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Mismarca V.1, Chapter 1: The First Prince of Mismarca, Part 4

Part 4 of Chapter 1.
So I decided to use Japanese suffixes since they were too much of a pain to translate (no idea how to differentiate -sama and -san in terms of respectful address...Mistress sounds weird, and only works once, and anything longer than that is even weirder). I'll update everything to reflect this.

I was reading Gekka Hime on NanoDesu translations, and I really liked their next/previous buttons. Really gives the feeling of flipping pages in a book. So I'm going to add them to this now.
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For some reason, Mahiro always ate at the general cafeteria, where all the knights, guards, maids and other staff ate, instead of at his own room or at the royal dining room, whenever he had the chance to do so.

Diners picked out food that they liked from the numerous bowls lined in rows on the long table and the counter, and then went to find a vacant seat in order to eat. In other words, it was pretty much a buffet.

People who were captains, high officials, ministers, generals, or held other important ranks could order the things they liked here, and eat in separate, specially prepared rooms. However, Mahiro, as usual, took a hot dog and corn pottage soup at the counter, and was busy wolfing down his food. Mahiro's fondness of canned mackerel was famous inside the castle, as it was something that even commoners would regard as basic and ordinary.

Pariel herself had gotten a croissant with pork saute, a spinach salad, and some bean soup.

“After lunch, we're going to practice sword fighting.”


Mahiro shook his head with resigned dissatisfaction at this.

“I know that you really don't like practice.”

Mahiro particularly hated practicing the sword. He always spoke of soreness, muscular pain, or other various complaints.

“But, this time you are needed.”

Usually, at lunch time, this cafeteria would always be crowded and rowdy, but now that the king had left the country, it was almost deserted. Sounds of unease and anxiety could be heard in this unpleasant silence from those few who were here, leaving the air feeling heavy and ominous.

“I hope that the king will return soon...”

“Right now, only a skeleton force is left inside the castle. If the Empire invades now, we won't have the strength to fight back.”

“But the king said that it'll be at least half a month before they invade, didn't he?”

“I'm not so sure about that. If they discovered that none of the royalty remained here, then they might seize the advantage and attack.”

“That's right, isn't it. The main army isn't here, and only one division of knights remain to defend the castle.”

“But, conversely, we who stayed behind should do our best together in order to protect the country.”

“I see. So that means the future of this country lies in our hands.”

“If each of us performs our best, then even the Empire won't easily have it their way.”

Somehow, they suddenly grew energetic.

Mahiro paid great attention to the discussion.


“Yes? What is it?”

“It looks like I'm not needed. Not just in leading this country, but my existence.”

“Even if you say it yourself...”

She mumbled.

“Anyway, for me, a prince, savage practices like sword fighting is below me.”

It was like this every time. The prince had a bad habit of being able to fish out sudden excuses and justifications.

“In the first place, I don't need to learn such a thing. Aren't you, my escort, here to protect me?”

Saying that just makes you seem even weaker.

“T-that is correct, but you should still learn how to use a sword, just in case. If such a time comes, you won't even be able to protect yourself...”

“If you could get strong in one or two days, then who would work so hard?”

Mahiro then suddenly asked something.

“And, while we're on the topic, why did you decide to become a knight?”

“Eh? Ah, when I was young, I was attacked by a demon. I was on the verge of dying from my severe injuries, but then someone helped me.”

Mahiro stopped eating and raised his head.

“You don't remember who helped you?”

“Yes. I was playing outside of town with my friends at that time. When I awoke, I was already on top of a bed.”

As she thought about that time, she first recalled the back of the boy she was playing with, and then the worried face of her mother.

Whatever happened during that time was completely missing from her memories.

“So, um, as my life was saved because someone helped me, I wanted to help people, to protect people.”

“...I see. You actually do have a proper reason, huh.”

Mahiro listened with a surprisingly meek face.

“Yes, because of that, I want to protect the prince and everyone in this country.”

“Ah, I see, you couldn't become a doctor because you didn't have the talent to do so.”

“I became an Imperial Guard because I had talent with the sword!”

“Hmm~, really~?”

“Ahh! You thought that I was lying just now, huh? That's stupid! Academic aptitude aside, that story about my childhood was true! Even now, I still have the scars from that time on my back right now!”

“Ah, that I know.”

“What is it?”

“Ahahahaha. Why do you know...did you see...?”

“I didn't see! Really! I really didn't see anythingggggggggg~!”


“Die you idiot prince! Smash your head in the cadium in this well-boiled tofu soup and die!” [TL Note: This sentence confused me a bit. Had no idea what カド (kado) meant, but I assumed it to be the cadmium (the element), since tofu does have a relationship with cadmium (google it yourself).]

Pariel panted and wheezed.

“Anyhow! Prince!”

“Yes...I won't peek at the changing room or the bathroom a second time.”

Smack. Smack.

“Back to our talk, learning the sword won't let you just protect yourself, you could protect others as well! While the governance of this country is left to Edelweiss-sama, if you take this chance to secretly practice the sword, won't the people around you be surprised? 'That prince?', won't they say? 'At last he's doing something', won't they say? 'After all this time', won't they say!?”

“You, you're just nonchalantly saying disrespectful things once again.”

“An-anyway...! You'll be more well-liked!”

“...Is that really so?”


Pariel said in affirmation. Mahiro stuffed the hot dog inside of his mouth, poured the soup in as well, and stood up triumphantly.

“I see now. It's the opposite of what I thought.”


“If Edelweiss is going to take Father's place, then it'll just be just as usual for me. Rather, Father's absence had nothing to do with me in the first place. As you have heard here, it won't even matter if I'm not here.”


“Then, I'll be leaving for the town.”

“Wai-, Prince!?”

“Don't look for me.”

“No, that's impossible! That's really impossible! But wait, why are you going to the town...!”

“Ostensibly, inspection to prepare for the time when the Empire comes. See ya.”

Mahiro raised his hands in an overly familiar fashion, and left the cafeteria with even, but quick steps.

“Ostensibly!? What the hell is he actually going to do? Prince!!”

Pariel, with extreme haste, gobbled up all of her remaining food, tossed the trays onto the counter, and chased after the prince.

“...That girl is still young, it must be tough on her.”

“She finally became an Imperial Guard, only to be stuck with protecting the prince...I'd much rather remain just a normal soldier...”

“She is diligently trying to perform her job, what a nice girl...”

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  1. thank you for the trans :D

  2. I think the cadium you meant should be a sharp corner in the tofu instead, as in Japanese proverb there is saying "an idiot will smash his head in tofu corner and die" or something like that.

    1. The text literally said Cadmium though. カド(Kado).