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Mismarca V.1, Chapter 1: The First Prince of Mismarca, Part 3

Part 3 of chapter 1.

Enjoy. I'll try to speed up a bit so I can at least finish chapter 1 before college starts.

According to Asololo, my new name is now Kiybey. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
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“It's time.”

<This is Kaze Number 1. As we expected, the king left Prince Mahiro in charge of the castle.> [TL Note: "Kaze", meaning wind, is the designated name for an unit.]

<This is Kaze Number 2. The king has left the borders, heading northward.>

“Same as the “Report”, then.”

<Number 1, reporting no change.>

<Number 2, reporting no change.>

“Still, this castle is pointlessly big for such a small country, I've heard that it was as big as the Rottenheim Palace in the Imperial Capital.” 

<It is merely a remnant from the time when the Mismarcan Dynasty ruled over the Middle Plains.>

<The Middle Plains were once part of the Republic's territories. It was a huge country then.>

“However, the Republic's king at that time had a few screws loose in his head, instead advocating for democracy and allowing each territory to have its own independence and self-government. Well, at that time, the old civilization had already begun its collapse. It was the most peaceful time. It was great that countries only had to protect themselves from demons, but...”

<Stop with the pointless tales. Everyone knows how this age came into being. The king had left this country in a flurry in order to negotiate with the Republic.>

<And...that explains this castle. Not only is it an historical relic for this country, it is also pretty much a fortress. It will be hard to attack here.>

“And that is for us, the “Kaze”, to worry about, isn't it...”

<What is it?>

“...Nothing, I was just thinking aloud. There are no problems. Then, our next scheduled check-in will be at one four zero zero. No change reported."

<Number one, acknowledged.>

<Number two, acknowledged.>

“Transmission over.”


“Haa, haa...I finally found you...”

Despite the country's small size, this castle was the largest in the Middle Plains. Pariel always had to painstakingly search through it every time for the prince. Mahiro was standing on the rooftop at one edge of the castle, looking over the northward part of the castle town.


Sometimes, just sometimes, when Mahiro was alone, he would show such a detached face. Despite his fooling around, he still had things he thought about within his mind.

He was gazing at a small street, filled with houses and stores. A protective, outer wall, meant to defend against invasions by demons, enclosed the entire area. At the center enclosed area stood the huge castle, surrounded by ramparts and a moat. Its size was truly massive; one part of the courtyard contained a small-sized forest.

“...What are you thinking about?”

Mahiro was pulled back into reality by Pariel's softly uttered question. He raised his face, and turned around with a smile on his face. Whatever he was thinking was hidden away after he cleared his throat.

“Did you see that wind?”

“...Really, you were just daydreaming again.”

Pariel went to stand next to Mahiro, and together they gazed down at the city. From this height, the town below seemed tiny. But, it was still a pretty scene.

“This is a wonderful country, isn't it? The country that the king entrusted to you.”

“Well, that may be so.”

Mahiro said cheerfully, and then pouted.

“Do as you like, Edelweiss said? Though that's what she said.”

“Ah...ahhh, that, see, wasn't that just like her? She only acted coldly in order to discipline you who had gotten out of hand.”

“Is that how you think of her?”

“...Erm. To be honest, not at all.”

The Majin, Edelweiss. Pariel had heard that before she became the head of this country's maids, she was part of Gran Marsenal's Special Operations Chamberlain Corps. Pariel did not know why she came to this country, but someone of an inferior position like her would not be told anyway. Edelweiss was a maid, but also in charge of Mahiro's education, and on top of that was also a general. She was such a perfect person.

And she, showing such a perfect disposition for being a maid, was the one who established the current society of maids.
Right now, skilled gladiators, hunters, and performers are all sought after, and those with these skills are offered an extravagant contract, for hiring those with skill are a sort of status symbol for employers. No matter where she goes to, Edelweiss would always be treated as a super high quality maid, and thus would be offered ludicrous offers.

“But since she told you to do as you see fit, it is definitely okay if you think about the country's well-being and act on it, since this is a rare chance to prove yourself to the king.”



“...Prince, what have you been looking at since a while ago? It can't be that you were looking at someone changing? Though it is probably too far to see from here.”

“...Hey, you, haven't you been really disrespectful lately?”

Mahiro dodged the question with a laugh.

Then, he pointed somewhere.

“That house.”

He pointed at a part of the upscale residential area, where many nobles lived. It was outside of the castle, but still very close to it.

“That house hasn't been purchased by anyone yet.”

“That house with the blue roof? No one lives there?”

“What a waste, isn't it? If I had a little bit more allowance, then I could go buy it. I will buy it! Actually, say, Pariel, won't you come with me to the real estate agent?” [TL Note: Mahiro in this part, and repeatedly elsewhere, often shifts from a royal and formal speech, to casual speech, and back again, and so on so forth. I'll try to differentiate this based on diction and tone of the sentences, since when he's using casual speech, it's usually him messing around.]

“You're living in such a splendorous castle, what complaints do you have...”

“Edelweiss is here.”

Pariel sighed deeply.

“Well, if it was bought by other people, then that would be fine with me too. I will just leave in search of another world, my world. And I will establish a country with a doctrine of maids, where everyone aside from me is a maid, and conquer this continent!”

“What nonsense are you saying now? You have to stay in this castle until the king returns at least. Ah, hear that? The church's bell just rang. It's lunch-time now. Let's go eat, let's go eat.”

“Hmm, it's good that Pariel is in good spirits.”

If Pariel left him alone, then Mahiro would definitely waste all of his time away being lazy here. She tugged at Mahiro's arm with a bit of force, leading him inside. Mahiro turned around to look at the house one last time, and then went into the castle with Pariel.