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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.11: Ubuki The Last

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Ubuki The Last


Before Ubuki could have a chance to decelerate, she was shot down onto the ground.

Her whole body crashed before falling into a furious roll on the dirt, and didn't stop until she rolled quite a distance.


Her body was aching in pain, which caused her to give off painful moans.

She could feel the uncomfortable sensation of gravel in her mouth, as well as the blood that tasted like rusty iron.


However, Ubuki immediately raised her head up.

Dragging her fractured right arm, and the unresponsive feet, she crawled forward with her only arm that was left.

The wings that were shot by the bullet twitched restlessly— it wasn't long before the raven dragonfly de-fused itself from Ubuki's body. On the ground which Ubuki crawled over, a trail of blood could be seen.


Ubuki roared, as she continued to crawl forward.

"Miguruma... Yaeko...!"

The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau's vice director of the Central Headquarters --- Miguruma Yaeko was looking down at Ubuki with a smile.

The white-coated figures on the side surrounded Ubuki completely. Standing next to Yaeko, was her attendant Commissioner Inose.

Through the past three years, Ubuki had always been enduring.

Suppressing the dying though of revenge that would tear her chest apart any second within her, while devoting herself to the Central Headquarters.

But the Ubuki now just couldn't suppress her emotions any longer. She raised her face dirtied by soil and blood to glare at the woman that she hated to the bone.

The woman who deprived Ubuki of her hometown.

The woman who deprived Ubuki of her first love.

Even if Ubuki were to strangle this woman to death with her bare hands, it wouldn't be able to calm the fury burning within her. During the past three years, she had been thinking about how to torture this woman day and night. The reason why she was working under her was also for the sake of vengeance one day.

Everything was for the sake of this day.

Everything was for the sake of revenge.

Anger, resentment, loneliness, pain, emptiness... She had been enduring those intense emotions all along.

"Give me back! My Island... My Onii, Onee... and (Sensei)…!"

Yaeko put away the handgun into her inner pocket, and squatted down before Ubuki.

"My beloved child... The prank this time, isn't it a bit too much?"

Yaeko showed a smile, and said with a tone akin to a parent scolding their child for tipping over juice.

"…I'm going to kill you!"

Ubuki suddenly grabbed onto the tip of Yaeko's hair.

However ---

"Know your place."

Yaeko's smile deepened; as if it were piercing through Ubuki's mind, her clear voice and calm gaze instantly chained Ubuki.

Just like what happened three years ago, her binding smile froze Ubuki stiff, causing her to unable to move in the slightest. Aside from Ubuki, the surrounding people all stiffened their expression while looking at them.

"Please shoot her, commissioner Inose."

"...Excuse me?"

"Please shoot this child's arms and legs, because for her, they are no longer needed."

Inose's fat body was trembling slightly.

"B-But... doing that to a member is ---"

"Commissioner Inose?"

Yaeko turned around to stare at Inose. The fat man's face was sweating like crazy as if he had a fever.

Inose then slowly drew a handgun from his coat as a Central Headquarters' member took Ubuki's coat off her.

"What a pitiful child... How can she not understand my love."

With a look of sorrow, Yaeko gently caressed Ubuki's head.

Just then, a gunshot rang.

Ubuki widened her eyes, her right leg felt an impact as if a burning iron bar had pierced through.


Another gunshot rang as Ubuki's right leg bounced into the air from the ground.


"From now on, I'll love you even more, I mean it!"

Another shot rang, the right arm that had been supporting her body suddenly lost strength, and caused Ubuki to slam her head onto ground.

"That's why, you will love me back right? Tell me the whereabouts of the CD and (Fuyuhotaru), (Karasu)."

The fourth gunshot rang, Ubuki couldn’t tell which part of her body was hit. According to the order, it should be her left arm, right?

Ubuki had already lost half of her consciousness.

"I-Is she dead...?"

She faintly could hear the panicked voice of Inose.

After feeling the impact of someone's kick, Ubuki's body turned and faced towards the sky.

Through her slightly opened eyes, she could see Yaeko's amused expression.

"Are you kidding me, commissioner Inose? I'm in love with her this much...... How can this child die from just this?"

Inose was so scared that his face began to turn pale white. Even the white-coated figures surrounding them gasped as they inched back slightly.

--- I should've known... 

Ubuki's field of vision flickered back and forth between white and black.

Even as she traversed between reality and darkness, Yaeko’s smile still appeared from time to time.

--- I should've known that things would've turned out like this...

No one could possibly beat Miguruma Yaeko. Sometimes, even Ubuki doubted if she were human or not.

Not to mention Ubuki was the weakest among Mushitsuki, there was no way she could've win against Yaeko.


"The thing that's covering the sky... Is that a swallowtail?!"

"V-Vice director!"

Ubuki heard the clamor that was going on between Inose and the white-coated figures.

"Please calm down everyone... Hehe, it's just a butterfly struggling before its death somewhere. There’s nothing to worry about.”

She then heard Yaeko's laughter.

The clamor instantly died down. It seemed in comparison to the abnormality that was happening, Yaeko's smile was much more fearful.

Ubuki had never seen Yaeko's shaken expression before— and it wasn't just ubuki, in fact it was possible that nobody had ever seen yaeko change her expression. This woman, who possessed a binding smile, would only show smiles and fake tears. Because she loved every single person, she believed that she was also loved by others in return.

"I-It disappeared..."

“What was that…?”

She heard voices again, but those didn’t matter to her anymore.

There was no way to win against Yaeko.

Ubuki knew that better than anyone else.

That was why she wanted to use (Fuyuhotaru) at first --- to take advantage of that invincible power of hers. She didn’t care even if it would result a mutual destruction or not; that didn’t bother Ubuki at all. As long as she could kill Miguruma Yaeko, she didn’t care what would happen to (Fuyuhotaru).

That was what she initially felt when she met Shiika.

For the sake of vengeance, it didn’t matter to her who she had to sacrifice, or if she would be hated by people.

Ubuki had always been alone; the things that she was supposed to protect had already disappeared long ago. They were all deprived of by Yaeko and disappeared.

--- That was why she had never expected…

To encounter Yuu.

To become influenced by Shiika.


Ubuki slightly moved her lips upward, and smiled.

Even she herself felt ridiculous.

The tools that were prepared for revenge, actually became her irreplaceable treasures.

She actually wanted to protect her only way of revenge.


But I just can’t help it… I don’t want to be like this either!

Because they waited for Ubuki.

Because they trusted Ubuki.

Ubuki was very simple-minded. Once they treated her like that, of course she would start to like them! Because she was not good at thinking, she didn’t know what to do.

--- (Sensei)… Will they remember me…?

Ubuki asked that question in her heart.

Yet, she already knew that answer; the stupid Ubuki could only trust Yuu and Shiika right now.

--- I’ve thought of the best revenge ever… praise me, (Sensei)…

Ubuki’s revenge hadn’t end yet.

Even though now she could hard move any of her body, she just couldn’t stop the overwhelming laughter from showing. It was so funny that it was unbearable, so happy that would make one tear.


“What’s so funny? (Karasu)”

The smiling Yaeko looked down at Ubuki.

Upon seeing Yaeko’s smile, Ubuki laughed even harder. She just couldn’t stop.

“V-Vice director!”

A white-coated figure suddenly ran to her side, and whispered something next to Yaeko’s ear.

The content of the dialogue— Ubuki heard not a single word.

But, in the next instant ---


Yaeko’s expression changed.

Including Inose, the white-coated figures that were guarding on the side, and the person who came to report, every single one of them gazed dumbfounded at Yaeko.

The smile disappeared from Yaeko’s face. It was the first time that they had seen her shaken, all of them were staring straight at Yaeko.

At the same time, the laughter that Ubuki had been barely suppressing exploded:

“Aha --- Ahahaha!!!”

Ubuki laughed as loud as she could.

Everyone at the scene turned to look at Ubuki, surprised.

--- It worked!

--- I did it!

In her heart, Ubuki could clearly hear Yuu’s and Shiika’s shouting.

“Aha --- Ahahaha! Take that! Yuu-tan and Shiika-tan will never be caught by you! They made a promise with me after all! You’re not getting anything!”

Forgetting about the pain, forgetting about the fatigue, Ubuki opened her mouth big and wide, and laughed as hard as she could.

“You're never gonna get anything from me anymore! Aha --- Ahahah!”

Yaeko’s gaze gradually sharpened.

According Ubuki’s plan, Yuu should’ve safely met up with (Kakkou), right? Even for Yaeko, she couldn’t possibly do any harm to Yuu under (Kakkou)’s eyes.

On the other hand, Shiika should’ve successfully obtained Rina’s painting, and after meeting up with the (Mushibane)’s members that Ubuki had contacted, they would leave Ouka City altogether.

--- Shiika-tan, you have to keep on running! And don’t ever let anyone take away your freedom from you anymore! This, is the best revenge I can ever think of!...... 

That was the message that Ubuki asked (Mushibane) to deliver.

Yuu successfully delivered the CD.

Shiika safely escaped.

Ubuki had always believed in them.

The revenge plan that she had envisaged, had already worked right from the start.

“Aha --- Ahahaha! You deserved it! You can’t take anything from me anymore!”

Tears then began to flow out from the laughing Ubuki’s eyes.

--- I did it, (Sensei), everyone! I achieved revenge for you! Ahaha!


Yaeko showed a smile as she drew the small handgun from her inner pocket.

--- I did it, Yuu-tan, Shiika-tan! My revenge plan was a big success!

Laughing until she became hoarse, Ubuki then began to crawl desperately on the ground.

Driving her limbs that were shot by bullets, she gradually moved away from Yaeko.

“What you said was correct, (Karasu)… But, there’s still something that I can take away!”

The voice was coming from behind as Ubuki continued to crawl forward bit by bit.

Right now, there was one thing remained, and that was her promise made with Yuu and Shiika.

Ubuki had to escape from here, and live.

That way, it would be their complete victory.


Darkness suddenly enveloped Ubuki who was crawling on the ground.

It was the same illusion as always, the same illusion that she had gotten used to already --- Since a long time ago, she knew that this was the warning that signaled when her dream was about to be completely devoured by her (Mushi).

“Do you know what that is… (Karasu)?”

Ubuki reached her hand into the darkness.

The hand that reached forward ---

Finally latched onto something that she wanted…

It was the gentle hand of (Sensei), who reached out to Ubuki.

--- (Sensei)……

And then, Ubuki’s hand and (Sensei)’s hand, overlapped.

--- I won ...

Facing the smiling Ubuki, (Sensei) smiled back.

“Farewell, my beloved child.”

A gunshot echoed.

Ubuki’s hand which was reaching forward... fell lifelessly onto the ground.

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