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Oreimo volume 8 - Chapter 4: Summary and thoughts


- It has already been a few days, but ever since being told about the prophecy, Kuroneko had not contacted Kyousuke.
- Kyousuke could not bring himself to call her.
- To escape from reality, he had been studying in those few days.
- School starts. Unlike normally, Kuroneko was not there waiting for him to go to school together.
- At the break, Kyousuke went to her classroom, but Kuroneko was not there.
- Asked Sena if Kuroneko came today.
- Sena was shocked about the question. Said it is impossible for Kuroneko to be there as she had transferred to another school.
- Kyousuke repeatedly asked Sena if what she was saying was true.
- Sena said yes. There was a few tears from Sena's eyes.
- Kyousuke wondered why Kuroneko didn't tell him about it. Sena thought Kyousuke already knew as he was her boyfriend.
- After school, he ran to her house to check. Her house was empty.
- Kyousuke is quite confident that Kuroneko loved him, and he was sure that her words "I'll love you forever" was not a lie.
- Kyousuke's reason to date her was to return her feelings, and he was extremely happy about it.
- Kyousuke wondered if the reason of her breaking up was because she moved to another place.

- Back at home, Kyousuke couldn't sleep.
- He wondered if Kirino knew about this.
- He remembered Manami saying to depend on her if he has any problems, and was about to call her when he decided against it.

- The door was not locked. If it was, Kyousuke would have no choice but to contact Manami.
- Kirino was sleeping soundly and peacefully.
- First thing that came to Kyousuke's mind was the sleeping beauty.
- Seeing Kirino's defenseless form for the first time in a long while, nostalgia gripped Kyousuke's heart.
- He realized his sister-complex is beyond cure.
- He prodded her face lightly, but there was no response.
- He thought if Kirino was sleeping that soundly, he would not be found out if he touched her breasts.
- Kyousuke's upper body went over Kirino, in the position like how a prince would be when he is waking up the sleeping beauty, and stared at Kirino's sleeping face.
- He wanted to slap her awake, but Kirino did something that caught him by surprise.
- While still asleep, Kirino's hands hooked Kyousuke by his neck. Apparently, Kirino was dreaming of a loli and even wanted to kiss him.
- Apparently, their lips came into contact.
- Kyousuke gave her two light slaps to wake her up.
- As Kirino woke up and realized she was hugging him at an extremely close distance, she opened her eyes wide.
- Kyousuke covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming.
- Kyousuke thought he was probably seemed as a rapist at that point of time.
- Kirino: "Y-You are assaulting your sister at night?"
- Kyousuke denied, and said that Kirino had done the same thing to him in the past.
- Kyousuke wanted to open the lights to talk, but Kirino said no, as her hair was messy and she had no make-up on.
- Kyousuke requested for a life consultation.

- Kirino was biting her teeth in fury when she heard about it.
- Kirino asked Kyousuke what he was planning to do.
- Kyousuke said he had no idea. Kirino replied with a expressionless "is that so".
- After a moment of silence (and Kirino staring at Kyousuke's face), she asked if Kyousuke really loved Kuroneko, even after she left without saying a word.
- Kyousuke said yes.
- Another expressionless "is that so" from Kirino, which caused Kyousuke's heart to be in pain.
- Kyousuke began to cry.
- Kirino offered Kyousuke the sleeves of her pajamas to wipe his tears.
- Kirino asked Kyousuke to turn around.
- Kirino arms slung around his neck. Kyousuke was taken aback.
- Kirino then hugged him from his back.
- Kirino asked him not to move, and to cheer up.
- "Because I am your companion."
- "No matter how useless Aniki is, or how you are abandoned by everyone, I'll still be here to accompany you, to worry for you, to criticize you, until the end of time."
- "So please cheer up, Aniki."
- Kyousuke felt really at ease from those lines, even though it is embarrassing.
- He thanked Kirino and commented that her body is really warm. Tears flowed from his eyes once again.
- "Eh? Ba-Baka!"
- Kirino felt embarrassed and began to explain.
- "...... M-Mother...... whenever I feel really down...... she console me like this, so...... there's no other meaning behind it."
- "So stop saying rubbish, okay?"
- Despite that, she still hugged him tightly.
- Kyousuke realized that he's weakness was shown to Kirino. Kirino will probably look down on him for the rest of his life.
- After a while, Kirino asked Kyousuke something.
- She said that Kyousuke mentioned he will cry if Kirino had a real boyfriend.
- She asked in a gentle voice what will Kyousuke do if the real boyfriend dumped her.
- Kyousuke didn't went into the specifics, but said that since they are siblings, it should be something similar.
- Kirino faced Kyousuke with a smile and said, "Kyousuke, leave this to me."

- Next day, they were heading to the area Kuroneko moved to.
- Saori was not informed as they do not want to let her worry.
- Apparently, despite rejecting Kyousuke's attempt to reach her, Kuroneko messaged Kirino a map of the place she was currently at.
- Kirino's message, "where are you now?", was replied with "in a place where the sight is obscured by white darkness".
- Kirino wondered if that was how everyone felt when she left for America a year ago.

- The place was an onsen street.
- Kyousuke described the situation as a divorced man who was searching for his wife with his sister by his side.
- Kirino asked around if anyone had seen Kuroneko.
- Apparently, someone had seen her nearby.
- Kyousuke commented that Kirino is really dependable today.
- "Didn't I say to leave everything to me?"
- Kyousuke felt Kirino was really cool, and he had nearly fallen for her.
- Apparently, Kuroneko was not in Goth-loli mode.

- After two hours of searching, Kyousuke and Kirino bumped into Kuroneko.
- Kuroneko tried to run away, but Kirino caught her.
- Kuroneko gave up the thought of escaping, and asked the two what they are doing there.
- Kirino said it was to take her back.
- Kyousuke was glad Kirino was not a guy, or else Kuroneko would be taken away by her.
- Kirino followed up by asking why did Kuroneko broke up with Kyousuke.
- "I'd dated senpai in order to fulfill a wish, to fulfill my vision, and thus we had performed a few 'rituals'. And thus all those led to this."
- Kirino couldn't understand what Kuroneko was talking about.
- Kuroneko asked Kirino if she was really fine with Kyousuke going out with her.
- "I said it was fine! I said that on the phone! What exactly are you listening to back then?"
- "Is that your true feelings? Even now?"
- Kirino said yes, Kuroneko said she was lying.
- Kyousuke was totally confused.
- Kirino: "Are you an idiot? It totally isn't so- even if it is, that is non of your business."
- Kuroneko: "Yes, it is. That sort of ending is not what I wanted. That development will not lead into my 'ideal world'."
- "To break your lies, that to me is a very important 'ritual' as well!"
- "...... You, had never agreed to me dating your brother."
- Upon hearing Kirino's denial, Kuroneko asked Kirino for her reason of tricking them with her fake boyfriend back then.
- She also asked why Kirino had a pained expression when she saw Kuroneko in Kyousuke's room.
- Why Kirino looked so painful ever since she started dating Kyousuke.
- Kirino looked to be in pain after Kuroneko's attacks. However, she showed no signs of breaking down.

- Kuroneko decided to change strategy. She threatened to say out what Kirino told her. About how Misaki was actually not following them during the pretend date.
- Kirino was shocked speechless.
- Kyousuke was surprised and wanted to know more, but nothing was said.
- Kuroneko teasingly threatened Kirino by asking her to come clean, or else she would reveal more of Kirino's embarrassing secrets. She will begin by recounting Kirino's words: '...... Well, I brought a fake boyfriend back home- and that guy......"
- Kirino hit back by mimicking Kuroneko's voice and said: 'This is a question asked by a friend of mine...... If she has a boyfriend, how many times should they meet, before she...... allow the guy to take her body?"
- Apparently, Kirino also lent Kuroneko a guide on how to go on a date. Apparently, prior to Kuroneko's first date with Kyousuke, she declared herself a guru of dates, but after that, she said in a depressed tone that she need to strengthen her training on holding hands.
- Both parties agreed to stop that or they will be ruined in the hands of each other.

- Kuroneko asked Kirino to come clean with her feelings on the matter.
- Kirino retorted by asking Kuroneko why she confessed if she knew about her feelings.
- Kuroneko answered by saying that if she did not do it, Kirino will not say out her true feelings.
- Kirino: "Stop saying those easily detectable lies! How can it be just due to these! Just like how you know my feelings, I know your feelings too! I can see how much effort you had put in! And... and thus- I've been enduring all these while!"
- "Enduring?"
- Kuroneko asked her what exactly she was enduring. She said that Kirino should be willful and selfish, so she should be truthful about it.
- She also said that if Kirino sees her as a friend, then she should show her her true self, like she had always done.
- Kirino gave up and yelled.
- "I, I...... hate Aniki! I hate him the most! I hateeeeee him the most!"
- "I hate Aniki the most! But, but...... if Aniki has a girlfriend then I definitely do not want that! Even though I hate him, I really hate him...... but if I am not the number one in his heart, then it will not do!"
- Kirino screamed out willfully, baring her jealousy to all.
- She admitted it was that reason that she brought Mikagami home.
- She clenched her fist tightly and looked at Kyousuke.
- "You...... I really hate it when you are really affectionate towards that boring girl and that kuroi girl...... I hate it so much I endure it, and thus I want you to experience the same feeling that I went through! I was really afraid that you would say 'Do as you like, go ahead and date with him.'...... I was really scared...... but I don't know what to do....."
- Kyousuke realized he had finally found his sister's care towards him.
- "Didn't you say that you don't wish me to have a boyfriend? I was thinking then, if I were to say I don't want it, you probably will not date anyone as well......"
- Kyousuke agreed in his heart that he would not have dated Kuroneko if she did said that.
- "That night...... I've talked with the kuroi girl over the phone...... to apologize for the fake boyfriend incident...... to get back on good terms...... And then she asked 'Can I confess to your brother?'. Even though I said yes, but in actual fact I am not willing at all...... but still I said yes. That is because, this is unlike me, who is dating with a guy that I had totally no feelings for. She is a girl that seriously likes you so much, she is such a timid and gentle girl, and she wanted to use all of her courage to get her feelings across to you- How can I say no?"
- "But indeed, I couldn't stand it. I started to regret supporting you two in your relationship. When I first heard that you are dumped, to be honest, the weight in my heart disappeared. B-But..... you looked so deeply hurt...... you cried so sadly...... aren't you so depressed to the point that you came to talk to me? When I saw all these, I felt worse. I suddenly felt angry towards the kuroi girl who dumped you and transfered to another school. As such I felt that I must do something for you...... these are my true feelings. The reason why I am here right now."
- "I definitely do not want Kyousuke to have a girlfriend. But, I do not want Aniki to cry either...... Even though it can't be helped, but these are my true feelings right now. As such, Kuroneko. I want to ask you the reason behind your unreasonable acts, and then punch you and make you apologize to Kyousuke. And then, even if you are not willing, I'll bring you back and make you cancel your transfer. Do you have a problem with that?"
- That was the first time Kyousuke heard Kirino addressing Kuroneko by her name.
- Kuroneko asked Kirino why she was doing all these things.
- "Hmph, isn't it because we are siblings?"
- "Kyousuke...... Aniki, he had always helped me no matter when. No matter how far away I was from him, he is always worried about me, and when I was feeling down, he came running to me immediately. He has always been by my side, always protecting me. When I was feeling bad, he comforted me, he made me laughed, he made me angry. When I am acting silly he criticized me, and even got jealous due to me. When I am troubled he held consultations for me. He should have actually been hating me all these while, not caring about me, and we had always been treating the other as though he did not exist."
- "...... And so I want to do these too. That's all there is to it."

- Upon hearing that, Kyousuke felt like crying. He was glad they had finally gotten closer together.
- Kuroneko said that what she had been doing was worth it.
- Kirino turned away her head while blushing. She asked Kuroneko what she planned to do after knowing her true feelings.
- Kuroneko turned nervous, and asked Kyousuke what he wanted to do.
- "Let's start the sequel of the ritual - tell me."
- "...... Now that you know Kirino's feelings, will you still choose me?"
- When Kyousuke opened his mouth, Kuroneko trembled in fear.
- Just when he was about to answer, Kuroneko dismissed it as a joke and asked Kyousuke to stop.
- "If you continue saying it, I will die."
- Kyousuke stopped, and Kuroneko nearly collapsed. Kirino went forward to support her.
- Kuroneko said that they will not escape the prophecy of the 'Destiny Record', then fainted shortly after that.

- When Kuroneko woke up, she told them that she had actually moved to a place closer to them.
- She was at the onsen street for a family trip.
- Even though she transferred school, it will not affect them meeting together.
- Kyousuke asked why she didn't say so earlier.
- Kuroneko lowered her head and blushed, "... How, can I, say that. When you two are trying your best...... to convince me..."
- As such, it seems like Kyousuke is still dumped by Kuroneko. However, the bonds between Kirino and Kuroneko had strengthened.

- Manami said that Kuroneko's 'Destiny Record' could be something similar to Kirino's life consultation.
- It has been a while since Kyousuke and Manami walked home together.
- Kyousuke asked if it was within Kuroneko's plans, that they were to break up.
- Manami said that it was probably to be expected. However, Kyousuke chasing her all the way to the onsen street was probably unexpected, and Kuroneko would probably be happy about it.
- Kyousuke commented that Manami could possibly understand Kuroneko more than he does.
- Manami said it is not correct. She probably only knew some of Kuroneko's feelings more than Kyousuke as they are both girls.
- Manami said that as Kyousuke is very useless, there are probably no girls that will become blissful if they were to marry to him.
- It will probably take someone with as much determination as Ayase for the marriage to be happy.
- "Kuroneko liked Kirino-chan as much as Kyou-chan, and was probably thinking that she cannot ignore Kirino-chan's feelings and be happy by herself."
- Kyousuke asked why Manami understood Kuroneko so well.
- "I understand. Because, I love Kyou-chan as well."
- Manami laughed rather shyly, and looked more charming than ever before.
- "And so, after knowing the feelings of everyone - Kyou-chan, what will you do? You had probably found 'the answer to the problems I am currently facing', but that probably will not last...... Because even if you wished for nothing to change, that wish will probably not be granted. This time, it is thanks to the sacrifice and hard work of Kuroneko, that Kyou-chan's surroundings had changed for the better, isn't that so? Even if the other half is not Ayase, the future where everyone is happy. Perhaps you can already see it?"
- "Kyou-chan, please do not rush into it, think carefully, and treasure your true feelings."

- Few days later, Kuroneko invited Kirino and Kyousuke to her new house.
- They met the parents of Kuroneko.
- Kirino complained about the town, and suggested that Kuroneko moved back into their town, and that they can rear a black cat at the storage room on the second floor of their house.
- Kirino brought up the subject of what Kyousuke will do.
- Kyousuke said that as long as she does not have a boyfriend, he will not have a girlfriend.
- But as he does not want Kirino to have a boyfriend, he will probably be single for life.
- Kirino called Kyousuke a disgusting sis-con.
- Kyousuke said they are both the same. Kirino replied with, "If it is me, it's okay, because I am the sister. If it is you, you are disgusting, because you are the brother."
- They squabbled over the dining table, which was different from what Kuroneko envisioned.

- Kuroneko came in wearing a maid uniform, while carrying the breakfast over to the table.
- Kyousuke asked why Kuroneko is wearing a maid uniform.
- While looking upwards at Kyousuke and having a slight blush, Kuroneko replied, "Because it is cute?"
- Kirino called Kuroneko a perverted cat and asked why she was still doing this, despite them not being lovers anymore.
- Kuroneko said that she is just following the rituals of the 'Destiny Record'.
- With a graceful movement, Kuroneko slided over to Kyousuke's side, and whispered lightly into his ears.
- "...... Don't forget, the curse that I've placed in your body, it hasn't been removed yet."
- Kyousuke felt that it was as though Kuroneko was still still saying, that she loved him forever.
- Kuroneko announced that with that ritual, her plan had moved forward by a huge step.
- She flipped open the second volume of 'Destiny Record', and showed them the last chapter, which is still titled as 'The Ideal World'.
- It showed a more mature Kirino and Kyousuke at the dining table welcoming Kuroneko, who's bring breakfast over.
- Kyousuke could not understand the meaning behind the drawing.
- Kuroneko let out a bitter smile and said she still had some distance to go.

- With that, that incident came to an end.
- Kyousuke recalled Kirino saying how she cannot accept being anything other than first in Kyousuke's heart.
- Despite saying that, Kirino still stretched out her hands to help Kyousuke when he was feeling down, to give him advice. Just like what he had done for her.
- 'Really, what's with that girl?'
- 'My sister can't possibly be that cool.'
- 'If she is not my sister, I'll definitely have fallen for her, damn.'
- Kyousuke swear that he will be the one to confess to the one he loved the next time.

- Kirino asked Kyousuke what he was talking about.
- Kyousuke said it was nothing, and thanked Kirino.
- Kirino opened her eyes wide and blinked. And then, she laughed rather stiffly, with her face red.
- She let out a soft smile, and with her face blushing red, she gave a dry cough.
- "............ You don't have to thank me, Kyousuke."


That was a rather explosive showdown between Kirino and Kuroneko. I had always felt that Kirino is at a disadvantage in the race for Kyousuke's affection compared to Kuroneko because she is not honest. It's fine being tsun, but when you come across as irritating to the MC, you know you are digging a grave for yourself. I still remember rooting for Kirino when I first started the novels, but after volume 5, I was converted to Kuroneko's camp due to her honesty and the huge character development she had received, which made her really really cute.

Well, for now, Kirino redeemed herself with the aid of Kuroneko with that outburst of hers. I had always enjoyed reading stuff from alternate character's POV, and while we are not exactly given that, it's more than enough to show us some insight into what Kirino was really thinking all these while, and the rationale behind her actions.

Personally, I am also happy that Kuroneko is not out of the picture. Sure thing, Kyousuke and Kirino are in a deadlock now due to his decision, but it's great to also see that his love for Kuroneko seems genuine. Also, it's a relieve to see Kuroneko never intending to give up on Kyousuke in the first place.

It was rather surprising for Manami to confess in that manner, but while it does give Kyousuke some selection headaches, I highly doubt things will go in her way.

With Kirino's confessions and outburst, comes new problems. I am hoping for a blood-related incest end or a Kuroneko end, seeing how things are, it seems highly unlikely that the blood-related incest will happen. Despite Kirino being honest to herself and Kyousuke, and the intimate skinship, I highly doubt things will go any further. They are too conscious of themselves being siblings, and that wall should prove to be one that is too difficult to scale and overcome, unless something major happens, like how Kyousuke is adopted and they are not blood-related. So for now, I see 3 possibilities: Kirino non-blood incest end, Kuroneko end or open end.

I guess this also signals the end of my summaries for book 8, which had severely derailed my progress for the translations of Onii-Ai. Hope you guys enjoyed them.


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    I am not dismissing full-blown incest. It's just the way the author writes it. You don't get the feeling he's going for that. Plus the fact he said he had revealed too much in the PSP game, and that having a non-blood incest end, further strengthens my view that it is unlike for us to get it.

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    1. i agree im alittle mad theyr gonna brake up...they should of worked around it with kyousuke and kuroneko staying together...

    2. i don't see any beauty in that kind of ending

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  39. when LN vol 9 will released ?

  40. The only way I will be completely happy with this series is if it has a Kirino/Kyosuke end. Incest or no incest. They are kind of perfect for each other. I absolutely loved all the Kirino and Kyosuke fluff.
    Noooo! Not a harem end. Please no. Those are so dumb. In any story.
    Thank-you so much for posting this! It's seriously appreciated!

  41. In most harem stories that I have known, it's usually an open end.... and I don't like it...

    I'm still voting for Kirino though... They're just fictional characters so incest is fine with me.. :D

  42. Very good read thank you:)
    Especially the bits and thoughts that are often omitted from other summaries.

    As for ending...I find a wincest ending would be a more interesting ending than a non-related KirixKyo or KuroxKyo.
    Also, considering how much Kyo has mentioned/thought of Kirino(even with he is with girlfriend, Kuro does not deserve that x.x) and how much Kirino's character has changed from the beginning; hopefully it ends that way.

  43. really really thanks
    even though my fave character keep changing from Kuroneko - Kirino now I think I can decide which one it is
    Kuroneko: normal Tsundere
    Kirino: Hardcore Tsun; SUPER SWEEEEEETTTTTTT Dere

  44. I just want Kyousuke and Kirino ending!! I don't care if it is an incesT!! They do deserve for each other and I only seeing this novel just because of this couple... I really want an incest FOR THE WIN!

  45. Kirino X kyousuke is the best pairing incest or not. If kuroneko was to win in the end, what the hell was the whole point in the character 'kirino' if she is just gonna get rejected because of she is blood related to her brother. And really, readers don't have the right to complain about incest relationships when the title itself is supposedly incestuous itself. Anyhow, in terms of kirino vs kuroneko/ruri, because of sibling relationships, kirino is already at a disadvantage. I don't really see the point or fun of the story if it all just goes well with ruri because after all, there was no hope for kirino from the start. I mean if you think about it, the author could have made kirino a step sister from the start which could have made things different. But no, she is his real sister. I'm pretty sure the author would have already known lots of people would oppose an incestuous ending yet he made a love triangle between a guy, a guy's sister, and a girl. It is for us to expect that kirino has no hope, but I am sure the author will overturn it ... definitely. I also find it strange that Kyosuke has agreed to become kuroneko's bf in the end. And this is not the final volume. Thus I clearly see an ending that has no room for kuroneko. An early relationship formed before the whole thing ends always means that that relationship will come to an end. We don't know kyousuke's feelings yet, but maybe he agreed so that he could try and hide his developing feelings for kirino? Anyway..

    Kirino ftw!

  46. thanks for the summmary!!

    and adding to the above anonymous ^ if I were the author, I would consider all endings possible. For the main endings, if kyousuke chose kirino, indeed kuroneko would feel depressed... but would that depression equal how much kriino would be hurt if she was to be rejected? If you think about it,,, the whole thing was a development of a bond between kirino and kyousuke. Indeed they have gotten really close in comparison to the start where we learn that they hardly ever talked to each other. I don't see how the author is gonna make a decent end if Kirino is the one to be rejected... Because then, their relationship will never return the way it was. In fact, it will return the way it was at the very start. How is the author gonna clear that up? He can try, but it won't be as satisfying. But instead, if its 'kirino X kyousuke' then its different. They remain as they are, playful,caring for each other. Actually their bond will become even stronger than before and that will make a good ending XD.

    Anyway... whoever the author is, you better do things right... KIRINO X KYOUSUKE ALL THE WAY ~

  47. Ayase. Despite her crazy yandereness, she's the most suited for Kyosuke. Kureneko is a close second due to the nature of their breakup. The story uses the incest subtext to mend the relationship between Kirino and Kyosuke. Based on what happens in volume 11, it's clear why their relationship is key to the story but not to their romantic pairings.

    Yosuga No Sora already dealt with that and the ending for that was pretty standard. Everyone was grossed out/ "lol wut?." Besides, Kyosuke isn't like his old self. He's not boring but he's not hot blooded either. He's grown up and thus a stable person more like his father.

    Besides, Kirino is a young girl who still doesn't know the meaning of real love. Kyosuke's older and more mature and as annoying as Manami is, her reasoning isn't half baked. Kirino will have her heart broken but will get over it and end up with a stronger relationship with her brother like when they were children.

    If the author pulls off blood incest ending, I will laugh for maximum trolling/huge balls.