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Oreimo volume 8 - Chapter 2: Summary and thoughts

- Kyousuke made a phone call to Kuroneko.
- They will be seeing each other tomorrow at the club room.
- Kyousuke felt really nervous after the phone call ended.
- Realized he never arranged to meet before hand, planned to stage a "chanced encounter" instead.
- Extremely happy mood. Imagined himself calling Kuroneko "Ruri" and her calling him "Kyousuke".
- Imagined scene too moe. Kyousuke banged his head against the wall.
- Kirino complained that he was noisy over her room and threatened to complain to Ayase that Kyousuke sexually assaulted her if he continued to do so.

- Kyousuke had a deep impression of that wall, because than thin wall reminded him of Kirino when he was in his room.
- He had heard many things that happened in Kirino's room via the wall, from her complaining about him to her friends, to her making weird perverted sounds when she is playing her eroges.
- When Kirino left for America, he was reminded of Kirino each time he saw the wall.
- Was glad sounds was coming from that wall again.
- All these while, the two siblings are sleeping next to each other, separated only by that wall.

- Can't sleep, stayed up all night to study. Despite that, he is still energetic.
- Door bell rang, Kyousuke rushed to the door, thinking it was Kuroneko.
- Turns out to be Mikagami. Kyousuke was sorely disappointed.
- Kyousuke said Kirino was not at home and tried to chase Mikagami away. Mikagami said he was here to find Kyousuke to play.
- Kyousuke said he was going to attend club activities. Mikagami wanted to tag along, as he had no friends to talk about his hobbies.
-  Kyousuke tried to seek some advice from Mikagami while on their way to the school, as Mikagami was popular with girls and had dating experience.
- Kyousuke asked how long does it take before the boyfriend can touch the girlfriend's breast.
- Turns out the cause of Kyousuke's sleepless night was him imagining all the ecchi stuff he can do with his girlfriend.
- Mikagami called Misaki to ask. The answer was "You can touch them immediately". It's too wishy-washy to wait after two people get into an relationship.
- Mikagami said he was wrong about Kyousuke being an "ideal brother". However, Kyousuke is still someone who can save his sister when need be.

- Went to club room, Kuroneko had not arrived. Sena greeted them.
- Sena went wild with BL fantasies after knowing Kyousuke brought Mikagami to the club room.
- Kyousuke threatened to grope her breasts if she continues, and called her a sow.
- Other members arrived. Miura perfectly fine with Mikagami's presence.
- Some squabbles in the club room. Mikagami was amused at how interesting the club was.

- Kuroneko arrived with a slight blush on her face.
- Kyousuke and Kuroneko's eyes met. Kuroneko turned away with a blush.
- Kyousuke could almost hear her telepathically saying "Please do not look at me this way".
- Kyousuke and Kuroneko discussed through whispers if they should tell their new relationship to everyone.
- As Kuroneko sat down beside him, her legs came into his sight. Kyousuke stared at them.
- Kuroneko looked at him.
- Kyousuke apologized. Kuroneko teased him with a rather happy tone and a slight blush to her face by asking why was he apologizing.
- While Kyousuke was 'relishing' in the humiliating play, Sena complained to Kuroneko that Kyousuke wanted to grab her breast.
- Kyousuke was furious. Sena laughed by saying Kyousuke was wrong to say that when he had a girlfriend.
- Kyousuke thought they were blown. Turns out everyone thought they were going out a long time ago.
- Kuroneko was blinking nervously. Kyousuke thought she was too cute.
- Kyousuke revealed they had only started dating yesterday. Everyone was shocked.
- Mikagami thought Kyousuke's girlfriend was Kirino. Kyousuke was furious that Mikagami thought he was lusting for Kirino's breasts.
- More confusion. Kuroneko face was flushed red. She placed her clenched fist on her knees and trembled (in anger?), with her head lowered.
- The club accepted Mikagami as a fellow friend.
- Kuroneko let out a soft sigh. Her head was still lowered.
- Club went out to show Mikagami around. Kyousuke and Kuroneko are left in the room.

- Kyousuke called Kuroneko. Kuroneko trembled. She then asked.
- "...... Do you want to touch them?"
- Kyousuke admitted to it. Kuroneko lowered her head once more.
- Kuroneko said she was not angry, and she was the same.
- Kyousuke asked if Kuroneko wanted to touch his chest as well. Kuroneko retorted fiercely.
- Kuroneko's eyes darted around nervously as she admitted she was nervous about them as a couple, and she spent the whole night thinking of what to do and what to say when they meet again.
- She was thinking of ecchi stuff as well, and said she was not qualified to be angry at him, since both of them are the same.
- Kuroneko followed up by stammering and saying she had not approved him of touching her breasts.
- Kuroneko said that she probably thought of much more ecchi stuff than Kyousuke did, and it was impossible the other way round.
- To prove it, Kuroneko took out a notebook titled 'Destiny Record', which "predicts the future of lovers".
- She was recording all the things she thought of on the book the whole night, and filled up the whole notebook.
- Kuroneko crossed her legs looking rather pleased that she had outdone Kyousuke.
- Kuroneko asked embarrassedly if Kyousuke was happy about it.
- Kyousuke said he felt slight frightened, to which Kuroneko felt rather dejected, but followed up by saying that he was still really happy, which perked her up a little.
- Kyousuke suggested that they should do what was written in the book and wanted to read it.
- Kuroneko stammered in shock and hid the notebook behind her back.
- Kyousuke said that Kuroneko should tell him what she wants to do, since that was the first time he was dating a girl..
- Kuroneko stayed silent for a while with her lips shut tight, and blinked her eyes rapidly.
- After a while, Kuroneko opened the notebook at its middle, and pointed to a part.
- "... T-This," she said in an almost inaudible voice.
- Kyousuke took a look. It read 'have a date with senpai'.
- Kyousuke agreed to it. Kuroneko nodded her head lightly.
- They decided to meet tomorrow in front of school.
- Kyousuke asked where they are going, Kuroneko said she had thought of some places to go.
- Kyousuke thanked her for planning things out.
- "...... It's not like that...... What are you talking about...... This is just something I've decided myself..." Kuroneko blushed while lowering her head.
- Kyousuke found than it was interesting to see Kuroneko embarrassed, and he was addicted to how cute she was, so much so that he wanted to make her embarrassed for a second time, and then a third...
- Kuroneko said she was fine with any place that Kyousuke wanted to go, if he wanted.
- Kyousuke said that holidays are ending and they should see each other more often.
- Kuroneko looked dazed, then replied by saying that she wished for them to meet up every day.
- Kyousuke offered to pick her up at her work place.
- Kyousuke said that Kirino had taught him on how to go on a date, and that they can follow that. Kuroneko went silent.
- Kyousuke asked what if the place of their date was the botanical gardens.
- Kuroneko said it was not a bad place. Kyousuke think to himself that Kirino would probably diss him for that choice.
- Kyousuke thanked Kuroneko for being his lover.
- Kyousuke pointed out that going on a date located on a page at the middle of the notebook, and wanted to know what followed it.
- Kuroneko asked him softly if he wanted to know. Kyousuke stared at her lips and said yes.
- Kuroneko showed him a page. It was a drawing of her crying tears of blood. The tone of colors used are dark.
- Kyousuke asked if that was her wished. Kuroneko took a look and said embarrassedly that she got it wrong.
- She turned to the last page of the 'Destiny Record', which was titled 'The Ideal World'.
- Drawing was done with warm colors, not typical of Kuroneko's style.
- It was a drawing of Kyousuke and a more mature Kirino at the dinner table, laughing together happily.
- Kuroneko said that was her wish. Kyousuke could not understand the meaning behind that drawing. Kuroneko said she probably still had some distance to go then.
- Kyousuke said that even if he did not understand the picture, if it was some sort of ritual, then he will try his all to fulfill it.
- "That is because, I am your boyfriend."

Wh-what is this tightness that I am experiencing at my chest. Why does my chest hurts so ba.... HHHHHNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG.

A chapter dedicated to how cute Kuroneko is. I am pleased. Still some sister complex showing up occasionally though. Nothing much to talk about really, other than at the end of the chapter, with that drawing of Kyousuke and Kirino. However, having read chapter 4, I knew what that was about anyway, so...... I think Kirino's fans must have been pleased about that though.

Anyway, all that is left is chapter 3 to be released before I summarize both together and end the summaries of vol 8.


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