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Nisemonogatari: snippet of chapter 005 (changes in Senjougahara)

So Nisemonogatari has ended. Pretty decent fanservice anime. Bathroom scene of Araragi and Shinobu is awesome. Thank god it's not Aya-slut who's voicing Shinobu.

However, what perplexes me is how Shaft chose to skip this monologue of Araragi in Tsukihi's arc, which I think is quite important. Maybe it's hard to animate a continuous scene of monologue? But I thought powerpoint presentations are Shaft's strengths.

Whatever. Here's the part from chapter 005. I translated this from Chinese with a little reference to the Jap raws so it may not be totally accurate, but at least you guys will know what's going on.

With that said, there's a piece of good news from me.

I hope everyone can feel happy for me.

Well, this may be a really regrettable piece of news for the hardcore fanatics, but generally speaking, it should be good news for the the majority of people.

We've talked about her slightly when I was speaking with Hanekawa earlier — Senjougahara Hitagi.

A third year student at Naoetsu Private High School, and the classmate of Hanekawa and me. Senjougahara Hitagi, who is also my girlfriend, has undergone a thorough change. That's the great news that I want to share.

A girl who's well known for her signature lines like "spin around three times and die" or "die thrice and bark"; a girl nicknamed "Tiger Jeet Singh" and is even described as a mad tiger - has thoroughly changed.

Changed from a bad girl to a good one.

How can I not be happy about it?

There are no words that can accurately describe how I feel.

And of course, I even hosted a party and invited friends for that. As for the incredibly abnormal and heated atmosphere of the scene, I guess I'll just leave that for the future if I have the time. For now, let's talk about the process of her change.

Here's what happened.

Senjougahara was someone whose personality was incredibly bad — she cared not about what others thought, was violent, oppressive and self-centered. I guess everyone already knew about her personality, which should be something that doesn't exist in this world. There's no point for me to go in depth about it, but she wasn't born to be that unreasonable and vicious. There is a definite cause to her malicious personality.

Something called a psychological trauma.

It sounds cheesy to put it this way, but it is a very accurate term to describe what has happened to her.

And in this world, the cheesy sayings are the most truthful.

Anyone will get hurt as they grow up. But, I think the reason for Senjougahara's collapse was because she tried too hard.

Sometimes, trying your best is a sin.

And you'll be punished for it.


Meeting a crab — encountering a crab.

She encountered it.

Was robbed of something.

Had lost something in her.

And in the end, I can only vaguely imagine how she had lived her high-school life — even though I was in the same class as her for the first and second year, I could only imagine — but those two years.

It's definitely enough for her to shut her heart out.

No, there's no need for two years.

One day should be more than enough.

To reject getting close to others. To view acts of kindness as hostility.

She never opened up her heart to others.

And never removed the barriers surrounding her.

She didn't make any friends, and she even refused to speak to her classmates. Even if she was asked by the teachers to answer questions, she would just reply with a nonchalant "I don't know".

The fear of strangers.

Distrust of others.

Shutting herself out.

And those around her would address her as "Lady Purdah" as though they were ridiculing her — but in the eyes of those who knew what was going on, it became a really ironic nickname.

I came to know of her secrets due to certain circumstances. After finding out about her secret, I went along with the flow and introduced Senjougahara to Oshino — I don't know if that was something good or bad, but at the very least, the oddity that had been troubling her was finally resolved. For now at the very least.

But so what?

Even if the oddity was already solved.

Even if she had broken free from the crab.

Even if she had distanced herself from the things that upset her.

Even if she was released from her troubles.

Even if she had finally opened her heart to others.

Even if she had removed the barriers around her.

She still couldn't mend her broken heart.

Even as time passed, her old wounds are still there.

Even if time passes and her wounds all disappeared without a trace— it won't erase the fact that she was hurt before.

Even if the scars will slowly fade away, that does not means that her memories will.

The thorny personality of Senjougahara that's akin to a cactus— that explosive personality of hers is not something that she can just change out of and revert to her old self. Moreover, it has already become the real her.

The thorny Senjougahara is the real her.

Her wicked words and her bad personality too.

Her fear of strangers, her distrust of others as well as shutting herself off.

And also that hostile attitude of hers.

And the problem is, that all of them had turned her into the unique person she is.

She had never once removed those spikes on her.

Even after she began going out with me.

Even after she had mended her relationship with Kanbaru.

There was no change in the essence behind that unique personality of hers — nor were there any fundamental changes.

But even so, she would only reveal that personality of hers in front of Kanbaru and me. The Senjougahara in school had successfully acted out the role of a good student, just like a cat. But after resolving the crab incident, it is perhaps because of the decrease in her motivation to carry on her goody-two-shoes act as a meek kitten, that resulted in the cat specialist Hanekawa Tsubasa to thoroughly see through her "unique personality".

And after that, Hanekawa put Senjougahara in a comprehensive program to fix her personality, though I didn't know anything about it (and it seems to be a much more intense version of what I had gone through in April - I'm shivering from the mere thought of that). However - I'm sorry for this, Hanekawa - the reason for Senjougahara's thorough change has nothing to do with Hanekawa's program.

Kaiki Deishu.

In a way, he's in the same trade as Oshino.

And also, his competitor.

A conman.

The main reason for Senjougahara's change was because she got to meet him once more.

Or rather, it's only because of that.

The only reason.

Kaiki's an unhelpful conman who only stirs up trouble. However, for Senjougahara to meet up with the conman who had tricked her whole family after a time period of some years later, that was an incredibly effective blow that has a positive effect to her twisted personality.

It's no luck, nor was it a miracle.

According to her, to be able to meet Kaiki once more, to be able to fight against him once more - it has enabled Senjougahara......

To come up with a resolution.

I feel that the her back then had purged all the toxins inside of her.


To completely expel the toxins that had accumulated in her for the past two years.

Though this is unnecessary, but I think I'll just stress this: it's not thanks to Kaiki — there is no need to be grateful to him at all.

That guy did nothing.

To put it in Oshino's words — "The person who saved Senjougahara is none other than herself".

And not Kaiki.

And of course, it's not thanks to Araragi Koyomi either, nor is it Hanekawa Tsubasa — Senjougahara Hitagi had obtained victory from that detestable conman with her own strength and willpower. And she has thus proudly changed herself totally.

And that's it.

That's how it is.

To put it simply, Senjougahara Hitagi has turned dere.

Completely dere.

To the point where even Karen can't match up to her in terms of dere.

It is really problematic for that Senjougahara Hitagi to continue being my home tutor. So after many discussions with Hanekawa, we've decided to allow Senjougahara to take a break till the Obon festival (so Senjougahara's currently visiting her hometown with her father). From that point alone, I think it's easy for people to imagine just how dere she is.

However, everyone's imagination is wrong.

Or rather, that's not nearly enough.

The levels of her dere is no where close to just that.

For example, she will call me randomly without rhyme or reason (even though she used to reject my calls depending on her mood). She will mail me messages with emoticons in them (even though all she had done till then was to send me spam). She even addresses me by a really cute nickname (even though my nicknames were nothing more than all sorts of venomous words by her). However, all of that is just the beginning.

She will no longer crush flowers when she sees them.

Nor will she step on insects.

She will not start her sentences with harsh words.

She will honestly praise the good and beautiful things that she sees.

The way in which she uses stationery has changed back to the way it should be.

And of course, that does not apply for only the stationery. She'd take out the fruit peeler in an attempt to peel my skin off should I say anything bad about the dishes she made — she no longer does things like that as well.

Rather than allowing others to see her legs, she'd chop them off instead (though the them here refers to the legs of those who are looking at her) — that's a thing of the past as well. The length of her skirt has shrunk gradually (from beneath her knees to above them), and it seems like she no longer rejects showing her skin.

The cold expressionless mask of hers had totally disappeared. Emotions are beginning to show in the monotonous and icy tone of her. But the most important thing is, she smiles a lot now.

She has changed into a girl who puts on a happy smile for most of the time.

In other words — she has became an ordinary girl.

She could not have swapped the soul of hers with someone's else— the change in her personality was enough for me to think that.

It's not a facade.

Nor is she Lady Purdah any longer.

She's not putting on an act of being all sweet and nice.

She has really changed into a cute and ordinary high-school girl that's befitting of her age.

An ordinary high school girl who reacts normally to the normal things encountered; who does not act on the extremes, does not shut herself out and does not show hostility for no reason.

It seems like the Senjougahara from middle-school was a track-and-field ace who's well loved for her great character, and the way she acted back then may very well be the way she is now. And that means that Hanekawa and Kanbaru had spent their middle-school enjoying such incredible stuff? You guys are too sly! I always thought better of you people! I threw a fuss about it, but if their words are something to be believed, that's what they said,

"She was no where near this state during the middle school."

That's how it is.

Even for the Kanbaru who sees Senjougahara as a goddess and views her positively despite her cruel and vicious words, she's a little averse towards the current Senjougahara. That's the incredible state of Senjougahara's dere right now.

I really have no idea how to describe it.

Rather than dere, it's more like doro?

Tsundoro. [TLNote: Araragi cooked up this term or something. Seems like dere is not quite enough to described Senjougahara. Doro can refer to mud, so infer as you please.]

Why does that girl always place herself in such a narrow field among the different personality traits?


Tsundoro sounds a little like the problem of the quality of water that the public faces, but I think that it  is quite a good description of the current feelings that I have.

Though rather than a public issue, it's more like a personal one.

Because I fear that all these may just be part of a really long plan that she's hatching. No, rather than being worried, if the complete change in her this time as well as her dere and doro are all a huge ploy to trick me, then I'll actually feel more at ease.

Though this is probably too much as a joke.

And she's going too far if she's trying to trick me.

If all this is nothing more than the product of some bad intention of hers, then she has probably gone past the state of just tricking me.

That's because— one of the things she had done in the process of being doro is to cut away her long black hair that has had with her this whole time.

It seems like she has kept the same hairstyle since elementary school, just like Karen. But of course, Senjougahara's not the same as that idiot. She didn't just snip her hair away on impulse like how Karen did with her ponytail.

She had resolved herself to do it.

Made an appointment with a hairstylist.

Senjougahara paid the relevant amount of cash — and had her hair cut short.

And she no longer keeps her straight bangs as well.

The bangs were jagged.

Totally not straight at all.

Just like a sawtooth.

Hanekawa Tsubasa, Kanbaru Suruga and Senjougahara Hitagi — the trio from Naoetsu Private High School with straight bangs has all but disappeared.

That's really depressing for me.

I am thus voicing out my heartfelt regret for not being able to address Senjougahara as "The last of the straight bangs".

And since Kanbaru's growing her hair (to add in, Kanbaru's now wearing two low pigtails, which creates a gap moe against her rather boyish mannerisms), Senjougahara's hair has became even shorter than Kanbaru's.

Since there are girls who cut their hair when they are rejected, it's natural for girls to cut their hair because they are in a romantic relationship as well — that's how Senjougahara puts it.

And when she says "there are girls who cut their hair when they are rejected", that is definitely referring to the change in Hanekawa hairstyle after the school's festival.

Hanekawa had used the same method to put an end to things.

The overly-serious girl has lightened her bonds after that.

And unlocked the overly demanding locks.

To put it, Hanekawa also changed into an ordinary girl after that.

So perhaps Senjougahara is using Hanekawa as a model, just like how I am.


Regardless of the length in time, as long as anyone had gone through what Senjougahara and Hanekawa did, then the word ordinary is definitely not something that is to be taken for granted.

It's a dream very far away.

And even if I describe it as something out of their reach, it's still not quite enough.

Therefore, as her boyfriend, I am definitely not against it when she says things like "cutting her hair because she is in a romantic relationship" (though from my words, it may seem like I'm lamenting about it, but personally, I do welcome girls changing their hairstyles). And from my deductions, one of the very important reasons for cutting her hair was to put an end to things.

To make a clean break.

She's not setting the style of her hair, but resetting herself.

Her long hair and straight bangs - or to put it in a nicer way, her hime cut - is a hairstyle that resembles the old hairstyle seen on Japanese dolls, and not something that you get to see much nowadays. It's the hairstyle that her mother chose for her when she was younger, whom she has lost contact with, because her mother said that the hime cut suits her.

I had long ago thought about how her hairstyle was a little childish despite her mature looks, so it's really a hairstyle that she kept since she was a loli.

And so, to put it in another perspective — if I am to exaggerate a little, it's a hairstyle not just to commemorate the past, but to prove her own existence. There may be people who laugh at me for over exaggerating something as insignificant as this, but for Senjougahara, there's nothing more worthy than that to fall back on.

The time in middle school where she insisted on not changing her hairstyle.

The time in high school where she forgot to change her hairstyle.

I think the reason for Senjougahara to change her hairstyle is not purely for looks alone, but it signifies a turning point in her life that is way more than just a change in the frame of mind.

It's not about her forgetting it, nor is she viewing it as a burden. But rather, she's accepting it.

She has kept the past in her heart.

So in a sense, there's no change to Senjougahara — she did not undergo any incredible changes, nor did she gain back or restore anything. It's not her becoming dere or doro either.

It's her overcoming her psychological hurdle.

I should say that she has taken a huge, beautiful step on the path of her life.


To be honest, she has lost a huge portion of her mesmerizing personality, just like a soda that has lost its fizz. But since she has became a girl with much more depth in her, it's all for the better.

You can say the same for Hanekawa as well. It would be a nightmare if she continued maintaining those extreme characteristics of hers back then.

They will have to grow up strongly, like how they are doing now.

Moreover, it's not like they are immortals.

In fact, aside from Kaiki Deishu, there would definitely be no one else who would describe Senjougahara's growth with the term "boring".

And even if that's not the case, there's no need to listen to the opinions of people like Kaiki.

Speaking of which, Hanekawa once commented on Senjougahara. She said that the Senjougahara in high school is way prettier than the Senjougahara in middle school, to the point where her beauty was almost unreal.

But recently, Hanekawa added that,

"The current Senjougahara is the Senjougahara that leaves the best impression on me."


I knew that this day would come.

I once hoped that such a day would come.

I believe that this day will be here sooner or later.

Congratulations, Senjougahara Hitagi.

And also, congratulations to myself.

My life will no longer come under threat ever again. Even if you remove that sense of comfort from me, as someone who knows Senjougahara, I am honestly happy about the way she currently is — and it feels like I'll have to work even harder from today onward.


  1. Chapters like this make me suspicious. The more that gets translated of this series, the more nervous I get about how it will end. As in, how he chose to live between oddity/normalcy in the prequel. I can't shake the feeling at some point a final choice between the two will come up, character progression and growing up and whatnot, and either it way would end up ditching some of the characters.

    Each part seems to end up drawing more of a line between the two, at least. Or I could be overthinking it. No spoilers please.

  2. Ooh, you are great xD, truly.

    I have finished to read Koimonogatari (after your entry, I was kind of upset of how things are going with Senjougahara), and the first 4 lines make me laugh restlessly xD.

    Something like: "To all that kind people that opened this book, expecting this time the narrator will be Senjougahara Hitagi, have being tricked. This is a lesson that you have to learn about this.
    Lines in this series are lies (most like swizes or tricking-play of words).

    It doesn't limit only to one book.

    Generally, every character written on this papers are lies."

    Sure, Nisio Isin is a troll.

    About "Tsundoro", that makes me recall some Vn called Cross+Channel, where you can usually find some notes explaining "Taichian words" (Taichi is the MC in this game).
    He has a term for "to rub with someone else": "Mafu-mafu".

    I think, there are good things that challenges us (no native jap-speakers) in order to get more "general knowledge".

    Finally, thanks for the entry, I'm glad to see other people that actually read Monogatari series, and I think you are some of those people that likes this series (if not, I won't understand how you take the time to translate this things ^^;).

  3. props for TL'ing this on your break!
    i get the feeling that the author is messing with our expectations for the sake of messing with them. with no consideration whatsoever... fuck, let's make some incest here. who cares that most viewers are hoping for further development of the gahara/araragi relationship? let's conclude an arc with a dialouge with the villain, cause it's not like anyone was hoping for a battle, right?

    1. Like someone who did read the novels would say: Nisio sensei is a Troll.

      And, I'm not unsatisfied with some incest here :D

  4. Thanks for the TL of this bit of Nise. I kind of guessed she would do a reboot of her life after the minor face off with Kaiki. I love this series, or at least what little has been TL'd or fansubbed. On the topic of Nisemonogatari, there should be two more eps (total of 13). I don't know if they'll be aired or DVD/BD only but I can't wait to see them.

    On the topic of forboding due to happy situations, I think or at least hope, the worst of bad/ugly/hearbreaking situations is over after what I could find out about the latest released book. I honestly find it difficult to believe Senjogahara would fall to those depths, even if it was to protect. I really hope someone picks up the monogatari series over at baka-tsuki and makes some headway on it. someone recently finished the Mayoi Snail arc and started Kanbaru's in Bakemono, but I wish the fans of the series would show more interest so that it continues being TL'd. I like not only the stories here but the fans/readers have more direct access to say thanks and leave comments since it's blog style vs wiki like BT.

    Well looks like I rambled on a bit. Thanks again. I look forward to more Piano whenever it comes around. And the others too, lol.

  5. I prefer more yan... and hime cut :<

    I hate you Nisio Ishin!

  6. Well after reading this I was disappointed they didn't show any of this during the actual show, she doesn't really appear on screen again after they deal with the conman. All that being said, I personally had no objection whatsoever to the incest shown or to lots of shinobu because she's adorable. Too bad we didn't get to see kanbaru with pigtails, that sounds interesting.

  7. thx for the TL,I really love this LN.I hope you consider to translate more bakemonogatari series.

    1. I dunno. Translate any part of Monogatari-series is really hard. There are jokes that are hard to give a meaning in other languages like English.

      For example: 更衣室 , 更衣 , 好意 , 行為.

      Every one can be pronounced as "kou-i", but each one have a different meaning.

      I think TL Japanese-Chinese is more easy 'cause kanjis.

      I'm rather shocked that zgmfx09a had picked Piano up, and can do a this (beacuse the difficult level). Honestly speaking, I don't think I would choose Monogatari as a TL-project (as translator).

      But sure, there are kind people like Onimon that are working bit a bit in this series.

    2. Piano isn't all that hard, unless the sentences got oversimplified in the CH-->Eng TL-n. i can only judge by the eng translation and i may be wrong. the music related stuff is a bit hard, yeah, though. no disrespect, zgmfx09.

      i've finally read this araragi monolouge, and i can say this: it's unbelievable. just because she saw kaiki once, she got all genki? riiiiiiight... i would at least need to punch him 50 times before feeling that it's all behind me. nioisin just needed for gahara to change, so she changed. see, no consideration whatsoever, just like i said. as i've written on The cart driver blog (nisemono 11), japanese don't know how to logic and how to make shit beievable.

    3. Piano is not hard. It's only the music stuff that can kill, since I know jackshit about it.

    4. Well, I didn't say Piano is hard because the language but the references (if you aren't familiar with musical terms that is ^^).

      Monogatari is specially hard not only because the language, but the references also. In fact, if you are a translator of manga of ln or any other jap-stuff, one thing that is hard to transmit is some "general knowledge" or things that Japanese people know 'cause they are living there xD.

      Piano is easy compared with other series like "Hentai Ouji" and "Mahouka K".

      At least, my proofreader knows musical stuff or else my translations will suck.

    5. To be honest, I feel like trying my hands on Kabukimonogatari, since that volume is just incredible.

    6. thx for the concern

    7. @zgmfx09a: Kabukimono is so far one of the best volumes in the whole Monogatari series, and also my favorite (because I'm a big fan of Shinobu).

      Good luck with this (if you decide to do that).


      I think they did well with Nisemonogatari, and it was better adapted to the anime than Bakemonogatari. Now, I only want to see if there will be an extra chapter like Bakemono telling us more about Senjougahara's change, tough I remeber there is only one reference in Nise (The part that has been translated previously ^ ), but it would be interesting some new stuff.
      Well, at least I'm rather satisfied with the movie that will come this year (yeah, Shinobu is my waifu, you know xD).

    8. Kabukimonogatari? , pleaso do, since i'm also fan of shinobu xD

  8. I have a feeling, from the description on the top of the page that zgmfx09a doesn't like a particular voice actress . . .

  9. Thanks for the translation ! Also I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who truly liked the Shinobu bathroom scene (and not just for echi), that was clearly the best scene of the season for me (and I want a house like that damnit).
    Weird that Shaft forgetted what you translated indeed, maybe it's juste a lake of time.

    Anyone is good in Japanese ? I started recently and I just want ou of curiosity know how many time (years I guess...) I need to be able to read the Nisio novels.

  10. To the novels fans>>> CanonRap is translating Nekomonogatari White on is blog (21 capter already :)

  11. sorry for my very bad english... :p

  12. zgmfx09a

    man, you give joy to my heart and break it at the same time.'ing monogatari means less time to tl piano T_T. + you have eden. are you planing on alternating 3 projects? imho, i think it's better to tl one novel of each at a time...

    1. I am just entertaining the thought. Probably won't do it till I get my hands on the official volume, which is 3 vols away.

    2. ah, ok. mailed you the errors of piano.

  13. If you guys would translate monogatari series I'll Extremely gratefull

  14. I do much prefer that Nisioisin tends to refrain from having the antagonist characters punished for the sake of revenge. Cathartic Aggression "Blowing off steam" actually has the opposite effect and causes increased aggression in the long run.

    As much as I wanted to hurt Kaiki for everything he was doing, as an adult and a member of society I needed to let go of my anger. In the end I feel satisfied knowing that the characters didn't fall into the trap of revenge-fulfillment and actually focused on actions that were productive.

    Hitagi got rid of the last "block" and allowed the long months of grueling character development to finally take hold. While it hasn't been as directly stated in the anime adaption, I always felt like Hitagi was growing softer as the series progressed, with much fewer insults a more playful demeanor and less tense atmosphere. Maybe in the next adaption we'll get to see her dere-ness, anime is a visual medium after all and I'd be upset if they didn't employ it to help tell the story.

  15. Man, after watching this, I read Kizumono, got enlightened with the ways of life, and re-watched Bakemono and Nisemono in a day. lol, that's how big an impact the Shinobu scenes left me. They just made me the most curious piece of human being on Earth.

    Anyways, I have mixed feelings about this. Obviously, every monogatari will get turned into an anime eventually (given how insane its Blurays sells) and I'll see it then but for now, I would like to believe that none of this happened.

    Please. :(

  16. Thanks a lot for the translation. I really love this series (novels AND anime).

    ...But I loved Senjougahara's hair and personality!! I can't believe the author did that to her!! What's so good about a plain normal dere girl?!!