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Oreimo volume 9 - Chapter 6: Summary and thoughts

Chapter 6 - The Mistakened Dark Angel
(Point of View: Ayase)

>Introduces herself as Kirino's classmate and good friend, and a student model.
>Was in her room talking to Kanako over the phone.
>Kanako was asking Ayase to get the manager back (Kyousuke) then to help her out in the next event.
>Ayase said that the manager was already fired from the agency due to him sexually harassing Kanako the previous time.
>Kanako said she did not really mind, and that manager was better than her current one.
>Seemed like Kanako was quite pleased with the facade that Kyousuke had put up.
>She thought to herself, 'That damned pervert...... What did he do to Kanako?'
>Kanako suggested that Ayase get the manager over in private so that Kanako can make friends with him.
>Ayase wondered why Kanako wanted to meet the manager that much. Kanako said it was nothing like that - the manager was Kanako's first fan ever. She then laughed shyly.
>Ayase said she will try.

>In the monologue, Ayase said that she was still in an argument with Onii-san. Or rather, it was a one-sided affair, since she was the one who blocked off all communication with him. She could not possibly ask for favors from him.
>Not to mention, she was still angry at him. She laid on her bed and sighed.
>Manami called. Ayase seiza on her bed immediately. For some unknown reasons, she will become upright upon hearing Manami's voice, and holds a lot of respect for Manami.
>Manami talked about how Ayase was still quarreling with Kyousuke.
>Ayase's tone dropped to below freezing point, and said, "—— Onee-san............ How should we dispose him? That............ two-timer."
>She thought that Manami was trying to come up with a plan to remove Kyousuke from existence.
>Manami told Ayase gently not to come up with such dangerous jokes. Ayase thought to herself that her evil thoughts will disappear each time she hears Manami's gentle voice.
>Manami's reason for calling Ayase was to tell her than Kyousuke had broke up his girlfriend.
>Ayase was shocked.

>Ayase hurriedly called Kyousuke after she was done with Manami.
>She was waiting impatiently for Kyousuke to pick up the phone, as he would have normally done so within a second.
>Just when she was thinking if Kyousuke was taking a shower, Kyousuke picked up.
>Kyousuke asked Ayase the reason for her calling him.
>Ayase asked if she needs any reason to call him. Kyousuke said no, but he thought Ayase was still angry with him.
>Ayase thought to herself, that Kyousuke was a little cold. Her heart hurts a little.
>Ayase admitted in the monologue that up till Manami had told her the news, she would hesitate to even make a call to Kyousuke.
>If it was the normal Kyousuke, he would have sexually harassed her upon hearing her voice.
>Ayase asked if Kyousuke will sexually harass her all of the sudden. Kyousuke replied he had assured Ayase before, that he will never do it again. After so many things that had happened, Kyousuke thought it is about time that he be more serious.
>Ayase tried to put on her most intimate voice, and asked if Kyousuke had broke up with his girlfriend.
>Kyousuke asked her not to be happy about it, and Ayase denied. Kyousuke said she sounded happy via the phone.
>Ayase felt that it was her fault, for Kyousuke to be that upset.
>She asked if the reason for Kyousuke to break up with his girlfriend, was due to her, since she had said things like "you are a liar" and "you had actually said you want to marry me" to Kyousuke back then.
>Despite her asking repeatedly, Kyousuke denied it in a very natural tone.
>Ayase's eyes burned in a dark flame, and her hand phone started to crack from her grip.
>Ayase then threw a tantrum and told Kyousuke to go to Kanako's next performance.
>Kyousuke asked her what sort of unreasonable discussion was that.
>"How irritating! Are you going to listen to my request!? Or not!?"
>Kyousuke kind of agreed. She hung up the phone, and called herself an idiot for making things turn out like this.

>On the day of the performance, Kyousuke came in a suit.
>Ayase pouted and said that she had not expected him to be there, after she had made that unreasonable request.
>Kyousuke said he would not give up that opportunity to reconcile with her, and apologized for not being truthful to her.
>He said that any girl would get angry after he had said things like "I like you the most" and "please marry me", only to go on to date another girl.
>Just when Ayase was thinking to herself that Kyousuke does indeed have feelings for her, Kyousuke added on that it was all a joke, and he was sorry.
>Ayase's veins on her temples thickened. She thought to herself that she will kill him. However, she was still surprised that Kyousuke was reflecting on it, and was apologizing to her.
>She said she knew that all the things Kyousuke had said was him joking, but she could not understand why she was angry about that.
>She agreed to make up with him, and upon hearing his bright voice, she could not bring herself to change her mind.
>It seemed like Kyousuke had not, and would not do any ecchi stuff to her, but she was sure that he will should she be careless.

>Kanako will be performing at Zepp Tokyo.
>In the waiting room, was Kanako in Black Magical Girl Meruru cosplay, while at her side was Bridget.
>Kanako high-fived Kyousuke, and called him sexual-harassment manager.
>Kyousuke asked her where did that come from, and Kanako pointed to Ayase.
>Ayase whispered that she could not come up with a better excuse.
>Bridget seemed to be afraid of Kyousuke. Kyousuke said that was due to Ayase giving him the image of a sexual harasser. Ayase ignored Kyousuke's stare.
>Bridget said she was not afraid of him. She probably had mistaken something.
>Ayase asked in horror if Kyousuke had made his moves on Bridget, and Kyousuke denied immediately.
>Kyousuke thanked Kanako for obtaining two tickets for him. Kanako said embarrassed that it was because he was her first ever fan.
>From their interaction, Ayase thought Kanako and Kyousuke looked like siblings.
>She was reminded of the first day when she met Kyousuke, and back then she had full admiration of the kind-looking brother.
>Kanako asked Kyousuke for his name, and Kyousuke told her to call him by 'Kyousuke'. Ayase was slightly worried, but thought to herself that Kanako is too stupid to realize that Kyousuke is Kirino's brother.
>Meanwhile, Bridget had been staring at Kyousuke.
>Ayase asked what event was going on today, and the rest of the three gave her shocked looks.
>It was Meru-Carnival, a carnival for meruru related events.
>Bridget was slightly angry. Kyousuke gave Ayase looks of fear when he heard Bridget addressing Ayase as 'Ayase-sama'.
>Ayase said it was just because Bridget had accidentally seen the scene of Ayase punishing Kanako.
>Ayase then tried to ask Bridget something, but Bridget jumped in shock.
>Kanako and Kyousuke asked Ayase to stop bullying Bridget. Ayase was hurt that she was treated that way, when all she did was to talk to Bridget gently.

>ClariS will be appearing in the event as well, and that will be the first time they are revealing their true looks to the public.
>Kanako said she sings better than ClariS, but Bridget, being a huge ClariS fan, asked her not to say bad things about them.
>Two young girls about the same age as Ayase in white performance dresses appeared at the waiting room. They are Alice and Clara.
>Both of them are Kanako's fan, after seeing her performance at the cosplay event.
>Kanako became happy upon hearing that, and ordered Kyousuke to serve tea. Kyousuke obliged.
>Somehow, Bridget appeared very nervous towards the two girls.
>Kanako was somehow kind of smitten at Kyousuke treating her like an ojou-sama. Ayase thought to herself that Kanako was being stupid for not realizing it was all an act.
>Ayase couldn't help but comment that Kyousuke was surprising adept at being a slave. Kyousuke retorted that he would not be happy even if she says that.
>Ayase thought to herself that Kyousuke looked surprisingly cool when he was acting like a seasoned butler next to Kanako.
>Alice and Clara talked about Kanako's singing and how impressed they were.
>Kanako said that ClariS' singing is nothing compared to hers.
>Bridget shouted Kanako's name, and put on an expression like she was about to cry.
>Kanako said more things about ClariS. She said that even if she is to lose them now, someday, she will overtake them.
>Alice and Clara both said "Right!" upon hearing that.

>What followed after, was Alice being an attentive audience at Kanako's speech, while Clara and Bridget seemed to share similar interest in anime.
>Ayase wondered why Bridget was looking that tensed. Kyousuke replied that it was probably because the two girls are ClariS.
>Thinking back on how rude Kanako was earlier, and how ClariS were not concerned by it at all, Ayase thought to herself that she will need to discipline Kanako later.
>Ayase said out loud that Kyousuke was somehow different that day.
>In actual fact, she tried many times to get her face close to Kyousuke, or to show him a gentle smile (all so that she can confirm that Kyousuke will not do any ecchi things to her, and she had no other intentions...... or so she claimed in the monologue), but they were all ineffective.
>She was happy that Kyousuke will no longer harass her sexually, but at the same time, she felt slightly frustrated.
>'I-It's not like I am hoping that he will do H things to me, you know? It's just, it will make me look like I have no charm in me.'
>Just then, Kanako asked Kyousuke to serve her more tea. Bridget said that she had already done brewing them.
>Suddenly, Kyousuke did something strange. Ayase saw him diving into ClariS' skirts, head first.
>Alice kneed Kyousuke's face repeatedly, while Alice pressed onto her skirt tightly with her face flushed red.
>Someone (Kanako?) asked Ayase to finish him off. Ayase thought to herself that she needs no reminding, and gave him a roundhouse kick.

>Turned out that Bridget was about to spill the tea onto Claris after she had fall, and Kyousuke dived between them to prevent the scalding tea from spilling on them.
>Kyousuke was knocked out cold.
>Alice and Clara forgave him.
>Ayase gave a slight smile, and said while looking at the far distance, "...... I've believed in Onii-san, that Onii-san will never do that sort of things."
>Kanako gave a stiff smile, and said that it was as expected of Ayase to say that, despite her delivering the final blow to the innocent Kyousuke.
>ClariS went back to their room, but praised Kyousuke for being an excellent manager.
>Kyousuke woke up, and Ayase showed him some concern.
>Kyousuke received a message on his phone. After reading it, he stood up from the sofa despite being in pain. Kyousuke said he has some urgent matters, but he will be back soon.
>Ayase tried to ask him to rest for a while, but realized it will be useless.
>After tidying his suit, he dashed out of the room, with a vigor that does not looked like he had suffered from a roundhouse kick that KOed him.
>Ayase wondered what sort of urgent matter it was.
>"—See you later, Onii-san."

So we have ClariS doing a guest appearance in this chapter. I am not really a huge fan of theirs, having listened to their (imo) rather horrible rendition of Lion. Then again, they are still young, so there's room for improvement. But whatever.

I was never particularly interested in Ayase, but I have to admit, she has scored huge points from me with this chapter. I do not know if this is partially due to Shouko opening my eyes to light yanderes, but Ayase is really cute here.

Too bad this is a one off thing. I really enjoyed this chapter from her point of view.


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