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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.03: Yuu Part 6

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Yuu Part 6

Yuu was running desperately on the streets of Higano City.

There was no time for her to be alert to the enemies hiding in the surroundings anymore; even if it was just one second earlier, she had to get to Ouka City as fast as she could; to get to the SEPB’s East Central Division’s base, and deliver the CD to (Kakkou).

The time limit was this evening, which was only in a few hours. Because she didn’t know the exact time, it was best to deliver it as fast as possible.

And there was one more thing---


Upon seeing the countless dots flying in the distant sky, Yuu subconsciously stopped.

In other people’s eyes, they probably thought that it was just the figure of an airplane or the like right? But through her red glasses, Yuu was very positive that those dots were a large herd of (Mushi). The dots seemed to have all flew in the same direction, presumably, in the direction where they were flying towards ---


Yuu was intending on changing her direction towards where the (Mushi) army was advancing.

But immediately, she threw that idea outta her mind, and ran towards Ouka City once again. Even if Yuu ran to Ubuki’s side right now, there was nothing that she could do.

Taking advantage of the time Ubuki bought by distracting the enemies as bait, she must get to Ouka City as soon as possible.

Yuu ran through a street filled with office buildings, before crossing the road in front; loud honking sounds could be heard coming from cars along the way.

Even though passerby’s surprised gazes showered her, Yuu continued to run forward without stopping.

There was only one thing that she could do.

And that was to fulfill Ubuki’s expectations. For the sake of their full victory, Yuu should only concentrate on running right now.

After crossing the main road, she entered a sparsely populated narrow alley; fully concentrated on running towards the entrance of Ouka City that Ubuki mentioned.

“I will definitely…deliver this to (Kakkou)-san!”

Because that was what Shiika-san believed in me to do.

The determination of Yuu wanting to deliver this CD, who was an ordinary Junior High student a few days ago, would not change despite knowing that there would be great danger ahead of her.

No matter who heard this, they would oppose it right? Ubuki at first thought Yuu couldn’t make it, and even Yuu herself thought that this was nothing but an absurd folly as well. But, Shiika believed in Yuu, and even said “Thank you” to Yuu for accepting the teenage boy’s will.

Ubuki also believed in Yuu.

Even though at first she didn’t trust Yuu at all, after having gone through everything that had happened throughout their journey, Yuu could tell she was gradually acknowledging her. The three of them worked together as one and defeated the pursuers. At last, it was because Ubuki believed that Yuu could achieve this mission by herself alone that she decided to leave her, rather than abandoning her because of her arbitrary actions in the past. It was because Yuu believed in them, just like how they also believed in Yuu that she had the courage to accomplish this mission all by herself.

“I will definitely…deliver this to (Kakkou)-san!”

Just then, in front of the running Yuu, figures appeared and blocked her way.

It was a group of people clothed in white long coats and huge goggles; their special traits were so brazenly worn that she could never mistake them as someone else.


White-attired figures continued to appear in front of the dumbfounded Yuu.

“You are Ebina Yuu right? If you possess the CD, hand it to us obediently this instant.”

The figures in the front row began to walk towards Yuu.

Yuu’s legs were shaking non-stop.

--- Are these people all Mushitsuki---?!

The group of bizarre white-attired figures completely surrounded Yuu.


Yuu bit her lips in fear.

So scary, Mushitsuki are so scary, (Mushi) are scary, I don’t want to get killed…

But now, there was something even more frightening than that.

If Yuu couldn’t deliver the CD as soon as possible, not only would she fail to deliver the will of the teenage boy called (Centi), she would also fail to fulfill Ubuki’s and Shiika’s expectations. To Yuu right now, there was nothing even more frightening than that.

“I-I will never hand it to you guys! ---“

Yuu glared at the white-coated figures, before suddenly dashing into the alley next to her through the gaps between them. The white-coated figure immediately showed stunned looks.

She quickly made a turn at the crossroad ahead and ran at full speed.

However, a giant shadow suddenly descended next to her from the sky.


Numerous (Mushi) came flying down from above and attacked her. Yuu immediately changed her direction and dodged the (Mushi)’s attacks.

The continuous evasion caused Yuu to almost trip onto the floor; she used her hand to support herself from falling and desperately crawled up before running at full speed straight ahead.

“What are you guys doing?! It’s fine if you have to kill her!”

Hearing the shouting coming from behind her, Yuu could feel a chill running down her spine. But just this level of fear was not enough to make her stop. Yuu panted heavily as she ran towards the exit of the alley.

--- As long as I can get to the main road, at least these guys wouldn’t attack me right?...

Holding onto her tiny hope, Yuu continued running.

However, the (Mushi) that descended from the sky stopped Yuu from dashing.


Yuu immediately turned around, but the path behind was also filled with white-coated figures.

Because the alley was sandwiched between two buildings, a straight one-way route, there was nowhere else she could escape to.

--- I have to get to Ouka City…

Contrary to her desperate feelings within, the Mushitsuki were slowly surrounding her.

“I’ll repeat again, hand the CD to us, or else ---“

Yuu distorted her face, and took the CD out from her pocket.

“I’m definitely not gonna hand it to you guys!---“

She grasped tightly onto the CD while shouting that out loud. Even though she could feel herself passing out from fear any second, only this CD, she would never give up no matter what happens. Because within the CD, not only did it contain the last will of that teenage boy that he entrusted to Yuu, it was also filled with thoughts of those people who Yuu held precious.

“I’m going to deliver this CD to (Kakkou)-san!”

In such an unexpected fashion, appeared someone who responded to Yuu’s shouting.


The voice was coming from above Yuu.

Yuu raised her head to look above, and saw that there were two figures standing on the cement roof of a building nearby.

It was a pair of high school students.

“What did you say about (Kakkou)…?”

“Tsk…(Kaguya) you idiot! Why can’t you just stay put? Can’t believe we were noticed by the Central Headquarters this early… This is the worst.”

The teenage boy who revealed his figure was immediately scolded by the figure next to him.

“You guys are the East Central Division’s…? Why are you guys ---…?”

The words that came out from one of the white-coated figure caused Yuu to immediately widen her eyes.

“East Central… (Kakkou)-san’s comrades…?!”

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