Monday, March 26, 2012

SPS Manga vol 1 get!

Fuck yeah!!! Time to show off. Then again, it's in Chinese, so I don't think many will give a damn. But whatever.

Despite having the entire series of the LN sitting in my bookshelves, it won't feel right if I don't get the manga version as well. Since it's published by Kadokawa Taiwan, plus the manga's pretty well done too, so why not. Aside from some minor complains that I have (ahem manga Tetsurou and Ebichiri), the mangaka's doing great justice for the series. Props to Futari wa Pretty Anons for doing the scanlations as well, though I doubt there's anyone here who doesn't know about it already.

Here's the sleeve of the manga. Sorry for my shitty scanner. Then again, I'm not a raw provider anyway, so who cares.

And beneath the sleeves, is......

They're sure sneaky. And HNNNGGGGGGGGGG.

Next, the contents.

Vol 1 stops at chapter 5 of the manga, <Stand by Me>.

After that's a 3 page "bonus track", where Mafuyu cosplays as Alice and proclaims herself as "Ebisawa Alice", the NEET musician. It's her attempting to promote SPS get the readers of Kamisama no Memochou. Kind of sad to see her drop her two small twintails at the side in order for her to replicate Alice's look, but she looks cute hugging the teddy bear (then again, she pretty much looks like Alice in that omake).

Nao's doing the role of tsukkomi-ing, as per his usual role in the novels.

So basically, Mafuyu's throwing up a tantrum on how Kamisama no Memochou got an anime while SPS will never get one due to copyright issues...... ;_; In the process, she calls KnM <Devil's Book> instead. Some small self-mockery about no matter how bad the manga does, it will never affect the fact that the LN is incredible. She then starts to feel uneasy and drops the whole act, only to declare that she'll be doing cosplay of K-On for the second volume.

Then there's a small QnA session conducted by Nao-sensei, a short message from the author Sugii Hikaru, and a congratulatory image by Ueda Ryo. Amazingly, the Aria Pro II drawn by the mangaka is in reference to the one originally owned (and played) by Sugii Hikaru, and is now gifted to the mangaka.  I'll translate these two parts if I have the time.

Also, if you guys have not already noticed, there's a change to the banner of the site, yet again. It's not lego, but actually nanoblock, which is some sort of micro-sized lego by some Japanese company. They have a musical instrument series, so I purchased a grand piano, drum set and two electric guitars to reproduce the characters of SPS. Not much time to build them though, but I'll gradually finish them up and add the images to the banners.

That's all.


  1. doesn't take much time to build them though... ah, nostalgia. i used to have like 20 liters of lego in volume. i even memorized how to put together some of the models for fun. one of them was the naboo fighter from star wars. took me like 5 min to assemble it from memory.

    and although i might come off as a hatefull prick- ... i didn't like the 1st chapter of the manga that i read. they omitted so fucking much, that it was impossible for me to have any respect for it.

  2. Awesome! Planning to buy it too, in Japanese though...
    I wish they would at least license the Manga here, damn it.

  3. Ooooo fancy covers, I rather like the art on them. And piano will never get an anime? That's too bad because I would have been interested in actually hearing some of the band's songs from the series.

  4. ah i saw this at kinokuniya...though I like the LN better?

  5. Ohhhh, I just realized why they will not do an anime adaptation...

    Thrid pic is pretty neat =]

  6. this story use a lot of copyright material,
    it would be hard or to much if the anime need to acquire everything they would use as insert song.

    as for the manga, I love both the manga and the LN.
    story wise its always LN win
    but the manga has some quite nice artwork so its worth the money.

  7. well i too like the LN better.
    as for the english version, i did find the 12 chapters online.
    i won't give you the sites, because i'm sure you know the major ones that collect manga scanlated for us. if you don't google is your friend, you just have to ask him about it, it's in the first few matches.

  8. zgmfx,

    I'm looking for light novels in Chinese to aid my Study (language electives ftw)and I've been wondering if you get your source material online or by buying? If you get it online, can you please give me a link to some of the sources you use?

    I've tried googling and Baiduing but I couldn't come up with anything, but to be fair, my Chinese still isn't that great.

    1. I use the official translations for SPS.

      You can find the chinese translations here:

  9. Does anyone know where I can get the raw for all the volumes?