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Oreimo volume 8 - Chapter 3: Summary and thoughts

- Prior to Kyousuke's first date with Kuroneko, he was invited to Ayase's house.
- Sprinted to her house. Ayase was quite shock on how fast he arrived.
- He said he wanted to see her as fast as he could.
- Kyousuke commented that that was his second time at Ayase's house, and felt that their relationship is pretty good.

- Ayase remarked that the reason she chose her house as the meeting place was because it was the safest.
- Ayase invite Kyousuke into her room.
- Kyousuke felt that her pose was moe.
- Ayase had a handcuff with her and cuffed Kyousuke up.
- Turns out she is asking about Kyousuke's girlfriend.
- Kyousuke apologized and said he could no longer harass her sexually.
- Ayase took out a lighter and heated up the handcuff upon hearing that.
- She thought that Kyousuke had been dating Manami, and asked what he was gonna do about that.
- She then asked Kyousuke what he is gonna do about Kirino's side.
- Kyousuke said it has nothing to do with Ayase.
- Ayase said it has, since Kyousuke may no longer be useful otherwise, as he is the person she can discuss stuff with regarding Kirino.
- Kyousuke felt that it will be a good thing for Ayase if he has a girlfriend, as the perverted brother will be away from Kirino.
- Ayase chased him away and called him a liar.
- Kyousuke could not comprehend why he was a liar. He asked what did he say that was a lie.
- "Everything! All the things that you had said were lies! ...... You actually said...... the last time you came to my house too...... you had actually said 'please marry to me'......"
- Kyousuke heard Ayase's mother returning home. He tumbled down the stairs and got some light injuries.

- Upon returning to his house, he found Kirino waiting at the door.
- Kirino showed the picture on her handphone and asked angrily if Kyousuke was the one who stuck the photobooth picture on the door of the fridge.
- Kyousuke said yes, and asked what's the problem with it.
- Kirino looked at him with teary eyes and said her friends will mistaken her as a bro-con if they saw that.
- Kyousuke said that if she worried about it that much, she should just remove it.
- Kirino stared at him for a while, said she was irritated and wondered if that is a new way Kyousuke came up with to annoy her.
- She noticed the injuries on Kyousuke.
- Asked worriedly if Kyousuke had went to the hospital to do a checkup.
- Kyousuke said he was fine. Kirino walked into the living room. Kyousuke wondered where the first-aid kid was.
- Kirino called Kyousuke to the sofa (at her usual spot) in the living room.
- Shockingly, Kirino knelt down by his side and began to disinfect his injuries.
- Kirino said she was helping him as he was too stupid, so he should thank her.
- Kyousuke remembered that a similar thing happened when they was young.
- Kyousuke told Kirino he is dating Kuroneko right now.
- Kirino froze for a second, but continued with the disinfection.
- Kyousuke asked Kirino, "...... The thing you said earlier...... 'the girl who is most precious to me', does that refer to Kuroneko."
- Kirino did not answered that. She just said she's done with the disinfection, gave the injury a pat, and left the living room in a hurry.

- Kyousuke saw a weird girl in a white sleeveless goth-loli dress a pair of small white wings.
- Turns out to be Kuroneko, despite him wishing that was not the case.
- Kuroneko said she is currently Kamineko, and she is wearing the robes of the holy angel.
- Kuroneko said that she had worked on the dress for a while, and with a blush, said that Kyousuke mentioned before that it suits her.
- Kyousuke agreed, and said she was sexier than before.
- Kuroneko asked him to say in detail.
- Kyousuke said that she had revealed more skin...... and her breasts are significantly larger than usual.
- Kuroneko blinked unnaturally for a moment, then said it was time to go.
- Kyousuke offered to hold the basket she was carrying to feel more like a date. He asked what was inside.
- Turns out to be bento.
- "...... I'll make bento for you everyday...... I did, say that, right?"
- Kuroneko said that it will not match up to Manami's but Kyousuke don't mind.
- Kuroneko said, "...... Is that so" and looked at him with a slightly druken look. Kyousuke felt she sounded really happy.

- Visited Yodobashi Camera first.
- Headed towards the electronics section.
- Saw new tablets on sale.
- Kyousuke offered to buy her one, as a memento for their first date.
- Kuroneko felt disgusted for some reason unknown even to her.
- Kuroneko asked Kyousuke if she was really his first girlfriend, as he was really understanding and gentle, as though he was experienced in it.
- Kyousuke said it was probably due to the harsh lessons he received from Kirno in their mock date.
- Kuroneko said it was the thought that count.
- Next, they went to the software section. Surprisingly, Kuroneko chose to visit a bookstore.
- Kuroneko showed in another work done by the original artist who designed Maschera.
- Went over to the arcade, Kuroneko told him the games she liked.
- After that, she said they were going the place where she worked part-time.
- Kyousuke asked if she wanted to hold hands.
- Kuroneko stuttered in shock.
- Kyousuke was surprised at how sensitive she was, and wondered how pure she was.
- Teasingly, he said that Kirino hooked on his arms in while they were on the date, and Kuroneko could not even let him hold her hands.
- Kuroneko asked if he thought that she will do whatever Kirino did with him.
- Kyousuke denied, saying that if that was his intention, he would had said that Kirino allowed him to touch her breasts.
- Kuroneko was shocked and asked if he actually touched them before. Kyousuke sad no immediately.
- Kuroneko called Kyousuke a male who knows no shame.
- With an extremely serious look, she forcefully offered her hand.
- Kyousuke lightly grabbed her hand. Kuroneko let out a gasp.
- Kuroneko held his hands tightly.
- Trying to hide her embarrassment, pulled him along.
- Kyousuke realized it was really embarrassing, to the point where he felt he could have a nose bleed.
- While Kyousuke was enjoying the bliss he was in, Kuroneko suddenly squatted down.
- She covered the lower half of her face with a handkerchief, and looked at him with teary eyes.
- She said she would be picking some flowers, and requested him to wait a while.
- When she came back, she said that they should do some practice first before they hold hands.
- Arrived at an old bookstore, which is the place she worked at.
- Kyousuke offered to pick her up after work.
- Kuroneko's bento were small rice dumplings, all of which had vegetables fillings.
- Kuroneko lowered her head and asked in stutters if Kyousuke felt that their date was boring.
- Kyousuke denied. Kuroneko felt relieved.
- Kyousuke said he was really happy to know more about Kuroneko.
- Kuroneko smiled and said Kyousuke is really gentle.
- She took out her notebook, pointed to a page, and said that their ritual for the day had completed.
- It read: '- To let senpai, know more about me."
- Kuroneko asked if she can make a willful request, which is to which is for Kyousuke to walk her back to her house.
- Arrived at her house. Kuroneko had a pet cat.
- Kyousuke thanked Kuroneko for letting him know the location of her house, and asked what she wanted to do about their next date.
- With cute little actions, Kuroneko took out her 'Destiny Record', and shyly pointed to a page which read: '- inviting senpai to my house'.

- Next day, Kyousuke arrived outside her house earlier than expected.
- Kuroneko was at the door in 'shironeko' mode, wearing the white sundress.
- "I am not waiting for you. It's just that I so happen to be collecting something from the mailbox."
- Kyousuke was thinking about her house. Kuroneko said it was rented before Kyousuke could say anything.
- Kyousuke asked if she can read his thoughts.
- Kuroneko's cheeks went red, and replied that this was the 'love's rondo' between lovers.
- Kuroneko announced that they had reached the room. Kyousuke was excited that he could enter Kuroneko's room.
- "I-Idiot. What are you thinking of...... obviously this is the tea-room."
- Kyousuke noticed that the Meruru series, which Kirino lent to Kuroneko, was still around.
- Kuroneko said that when Kirino lent them to her, she said that Kuroneko had to return it. But when she tried returning to her, Kirino no longer wants them.
- Kuroneko's younger sister loved Meruru, but cried in shock at season 3's first episode due to violent scenes.
- Both her sisters are outdoors playing.
- Kuroneko called Kyousuke a lolicon when he said he wished to see them.
- Kuroneko's parents were not around either. They were alone in the house.
- Kyousuke commented about it. Kuroneko gave him a quick look, then turned away embarrassedly.
- Kyousuke called Kuroneko and placed his hand on her shoulder.
- She turned rather clumsily, and dared not have eye-contact with him. She only looked down and bit her lips.
- "W-What, senpai?", she asked with her teeth chattering.
- Kyousuke felt she was really cute, but it was as though he was bullying her.
- He cleared his mind, shifted his hand from her shoulder to her head, and told her gently he will not do anything.
- Kuroneko heaved a sigh of relieve. They watched Maschera for the whole day.
- Kuroneko asked Kyousuke to wait for a while.
- Turns out she was actually showering. Kyousuke panicked.
- Kuroneko sisters returned as she was still showering.
- The older one exclaimed in shock that he was Kuroneko's boyfriend.
- She felt things were weird when Kuroneko told them back then that she was expecting an important call, and that for an hour, they were not to go close to her room or make any noises, or they will be cursed.
- Kyousuke introduced himself to them.
- They heard of that name, and recognized him as the brother of the 'Bitch-san' whom their sister always talked to over the phone.
- The older sister asked if they can call him 'Bitch Onii-san'.
- Kyousuke declined. The youngest sister gave a 'most moe smile' and called him 'Onii-chan'. The older sister followed suit.
- Kyousuke felt slightly sad that Kirino is not as cute as them, but also acknowledge that she did show some of her cute points recently.
- The older (younger) sister is called Hinata, the youngest one is called Tamaki.
- Hinata realized Kuroneko is bathing, and let out a laugh.
- Calling Kyousuke by 'Kousaka-kun', Hinata asked if he will marry Kuroneko.
- Kuroneko broke their chat by asking what her two younger sisters were doing when she had instructed them to only return home at around the evening.
- Both Hinata and Tamaki got being Kyousuke's back.
- Hinata asked if Kuroneko's reason for bathing was in preparation for a 'contract' with Kyousuke later, and that she was angry because they were around.
- Kuroneko said nervously that it was her due to her sweating in nervousness, and that they had somewhere to go in the afternoon.
- Kuroneko got mad, and requested for some time off to discipline her sisters.
- Kyousuke was too scared of the angry Kuroneko to do anything, and could only watch as Kuroneko dragged Hinata away.

- It had been a few days since Kuroneko introduced her family members.
- He went on a date with Kuroneko daily, and completed many 'rituals'.
- For example: '- to go for a swim with senpai' [I can't stand it, but f you author for not writing in detail about it]
- It was the morning, and Kuroneko was at work.
- Kirino was at her exclusive seat, singing to the OP of Oreimo anime while listening to her iPhone.
- Kirino told Kyousuke her handphone novel will be getting an anime.
- Kyousuke got happy and patted Kirino's head.
- Kirino brushed off his hand and asked him not to treat her like a kid.
- Kirino asked Kyousuke to keep it a secret, and asked him to thank her for it.
- Kyousuke answered with a light smile. Kirino seems to get more irritated, and blushed deeper.
- Kirino said she had voice samples of seiyuus auditioning for the roles.
- She took of a earbud and offered it to Kyousuke.
- Asked Kyousuke to sit closer to her as she did not want her earbuds to be spoilt.
- Kyousuke followed suit, but
- "Wait! Don't touch my thigh! Pervert! Hentai!"
- Kirino went into otaku mode and kicked her legs against the sofa in delight.
- Kyousuke was forced to listen to the voice sample done by Kirino's favourite seiyuu for two straight hours (with Kirino of course).
- Kyousuke asked her to stop.
- Kirino: "Che. Ah~, it's because of you, that I am hurt~. My fragile soul was shattered into pieces~"
- Her rather irritating voice suddenly turned coquettish: "...... How are you going to compensate to me for that?"
- Kyousuke wondered why Kirino could always make him angry, and said he will do nothing.
- Kirino: "You are really noisy...... You know, recently......, you......, have been really disgusting......"
- Kirino: "Do you know how unhappy you had made me due to your disgusting actions?"
- Kyousuke was irritated and said he had no idea.
- Kirino took something out of her pockets and teased him by flashing it quickly for a few times.
- Kirino's handphone had the photobooth sticker as well.
- Kyousuke realized what Kirino was talking about.
- Her standby screen was the image of Kyousuke in cosplay.
- Kyousuke tried to take the handphone away from her. Kirino kicked him .
- Kyousuke pulled her by her legs, and Kirino fell onto the sofa. He leapt towards the handphone again.
- Kyousuke crashed onto Kirino, similar to the incident where they were fighting over the box where he touched her breasts. Except this time, their body came into full contact with each other, for quite a while.
- Kirino's face turned bright red and gave Kyousuke a slap.
- "Y-Y-You are the worst! Die!" and with that, Kirino ran out of the living room.
- Kyousuke thought about how the relationship between them (as siblings) still had some distance to go, and recalled his sister staring and him and calling him disgusting.
- He wondered why he had the urge to give a gentle, bitter smile. And while complaining, he placed his hand on her head.
- He stopped his straying thoughts.
- He realized that he had been happy since he started dating Kuroneko. The next ritual: 'to play in senpai's room'.

- Kuroneko arrived, and asked where Kirino is.
- Kirino was apparently out with Ayase. Recently, it seems like she had been going out with Ayase frequently.
- At his room, Kuroneko wanted Kyousuke to play a shooting game she had done with the club.
- Kyousuke asked her about the game that she and Sena were working on originally.
- Kuroneko said it was discontinued as she wanted to finish the shooting game first.
- The logo was designed by her, which had the distinctive black and purple colors that she liked.
- The character Kyousuke chose was voiced by Kuroneko.
- Game was difficult, Kyousuke played rather badly. The heroine was making screams and moans due to that, which sounded erotic.
- Kuroneko whispered into his ears, wondering if he was doing it deliberately, which Kyousuke denied.
- Kuroneko leaned on his back and began teaching him the game.
- The door suddenly banged open, and Kirino came in looking visibly pissed.
- She asked them what was going on, and when Kyousuke said they were playing a game, Kirino looked flustered.
- Kuroneko said that since Kirino had already returned home for some time, she should have greeted them.
- Kuroneko asked who she is to Kirino, and Kirino said a friend.
- Kuroneko invited Kirino to play the game, but Kirino said next time in a rather soft voice, and fled the room.
- However, she closed the door quietly instead of slamming it. Kuroneko stared at the door.

- Once again, Kyousuke was invited to Kuroneko's home.
- Kyousuke had became rather close with her sisters since he met them daily.
- Hinata commented that he is ordinary and old-fashioned.
- Kyousuke realized Hinata acts similarly to Kuroneko.
- Hinata wondered why Kyousuke address Kuroneko as such instead of 'Ruri'.
- Kyousuke said he was embarassed about it.
- Kyousuke asked why Hinata calls Kuroneko with a -sama, and Hinata said Kuroneko asked them to.
- They talked about how Kuroneko acted at home.
- Kyousuke wondered why he was playing with Hinata when it should have been with Kuroneko.
- Apparently, it he was there for the next 'ritual': '- to see fireworks with senpai'.
- Hinata said that Kuroneko usually take quiet a while to change into her clothes, and that Kuroneko wears sports jersey or plain clothes when Kyousuke was not around.
- Kuroneko came into the room wearing a yukata.
- Upon hearing the praises of Kyousuke and Hinata, Kuroneko shyly covered her mouth with the sleeves.
- The streets were crowded.
- They bought Meruru candy floss for Tamaki, and a Maschera mask. Kyousuke wore the mask by the side of his head.
- They played some games. Kuroneko was so engrossed that they had nearly missed the fireworks.
- Kuroneko looked upwards at Kyousuke, and while blushing, squeezed out a tiny voice, "...... This summer spent with me...... how was it?"
- Kyousuke said he enjoyed it and it will be an unforgettable memory. He came to love Kuroneko even more.
- He repeated the line he had said many times during the summer, "So, what's next?"
- "... Mm, next is...... this."
- It read: '...... break up with senpai'.


And with that, a cliffhanger into chapter 4.

I was quite surprised about Ayase's feelings for Kyousuke. I thought she was a total lesbian for Kirino, but apparently, and unknowingly, she somehow came to like Kyousuke.

We have Kuroneko doing cute things, and Kirino being jealous. Hnnged hard at Kuroneko as usual.

With that, we move into chapter 4, which is perhaps the most significant chapter of the book, and even more so for the die-hard Kirino fans.

Your bodies will not be ready.


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