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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Afterword/Thoughts from TL staffs

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To the readers that had been waiting, I hereby apologize for making you all waited this long, and sincerely thank you for reading this book.

I’m Iwai Kyohei.

Mushi-Uta has finally reached its third volume.

As usual, the focus of this volume is centered on the new characters, and all of them are girls.

I think I’ve been using the same writing style for all my series till now. This, however, is not an intention of mine of trying to achieve something from writing so. After I put my thoughts into words, it naturally became like this.

The things that made me feel the most happy were the feedbacks, such as “Damn it, let xxxx show up more!” and many encouragement words regarding the writing itself, which came from the letters and postcard that I’ve received from the readers. Thank you very much.

I think in the following story, every character will get a chance to show up again.

But as of now, what I’m depicting are the characters that harbor many different feelings and are living elsewhere. All of them have their own stories; what I’m doing now is to make those stories intersect one and other, and enlarge it with my depiction. I think that in the same instant, there must be other story happening elsewhere at the same time.

Even you readers who are currently holding this book in your hand have your own stories, and at the same time are intertwined with many other stories. If by any chance, you were able to create a story with the people who you met on your journey, I’m sure it will be a very pleasant and wonderful experience.

In the following story, the characters might encounter, pass by, and then reunite with each other. If everybody is able to enjoy it, it will be my greatest pleasure.

--- I originally wanted to do an explanation regarding this piece, how did it become an article like this…

One more Mushi-Uta related topic.

My works are starting to serialize on “The Sneaker”.

A couple of thoughts that I’ve had during this period are --- “Help me!”, “I’m sorry.”, “Go easy on me…”

… These are all the heartfelt cries that I’ve had while I was writing.

I’m seriously not good at writing short pieces, especially in a form of long serialization.

I cannot help but wanting to ask those people in my work field who started off around the same time as me, how can they “Pew pew pew” finish manuscripts that fast? Not to mention, while working on their long piece continuously. And also, how can they still come up with such interesting story? A half-assed man like me, just able to turn in the manuscript in time was already my limit… having said that, editors please go easier on me…

I was crying while writing manuscript you know? Even so, I still tried my best! I suddenly have this urge of wanting to write the story of Kusuriya Daisuke when he was still in his rebellious stage… (Is that all there is to the content?).

And now, the afterword is coming to an end, the following will be appreciations.

[Not that important, so skipped]

And then, to the readers who are biggest supporters of this series,

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for willing to try this book.

I’ll try my best and greet you all again, in other forms.

2004. March.

Thoughts from the staffs:


You know, I should’ve never spoiled the fact that Ubuki lived… or else that Ubuki last chapter would have shed many more tears…I really hated myself for that >.>… Anyway, setting that side, we finally finished the volume! It was a long journey just like the last two. I thank those of you who stayed with us from the start till the end (is it just me or less ppl is reading the series now? Ahah, less comments…) And of course to my editors as well, thank you for your hard works! Akios and Skat! =D

Now back to the story. From what I’ve read from the forums all over the Chinese community, volume 3, was one of the many few that made ppl to start liking the series. Why? You might wonder, well isn’t it pretty obvious, it has a happy ending! You have no idea how this happy end makes me feel. After experiencing volume 1 and volume 2’s tragedies, like most of you, I’ve wondered who will die this time. And just like the previous two volumes, the more I read the closer I became attached to the characters, especially Ubuki, she was my favorite character in this volume. And right from the start, she got that death flag triggered already. I’m sure no one had expected her to live through this if it weren’t for the fact that I told you she lived =3=… again, hate myself for that lol… now I finally know how Akios feels ._. (maybe I should spoil-tease him less… maybe)

Maybe to those of you that have read tons of stories might find this kind of happy ending nothing, but to most of us Mushi-Uta fans, it means a lot. Why? Because Iwai-sensei has finally moved on! He, for god’s sake, finally stopped killing characters for the first time ever @A@!!! Many said that he has finally found the theme for the series, which varies from individual to individual, but in my opinion they all share one single goal, which is “Hope”. In the world of Mushi-Uta, Mushitsuki must bear much more pain than those who lived in ordinary lives, all for the sake of realizing their dreams. It is very difficult to survive without hurting those around them, or getting hurt by others. But by doing so, it makes them grow, in a way. Many of them became Fallen from giving up, or simply lose to the strong one. It might sound sad, but that’s how the reality works as well. Only those who that never give up, always try their best, and work hard get to realize their dream. I think that’s the message that he is trying to convey, to never lose hope, don’t give up your dream, and keep on fighting!

Our dreams will definitely intersect one and another someday, somewhere!

Akios: Well, I didn’t get emotionally assaulted in this volume… Not horribly anyways. No one I liked died this time \o/ which is rather wonderful. Other then that, this Volume was a little, how to say it, happier then the others. It had a lighter atmosphere, and as Wing said, it condensed the idea of “Hope” as the theme. I must say, the author was mean when pulled Rina out again… I THOUGHT SHE CAME BACK TT-TT Well, I can’t wait for the next volume, and I can’t wait for more :d


Skat: Thanks for the reading.

Special Thanks to:


Hi i'm new in the group and the epilogue is my first work. Great experience to be in the group and thanks every one for your editing! I'm still a freshman in university and I just can't figure out why my schedules are SO FULL! and haven't been able to do much for this volume. I'll try harder next time XD
thanks again for the staff's guidance! Hope everyone could enjoy this volume. Iwai's getting better and better among these volumes ~ 


And now, time to enjoy pics!
I do not own any of these drawings. All the credit belong to their respective owners. I have gained permission from those artist listed.
P.S: To avoid spoiler, only characters that had appeared in this volume or the first two volumes.
Characters include: Shiika, Ubuki, Kasuou, C, Nene, Daisuke, Senri

By: 蒼霧

Unknown Artist:


 By: Zeko

By: カズマサ

By: 柳原

By: 椎名樹

By: 冬の流萤



I hope you all enjoyed it!

For some reason, ppl dont like to draw Yuu lol. I can't find a picture of her =3=, guess she just ain't that popular lol.

The PDF will be released shortly, possibly by the next post or so. 

Also, stay tuned! for a Mushi Uta MAD thats going to be posted really soon! (I've actually helped out a bit this time ^^, it's really good!)

One sneak peak~


  1. Thank you guys for translating this series. There may be less comments, but I don't think there are less people reading, probably just too lazy to comment on or too busy to read at the moment. Anyway, please continue to translate this series.

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work~
    I too was really surprised to see that the killing spree stopped XD
    But... even though it broke my heart it felt approriate in that sort of messed up world.
    Not that a happy ending is bad, I liked both in this series.
    Can't wait for the MAD and the next volumes~

  3. Hi, thanks for translating this series. I rarely comment on anything anywhere, but I want to show I greatly appreciate your work. It was good to have a happy ending, but the sad endings in the previous volumes were good as well.
    The author's message seems to be that you have to hold onto your dreams. You can't let hatred or fear distract you, nor can you let others force you to give it up. You have to hold on and keep searching and fighting even at the risk of dying.
    Don't overwork yourselves. Thanks again.