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[Onii-Ai v1] Chapter 3: 27th March (The third day of living together)

Chapter 3. This chapter is done slighter faster than my usual pace, so please do not expect all chapters to be done at this speed.

With that said, enjoy.

*ring...... ring.......*

"Oh it's you. How's your health?"

The voice of my friend was transmitted through the phone. That person still sounds as optimistic as ever.

"You've waited till today to call. That's really heartless of you. Ever since you moved I have been waiting earnestly for your call."

Those words showed just a hint of complaint in them.

"Sorry. Moving into a new house was much more troublesome than I had expected. That is why-"

"Forget it. I've hugged my pillow and cried in it every night due to you not contacting me. However, by talking to you through the phone, this regret seems to have slowly disappeared - just like how the morning sun makes the mist disappear. Just on this fact alone, I shall forget about your heartlessness."

"What an exaggerating fellow."

"So how are things? Cohabitating with your beautiful younger sister."

"This is not cohabitating. The opposite party is my younger sister, you know. Really, why do you have to start talking about such things as well..."

"Hm. And that means the main purpose of your call is to talk about your younger sister?"

"Yeah. That's how it is."

With that, I told that person the incidents that happened during the period that I was living with my sister.

"...... I see. So you must be confused right now."

"Well, something like that. She's someone whom Kiyotsugi-san and Shouko-san - people from the Arisugawa family - heaps praises on. I think she has grown into quite the elegant lady."

"What's wrong with being elegant?"

"Well, she has changed into someone whom I can no longer recognize - except when she's interacting with me."

"But from what you just said, I think your sister is someone who has control over herself."

"Even though she repeatedly talked about sex-related matters with her brother?"

"She can't help it. Because your younger sister is someone who really-really-really loves you the most, to the point where she cannot control herself, right? From a male-female point of view."

"...... We are siblings, no?"

"I'm not really concerned about that, you know? Anyway, your sister has love for you that surpasses the taboo between siblings, this much I am certain of."

"Huh... Mmm. So it is really like this?"

"Unless everything you told me just now was actually your wild fantasies, there is no other explanation for your sister's behavior."


Even though I don't really want to admit it, it seems like that is indeed the case regarding my sister's actions.

"So that's just that. To put it simply, it is 'accidental deterioration'."

"Accidental deterioration?"

"A cold that is healed to about ninety-percent, but a virus infected your windpipe due to carelessness, causing the cough to continue on for days - that's roughly how it is. Your sister's illness is probably something like that."


"Think about it. Your parents were never home. And as a result, you had replaced them in educating your sister, right? Even though you are only her fraternal twin brother, who is of the same age."

"Hm, I guess. It's something like that."

"There's a saying that everyone will more or less have a complex on their father or mother. That is because for most people, the person who made them realize the existence of the opposite sex will definitely be their father or mother. However, in the case of your sister, the situation is slightly special...... In the process of her growing up, the only person by her side was you - her blood related elder brother. Thus for your younger sister, you are the person who caused her to realize the existence of the opposite sex."

"Urm...... I guess it should be something like that."

"Typically speaking, as time goes by it will be natural to realize that 'This person is not someone whom I can fall in love with'. The body and mind will understand that fact. However, in the case of your sister, she was actually taken away from you just when she was about to undergo that experience. A process that is essential, and yet the main subject was not around at the crucial time. That is perhaps the reason for her brother complex."

"Wait. What is the similarity between that and your so called accidental deterioration of a cold?"

"Isn't a cold's deterioration commonly caused by one not resting well and taking in the required nutrients when it is needed?"

I see.

Indeed, this can be a possible reason. After being told by my friend's eloquent speech, I felt like I had understood something from it.

But how should I say it.

According to this theory, it sounds like I am at fault for my sister's 'accidental deterioration'. But that is just should I put it? Should I say that I cannot really accept it or that I cannot agree with it honestly?

Because back then, I had my own problems as well.

Our parents were quite horrible as family members. However, they were two natural people whom you couldn't really hate. Just like kids who open their eyes wide and focus on their work, you can't really tell them to put down their jobs.

So I had put in my biggest efforts back then.

No matter what, I had to shoulder the responsibility and raise this little sister - like that.

"Forget it, that's nothing too major."

My friend said.

"I said it just now, didn't I? From the looks of it, your sister knows how to control herself. She won't do anything reckless."

"Is...... that so?"

"Isn't that so? Even if the guy is someone whom she really-really-really loves so very much and had just reunited after a six-year gap, she hasn't pushed you down up till now - that's because she respects your wishes. If this is not called self-control, what else would you call it?"

"Eh? So now I am someone who's to be pushed down......?"

"Of course. Or should I say, if I'm your sister, I'd act the moment we were reunited."


"Well, that's just what might have happened. I'm afraid this sort of thing will never happen. Just be at ease and make up for the times that you should have spent living together with your younger sister...... Even so, if your sister has grown into a beauty during these past six years, to the point where you have nearly forgotten the fact that you and her are actually siblings - that will be another matter altogether."

"Hahaha. How can that be possible?"

'Bingo, you got it' - how can I possibly say that out loud?


- After a long talk, the long awaited chat with my friend had finally ended.

(That's very slow......?)

Lifting my head and taking a look at the clock in the living room, I tilted my head and thought.

My sister still isn't out from the bathroom.

Of course, I do know that girls spend a long time bathing. Even so, isn't it a bit too long? It has nearly been an hour.

...... Should I go take a look?

Urgh...but wait. It feels really embarrassing to approach a personal space like the bathroom just like that. And I have to take it a step further by entering and taking a look? How can that be possible?

However, there were indeed such times, right? We used to bathe together, right? Then again, those are things that happened years ago and cannot be applied to a sister whom I haven't seen for the past six years.

Hmm. What should I do in this situation? I really wish I could consult all the brothers who have a younger sister in her prime age and seek their help.

Mmm. Whatever. Better safe than sorry. This is no time to harp on such trivial matters. For now I should try calling from a distance away-


...... Just when I was thinking that, the sound of footsteps got closer.

Light and hurried footsteps. From the direction of the bathroom.



With a yell, my sister yanked open the curtains and stepped into the room,

"What's with this!?"

"Urm... What's with your 'what's with this?'........."

I was frozen solid in an instant.

I couldn't help it, really.

A young girl, the same age as me came into my view all of the sudden with just a towel covering her body. I think anyone would've had the same reaction as me, regardless of the fact that the other person is their sister. Probably.

......Wait. What the heck?

What the hell is wrong with her? How can her skin be that fair?

Taking another look at her from head to toe. That's a really hot body.

Long legs. Slender waist. A tender chest that is surprisingly attention-grabbing.

Really, those breasts didn't look that huge when she is wearing her clothes... There should be a limit on how much you can conceal your figure with your clothes.

Ahhhhh. Enough is enough.

Please let me off the hook.


While shifting my view to something else,

"Just put on your clothes for now, okay?"

"Don't change the topic!"


"I am asking you - what's with this?"

"I am sorry, but what's with what?"

My sister's eyes had turned into the shape of inverted triangles. It looks like she is really angry.

I just can't understand what is causing her to be this mad.

Did I do anything wrong?

Considering the current situation, my guess is that something must have happened, and it should be related to the bathroom. All I had done was chat with my friend over the phone, then drank some tea right here with my legs crossed.

The me who has absolutely no idea what he had done to incur her anger, is currently being stared at by his sister with a "jiiiiiiiiiiiiiii".

Lifting her rather elastic chest, she said.

"I am clearly bathing in the bathroom. Why are you not peeping!?"


"Eh? What language are you speaking in?"

"I am speaking standard Japanese!"

My sister closed in as the expression in her eyes sharpened.

Urm, sorry.

Ignoring your face for a moment, can you please not close in on me with that cleavage of yours?

"Urm...... Can you repeat that? I couldn't quite catch that."

"I was saying, I was clearly in the bathroom bathing. Why are you not peeping!?"

It looks like I didn't hear anything wrong.

"Hm. I understand. But Akiko."


"I think whatever you just said has seriously deviated from common sense."


My sister leaned backwards exaggeratedly.

It will feel like I'm the one who is saying the wrong things if you make an expression like that...... I am not wrong, okay? What I just said is the truth, isn't that right?

"Please take a look!"

With that said, my sister stretched her arms towards me.

"This clear and smooth skin! It's beautiful, right!?"

"And so it is. It's definitely beautiful."


With a nod on the head that looks like she wanted to expel all of her anger.

"In order to allow Onii-chan to marvel at this skin of mine, I have taken great care of it everyday!"

"Mhmm. Should I say thanks?"

"This is the skin that I am proud of and took great attention to maintain everyday!!"

"Mhmm. That's really impressive."

"Forget about peeping! You should be pouncing on me right now!!"

"I don't feel anything like that."


My sister was dumbstruck, as though she was someone who has been wrongly sentenced to death. It looks like in her dictionary, the term 'siblings' still does not exist.

Upon taking a closer look, I realized that her hair is still dry. She must have been soaking in the bathtub, waiting for me to peep... something like that. She was probably happily waiting for me while humming a tune.

I don't know why, but I feel slightly guilty when I think of it this way...... No no, wake up, me. The person without any common sense is obviously my sister.

Come to think of it, I felt something weird back then.

Even though it was in the middle of the day, my sister said to me "I suddenly feel like taking a bath", as she ran happily out of her room. And on her way out, she kept sending me suggestive looks using her eyes. So that was what she meant. Hm, I didn't realize that.

"Forget it and calm down for a moment, Akiko. Want a cup of tea?"

"Please do not divert from the subject!"

"What, so you don't want any? This tea is especially and carefully brewed by me just for you. Well you see, wouldn't one be thirsty after a bath?"

"I'll drink it with much appreciation!"

In an instant, the expressions on her face changed into a smiling one. She took small precious sips of the tea, and drank it slowly.

Well, I guess I got off easy by using just a cup of tea to make her happy. Even though she is still only covered with a towel... sigh... please let me off the hook.

"...... Fuu. It tastes really good, thank you. Tea that is personally brewed by Onii-chan is really something special."

"I am flattered."

"...... *coughcough*. Thanks to this cup of tea, I'll ignore your blunder just this once."




So this incident is my fault?

What a refreshing train of thought.

"As such, I am going take a bath again. We will start all over."

You're still going to do it!?

"This time around, I'll wash myself slowly too."

"Hm. Is that so? That's not a problem with me, but be careful not to faint from soaking yourself too long in the bath."

"Right. I'll clean myself thoroughly and slowly."

"Hmm. I don't understand what you're talking about, but as long as you're happy."

"Then I'll make a move. I'll clean myself slowly, thoroughly and leisurely, okay?"

With that, my sister left the room.

...... She really likes to bathe.

Oh, it must be that - it seems like she hasn't washed her hair and body yet. Which means to say that these two areas will be the focus point in for this round. I guess that is fine. It feels comfortable to see a girl who loves cleanliness. I welcome that, even if she is my sister.

What should I do now?

There's still stuff left unpacked. In order to keep up with the pace of the lessons at the new school I'm about to transfer to, I should take a look at the textbooks as well.

Well, since it's still spring-holiday, forget it. I'll luxuriously waste my youth by reading some books which lacks substance while drinking some tea.


...... ......

...... ...... ...... ......


"Onii-chan! Hey, Onii-chan!?"

One hour later.

Accompanied by her noisy footsteps, my sister rushed into the room with a bad expression on her face.

"What in the world is this?"

"I won't peek at you no matter how long you soak yourself in the bathtub."

"Isn't that too much? I've wasted so much effort to invite you to peek!"

"So you do know you've said too much. Anyway, I'll never go and peek; to peek at my sister while she is bathing and so on. How can I ever do such a perverted thing!?"

"As long as there is love, pervertedness and whatever are just minor details!"

"No matter what, no. No means no."

"Uhhhhhh! Onii-chan is a bully!"

She actually called me a bully.

That's probably the first time I've been called that since I was born.

"Ahhhh! I've had enough!"

My sister was swinging her arms about. She looked furious.

"If that is the case, I'll never talk to Onii-chan ever again!"


"Please don't answer me casually while reading your book!"

"Yeah yeah."

"I am serious! I will really never talk to you again! Please have a taste of being ignored by your cute sister, then cry as you reflect upon your sins!"



After she closed the curtains forcibly, my sister ran towards the bathroom.

......  And after that.

Just as she said, she did not talk to me.

She actually persisted for two hours.

Long story short, as she could not bear the agony of not talking to me forever, so she came running to me with teary eyes and requested for us to reconcile. Something like that.

And after that reconciliation, she changed back into her cheery and talkative self again.

And as a symbol of our reconciliation, she even squeezed out some cash from our already tight budget to prepare a luxurious dinner.

How should I put it? She is a really cute fellow.


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