despite being really happy about it.
- "Are you hesitating?"
- After hearing nothing from Kyousuke, Kuroneko sighed. Proceeded to call him a useless man and a worthless junk.
- Kuroneko said that she anticipated that.
- "Well, I too liked the useless part about you."
- She began to walk towards him, Kyousuke retreated.
- Kyousuke is bounded to the ground by her teasing and coy voice.
- She stopped in front of him, the 'distance of lovers'
- She made him seiza (sit) on the spot.
- When Kyousuke protested, she called him trash.
- She asked if Kyousuke hated her, and heaved a sigh of relief after hearing him say no.
- She said she will prepare bento for him everyday (and strive to be better than Manami), and also make clothes for him and cosplay together if they are lovers.
- Her haughty voice was breaking. Her body was stiffening up and slightly trembling. Her pitch went higher and she was speaking faster and faster.
- "Wha... Are you not satisfied with these? What a greedy male. Hmmph, if...... there is anything else I can do......"
- With that she looked down, opened her eyes wide. Her face was blushing, and smoke nearly came out.
- "N-Nothing, I am definitely not thinking of some perverted stuff."
- "I, love you. I love you the most in this world, more than anyone else, and I love you forever. Even though I've met you for less than a year...... But these feelings of mine will not lose to anyone. Even if my body is to decay and disappear from this world...... Upon rebirth, I'll still love you."
- Upon such a cool confession, Kyousuke said to give him time.
- Kuroneko agreed and requested it to be tomorrow after the celebrations.
- Kuroneko paused and said that it was meant to be her ultimate weapon, but if Kyousuke wants, she can wear glasses.

- On route from school back to his home, Kyousuke was thinking of the confession.
- Felt that he has to give her a proper answer.
- Kyousuke felt that his relationship with Kirino currently was slightly awkward due to the outbreak he has on her "boyfriend".
- Kirino asked him if anything strange happened.
- Kirino bossed him around and made him seiza again, much to his annoyance.
- She asked what will he do about yesterday if she had actually brought home a real boyfriend.
- Kyousuke said he will still do the same thing, since he didn't know that that boyfriend was a fake.
- Kyousuke was very embarrassed about the stuff he said yesterday.
- Kirino asked what will he do if she says Mikagami was her real boyfriend. If Mikagami really likes her and accepts Kyousuke's confrontation.
- Kyousuke said he don't know.
- Kirino poked his face with her foot with her socks on.
- Kyousuke he will probably cry.
- Kirino teased him that he has a serious sister-complex.
- Kyousuke felt like dying after Kirino repeated his embarrassing sentences yesterday.
- Kirino asked what Kyousuke will do for her, in accord to him saying that he will treasure her.
- Kyousuke said she will grant her one wish.
- Kirino requested for Kyousuke to seriously consider things if 'a girl precious to him' were to confess to him in the near future, since "that child really really likes you".

- Next day, Kyousuke went to Manami's place to buy snacks for the celebration.
- Kyousuke felt slightly disheartened that Kirino does not seem to care that he is getting a girlfriend.
- He thought of what Mikagami has said about Kirino doing it to gain his attention, and felt that he was wrong.
- 'My sister, making me realize that I am a sis-con, and yet she asked me to get a girlfriend.'
- Kyousuke met Manami, who reminded him of his deceased grandmother.
- Kyousuke thanked Manami for defusing Ayane's rage. He was referring to the incident of pretense date with Kirino.
- Kyousuke: "How can it be possible for siblings to date. No wait,"
- Manami: "Wait?"
- Kyousuke: "Nothing."
- Kyousuke nearly said something to Manami, but he swallowed his words.
- Manami noticed that Kyousuke was troubled about something. He denied despite Manami asking him constntly.
- Manami said she was getting angry. Kyousuke remembered her being angry three years ago, and she was worse than Ayase. He knelt down immediately.
- Went to her house, Kyousuke thanked Manami for forcing him to say his mind.
- Manami said that Kyousuke probably wanted to discuss about things related to Kuroneko.
- Kyousuke was shocked, but apparently Manami deduced it from the recent things they did together. There were rumors of Kyousuke and Kuroneko spreading in school.
- Manami asked Kyousuke to treat Kuroneko and the matter seriously. To think deeply and not be rushed to a conclusion. To treasure his true feelings.
- Kyousuke felt great to have Manami as his childhood friend, someone who seems to be like his grandma at some times, other times his mother, his younger sister, his older sister, someone who is a like a real relative.

- Kuroneko and Saori arrived at his house in the afternoon. Kuroneko's wearing the black goth loli dress as opposed to the white sundress.
- Kyousuke had no confidence he will be calm if she arrived in the dress she was wearing during the confession.
- Kyousuke, Kirino and Kuroneko apologized to Saori for the failed celebration earlier.
- Saori let out a slight embarrassed laugh and turned away.
- She suddenly turned angry, put on the pair of sunglasses she wore back when they visited her house, and asked them to seiza.
- For Kyousuke, that was his forth seiza within 2 days.
- Kyousuke felt that she looked really imposing when she is angry. And she looked scary, much scarier when she saw about the fake Gundam.
- Saori removed her sunglasses and wiped her tears in relive that they are back on good terms again.
- As for the punishment, she wants to enjoy her all for today, and no one is to quarrel for the day.
- They are watching the Meruru season 3.
- Kyousuke asked about the reception of the Doujin
- Apparently, his cosplay pic went on the net and was the subject of jokes and spoofs.
- Kyousuke said he has something for Kirino to see.

- He remembered back at the Mikagami incident again, where Kirino was crying and saying "Because you... you... wahhh....."
- Kyousuke felt that it was impossible for Kirino to say that she likes him, as 2D is different from 3D.
- However, he felt a lot of things had changed after the consultations. Like how he find her cute when she say 'thank you', and how important she is to him. How he is actually a sis-con.
- He wishes to be on even better terms with her.

- Turn out the thing Kyousuke wanted to show Kirino was his handphone with the photobooth picture of them pasted at the back.
- Kirino shrieked and tried to take the phone away from Kyousuke.
- The wallpaper was Kirino in a swimsuit.
- Kirino tackled him onto the ground and they had an "intimate" struggle.
- Saori and Kuroneko teased him about his sister complex.
- Strangely, while he was finding the photobooth sticker for his handphone, he looked through his secret compartment and found out that Kirino's copies that was thrown at him back then had disappeared.
- Saori and Kuroneko was heading home. Kyousuke decided to walk them back for a reason.
- While Saori was about to split from them, Kuroneko thanked Saori for asking her to join the second meeting back then. She was really happy for the things they had done.
- Saori cried, and hoped that they will be together forever.
- Kuroneko was blushing red.

- After Saori left, awkward silence between Kyousuke and Kuroneko.
- Kyousuke offered to walk Kuroneko back to her house. Kuroneko somehow heaved a sigh of relief.
- Kuroneko said that she enjoyed cosplaying with him, and he looked really handsome in the cosplay.
- They arrived, and looked at each other.
- Kuroneko placed her hands in front of her skirt, her shoulders trembling. Her white face was dyed yellow by the setting sun, and her beautiful hair swayed slightly in the wind.
- Kyousuke remembered the stuff Kirino and Manami had said to him, and decided after much consideration and thoughts.
- "Alright, let's date."
- 'Kuroneko looked up in shock. Perhaps she did not get what I had said - her face was blank, and her eyes are wide open.

And then, her pair of eyes began to tear.

Just like that,
Kuroneko and I, we became lovers.'

So basically, this chapter is on the confession process. Lots of hints scattered around saying that things will not last. Probably the biggest one was Kyousuke hesitating to agree to Kuroneko's confession, most probably due to his hidden feelings for Kirino. And then there is him coming to terms that he has a sister-complex.

Kuroneko's confession nearly induced a heart attack on me. Damn Kyousuke, if I were him, I'll make her mine on that very spot.

Kyousuke basically became an open sis-con. Though currently, his definition of "sis-con" is probably not what a lot of people had in mind. He's also much more M now. Not surprised. It looks like he will be bossed by girls for the rest of his life (I bet many out there will want to be in his shoes when Kirino nudged him with her socked foot).

Kirino's actions still baffles me. Her requesting Kyousuke to consider things if 'a girl precious to him' were to confess to him may looked like it was referring to Kuroneko, but I've got the niggling feeling that said line can actually applies to her as well.


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  9. I believe Kirino was refering to her own soon-to-be confession when she said "Think about it carefully because that girl really likes you." As in "one day, when I do confess my love to you, please think about it carefully because I really likes you."

    Unfortunately Kyosuke is as dense as ever and took it as she is referring to Kuroneko's confession.
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