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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 3.03: Ubuki Part 4

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Ubuki Part 4

The echoing police sirens gradually faded away from the nearby streets.

It seemed like the commotion which resulted from the guerilla concert had finally subsided. On the national highway, which could be seen from the deep narrow alleys; the patrol cars with the red dome lights were leaving one by one.

Ironically, the people that escaped first as the police came, were Ubuki’s group rather than the members of “Crawling Life”. After all, if they were found by the police, it would mean the same as if they were found by the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau.

The three of them continued running after that. By the time they reached the boarder of the Higano City, it was already midnight.

Taking into consideration the risk of encountering active pursuers during night, they decided to take a break for a few hours somewhere around the shopping district. After successfully sneaking into one of the closed stores, Shiika and Yuu fell asleep right away.

“Everything is going smoothly! I’ll be arriving at Ouka City very soon, and when that comes, we will use (Fuyuhotaru) to……”

On a road that was a short distance away from the store, Ubuki whispered with a low voice.

“Mhm, there’s no change to the plan…”

In her hands, she was holding the cellphone that she had been hiding all along.

“Mhm…… Mhm…”

After nodding her head a few times, Ubuki ended the call.

She then put away her cellphone, intending on going back to the store where Shikka and Yuu were at.

But a sudden burst of dizziness that came out of nowhere caused Ubuki to drop her knees onto the ground.


In the past few days, she had used too much of her ability. Although she normally seemed fine in front of Shiika and Yuu, Ubuki had actually already reached her limits.

Within her brain that was being eroded by a strong drowsiness, the scenery of the island that she grew up on flashed through ---

Followed by the image of her big brothers and sisters who raised her up like real siblings---

Those nostalgic windy yet sunny days, the clear sky, the fishing boats which floated on the sea ---

And at last, the figure of that young man who always sat by Ubuki on that hill ---

Things like war, I don’t want to know anything about them ---

I don’t want anything to be taken away from me anymore.

The never-changing joyous days, and the precious people she held dear --- Ubuki’s dream, as well as every memory related to the island…were gradually disappearing away, bit by bit ---

“I won’t…forget!”

Ubuki gripped tightly onto her pendant as she gritted her teeth. This caused the memories of her hometown, and the figures of those that she held dear to resurface along with a dark hatred.

“I won’t forget… I definitely will not forget! If I were to forget, I’d rather die together with everyone at that time… That’s why… I can’t forget…right? … Onee, Onii… (Sensei)…”

Ubuki clenched her fists on the ground.

“Only I survived… that’s why, I have to get revenge for everyone’s sake…! I have to make that woman suffer the pain that everyone felt hundred-fold. Even if that means I have to use Shiika-tan and Yuu-tan……!”

Right after she shouted out that line, Ubuki became startled.

Shiika…and Yuu. She herself had clearly said that, rather than saying (Fuyuhotaru) and the CD.

--- Just by touching your hands right now, would make me feel at ease!

The words that Shiika had said began to surface within her mind, causing Ubuki’s expression to become distorted.

--- Ubuki-san! You were okay! Thank god!

Recalling the sensation from being tightly embraced by Yuu, Ubuki’s expression became even more unsightly

“No! No no no no! Shiika-tan and Yuu-tan… they are nothing but tools use for revenge---!”

Even though she was desperately shaking her head rejecting the thought, the smile of those two still remaining clearly within Ubuki’s mind, and wouldn’t go away no matter how hard she tried.

“B-Because… if they were to run away, I wouldn’t be able to do anything on my own… It’s impossible, for me to do it alone… Someone that’s as dumb and as week as me can’t ---“

Ubuki’s chest was throbbing violently as if it was being brutally grabbed by someone. The more that she thought about it, the more the pain would expand and ache against her.

Why did you guys have to wait for someone like me……?!

She wanted to shout out loud, but the voice just wouldn’t come out.

Feels... so... painful.

Ever since she lost her hometown, she had never felt pain like this before. The hands that were holding onto the pendant were trembling nonstop, and the pain that was throbbing against her chest prevented her from moving.

“(Sensei), help me! I don’t understand anymore… If this goes on… I’ll be broken before I can accomplish anything!”

In front of the groaning Ubuki who was gazing at the ground, an illusion similar to the ones she always had appeared, enveloping her completely in darkness.

Her hands appeared amidst the darkness.

The fingers that were opened, were trying to latch on something, yet all she could seize was void.

--- The fact that her hands could no longer grab onto anything, could no longer take back anything, she should’ve known it would be like this the instant she lost her hometown.

Shiika, Yuu, and revenge.

The wavering thoughts that contradicted each other were slowly tearing Ubuki’s mind apart.

Within Ubuki’s heart, a sense of emptiness slowly eroded.

But just then, next to Ubuki who couldn’t think straight anymore, she heard someone whispering to her ears.

Within her mind --- emerged the best revenge that she could ever think of.

“I see……”

The illusion began to disappear in front of Ubuki.

Ubuki raised her head, and saw numerous black shadows that were flying in the night sky.

Those were the figures of (Mushi) that numbered more than a few dozen.

Ouka City was right in front of the direction that these figures were flying to.

--- I have finally thought of one, (Sensei). The best revenge… that I can accomplish…

Ubuki suddenly realized that she was unable to stop her smile from showing. The pain that was torturing her just a second ago had already disappeared as if it never happened.

“I’m going to make that woman taste a pain that’s far worse than living hell…using Shiika-tan and Yuu-tan……”

In the sky above Ubuki who was grinning, countless (Mushi) flew past by.

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